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Greyson was always saying he wants a big, muscular guy to just hold him down and fuck him relentlessly. Well today was that day. At 5’11”, 190lbs, and a nice 8″ cock, Trevor was exactly what Greyson had been asking for. After comparing insanely ripped abs outside by the pool (we still can’t decide whose are better?!), Trevor carried Greyson inside, threw him on the bed, and the rest is…exactly what we’d all hope for. Trevor only came up from eating Greyson’s ass for long enough to compliment his hole before he climbed on top, and slid his 8″ rock hard cock in his already lubed up hole. You could tell it was a lot for Greyson to handle as Trevor held him down on the bed, but he was loving every second (and inch) of it too. Once Trevor flipped him over on his back, he hit the good spots cus it wasn’t long before Greyson couldn’t hold it anymore, and busted all over his stomach. Trevor was nice enough to coat his hole and insides with his 2 day load 😉

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There’s getting your dick sucked, then there’s getting your dick sucked by RJ. You could almost get off by just watching his soft lips and wet tongue work up, down, and around Beaux’s fat cock. There’s fucking a bottom, then there’s sliding your wet cock into Beaux Banks’ beautiful, smooth hole. Since vers boys have more fun, these two fucked each other all over the kitchen and living room with plenty of underneath views of Beaux’s leg hiked up to get the full orgasmic experience of RJ pounding away. RJ LOVES cum so demanded Beaux bust his load on his face and mouth! And if you love some quality comedy, be sure to watch the first 5min of the video as these two debate how to boil water (yes, really)…

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Casey is an insatiable bottom who can blow his load, and let his tops keep fucking him… as you’ll see here. This is all three of their first times on GISP, but it’s Judas and Derrick’s first time ever fucking on camera. We explored all of their exhibitionist side by fooling around outside on the rooftop balcony before going inside and letting Derrick and Judas have their way with Casey and his hole. Derrick is packing a nice 9″ uncut cock that took Casey a minute to get used to, but then he was in absolute heaven! Whether Derrick or Judas was fucking Casey, none of his holes ever went unfilled. Judas’ perfectly curved cock was hitting all the right spots because it made Casey cum without expecting it! Luckily Casey aims to please, so he let them both keep fucking him until they came all over and in his perfect bubble butt.

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There’s nothing better than finally meeting someone who you’ve wanted to fuck so bad, but then also getting along with them so well you forgot you were there to fuck. These two hit it off right away, which made the sex that much better cus Rooney was already looking forward to breeding Theo’s hole, and Theo was already stoked to get Rooney’s fat meat in his holes. Rooney’s got that good dick that stays rock hard and hits all the right spots no matter what position you’re hit. Not only that, but he shoots huge loads that left Theo and his hole covered in cum (inside and out) and in a state of ecstasy afterwards. Something tells me this wasn’t the only time they fucked this weekend 😉

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We’ve seen Alonzo top, and we’ve seen Kuper bottom, but this time they’re switching it up. And holy shit, it couldn’t be anymore perfect and hot! Kuper is an amazing bottom, but his huge dick is a beautiful fit for Alonzo’s big bubble butt. Kuper does what any good top should do, and kisses, licks, and passionately eats Alonzo’s hole before climbing on top and sliding his cock in that he lubed up with spit. Kuper’s cock was hard before he took off his sweatpants, and stayed rock hard even after he came deep inside Alonzo’s ass. There really isn’t much to say except that these are two guys who love sex, and love fucking each other!

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They aren’t really related, but the resemblance is there and we all got a laugh out of passerby’s at the park hearing them claim they are and then watching them make out. It was the highlight of our day up until they got in bed and starting tearing each other’s clothes off. The term “vers boys have more fun” couldn’t be more true, and these boys proved that. They both love to please a nice hole as well as have their own hole pleased by a nice raw cock. Judas has a tongue that can please any hole for hours on end which is exactly what he did before flipping RJ over and fucking his brains out. RJ got a glimpse of Judas’ ass and had to take a go at it, which left Judas’ with literal chills before he took one last go at RJ’s ass by fucking the cum out of him!

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Here we have Jaime, an insatiable power bottom, and Derrick, an insatiable 9″ uncut top– the perfect match. We took a little trip into the woods, got naked, and ran around, just enough to get them all worked up for when we got back to the house. Jaime’s deep throating skills are like something I’ve never seen before. He makes every inch of Derrick’s 9″ disappear with ease! Nice and lubed up from Derrick’s face in it, Jaime’s hole took all of his dick slowly, inch by inch, until it was balls deep and ready for a pounding. It makes it much easier to bounce on a huge cock when the passion is thick– these two were all about each other! Derrick mounts Jaime doggy style, holding him down, and relentlessly pounds his nice warm hole… Jaime fucking loves it. Jaime blows his load with Derrick going to town on him, finished off with his hole covered in Derrick’s nice load!

