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Leo, a dirty little Santa’s elf-like dude, hangs out all alone in a dark crusing bar at Christmas, hoping to get himself entertained. When tall, tattooed Guillaume Wayne walks in with his big fat cock, the new arrival is more than eager to cheer the cute blond dude up. The tough fucker gently opens the young tight ass with his wet tongue before his big tool launches into action…

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Alexander Garrett is ready to have his big cock serviced through the glory hole in the bathroom stall. Alex Gray enters the washroom and hears a noise coming from the stall and as he investigates he discovers a huge uncut cock on the other side of the glory hole. He starts out stroking it with his hand and then drops to his knees and starts worshiping it. After a while Alexander comes out of the stall and continues to face fuck Alex with his big uncut cock. Alexander then bends him over a trash can and rims his ass and plays with Alex’s cock and balls. He then begins to fuck Alex slow and deep bent over the can before putting him on the floor until Alex blows his load. Alexander pulls out and shoots his thick load all over Alex’s stomach and then Alex milks the rest of the cum from his cock as the two embrace in a kiss. Enjoy!

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Sometimes relationships are all about compromise. Alan may snore, hog the blanket and steal the pillow, but all seems fine for Antony as long as Alan is happy to prepare a nice healthy breakfast. Unfortunately for Alan, and just like Old Mother Hubbard, this morning the cupboard seems to be bare. On the positive side, there is something else that Alan has to give his buddy that is even better.

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Mark is thrilled, eager to share a bed with his giant physician. As soon as Mark feels better, he can’t get enough of the big man’s cock! All through the night they kiss and cuddle, eventually falling asleep together with Mark spooning a giant teddy bear.

In the morning, Dr. Wolf’s cock stands at attention, shooting up tall between his long legs as Mark sleeps. Not wanting to wake him right away, Dr. Wolf pulls down the covers slightly to expose his cute little butt. Mark’s soft skin is a welcome delight to Dr. Wolf’s fingers, caressing him ever so gently and feeling his supple flesh.

It isn’t until Dr. Wolf pulls out his meat that the young boy feels his body come alive! He grips the massive shaft in his tiny hand, bringing it to his mouth to worship it. He loves how it feels between his lips, sliding over his tongue as it fills the back of his throat.

Dr. Wolf plays with Mark’s hole as he sucks him off. Nothing is better than waking up with a little guy ready and eager to handle his impressive size!

With enough of the boy’s saliva on his shaft, Dr. Wolf turns him over to his side, letting him get comfortable and holding him close as he gently slides his raw cock in his tight, well-used hole.

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There’s getting your dick sucked, then there’s getting your dick sucked by RJ. You could almost get off by just watching his soft lips and wet tongue work up, down, and around Beaux’s fat cock. There’s fucking a bottom, then there’s sliding your wet cock into Beaux Banks’ beautiful, smooth hole. Since vers boys have more fun, these two fucked each other all over the kitchen and living room with plenty of underneath views of Beaux’s leg hiked up to get the full orgasmic experience of RJ pounding away. RJ LOVES cum so demanded Beaux bust his load on his face and mouth! And if you love some quality comedy, be sure to watch the first 5min of the video as these two debate how to boil water (yes, really)…

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When Dr. Wolf walks in, he sees the cute boy sitting on his exam table. Immediately, the good doctor has his sights on him for more than just medical purposes. Dr. Wolf can’t resist Jay’s handsome face and lean, athletic body with his legs dangling off the edge, unable to reach the floor. Nothing triggers Dr. Wolf’s erotic imagination more than a little guy, and here was a perfect specimen!

The doctor is curious to see what is beneath the layers, prompting him to move right to the hernia check. He pulls down the boy’s shorts and underwear and gazes upon his manhood. His cock was large and hard, with two heavy nuts pulling it down. He could hardly contain his amazement, noting to Jay that he has quite a large member for such a little guy!

Jay blushes, flattered by the handsome doctor’s remarks. He looks up at Dr. Wolf’s friendly, playful eyes, feeling Dr. Wolf’s hands on his shaft, stroking him as the doctor works him over. In a moment of bravery and unsure of what to say, he asks, “how big are you?”

Dr. Wolf smiles, asking him if he wants to see. He takes off his white coat, unzips his pants and pulls down his underwear to reveal his own massive cock. Jay’s eyes widen, as if making them bigger would allow him to see all of his doctor’s monster cock in one look. And with that, he knew he couldn’t keep his desires to himself…

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Taylor Reign & Ethan Slade take an ordinary day of outdoor chores at Camp CockyBoys and turn into a day of flirty foreplay and mentally edging each other. Taylor is a little bolder though by taking a naked outdoor shower just to wash off a little paint and luring Ethan to watch take a little break. A little kissing leads to Ethan going down on Taylor’s hard cock but with rain imminent Ethan has to finish his work before they can finish their mutual seduction. Luckily when Ethan later comes in out of the rain Taylor is waiting by the pool table stroking his cock.

