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As foosball season continues, so does the hot fucking that comes after the game. The reward for losing was getting your ass ate and fucked, but that’s what Romeo showed up for so it was a win win either way! Dario fell in love with Romeo’s hot muscular ass, and made sure to get it nice and sloppy with his mouth before giving him the fucking of a lifetime. They went from passionate kissing with slow stroking to Dario holding Romeo down and power fucking him. If you love facials, you’ll love seeing Dario bust all over Romeo’s face!

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Both of these studs have made their appearance on the site already, but this is Ollie’s first time getting fucked on the site! They made a deal: whoever receives the massage also receives the cock, and I don’t think either of them were too upset with that. The best part of giving a massage is getting your man nice and relaxed by working the ass with your hands, fingertips, and eventually your tongue, mouth, and cock. Dario eventually had Ollie’s legs in the air eating his hole, getting it nice and sloppy to slide his hard, uncut cock in. I can’t think of a better way to finish off a massage than by getting your prostate massage and a load blown all over your hole. Ollie gave Dario a 5 star review so something tells me this wasn’t the only time it happened that weekend..

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Eli is an ass man so I figured what better gift than Marcus and his beautiful ass with perfectly smooth hole. He spent a good amount of time face deep in Marcus’ hole, but can you blame him?! Marcus is the type of bottom who can either be connected with his top in a passionate love making session or lie there and just be a hole for his top to use until he unloads in you. He was the latter of the two, and loved every second of it.

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Hi Guys!! It’s Clark, and I’m finally back to film after my very long hiatus! Miller and I have been talking about working together for months before finally meeting at San Diego Pride this year, which only increased our desires to get with each other! After all that waiting and anticipation, GuysInSweatpants was of course the one to bring us together to have some fun in front of the camera. Miller and the big gift he gave me was so worth the long wait. It was definitely everything I was hoping for, but I think the video speaks for itself there. Hope you guys enjoy, and happy holidays!

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If there’s anything Mateo loves more than a big dick, it’s a big dick getting lubed up and shoved in him. So knowing Theo is hung was torture for Mateo all weekend until they finally got to fuck… and it was totally worth the wait. We left the beach after Mateo said he was ready to suck some dick, and that’s exactly what he got to do. Theo’s big dick was no match for Mateo’s throat though. There was a couple times it looked like Theo’s 8″ was too much for Mateo to handle, but it was only a “woah!” of pleasure as he went balls deep in his hole. The slapping sound of Theo pounding him is almost hypnotic. But nothing quite like the sound of Theo fucking the load out of Mateo. And if you love facials, you’re in for a treat… kind of like Mateo’s face was..

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We haven’t seen Jaime in awhile, but when he hit us up saying he was ready to come back for some big dick and rough fucking, we have him on the next flight out. I asked Miller “You ready to make him your bitch?” He said yep, and that’s exactly what he did. Miller choke fucked Jaime with his huge cock… as Jaime laid there with his uncut cock hard as a rock, loving every second of it. Miller had Jaime’s hole nice and sloppy with his spit as he mercilessly plowed his hole, holding him down on the bed like a predator with its prey. When Jaime was allowed to make any noise, it was moans and sounds of pleasure. Miller pounded Jaime’s load out of him before fucking his own load into his hole, making it leak cum as he kept fucking it into him!


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With Justin’s perfect cock and craving for penetration, and Vincent’s amazing ass and love for getting fucked, these two couldn’t be a better match. Just watch the way Justin grabs each of Vincent’s huge and beautiful ass cheeks as they slam down around his cock. That is if you can make it past all the passionate, sloppy, deep throat cock sucking! If you know Vincent, you know he loves getting fucked rough with some plenty of choking… and Justin did just that! Once Justin was done pleasing Vincent’s hole, he busted his load all over his face and mouth, and Vincent fucking loved it!

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Mateo is back again! This time he’s fucking and getting fucked by muscle jock, Brandon Evans! Even though this was the first day of our pride weekend here in San Diego, Mateo was horny and asking to get fucked, and who are we to deny him of that?! Mateo is ravenous when it comes to a nice cock or ass, and Brandon has both. He dove into Brandon’s ass to get it nice and ready to fuck. But it didn’t take long until Mateo was face down, ass up on the bed with Brandon holding him down like his prey and plowing his beautiful bubble butt. The waves Mateo’s ass make and the sound of it getting fucked are enough to get you off! Brandon is a total bro jock, but loves getting fucked when he comes… so Mateo did just that as he blew his own load all over Brandon at the same time!


