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Whoever created the phrase “ass for days” must have been looking at David’s ass because it’s a thing of beauty. A perfect match for Lydian’s meaty cock. Lydian loves a sloppy wet hole to slide his cock into so he dove into David’s ass, only coming up every minute for air. David is the kind of bottom who loves to just lie back and watch his top use his hole. Once David busted his load, Lydian fucked not one but TWO load in and on David’s freshly used hole. This may have been the first, but definitely wasn’t the last time they fucked this weekend.

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Meet Harley. He and I talked for a few months, so I knew he had some experience with guys, but this was his first time fucking a guy. It’s also his first time fucking in front of a camera, so I wanted to make sure we had a great throat and hole for him to use. Benjy didn’t hesitate to say when the second I showed him Harley’s pics. After getting to know him a bit, Benjy sat Harley back on the couch and serviced his nice uncut cock. Once Benjy was satisfied with his throat being used, he led Harley to the bedroom and told him to have his way with him. Watching a 210lbs tattooed stud hold down someone 70lbs less than him, and ravage his hole, is hot as fuck. When we asked how he felt after they both came, he said “very satisfied” with a big smile on his face.

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It takes some talent to be able to take Jacob’s huge cock. Not only was Florien was up for the challenge, but it sent him into a different world a few times. Florien loves to please so once he whipped out Jacob’s monster, he laid him back, and worshipped that thing with passion. Jacob is a gentle giant, but once he got Florien’s ass nice and warmed up, he fucked him all over the bed and in the shower until he covered him in his nut!

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After more than 5 years, Liam is making his return to GISP! His beautiful thick cock isn’t easily forgotten, so Eros was the first one who came to mind when thinking who would love playing with it. The only other place Eros loves a big cock besides massaging his prostate is all the way down his throat with ease. Liam enjoyed eating Eros’ hole until it was nice and sloppy to slide his throbbing cock into. Eros is a perfect example of an insatiable bottom who loves to please his man. By the time he was done letting Liam use him, he was covered in his own and one of Liam’s load– with Liam’s second load inside him.

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Nick and I first started talking at the dog park because we have similar breed dogs who loved playing together. He eventually asked what I do for work, and while he seemed surprised by the answer, he didn’t ask many questions… at first. I didn’t ask about his sexuality, but were hanging out smoking one night, and he brought up how his ex gf used to play with his ass during sex… which led to fingers and eventually toys (this was after other “casual” sex talks). He said it was some of the best orgasms he’d ever had. “I agree, but imagine instead of a small cold toy, you had the real, warm thing”, I said jokingly. “My girl used a 7″ dildo on me so it wasn’t that small, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying”, he said not so jokingly. Fast forward a few weeks, we hooked up a few times. At first, it was just me sucking him off and rimming him with the occasional finger or two to make him cum, which he LOVED. Btw, holy shit the size of his dick was NOT what I was expecting! We eventually fucked, but the first time I came in less than 2 minutes because being inside him was my goal from the start so I was extremely turned on. The hottest part was that me cumming in him made him nut instantly. He was a little hesitant at the idea of filming at first, but said he’d be down if he could wear a mask. Over the course of the next few weeks and lots of fucking, he became very comfortable and submissive with me, which led to this video being hot af. He’s gonna be a whole different person in bed if he gets with his ex again.

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We met the adorable Oliver recently, but today’s he’s introducing us to his equally cute boyfriend, Carter. If there’s one thing these two love doing a lot of, it’s fucking. And they’re real good at it! We got to know little about Carter, but before we knew it, his face was buried in Olivers beautiful bubble butt.

Oliver was getting plowed by his man when he saw Austin’s huge bulge growing in his face… so he helped himself and pulled that monster out. In a fun turn of events, both Oliver AND Carter ended up taking Austin’s huge cock. Austin was in bubble butt heaven! When the fuck fest was said and done, both boys were freshly fucked, and OIiver was full of Austin and Carter’s loads. Talk about a good team effort!

