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Jamie is an adorable transplant from Canada, enjoying the down under’s change of weather and fun. Still rocking the hockey-player mullet, Jamie loves staying true to his Canadian roots.

When he starts stripping down, it becomes clear that he’s got a fit, smooth body with a beautiful stoned stomach and playful pierced nipples. But what gets him the most attention is his big, 10 inch cock!

When it emerges from his underwear, it stands tall and strong, practically blocking Jamie’s face in the process. It bounces out and practically begs to be swallowed. For today, Jamie is by himself, stroking and teasing with a promise of what’s to come. This handsome, friendly, bi ex-pat is all about showing off and giving a good show.

To prove just how much of a gut-destroyer his tool is, Jamie strokes himself with a clear dick massager, making it gulp and gag like a proper cocksucker! He fucks it hard until he’s about to blow, all the while flashing his gorgeous smile.

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Kaleb is no stranger to our amateur cameras but newbie Jamie is just learning the ropes. With nipple piercings, a thin smooth torso and a pubic tattoo that reads “crikey!”, it’s not that Jamie is new to sex. In fact, that sly little smile of his tells of a sneaky surprise to come!

The two make out for a long time, exploring each other’s bodies as they get more and more turned on. Clothes come off revealing Jamie in his soft state. Beautiful, but nothing compared to its final form! Kaleb leans in to take Jamie into his mouth and that’s when the real show gets going!

Jamie may not have shown much at first, but now that his throb-knob is getting erect, it keeps growing, and growing, and growing! Soon Kaleb finds his throat under full attack as Jamie’s huge dick probes every part of it! Kaleb is doing his best to deep throat, but this cock is just so thick and long!

Jamie has his eye on a different one of Kaleb’s holes. After getting it good and wet with a vigorous tongue rimming, Jamie helps Kaleb get into cowboy position to start fucking in earnest.

This is what Jamie’s been waiting for! Kaleb slides Jamie’s monster into his willing hole, but there’s just too much Jamie to fit all the way in! Kaleb tries bouncing on the thick stick but he just can’t take it all in.

Jamie suggests they change positions and try again. How will Kaleb have to bend to get that whole thing inside his hungry hole?

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Down and dirty on the floor! Cute blond twink Maverick is back in front of our cameras and this time he’s breaking another newbie!

Konnor is dark-haired, very thin, with an almost hairless smooth body. He may look lightweight, but this twink has a strong naughty side!

He warns Maverick: he likes biting, hair-pulling, nipple clamps,and playing rough! Maverick’s sweet innocent face looks a little concerned but quickly turns to all smiles when the boys get the go-ahead to play!

Maverick fumbles Konnor’s jeans open to find a long hard cock just ripe for sucking! He wraps his lips around the uncut shaft and Konnor is in heaven. Slurp after slurp, Maverick shows just how talented of a cocksucker he really is.

Konnor is there for it! He places his hands on Maverick’s head, pushing the blond curls down so his cock can plunge even deeper into Maverick’s horny throat!

Konnor wants a taste of Maverick’s man muscle, so the boys move around on the floor. Now it’s Konnor’s turn to swallow the sword.

Maverick closes his eyes as Konnor’s tongue masterfully traces up and down from blond pubes to swollen tip! Maverick doesn’t even need to watch while it happens. The sensations are so intense that he leans back to just enjoy everything he’s feeling.

Maverick is ready to fuck, but Konnor has a different plan. The sexually adventurous stud wants to do some ass-play in this first go-around! Maverick lies flat on the floor and Konnor licks his fingers; P-spot massage!

Maverick moans as Konnor pushes through the outer ring and flicks his fingers right where they do the most good! Konnor enjoys watching as his twink fuckbuddy gets a hot massage from the inside.

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Jamie and Angelo play it coyly boyish for the interviewer before getting the show started with an intense kiss. Both of these sexy, lanky boys have been in front of our cameras only once or twice before. But from the second their lips touch, you can see any and all hang-ups they may have had are out the door as our lens seems to become just a fly on the wall.

Angelo takes the assertive role initially, sexily grabbing Jamie’s face as their tongues wrestle. But Jamie returns the same fire as the two move from the cot to the floor. The two make-out and wrestle around, fully immersed in the throes of passion as they undress. Jamie takes the initiative from here and swallows the furry Angelo’s cock, relishing it.

Angelo again returns the favor and gobbles up Jamie’s massive uncut meat. Skillfully skewering himself on it as he savors the taste. He looks right into the camera a few times as his pillowy lips shower the thick piece in kisses as he strokes his own cock.

The two compare their impressive endowments and swordfight for the camera before Jamie returns to sucking on Angelo’s and leading them into a sexy 69.

Jamie shows off Angelo’s furry butt for the camera as the two kiss intermittently. Angelo take Jamie back to the cot and kneels between Jamie’s legs to show off more of his expert oral skills all while stroking a huge load out of his own cock.

