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Artur trained for years as a gymnast which has given him a lean, finely-muscled body with a strong core. The healthy athletic lad is firmly heterosexual but with his frisky nature he’s up for new things. It’s exciting to see such an innocent naive guy tied up and stripped so his strong body is available to whatever depraved sexual things we want to inflict upon him. His nipples are clamped. Then his perfect virginal asshole is teased, fingered and filled with a buttplug. Artur keeps his emotions carefully guarded but after he’s flogged, caned and paddled he’s moaning as his ass has become incredibly sensitive. See Artur make his debut on Breeder Fuckers!

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Joel smiles as he looks up and down Ari’s body. He loves his boyish good looks and athletic frame. They makeout as Ari grabs onto his scruffy friend’s neck, holding him close as their passion ignites. Ari’s skilled mouth shifts from Joel’s lips to his long, strong shaft, bobbing his head up and down as Joel looks on in awe and delight. Joel’s mouth stands agape as he feels his cock worked like never before, leading him to return the favor on his trans buddy. As Joel’s tongue works over his wet, throbbing pussy, Ari’s moans excite him even more. He laps around his swelling cock, getting him good and ready to receive his raw meat deep and hard. With Ari positioned on all fours, Joel has the perfect position to watch as he slides his dick in and out, wrapped tightly in Ari’s sexy bonus hole.

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Dirk has Alexander Maximus today who is from Russia. Alexander may not be in the armed forces but his Dad was. Dirk knows that Alexander is in town because he is going to the hospital for an ear check up. Alexander begins to take his clothes off revealing his amazing built body and beautiful uncut cock. His dick starts to grow with every stroke showing us just how thick and hard it is. Dirk tells him to get on the bed where he spreads his legs wide and he starts to put fingers in his tight ass while stroking his big hard dick. You can hear his moans as his balls build up. Dirk tells him it’s time to bend over and show off that ass and tight little hole of his. Alexander spreads his legs and beds over revealing his pink hole while he strokes his dick from behind. His moans are so loud now that we all know he is about to burst. He strokes his throbbing cock a few more times and his nut comes oozing out all over his cock and balls. He loves that he just blasted his nut in front of Dirk and soon after he heads for the shower.

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Ollie Blue is a young twink with literally no limits, as demonstrated here when he’s chained to a table – his cock and balls tied up with rope! – and is subjected to another wild round of mindless abuse courtesy of a pair of black and white studs. What’s more these two “minders” are clearly in the mood for an even more extreme ceremony here, as they proceed to tip hot wax all over the young lad’s pale-skinned body. Anyone else being treated like this would quite literally scream the house down. Not Ollie though – he’s actually gasping for more as the wax burns into his skin! Not content with the fun they’re having, the studs then enjoy electro-abusing the poor lad’s nipples and genitals – an act that only seems to get the twink even more excited. Given the level of abuse that Ollie’s cock and balls are now receiving, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that they’re soon the darkest colour of crimson you can fucking imagine; but this dirty little cunt won’t be satisfied until the entire contents of his nads have been spewed. Fortunately, his two wicked-minded mates are more than happy to give a hand; before casting a few last drops of hot wax onto his spent body to call it a wrap!

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Ron Negba and Rob Bisset can’t hold their desire in the office and go to the bathroom to have a little of intimacy. When Rob is blowing Ron’s cock, a co-worker catches the boys in action. These two friends decide to take the action elsewhere, to the break room. Once there, Rob continues what he started in the bathroom and soon Ron is preparing his ass with his finger and his mouth to the sensual fuck that comes. These slutty boys fuck hard on an armchair in the doggy style until Rob rides wild his mate’s cock. After some blowjobs among the hot fuck, the boys end with explosive orgasms.

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Part 2 begins with a penis inspection – just to make sure that our amateurs are impressed with each other’s cocks. The following blow jobs back up their positive comments as they eagerly devour each other’s dick making sure they swallow them whole.

Jett buries his dark face deep inside Hunter’s creamy white ass – rimming his hole and making Hunter squeal with glee. Hunter’s ass is now ready for Jett’s cock – but is Jett? Well yes of course and Hunter’s fuckhole makes him so turned on that he blows a massive gusher of cum – all over Hunter’s back, the bed and even shot on the cameraman (perils of the job).

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What was supposed to be a very serious forced workout scene turned into a hyper-competative farce as the mostly naked prisoners fail to one up each other through their sets, stumbling on almost every exercise. Puppy is then forced to keep them moving by stinging their asses with a fine carbon fiber rod that gets them unleashing profanities as they try to keep pace.