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Clark and Sebastian bonded clicked when they realized they had a couple things in common– they both love to workout and love to fuck. So they were thrilled when they heard they got to do both together. Clark is fairly new to getting fucked, but he’s quickly fallen in love with it! Just watch the smile on his face each time Sebastian penetrates him or starts railing him hard. These two muscle studs are perfect together– one is an insatiable bottom, and the other loves to power fuck! Sebastian fucked until he unloaded inside Clark, which made Clark cum at the same time all over Sebastian’s chest and face. The cum dripped out of Clark’s ass as he slides off Sebastian’s cock makes this even hotter!

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These two couldn’t keep their hands off each other all weekend so we got out the camera, and let them finally go at it! Vincent was originally supposed to top, but the second Theo finally saw Vincent’s beautiful bubble butt, he just had to have a taste….both inside and out. Theo’s huge dick is a perfect match for that ass too. Vincent sucked on that big dick like it was his last meal before turning over to present his ass to get fucked…and get fucked it did! Theo climbed on top, shoved his face in to get it nice and lubed up, then shoved his cock in balls deep. If you’ve never watched a big, beautiful bubble butt ride and bounce on a perfectly curved 8″ cock, you’re in for a treat here. The cherry on top is that 8″ cock busting its load all over and inside that beautiful bubble butt!

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Hey guys, Theo here! Vinny is the new kid on the block so we took a few minutes to get to know him before ripping each others clothes off and swallowing some cocks. I was in the mood to bottom this day, and I love me some foreskin, so I made sure both of uncut boys fucked me good! At one point, we even did a vertical sandwich fuck, which was super hot! These guys definitely know how to fuck a boy good! The end was by far my favorite though since I got to sit on Mateo’s face as I came and watch Vinny fuck Mateo’s load out of him!

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This is Tyler’s first time ever getting fucked on camera, and even though he says he’s never tasted cum, he was super excited to get plowed by Tristan’s nice cock and take his load all over his face. You can tell Tyler gives amazing head– just look at Tristan’s reaction when he starts going at it. Tristan loves eating ass, and how could you not after seeing Tyler’s beautiful and perfectly hairy hole?! Tristan’s cock slide in and out of Tyler’s hole is so fucking hot to watch. Tyler’s favorite position is doggy style so Tristan took him to the floor to pound his hole some more before painting his face with his 3 day load! The look on Tyler’s face is pure satisfaction!

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We introduce you guys to a lot of new guys, and I mean a lot. But this might be the first time we’ve introduced 2 new guys at the same time! Not only is this Michael’s first time fucking on camera, but it’s his first time fucking with a guy! He told me off camera that he was nervous, but also pretty excited to experience it for the first time. He was visibly nervous at first, but once Kьper started sucking on his uncut cock and then slid it in his beautiful, smooth hole, he turned into a rock hard 200lbs fucking machine. There aren’t many things hotter than a beautiful, hung, power bottom who just aims to please. And please Kьper did, until Michael fucked the load out of him before glazing his freshly fucked hole.

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When I first started talking with Angel about doing his first video with us, I asked who he wanted to shoot with, and without hesitation, he said “I want Miller to plow me!” And these two did NOT disappoint! I think my favorite parts are when Angel is laid back just watching Miller own his hole like a good boy loving every second of it. You can see the over joyous look on Angel’s face every time Miller’s dick slams the back of his throat and each time Miller grabs onto his throat as he’s fucking him into ecstasy. This is some of their hottest fucking yet!

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We couldn’t be more excited to introduce these two new studs! This is Austin’s very first video, and he couldn’t have been more lucky having Ollie and his beautiful, uncut cock fuck his brains out in it. These two clicked right off the bat, which made everything that much hotter– the passionate kissing, eye watering cock sucking, and hot fucking. Austin admitted he hadn’t had sex in almost a year before this so it took a minute for Ollie to get him loosened up, but once Austin got used to it, it was on! It’s almost like Austin was reminded how much he loves getting plowed as Ollie’s rock hard bod and cock had him held down owning his hole. Austin loves facials so when Ollie decided he was ready, he pulled out, and busted his load on (and way past) his face!