He squirts all over Jamie, and goes back to bobbing up and down on Jamie’s monster before Jaime lays down next to him and strokes his own load out all over Angelo’s furry torso.

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Kaleb knows how to break a newbie in right! When Jonathan talked about how sensitive his neck is to kissing, Kaleb made a mental note of how to get the most out of this bottom buddy.

Their opening makeout session is tender and sweet, with Kaleb hitting all those sensitive spots with his lips and tongue. As clothes start to come off, the kisses spread to the torso and nipples. Jonathan’s moans slip through closed lips. Kaleb knows how to treat a bottom.

When Jonathan sees the outline of Kaleb’s rock-hard cock, he dives in for a taste. Kaleb has sensitive spots, too, and they center around his long dong!

Jonathan’s hole is desperate to be used. Kaleb is still in tenderness mode, though, so he enters his young friend slowly to give him a chance to take on the whole thing!

The groans that Jonathan lets loose tell Kaleb that his bottom is ready for more, so Kaleb takes the plunge. He times his gentle neck nibbles to match the thrusts he’s making in Jonathan’s horny hungry hole!

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When Larken is asked if he knows how to start a porn shoot, he smiles shyly. But just seconds after a sweet, wet kiss from Kaleb, the handsome twink next to him, and it’s obvious that the answer is “Yes!”

Larken peels Kaleb’s clothes off easily and lifts him onto the counter. The two boys kiss passionately, their tongues dancing, their skin burning from the friction. These two have had a few sessions together now in front of the “Amateurs Do It!” cameras, but with the way Kaleb rubs and grabs at Larken’s swelling erection in his sweatpants, it’s obvious they’re as hungry as if it was the first time they met.

But it’s Larken who’s hungrier — he’s the first to strip his partner down to his underwear. He dives face first into Kaleb’s nether region, kissing and sucking on his cotton-trapped cock. Larken gives the (surprisingly big dicked) twink a beautiful blowjob on top of the kitchen counter. With a sausage this big, that’s the exact right place!! Larken finishes his plate, flipping over his twink meal and rimming him out.

Kaleb also likes a snack, so he wraps his lips around Larken’s meat. Larken has a beautiful uncut cock – thick and veiny. Larken loves the feel of Kaleb’s slippery tongue lapping up all his pre-cum.

There’s plenty of playfulness between the two as they flex and splay their toned bodies happily for the cameras. They kiss like newlyweds, and rub each other’s muscles down with delight. They find their climaxes in a lengthy fuck session down on the floor, where Larken shoots a glaze of cum across the small of Kaleb’s caked-up ass.

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Didn’t take too long for Jamie to join us back in the studio. Kandy is no stranger to the camera, either, so naturally we thought these two would do well together.

Kandy enjoys Jamie kissing him. Both are all smiles as they lean onto each other. As Kandy jumps onto the bed, he reaches for Jamie’s stomach, slowly peeling up his shirt to reveal more of his slender body. Going back for a kiss, he starts to run his lips over his neck and work his way down to Jamie’s hardening cock, softly biting on underwear, making the thin fabric wet and see-through with his saliva.

It’s no surprise that Jamie is basically fully hard as Kandy takes his giant cock into his throat for the first time. Slapping his throbbing member onto his face, making him gag on his cock while he moans in ecstasy. Kandy seems to love taking him inside his throat, taking his time on pleasing Jamie.

They start to strip off their clothes so Jamie can get a taste of Kandy’s cock. After a while they’re kissing on top of each other, softly moaning in each other’s ears while their cocks rub together.

Seems like Kandy can’t get enough of that cock. Pretty soon, he’s gagging on Jamie’s rock hard cock. Jamie has no problem with it as Kandy kisses his balls to the tip of his cock, hungry for every inch of him.

Kandy crawls up the bed and turns around so Jamie can get a taste of that hole, filling him with his tongue and getting him ready for what’s to come. In and out, sliding out of his warm hole. Jamie’s face is completely focused on getting it nice and wet.

Pretty soon the lube comes out and Kandy gets into position. Laying on his side, Jamie slowly pushes his cock into Kandy’s wet hole.

“Fuck you’re so big,” says Kandy as Jamies pushes himself inside him, getting on all fours so Jamie can take him from behind, pumping him faster than he has before. Kandy takes more and more of his wet cock while Jamie smiles in pleasure, checking in on him once in a while thrusting his raw cock in and out of his bottom for the night…

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Larkin is new to our site, but comfortable sitting next to Kaleb while answering personal questions about what turns him on. There’s an immediate attraction between them, so when Kaleb goes in for the kiss you can tell they just want to be in each other’s mouths for as long as they can.

