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Everyone in The Chosen Few knows there is only one rule: Logan Moore will give you anything you want, except the blond. Logan’s generosity ends when it comes to his personal houseboy and lover Alam Wernik. Everyone pretty much obeys that one rule, except for Alam, who takes pleasure in walking around nude, showing off his chiseled body and rock-hard, bouncing dick. His first victim is dark, sexy and hung houseguest Dante Colle who Alam finds showering off after paddle boarding. Alam lures Dante over to the pool and immediately goes down to swallow his giant tool. Dante allows the forbidden blow job to continue and can’t resist sucking Alam’s perfect cock in return. They sixty-nine until both studs get mouthfuls of cum. Dante thinks he’s gotten away with it until he sees Logan lurking in the distance…

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That ho over there is looking for big cock to suck, fuck and milk the cum out of. Dirty Thots are on the loose and fucking thirsty. Watch as they pack as much dick and jizz into their greedy holes as humanly possible.

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What could be better than an extended layover in Puerto Vallarta? A layover with a hot stripper from Wet Dreams! Just ask Alessandro Haddad who spends his day in PV sucking cock and getting his ass plowed by local stud Mateo Drago. Alessandro dives on MateoХs thick meat and sucks it to the base before lying back and opening his manhole wide. Mateo fucks him hard then pulls out so Alessandro can finish him off and eat his load. ThatХs the way to do a layover!

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This movie celebrates you. You’ll suck any cock. Any time. Any place. Yes, you’re a COCK HOUND. For a man like you, sucking cock is not a chore, it’s a duty that you don’t take lightly. So, THANK YOU — for dropping to your knees time and again in worshipful dedication to the very worthy cocksucker’s craft.

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Seduced by a blond haired, blue-eyed all-American boy (Leo Luckett), our chiseled adventure seeker (Phoenix Fellington) accepts an invitation for a day on his boat. Silted conversation and unanswered questions about the boyХs ex leave a feeling of dread in the passengerХs gut – there’s something creepy about the cute young sailor – but all is overlooked for a chance to hit his juicy bubble-butt. The sex crazed new friends donХt even bother to go below deck and begin sucking cock and eating ass in plain sight of the Bay Bridge. As both hot studs fuck and blow their loads the weather changes for the worse. Persistent questions are finally answered when the shipХs captain takes his guest below deck, never to be seen again.

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“Extra Sausage” Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s live webcam show is hijacked by an Ultra Fan. After being shown some incriminating material, Brent agrees to do as he’s told. The night begins with a knock on the door – it’s pizza boy Calvin Banks and his extra sausage. As instructed Brent positions the web cam and begins sucking Banks’ enormous cock. Brent leads them into a passionate flip-flop-fuck on the pool table that ends with Calvin bouncing on Brent’s rock-hard dick until he blows. Brent tips the delivery boy by shooting his hot while load all over Calvin’s face. Will this be enough to satisfy his Ultra Fan? Not quite…

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Jack Taylor & Leander Two is company, Three’s a crowd. That’s how horned up boyfriends Jack Taylor and Leander feel about Mickey Taylor. They love him but it’s hard to find time to fuck when he’s hanging around their flat. So when Mickey jumps in the shower to get ready for a wild night raising hell around Manchester they get their chance. Still hungover from the night before, Leander doesn’t want to go out anyway, all he wants is Jack’s huge uncut cock up his ass. He bends over and Jack fucks him on the kitchen counter then Leander leans back and Jack hops on his thick dick for a ride. These two hot fuckers put the MAN in Manchester.

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“A Shocking Discovery” After being instructed to strap a monitoring device around his ankle Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan is forced to perform a series of bizarre sex acts and challenges or risk suffering a severe electric shock. The fun and games come to an abrupt end when Brent is given private access to a horrific live video feed showing his assistant Jack Hunter gagged and shackled in the back of a truck. A maniacal Sean Duran paddles Jack’s big round ass and teases him with an electric wand. Unable to to resist his captive’s massive cock, Duran gets on his knees. While the studs fuck and eat each other’s loads, Brent, watching at home, continues to jack off and delivers a thick white bonus prize for his fans.

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It’s high noon and Seth Santoro is hungry for cock. Luckily Adonis Couverture’s big uncut dick is on the menu. Seth works him into a frenzy with his hot mouth paying special attention to Adonis’ meaty balls. Adonis returns the favor but when he gets a taste of Seth’s legendary ass he pulls him out of the pool and fucks him doggy style on a nearby bench. The two studs gleam as Adonis fucks a load out of Seth in the setting sun.

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Elder Ence gained a reputation among the other missionary boys in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) for being very fun. He snuck pizza in for his district over the wall at the MTC. He also convinced the boys in his district to sneak into the tunnels under the MTC when everyone else was attending LGMs (Large Group Meetings). But when he repeated similar antics in the mission field, he got himself in deep water with the Brethren. His mission president was debating sending the boy home for his behavior until The Order nominated him for recruitment. And when Elder Ence was paired with Elder Dudley, it was clear he would be an excellent candidate for ordination to the higher priesthood.

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The Meat Rack and Fire Island is one of my favorite places on the planet. The never ending 24 hours a day possibility of sexual encounters. This movie wasn’t planned, it sort of just happened. RAY DALTON was visiting, so I grabbed my camera and enlisted RAY DIESEL and jumped on the train to the Pines. One afternoon with Diesel’s massive cock up Dalton’s hole and we just kept going back for more.

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Trent Ferris suffers a severe beat down and decides to split so innocent Marco Montgomery decides to tag along. Marco wants to lick TrentХs wounds and his nice thick cock. The dirty garage floor becomes the perfect place for these two studs to take out their sexual frustrations on each other. Its not long before both Greasers are shooting ropes of hot jizz.

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Ryan Stone’s morning wood finds a home in Jay Dymel’s hot, tight hole. Ryan slams his bare cock inside and pounds a load out of Jay. Jay gets on all fours and Ryan fucks him hard and shoots his load.

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Dumped and disillusioned with San Francisco, Colton Grey convinces his best friend Johnny V to join him on an all-expense paid trip to Paris. Fourteen hours later the young Americans land only to discover that the card Colton swiped from his Ex can’t be used to rent a hotel room. While Johnny cruises Grindr, Colton tries to figure out what to do next, and “voila” his problem is solved! A handsome Driver/Valet (Theo Ford) approaches Colton and addresses him as “Mr. Ferrand,” explaining that his limo is waiting to take them to his Penthouse. Ready for anything, Colton plays along, promising to text Johnny the address so Johnny can go make his first French connection. Using his phone to navigate the twisted streets of Paris, Johnny finds his trick’s apartment. The door opens and SCORE! The guy (Francois Sagat) is even hotter than his pic. In minutes they are naked, tongues exploring ripped abs and thick cocks. After a furious flip-flop-fuck Johnny returns to the foreign streets only to have a French thug race by and swipe his phone right out of his hands, leaving him lost and stranded. Merde!

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Ken Rodeo and Josh Milk spend the day sightseeing in the city and end up on a rooftop overlooking Tel Aviv. Uninhibited by the potential of prying eyes from the surrounding buildings and construction sites, the two horned up studs waste no time making out and getting naked. Both Ken and Josh show off their expert cock sucking skills then Ken gets on all fours and opens his hole to Josh’s thick dick. Josh buries his meat deep inside Ken and furiously fucks a load out of him then pulls out just in time to feed Ken his creamy white jizz.