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Joshua goes out of the club for a smoke. He then sees a guy in a car who is jerking off while smoking. He goes to the stranger, who doesn’t really know the scene, and sucks him off. The guy alternates in sticking his fat cock and his sneaks in his face until they both shoot their loads.

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When Basti comes home he first takes a hot shower before making his way to RAGE. But he can’t get the guy from the tram stop out of his head. And suddenly he is in the shower with him! Raul’s dick quickly becomes hard in the flowing warm water and he fucks Basti’s little mouth till they both cum.

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Timo and Tony are training. But Tony quickly loses strength. Trapped under the heavy barbells he has no choice other than to open his mouth and to suck Timo’s fat cock. Timo only lets him free when his rod has been sucked so that it’s nice and hard and then Timo’s ready for a few extra rounds in Tony’s ass.

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Adorable Lucas should know better than to show off his perfect ass for a couple of horny boys like Kris and Ray. They’ve hatched a plan to get the boy naked and stuffed with their dicks, and although he might not be expecting it he soon finds himself submitting to their lustful demands. Encouraged to suck their engorged cocks and with his own uncut boy meat out of his shorts he’s soon lost in a session of dick lust the likes of which he’s hardly ever known before. They don’t even get his shorts off before his pucker is being fingered, licked and ultimately stuffed with their big stiff young cocks. The boys take their turns in his hole, gobbling any free dick they can find while each boy rams his shaft up into Lucas. It’s an incredible experience for the boy, made even more intense by the cummy mess they share to finish the twink breeding threesome.

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With a handyman standing in the living room, cheeky Martin decides it’s time to have some fun with the guy and just flops out his huge meat. The gangbang foursome has soon gotten underway, with the young lads sucking and banging like maniacs. Hard cocks get worked over and fuckholes reamed bare as long as it takes to finally dump the ball sauce in thick ropes.

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Farmer Bob and his farmhand Robert have a special arrangement. When the young boss has heavy balls, his wiry worker has to have his thick, long cock ready and available for use. When they’re getting up to their sexual games the roles get reversed and Robert is allowed to fuck the boss’ ass. He rams hard and fast and pumps the farmer’s hole full of sperm.

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Vitaly Mikhailov and Niko Ivanov are ready to make full use of their blond twinky friend Vasily Popov in this insanely hot threesome. The boys arrive in the bedroom and waste little time, soon revealing their erect young uncut cocks, frotting them together, sucking each other and engaging in the most sensual session of mutual dick play you’re ever likely to see. It’s incredibly delicious to see these boys enjoying each other like this, but be prepared for a lot more when attention turns to the perfect little ass of young Vasily. With fingers easing into him his pucker is opened, ready for cock, soon being stuffed with hard and warm bareback boy meat as his friends share him between them. Don’t be thinking he’s the only one craving some naked cock. While Vasily takes the dick of inked boy Niko in his hole, Vitaly climbs on and eases his own gorgeous length into Niko too, making him the lucky meat in their twink boy sandwich, ending with Vitaly decorated with three sticky young cum loads.

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Angel arrives in the stables and finds handsome Zac working hard, but it’s not too difficult to distract the bareback muscle boy from his duties and seduce him into sharing his uncut cock. As their lips meet their lust takes over and Angel can’t wait to haul out his handsome friend’s throbbing uncut boner, quickly taking the engorged length into his mouth and showing the muscular young man what another guy’s mouth can do. Zac is a fast learner, moments later he’s on his knees and slurping on the impressive length his fit young friend has to offer him. The taste of that hard young cock has the handsome bareback muscle boy craving more, turning his attention to the boy’s ass and licking him out before sliding his erection in deep and fucking his fellow farm hand raw. Angel loves the taste of a cock fresh from his own ass and gets another gobble before riding it some more and shooting off his cream, a final treat from Zac’s cock ending their encounter the best way.

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We love gorgeous young innocent twink boys, but every now and then we need to see a horny young man who really isn’t shy or reserved at all when it comes to enjoying himself on video and having an amazing time. Niko Ivanov is one such young man. The hung boy is decorated with ink, which is perhaps a good indicator of his wild ways. He proves that’s the case in this solo, stripping down and teasing us slowly, revealing a massive dildo to suck and play with. With his big uncut dick out too it’s not long before he’s stroking his engorged manhood, fingering his ass and easing that huge dildo into his hole. After fucking his butt with the toy he does something even more impressive, cramming his own cock into his ass!

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When you have shirtless boys Vitaly Mikhailov and Niko Ivanov hanging out together you can be quite sure that their long uncut dicks are going to be stiffening in their jeans. It’s might start out with some innocent and playful pillow fighting but soon enough the boys are making out and exploring. With cocks revealed and leaking precum the two slide their foreskins back and suck on those swollen tips, taking their turns to pleasure each other in the most delicious way. Frotting their shafts and kissing only makes them even hornier for more, with Niko opening up his perfect ass for his friend to slide his naked cock into. Watch him riding that shaft, his own long uncut cock swinging around as he savors the pleasure of that raw length deep inside. His ass loves all the attention, especially when they take a break to enjoy more sucking, rimming and fingering, but the second round of anal plunging is what ultimately has them both wanking out their cream in each other’s handsome faces.

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Rado and Kirk are having it off in a disused building. Kirk gets very busy with Rado’s massive shaft before getting shagged over an old barrel. Rado then shoots gallons of cum into his face.

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Luke Desmond, fit, mid 20s, from England, massive cock. Jerome Fischer, 18 years old from Austria, also with an XL dong.

Luke gives the twinky Jerome a good outdoor fucking, but the tight bubblebutt can barely take the monster cock.

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The two drug dealers Florian and Max sell grass to the young and inexperienced pothead Mosikto. And as if the exorbitant price weren`t enough, they follow him, grab hold of him and give him a good fuck. In alternation, Max sucks one of them while getting fucked deeply and firmly by the other. Arm in arm the two machos stand there in their cool sports gear and get serviced by the submissive cock sucker until finally they both shoot their loads.

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Rodrigo and Moskito clash with each other at a basketball match. But a sporty way is quickly found to settle the dispute: Rodrigo gives Mosikto a quick horny fuck on the basketball court and clearly has the better arguments…