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Trent and Chris Harder are dressed in black and ready to attack. Trent’s leathers can barely contain his big dick, and Chris is all to eager to help him out of duds. Chris sucks him off on his knees before Trent bends down and turns him around, tonguing his hole before giving Chris the business end of his meatstick. He fucks Chris from behind, holding him by his leather straps and plowing his ass. Just like his name says, Chris takes every inch of the pounding gladly and in every which way, before Trent is ready to spit his load, and the sight of it causes Chris to nut all over Trent’s chest, leaving them both sticky and hot, and ready for round 2. Enjoy!

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If there is one thing that makes Luke Hudson stand out from other porn stars – it’s the intense passion in each of his scenes. And this one is no different – as Luke deepthroats Colton’s cock – Colton fingers Luke. Luke lies back and Colton goes to work making Luke moan in pleasure.

Colton’s big dick slides bare in and out of Luke. He jumps on top to ride it and then is on his back to get pounded. It’s the fuck session you always hope to have and both guys finish up sweaty and satisfied.

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Thierry is the last Czech boy that we have scheduled as our model of the week for a while as next week we are starting our Hung-arian summer special where you will get all your favorite Magyar boys and quite a few new ones as well.
Thierry is a boy that we would have liked to have worked a bit more with, but he was only ever comfortable doing solo work with us. He is here today with Eliot Klien during an excursion to Berlin.
Theirry has a cute, cheeky face, great body and impressive dick, so we hope that you will enjoy this photosession today.

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At BreederFuckers, Aaron’s battered and bruised arse cheeks are still burning hot from his discipline, but we’re not done with him yet. The stupid fucker thinks he still has his liberty and can commandingly order us to stop. Dave grips his tight white pants and wrenches them up give him an almighty wedgie that slices against his sensitive sphincter. When that thin covering is cut away, his body is completely vulnerable to our prodding and probing of his fucking hot straight arsehole. Every whack from the wooden paddle to his sore behind causes Aaron unbearable pain which you can see registering in his trembling body. All this resistant hetero can do is tighten his fists and take the invasion of his anus which is leaking copious amounts of bum juice. His howls into his gag and struggles to breath through his nose. Only after a ferocious amount of punishment will Aaron freely admit to being a filthy cocksucker and beg to service our dicks. We’ve now got this straight fucker on film asking for it like a dirty whore and going down on our pricks. The stench of our groins fills his nostrils and his gag reflex quickly goes into overdrive. Every failure to keep a cock in his mouth earns him a harder paddling. When he can sufficiently keep his mouth around a dick, Dave plows into his arse fucking him hard. His sore sphincter is covered in our spunk and Adrian shoves a buttplug up his hole to keep all our semen inside Aaron’s arse. It takes long gruelling sessions for this cunt to learn how to sexual serve men properly, but we’re dedicated to our work.

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Here we go, gird your loins gents, we’re heading underground to our sleazy dungeon – to join stunning studs Rudy Valentino and Joel Vargas. Sexy young Rudy is as acute as a button – all wide eyed with a great body, a meaty butt ( we’re having a ‘thing’ for butts this month). Joel is massaging his sexy sub-boy with a lot of lingering around those peachy cheeks, but those wandering hands soon go awry and its out with the spanking paddle and rather large dildo, ( which off camera Rudy said would be fine, but it looks like its a struggle a struggle Joel is enjoying as Rudy strains against the foreign body thats stretching and pleasuring his fuck-hole in equal measures. And once that hole is well and truly ready its time for Joel’s favourite part – a monumental fucking, poor Rudy is gonna be sitting on a rubber ring this week!!

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Dark Skinned Beauty Oscar is out in the woods, giving us a great show. He lies down on a rug and starts playing with his uncut meat till the jizz starts flying and the rain starts falling!

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As Dani Robles showers, prepping to welcome back Xavi Duran to Menatplay, little does he know Xavi has a surprise in store for his big return. Dani exits the shower to find a note on his bed instructing him to put on a suit that has been laid out for him. He heads into the living room to find Xavi eagerly waiting, excited to reveal what he has planned for the night, but not without a little mystery. Xavi blindfolds Dani to introduce the first part of his surprise… a fat cock shoved right down his throat just the way Dani likes it. He swallows Xavi and strokes his meat, enjoying every inch of his gift but when you’re an insatiable cock sucker sometimes one just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully, Xavi has an even bigger surprise… an equally hungry Noel Santoro who’s bottom is begging to get double-teamed. Surprise! Surprise!

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At CFNM.net, already flushed with excruciating embarrassment from standing naked before the girls, Chris’ teacher now orders him to present his body for inspection and to be used as a prop for their education! He’s always dreamed of having all eyes in the room on him in bodybuilding competitions but not with his wang and jewels hanging out for all to see!

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Juan is no stranger to the most full-on anal action. His hole is open and blooming right from the start, but he can’t get enough. He fills his red hole with one of the biggest toys and rides it, loving the feeling of being so full, but he won’t be satisfied until he’s had Seth’s hand up inside his guts! Sexy, inked up sex pig Juan Direccion is the perfect addition to Fisting Twinks! He’s versatile when it comes to fisting, loving a fist deep in his hole and also burying his arm in another man!

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Dr. Wolf is pleased when he sees Logan come into his office, but naturally concerned for the boy’s wellbeing. Logan explains how he hurt his knee and needs it checked out, prompting the friendly doctor to give a thorough exam.

Dr. Wolf checks the boy’s knee, testing it for swelling and pain before moving on to the surrounding areas. As he pokes, prods, and tests, the answer becomes clear; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Logan!

Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, stripping down to reveal his large, swollen cock. Dr. Wolf bends him over the exam table, sliding it between his cheeks and feeling the boy’s soft, smooth hole submit to his massive manhood! With a smooth, steady push, he slides himself inside the boy, making him moan with satisfied pleasure.

This is what Logan needed more than anything, and the doctor was going to make sure he got a proper dose of his cock and cum!

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Deserving a thorough thrashing, this complaining, incarcerated sub is beaten mercilessly as Master Derek takes out his sexual frustration on him. Snarling Master Derek opens up his arsecheeks and demands to receive a deep rimming; the runt’s tongue is forced deep into his hole.
Then, the top rams pieces of chocolate up his hole and pumps them out, directly into the sub’s whimpering mouth. This vicious mistreatment destroys the sub who collapses exhausted and completely humiliated.

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Cute, sexy, dirty and playful. There are many ways to describe JP Richards but over all, this guy is loads of fun. He seriously knows how to work the cameras, glaring down the lens at whoever might be looking back at him. His muscular legs look great in his bright orange sporty leggings, his pecs bursting out of the black stringer vest, giving him easy access to tweak his own nipples. His hard, thick, veiny cock pressing though his bottoms, showing every vascular curve and contour. Getting his big dick out he jerks, strips and gets into himself even further. Playing with his big bubble butt and pulling his cheeks apart he fancies something more up there. Reaching into a locker he pulls out a black cock and balls shaped dildo before cramming it into his tight pink ring. Groaning and howling in pleasure he fills his arse up as much as he can, loosening his hole and building himself closer to cumming.