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Since initially coming across strip search footage I’ve been feverishly hunting down more raw videos. Here is a great one and I think you’ll agree that all my tough looking and sucking up to a number of in-prison sources has been totally worth it. Prisoner searches are completely routine – officers unexpectedly burst into any cell they want to inspect anytime they please, and it’s just tough shit for the complaining prisoners. After an outbreak of prison theft allegations the officers in this horny segment decide to start filming themselves and the prisoners to protect themselves – I’ve got the great footage here for you to enjoy.


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The sadistic guard takes real delight in mocking this defenseless naked prisoner as he’s viciously jet washed. The mean criminal does his best to obediently comply but his cock, balls and arse are harshly hosed down. He clenches his fists as the onslaught of freezing cold water hits him – this is embarrassment and physical discipline which allows the guard to maintain his absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious muscular thugs just like this one.

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The sadistic guard takes real delight in cruelly mocking this defenceless naked prisoner. The tough young criminal does his best to comply and obediently strips his clothese and pulls open his stinking arsehole. His cock and balls shamefully bounce around as he exposes himself but he unclenches his hole as the embarrasing onslaught of scturiny hits him. It’s sexual embarrassment and physical discipline like this that allows the guards to maintain their absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious thugs!

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