As much as they’re ready to go they still have some physical foreplay in mind. Kissing and groping moves things forward a little more with Taylor lying back pool table and Ethan eating his ass. And with the help of a throw pillow Taylor can lie back and get Ethan’s sensual sucking and eventually his deep fucking. Taylor is loving it and gets rick hard and ready to pop but before he does he wants to fuck Ethan.

Taylor bends Ethan over the pool table to rim and tease his hole before easing his cock into him and slowly fucking him. Ethan gives him the signal and Taylor goes harder but when he gets closer to the edge he has to slow it down again with some mid-sex foreplay. They make out a bit more then Taylor pummels Ethan’s hole as he sits back. Taylor fucks a super-thick white-hot load out of Ethan then swivels him around to stuff his cock in his mouth and give him an old-school pear necklace. Okay guys..back to work!

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Sometimes when you watch raw footage of previous clips you find that the uncut version was way more exciting than the edited one! This is the case with the Blowing Jeremy scene. In this uncut version you can feel the nervousness and sexual tension between Pascal and model Jeremy. The full unedited blowjob sequences are amazing as you can watch the build up that led to Jeremy’s orgasm. A must see, again and again!

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Rafael Cruz is in his uniform in the workroom putting some laundry into the washing machine when Cesar Rossi walks in. They share a little small talk and then Rafael realizes that his uniform smells. He decides to throw it into the wash with the other stuff and strips down naked. When he asks Cesar if he wants his uniform washed, Cesar is just staring at Rafael’s fat cock hanging between his legs. Noticing, he asks Cesar if he likes what he sees and then Cesar drops to his knees and starts sucking it and we get to see it grow to its full uncut length. Rafael then goes down on Cesar for a while before bending him over and rimming his ass. He then fucks Cesar with his thick long cock bent over and then Cesar rides his cock until he cannot hold back and shoots a big load of cum flying through the air. He drops to his knees and Rafael rubs out a big load of his own all over Cesar’s chest. Enjoy!

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Ginger aggression Vs. blonde sweetness, hairy and rough Vs. smooth and tanned, bubble butt Vs. thick veiny cock! Andro Mass as you’ve never seen him before, taking a dominant role and fucking the shit of of sweet bottom boy Cory Prince. Right off the bat Andro shows him who’s boss, grabbing his hair, licking his neck and stuffing his hand down his jock to see what he’s working with, Cory falls straight into the submissive role, letting Andro do what ever he wants to him. Forced down onto his dick he’s made to get him hard , stuffing the full length of his thick cock down his throat, making him gag but not wanting to stop. I think we have a very willing sub on our hands here! Thrown onto his back, Cory offers up his sweet hole. Opening him up with his tongue, stuffing his fingers in there and letting the spit flow out of his mouth and straight into his gaping fuck hole, the boy is ready. Andro fucks him with a slow determination at first building up to a solid pounding, fists in his back and pressed to the bench. Cory shows his own cards by gyrating and twerking his perfect arse on Andros cock, like nothing you’ve ever seen! Seriously hot power bottoming. Aggressively flipping Cory over Andro pushes his legs back and ploughs into him some more. Stuffing the fat ginger cock into his tanned and toned arse. Cory wanks furiously now he’s allowed to touch his own dick, crunching up his abs and preparing to shoot his load he groans and spurts, the white of his cum contrasting against his bronzed torso. Andro pulls out and fires a load out all over Cory, messy boy! Between Andro’s hard dominance and Cory’s willing sub-slut action, who is your winner?

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It has been some time since these two have been back and we have them together which is even better. Both of these studs love all sides of the sexual spectrum and are no rookies when it comes to sucking some cock. After some stroking of the cocks Damian looks to be ahead of Nick and that means down on your knees. Damian’s fat cock is receiving all the special treatment it rightly deserves but once one mouth gets tired it’s time to utilize the other mouth and Nick’s meaty cock is ready to be juiced up. Damian is so good at slurping up and down that sexy cock that Nick has to tell him to ease up or it could be a real quick scene. Come on in and watch how close Nick gets to busting an early load. Enjoy!

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There’s nothing better than finally meeting someone who you’ve wanted to fuck so bad, but then also getting along with them so well you forgot you were there to fuck. These two hit it off right away, which made the sex that much better cus Rooney was already looking forward to breeding Theo’s hole, and Theo was already stoked to get Rooney’s fat meat in his holes. Rooney’s got that good dick that stays rock hard and hits all the right spots no matter what position you’re hit. Not only that, but he shoots huge loads that left Theo and his hole covered in cum (inside and out) and in a state of ecstasy afterwards. Something tells me this wasn’t the only time they fucked this weekend 😉

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This grubby scene starts with young slut James Lain on the ground, in his place under the feet of tormentor, Jeremy Chris. At first little James just sniffs at Jeremy’s feet like a puppy, but soon he can’t control how boned the stink makes him and heads up to suck on Jeremy’s thick, veiny cock. From there control is out of his hands as all the slutty sucking makes Jeremy need to fuck and bends the young twink over to serve his urges. His achingly stiff cock pounds relentless into the weaker body until he finally busts the nutt he so needs all over Jame’s slutty, smooth body.