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Meet Luca and Harley, best friends who know each other inside and out. Spoiler alert: they know each other’s insides very well. “We fuck a lot”, Harley said, before they fucked…. a lot. We’ve all heard the term “vers boys have more fun”, and this is proof. Proof that sloppy blowjobs and raw flip fucking is better with your bestie. Luca was pounding Harley at one point when Harley looked at him, said “let me fuck you”, then flipped him around, ate his ass, and pounded him out too. Cute boys, hot sex, and Luca covered in multiple huge loads… because what are best friends for?

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After winning an award for his video with Austin, Leo Grand is back, but this time he’s the one doing the power fucking! Welcome back Eros’ sexy ass. The sexual energy between these boy was so thick, I knew I needed to get the camera out and film our night hanging out together. Some cute selfies quickly turned into Eros giving him some throat on the couch…which turned into Leo’s face and cock buried deep in Eros’ beautiful bubble butt. The pent up sexual energy exploded, just like Leo did inside Eros’ ass. Two beautiful, freshly drained, happy boys.

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Fabian and his beautiful ass are back! This time he gets to play with one of our new boys, Florien. After a sweaty pushup contest, the boys rushed inside and ripped off what clothes they still had on. Florien has one of the prettiest, uncut cocks we’ve seen in awhile, and Fabian was in heaven worshipping it. Every once in awhile, there’s a beautiful, smooth ass and a just as beautiful, uncut cock that are meant to touch each other and this is one of those time. Their sex was just as beautiful and passionate. Anytime Fabian is left covered with cum with some inside him, he’s a happy boy.

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Do you like the idea of being watched? What started out with normal boys talk naming each other’s dicks turned into sucking and fucking on the balcony in the warm summer sun. Did I mention there isn’t a dick under 8 inches? Which makes watching Adrian and Mitch pass Evan back and forth fucking him that much hotter! After a 30-minute fuck fest, both Evan and Adrian dumped their loads inside Mitch, which made him bust his all over himself too. This is how you make three hung boys very happy!

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After over 3 years, Theo is back! And just in time for his welcome back gift to arrive– this adorable, innocent looking boy next door, Eros. Except Eros is anything but innocent once you get him in the sheets. “I like to be disrespected in bed” is probably one of the hottest things I’ve heard someone say when asked what kind of sex they like. Theo power fucked this boy in every position they got in, and Eros loved every thrust of it! Their fucking was a perfect mixture of passion and disrespect that left Eros covered in both of their loads and smiling ear to ear. Welcome back, Theo, and welcome to the team, Eros!

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After a 3 1/2 years hiatus, I couldn’t have asked for a cuter boy to breed and have my way with as my first video back. It all started with me sliding in Leo’s DMs, and didn’t take long before he hit me with a “I just want you to use me, daddy.” That comment got me hard af so I knew it was meant to happen. We met a few years ago, and while I don’t remember what we talked about, I do remember what I was thinking– “I just want to fuck the living hell out of this boy and dump multiple loads in him.” Fast forward to me sending him home with my load still dripping off his prostate, and both of us horny for more of each other. It was well worth the wait and I feel a round two for us in the near future!

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Today we’re introducing this 6’2″, 195lbs stud who goes by the name of Roxas. After seeing pics of his monster cock, Damien didn’t want to wait so as soon as the camera turned on, the sweatpants came off. If you know Damien, you know he loves big dicks so no matter which hole Roxas was shoving his cock in, they were both in heaven. Watching all 10.5″ of Roxas slide in and out of Damien’s wet, smooth hole is a thing of beauty. Anytime Damien is left stretched and covered in a hung stud’s load, he’s a happy boy. Welcome to the crew, Roxas!

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We have two new faces for you guys today! Meet Jacob and Oliver. Oliver is that adorable boy next door who you see mowing the lawn every week, and dream of inviting him over to breed him. He wasn’t mowing the lawn today, but luckily Jacob got to dump a load in him anyway. Oliver gave us a little nervous but excited little smile when he heard how huge Jacob’s cock is, but was like a kid in a candy store when he finally got to play with it. Nothing says “I want you bad” quite like close and deep eye contact with a little smile as he slides his cock in you slowly. Jacob is a gentle giant, but once Oliver was warmed up, he plowed him in countless positions before cumming deep inside him. Be sure to join them at the end to hear what their favorite part was!