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These prisoners are getting very fond of each other. Both fighting to stay on the small prison bed they devour each other’s cocks, stroking and deep throating like old friends or frat brothers.

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In this scene Sir Pan leads the hard Prisoner from his cell to a waiting sling. Sir Pan pushes the Prisoner to his knees and makes him stroke Sirs cock. The prisoner is ordered into the sling and fucked for awhile until Sir Pan decides to chain the Prisoners nipple and cock piercings together and play tug of war… The Prisoner is ordered to jack Sir off until he cums blowing a huge load, satisfied with the prisoners job, Sir Pan allows the Prisoner to cum as well.

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Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the bed then fucks him with his baton, through the cell bars. Sir changes the prisoner’s position so he can get a better hold on his cock, then resumes fucking him. Between the chains and the fucking, prisoner #12282010 is clearly in ecstasy.

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With the cold of the chain spiderweb at his back the prisoner humps the air, waiting for whatever evil Sir has in mind but the foreplay doesn’t last as Sir begins to secure the nose shackle to his septum. He is ordered to edge himself but every stroke tugs painfully at his nose until the prisoner blows a huge load.

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The prisoner waits alone in his cell, lazily stroking his cock when Sir enters to enlist him in his true purpose, to service Sir. As instructed the prisoner sucks Sir’s hardon but Sir is not satisfied until his dick is deep inside the prisoner’s throat. As Sir cums the prisoner soaks his hood in Sir’s semen, greatful to take Sir’s load.

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Mr. Kristofer remains secured in the sling and Sir delivers him a rough fucking. He pauses a moment to stroke his cock and tease the prisoner’s nipples but then returns to using the prisoner’s ass. Sir proceeds to deliver Mr. Kristofer and Iron Lockup audiences with what is probably the largest output of piss seen on this site (including from multiple cocks).

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With time to kill one of our prisoners takes to teasing the other’s cock, sometimes jacking hard, sometimes teasing lightly. He squeezes and stretches his balls, polishes his head, and tickles his shaft.

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The prisoner is subjected to a full on puppy suspension complete with the sting of the carbon fiber rod. With arms and legs completely immobilized the bitch begs puppy not to take the rod to his balls. Will he, won’t he? The suspense….

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The pee-shy prisoner is chained down across from his cellmate and told that they would remain chained until he summons the courage to piss but when inspiration fails to bring the flow he and his companion start to pass the time. Both hard and frustrated they test the limits of their chains and find that they are both barely within reach of each other.

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Sir Pan wakes Prisoner #06232013 as he rests in his cell. Sir Pan enters the prisoners cell and orders the bitch to stroke his cock. Once hard Sir Pan bends the bitch over his cell toilet, removes the prisoners ass plug and thrusts into the bitches ass. After fucking the bitch for awhile Sir Pan turns him around a makes the bitch sit on the toilet below him as Sir Pan blows his huge load all over the Prisoners hood and chest. Scene #6 is continued in Scene #7 as the prisoner is gang banged after Sir Pan opened his ass up.

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Our two prisoners find themselves with a little downtime between scenes and despite plenty of play during their visit they can’t keep their hands (and mouths) off each other.

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Face down and struggling to writhe under the control of the tight bondage belts the boy tries to squirm away from the cold sting of Sir’s reaver as it traces his body. He lets out stifled moan after moan, his voice dampened by the bondage tape secured around his head. Sir takes a welting ball off the wall, a promise for a future deep and penetrating sting, and a leather strap which slaps the boys ass without mercy.

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Still wet from his golden shower the boy continues to service Sir’s rock hard cock. He braces himself against the bars of the cell as Sir forces him to deepthroat his cock. With long snowy bursts Sir covers the boy in his cum, wiping his hand off on the boy’s head.

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Beating his own dick with a wild ferocity mega bitch struggles to keep Sir’s cock in his mouth, he laps at the air to try to direct it back in and then Sir forces him to deepthroat it. All of this, of course, is just foreplay as Sir soon bends him over the unforgiving chain and plows his ass, grabbing hold of his bindings and making them bite into his gut as Sir rams his dick in deeper.

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A new prisoner is welcomed to the facility with a full cavity search by Sir Pan as he goes through intake. The Prisoner is then pissed on in the pit where he is left to edge himself and cool down until removed by Sir Pan and placed in his cell to await the next scene and consider what he has gotten himself into.