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My favorite videos are when you have two guys who just love to fuck/get fucked, who love it raunchy, and who get so into it that they forget they’re being filmed– just like this video. If you couldn’t tell, eating ass is one of Dario’s favorite things to do, especially when it looks like Vincent’s. And I made sure Dario knew Vincent loves getting choked out while getting fucked, which was right up Dario’s ally so they were both in heaven!

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The stakes are always higher when there’s dick involved, am I right?? Marcus was the winner of the foosball tournament, and instead of choosing between fucking a hole or getting his hole fucked, he was smart and chose both! These are 3 beautiful boys with beautiful cocks and asses who know how to use everything they have. Aiden’s thick 8″ cock left Marcus’ hole very happy, same with Marcus’ nice 8″ and Angel’s hole. Angel is a lover of cum (especially when it’s coming out of big dicks like these) so once he let Marcus fuck is huge load out of him, they flipped him over and let their loads go all over his face and mouth! It wasn’t quite over though as Angel realized Aiden didn’t get to fuck him…so Aiden spit on his hole and mounted him, and the rest was so hot that we had to make it into its own separate upcoming video! Keep an eye out for it soon!

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We love Ty, and we love making Ty happy. One of the best ways to make him happy is by giving him a big dick. Say hello to studly Mateo Fernandez and his big ass dick– a 9″ uncut beauty. Mateo can be a quiet at first, but give him a willing bottom who can take his rough, kinky fucking, and it’s a whole different story. One of Mateo’s favorite things to do is eat a nice ass, and you can tell by how aggressively he devours Ty’s. Mateo started off by teasing Ty’s wet hole with his big dick before sliding it in balls deep. The fucking got so intense, Mateo was holding Ty down by his entire face as he power fucked him before dumping his entire load into his ass. Ty pushed Mateo’s load out of his hole, giving Mateo more lube to shove his cock back in one last time..

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We’ve had more requests for these two to fuck than anything else, ever. It finally happened, and it’s hotter than anyone could’ve imagined! Mateo LOVES to suck a nice big cock so Austin sat back and tried to play video games, but Mateo’s head game was too distracting so it wasn’t long before they were both naked, lubed up, and fucking. The sexual tension was strong so the fucking is hot, raw, and as passionate as it gets! Mateo climbed onto Austin’s lap, slid his monster cock in his smooth, lubed up hole, and bounced on every inch of his down to his balls. When Austin was done holding Mateo down and fucking him like his prey he just captured, he flipped him over, and fucked his load deep into his hole as they both came together!

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Dante said it best– “you’re not really bros until you fuck each other.” A motto that we aren’t going to complain with! These two studs have been friends for awhile, and they obviously know another hot guy when they see one because the sexual chemistry and tension was real that day. After their shower and a quick chat, I just let them devour each other, and devour they did! They were swallowing each other’s cocks in no time, and Dante was more than excited to spit on his cock, and slide it deep into Clark’s hole. That must be Clark’s favorite part because he grins ear to ear every time Dante pulls out and slides it back in. Dante busted his first load all over Clark’s sweaty abs. As Clark was going to the bathroom to clean up, Dante bent him over the sink and kept fucking him! Clark didn’t seem to mind because he was rock hard, and blew his huge load all over the cabinets and floor… which caused Dante to bust a second load all over and into Clark!

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There’s nothing hotter than watching two guys in love fucking. Meet Dante and Romeo Foxx: they’ve been together for a few years now, and everything about them is smoldering. From their contagious smiles, to their tight bodies, to their big dicks and smooth holes. Not to mention their sex is hot as fuck. They went from cute and cuddly, to passionate, to kinky with some toys, to some face down ass up fucking until blowing loads! Romeo is the kind of bottom who just loves his hole being used as many times as you can, and Dante’s big dick and stamina is a perfect fit for it. You can see the pure pleasure in Romeo’s eyes (when they aren’t rolled back in his head) as his man fucks deep into him. Just wait til you see the load Dante shoots all over Romeo’s face…

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I cant think of a better way to wrap up the year than with possibly one of the hottest fuck videos of the year! I wish I could show y’all the looks on their faces when I told them they were fucking the next day, but I think the video speaks for itself! It was a passionate, hot, raw fuck that left them both (and probably everyone else) wanting more. Miller hiked his leg up on the table and enjoyed every inch of Dante’s cock sliding in and out of him, leaning back for the occasional mid-fuck smile and kiss. The dick was so good, it fucked Miller’s load right out of him on the table!

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We’re introducing another new guy this week, and he goes by the name Kai. I can’t think of a better first time than fucking Marcus’ bubble butt and smooth, warm hole. Kai is multitalented– he plays volleyball, piano, and fucks like a champ. Both of these boys are 18 and full of testosterone, which they unleash on and in each other from start to finish. Kai has a perfectly sized and curved cock that stays rock hard and hits all the right places. You can see it on Marcus’ face as he lies back and takes a perfect pounding. They blow their loads at almost the same time, leaving Marcus’ hole dripping with Kai’s load that he shot inside him.