Larkin lifts Kaleb onto the counter with ease where he starts to undress him. Peeling off his pants, kissing through his underwear, pulling out his cock for a taste. Kaleb moans in pleasure while he grows harder and harder inside Larkin’s throat. Kaleb can’t get enough of that tongue, so he turns around so his warm hole can get the same treatment as his throbbing cock.

Larkin presses his face and tongue into the crack as Kaleb spreads himself over the countertop, making his body readily available for anything Larkin might want to do. Kaleb grabs on to Larkin’s gray shorts, uses his mouth to soak the front of Larkin’s bulge, then peels them off along with his underwear so he can start to work on Larkin’s almost fully hard cock. Larkin moans as he slaps Kaleb’s mouth with his now stiff cock, then buries it deep down into Kaleb’s throat.

They head into the bedroom to pump some iron and compare asses. Shortly after, Kaleb has Larkin on the ground ready for him to ride. Pushing Larkin’s hard cock inside his hole, slowly he takes the full length within seconds. Kaleb is moaning in ecstasy as Larkin’s cock hits the walls of his horny hole.

“Fuck, that feels amazing,” Kaleb whispers as he rides him. Kaleb’s cock slaps against Larkin’s abs and Larkin pinches his fuckbuddy’s nipples. Moving into missionary, Larkin pushes his rock-hard cock into Kaleb. Throbbing and ready to burst any moment, Larkin turns Kaleb over again so he can pump from behind…

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Alternative Aussie cutie Jamie is back with the equally adorable and sexy Kaleb. The two are soon naked and Kaleb heads down to Jamie’s monster meat, engulfing it in his mouth. Barely being able to take the entire thing down his throat, Kaleb licks its entire length as he sucks it.

Jamie lays on the ground and Kaleb kneels on top. Jamie points his behemoth cock at Kaleb’s hole, popping the head in. Kaleb is quick to start bouncing up and down on the monster meat. He moans loudly as Jamie jackhammers in and out of him. Kaleb’s relishing the feeling of his insides being pummeled!

Jamie soon has Kaleb on his back, and he slides the entire length of his big, thick meat in and out of Kaleb. Ready to squirt, Jamie pulls out and Kaleb throws his legs back behind his head, once again showing off his flexibility as Jamie paints his hole with cum.

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Colton and Sebastian are more than ready to get this amateur fuck session on the road. Colton strips Sebastian naked and starts sucking on his big dick. He flips him over and devours his ass causing Sebastian to moan with pleasure.

It’s then Sebastian’s turn to get his lips around Colton’s fat cock. He deepthroats the meaty pole while he jerks his own cock. Colton wants to get his cock into Sebastian’s fine English ass. Sebastian climbs on top and rides his cock til he cums all over his muscled abs.

Colton then covers his sweet face in his own cum – Sebastian licking up every last drop.

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Today for all our fans we have another look at what happens behind the scenes of our amateur shoots. This is footage that would normally be lost to the ages but we hope you’ll enjoy watching our amateur guys in their most candid moments.

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Bryce and Sebastian start the scene in the shower. Clean and horny they move to the bedroom. I guess being a fan of the fetish Bryce enjoys a little pain with his pleasure. That must have been why he agreed to bottom and take Sebastian’s thick dick in his tight ass.

You can see him trying not to cry out as Sebastian enters his hole. Sebastian soon has a good grip on his ankles as he pounds the newbie’s hole getting deeper with each stroke. It’s so very very tight!

After a while Bryce is dancing on that pole like a pro. Sebastian slaps his ass as he rides. That tight ass must feel pretty damn amazing as Sebastian blows a huge load all over Bryce’s face. Think a second shower is going to be required.

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The new boy Jerry’s baptism of cum begins with the amateur foursome stripping naked and sucking cock. Everyone’s cock gets satisfied and they get covered and get those horny cocks deep inside amateur ass.

The new boy Jerry ends up on the bottom of the pile of exploding cocks with cum all over him!

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Randy is all alone – not even a cameraman in sight. But that doesn’t stop our favourite American from grabbing a camera himself and the selfie stick and making his very own Amatuer video.

He strips down to his undies and then releases his big cock from it’s confines. He finds a comfy spot to start stroking his meat and then decides that his solo efforts need a co-star and so lubes up the fleshjack to get his cock harder. The cheeky chappy is having a great old time playing with himself and the camera – he blows a load and considers it a job well done. God bless Americans – we love you Randy.

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Tai is a dark haired beefy hairy guy and in stark contrast is red-haired Jay. Tai’s about 10 years older than Jay and a total bottom while Jay is a young cum hungry top.

The two mess around sucking cock – curling up into a 69 where Tai’s hairy body is offset by Jay’s pale skin in a kind of sexy ying yang symbol. Jay’s cock slides into Tai’s hairy ass and he pounds that furry butt with glee.

The peel off each other and jerk their own cocks til they blow their loads and say thank you – good night!