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Now and again the screws welcome a well known person in as a “guest”. Are they in awe? Partly, but mainly they can’t wait to get the sucker naked and have a good old look at what he’s got. The humiliation is even more delicious as they know the celeb is feeling that much more embarrassed at the prospect of being admired by a wholly different class of “fan” and for wholly different reasons, ho ho!

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It’s amazing where a night of overdoing the partying can get a young lad. Banged up inside! It’s great when these men sober up and realise what they’ve done and that they are going to be incarcerated for what they can hardly remember doing. Fit young men who find themselves at the mercy of hardworn prison officers who don’t take any nonsense. The first thing they do is really embarrass them by stripping the sucker totally naked and having a good old look at what he’s got in his pants. No secrets in jail son! This man’s a case in point. He’s more used to spending his Summer month’s sunning himself in holiday resorts but instead is facing 3 months inside. No girls to chase in here mate and you won’t be drinking those beers either! In their place are cold showers and having your precious virgin arsehole inspected at regular intervals. His cock and balls come in for scrutiny too and what sort of hole is he packing? The sweet little pucker is going to get a lot of attention now. A proper short sharp shock awaits this boy’s bumhole. Ha ha!

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You have to love this video. This man thought he’d get through his whole stretch without getting the hose. The look on his face when he sees that tell-tale yellow hose trailing along the floor is priceless. This is a video all law abiding citizens should see to remind them that there is some real punishment in jail. The tortured look on his face as the ice cold jet hits his naked body is proper retribution… – cmnm gays

At, Louis is a vain horny little fucker. He’s stuck doing long hard hours in this factory to save up to marry his demanding girlfriend. He takes what time he can chatting with his buddy Dave about his big dreams while fixing his hair. If only he can get his modeling career off the ground he’ll be in the money. For the time being he has to steal what pleasure he can.

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You know the sort of man that steals the Christmas tree from outside the community centre because he “wants the best for my kids”. This is that guy. He trots out the same excuse every time he gets caught as if “wantiing the best for my kids” is a free pass. After being spared jail time and time again this time it’s come home to roost…

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Judging by the state of this guy’s hole during the reception process this thug needs a good scrub and trim. It doesn’t matter how pretty he is, a smelly hole is a smelly hole and this guy sure has got one. He hasn’t yet figured out that he can drop the attitude with the guards. They have seen it all before and intimidation counts for nothing here. In fact the more muscly twat tries to be an Alpha male with them the more hassle he’s going to receive – cmnm handjobs

At, cheap boss Stewart may have deferred giving out any bonuses so he could pay for a few more whores, but now the vengeful men are ready to make him pay with his sperm! His dick is so excitable he quickly gets an enormous stiff erection which the men lube up with their own spit. They demandingly tug on the naked man’s cock causing him to cum all over the office floor. They haze their boss further making him lick it up and take pictures to blackmail him further in the future.

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This guy isn’t as dumb as your run-of-the-mill crim. He had to be a bouncer on the outside and in the bin he’s no different. As such, despite his obvious arrogance he has managed to control himself and at the same time gained privileges. He is too thick to put himself in a situation where he is overpowered by the guards and stripped against his will but here he’s fully exposed as the guards harshly spray water blasts all over his exposed body.

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When a hard man is presented at prison reception the officers find it difficult to contain their glee. The tough guy is in the worst place to kick off. He’s just been handed a sentence and the last thing he wants now is to be sent back to the judge to add more time. He’s conflicted because he needs maintain his ego. The officers have carte blanche to take the piss out of him. So guess what they do?!

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The inspection continues with a deep internal exam when the speculum gets opened wide and the continues with the electro muscle stimulation.Starting with the electro butt plug before adding the ball ring that connects as well just for that additional fun. Culminating in using the electro nipple clamps with the buttplug and it gets really stimulating.

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Reception at a jail is, as we know, a time for the screws to size up an offender. If he has a massive cock there isn’t much point putting him in with a small anal virgin. No-one will be satisfied and strife leads to unrest. The screws want an easy life, not giving medical help to some dozy straight lag with a ruptured anus! Also they can pick out the men that are jail bent. Best put them in with other prisoners of this persuasion so the two of them can have it off with one another and not seek it elsewhere…

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Sexy patient Tryp Bates is visiting Doctor Jimmy Durano about not being able to take his man’s huge cock. Doctor Durano is more than happy to help Tryp out. After examining Tryp’s hole with a few fingers, Doctor Durano gradually widens Tryp’s ass with multiple toys, each one bigger than the last. Doctor Durano says ‘I think you’re ready for something bigger,’ alluding to his massive meat. He bends Tryp over his examining table and glides his humongous, uncut instrument swiftly into Tryp’s hairy ass. Tryp follows his ‘Doc’s Orders’ and gets on his back to take even more. Tryp’s legs are high in the air, and Doctor Durano stretches Tryp to the max until he busts his wad onto the examination table, leaving Doc to coat Tryp’s fuzzy ass in cum.

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Prisoners are a mixed bunch when it comes to hygeine. Bizarrely some won’t be seen out of their cells without their hair jellled and beards neatly trimmed. Who do they think cares? Others are a stinking bunch of scrotes more used to sleeping in their cars and not washing for a week or two. The screws keep a nose out for these characters. Men who stink up the jail have been known to cause riots! The lags would rather tear up the place, strip a prisoner and make him wash rather than put up with another day of it…

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Alex has a burning drive to become a porn star. He’s no oil painting but he’s got a trim well toned muscular body. A good role for him would be a gangster thug who gets real mean and nasty. Unfortunately he refuses to do anything sexual with other men even though his biggest fantasy is two guys on one chick. If only he’d get over his masculine pride he might discover the pleasure of an all out orgy!