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This week we suit up gay porn superstar JP Dubois for the first time and give him a proper welcome to MenatPlay.

Ginger stud Jonas Jackson has a big surprise in store for his lover JP Dubois. He’s purchased them a penthouse apartment in Spain with a gorgeous view of the ocean. JP is so overcome with excitement that he can’t keep his hands off Jonas.

The scene gets heated faster than a Barcelona summer as these two brits passionately kiss.

Jonas begins by grabbing and stroking JP’s throbbing cock through his pants. He then drops to his knees and takes every inch of this beautiful uncut meat into his mouth, slobbering and slurping with every thrust.

When JP bends Jonas over and begins to ferociously tongue his hairy hole, you know he’s prepping him for a pounding he won’t soon forget.

You’ll definitely want to stick around to see how this cum gushing flip flop fuck ends.

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Denis Vega is back this week and he’s showing Noel Santoro the tricks of the trade in The Mansion. Denis is a wealthy, sophisticated man. He knows what he likes, and he gets what he wants. Sipping on a scotch while he struts around his mansion, Denis comes upon Noel relaxing in his pool. Noel has an awesome swimmer’s body with a bubble but that begs to get rammed. And Denis is in the mood for it!

Noel waits no time wrapping his moist, plump lips around Denis hard cock. This is a blow job that Denis won’t soon forget. In return, he slides his tongue straight into Noel’s wide-open hole. Seriously, the site of Noel on his knees with his whole gaping and slick with Denis’s spit is enough to get anybody off, but Denis needs more. With a condom on, he pumps Noel’s ass like crazy before they climax so hard even you’ll feel it. Find out for yourself.

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More hot rides and hot studs this week in Reckless. Gabriel Lunna and Diego Reyes are running a car dealership for high-end clients. Their cars are as sleek and smooth as the suits they wear. Luxury sports cars require stylish pumped-up hotties like Gabriel and Diego to rev their engines and get them off on the road. Yet Gabriel has a problem: the vehicle he promised to have repaired by a mechanic is still undriveable, and he’s panicking. Diego has a way to calm him down and make it all better—a hot fuck!

Diego squats down to suck Gabriel’s hard dick before he takes off Gabriel’s pants, pushes him onto the hood of a shiny car, and parks his tongue up Gabriel’s wide-open hole. With his ankles in the air, Gabriel gives Diego full access to his love tunnel. These guys pound on top of the car so hard they forget all about the car. It’s all about grunting and fucking. And their cumshots are epic. Yours will be too!

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Every man wants a sweet ride. And they don’t come sweeter, sleeker, or more Menatplay welcomes Geordie Jackson this week in XLingo. Geordie, a blonde, handsome stud from the UK, has a new language translation app to promote, and with work partner Klein Kerr’s assistance, it could be a big hit. Yet the pair soon decide that instead of filming an advert, they would rather bang like crazy in front of the camera.

When Klein unzips Geordie’s fly, out flops his massive cock. Klein gives Geordie a slow, wet blowjob just before Geordie flips him over and slides his tongue up Klein’s hole. These classed-up studs lose all control then and rips of their nice suits for an amazing fuck. Geordie thrusts Klein like a thoroughbred, giving him long, deep strokes until they both explode. Click play and check it out!

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Some people are born talented. Other acquire talent through hard work and dedication. This week, you can judge for yourself which category Paco and Diego Reyes fall into. Together they put a lot of talent on display. Paco can’t get the job he wants if he’s not classed up, so Diego dresses him in a snug, sophisticated gray suit. But Paco is in the mood to try on something else. He takes no time getting Diego’s cock in his mouth, slurping down on every stiff inch, before he’s on his knees offering up his perfectly round ass for Diego to lick, finger, and fuck. These guys grunt, growl, and groan through an epic fuck session. And it ends with lots of cum all over Paco’s snazzy suit. Talented is the best way to describe these two. You’ll love it.

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When executive Dario Beck arrives to pick up his college Jean Franko he’s happily surprised to find him not ready and half naked! Usually efficient young Dario would be pissed at being kept back from an important meeting but surreptitiously watching Jean Franko get suited up is much more fun. As Dario helps Jean with his tie they both know that neither one of them has any intentions of making the meeting. Dario proceeds to prime Jean Franko’s dick ready to receive a good hard fucking.

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Klein Kerr is breaking in the new stud at work this week in The New Guy. Sexy Menatplay newbie Dann Grey has caught Klein’s eye. Now this hottie is about to catch the fuck of a lifetime. There’s no better way to welcome a new coworker into the fold, especially when he’s sporting a fine tailored suit and polished shoes, than trading blow jobs with him. Klein and Dann get pretty ravenous; each stud drops to his knees to trade sloppy oral action that makes you want to jump through the screen and join them. When neither of them can stand it anymore, Klein introduces Dann to more “office protocol” by slamming him up against a wall and pushing his cock deep into Dann’s juicy butt. These guys turn a slow day in the office into a carnal delight. Watch now!

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We’re combining suitsex with a little bondage this week in Bound, featuring Emir Boscatto and Manuel Skye looking hotter than ever. Where Emir doesn’t show up for work, someone calls Manuel to find out where he is. Manuel knows but he’s not telling. He’s tied up, still in smart clothes, his sweaty chest exposed. If you like nipple play, you’ll get stiff watching Manuel lick and rub Emir’s firm nipples.

Even smart-dressed men like a little BDSM every now and then, and Emir and Manuel match up quite well. Mashing up suits and ropes, with Manuel enormous cock and Emir’s tight little whole, make Bound a film you’ll be shooting a hot load to. Check it out!

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Menatplay welcomes gay porn superstar Francois Sagat into the fold and Tyler Berg is all too eager to break him in. Francois is working late on a presentation that he has to deliver to his boss by end of the week, but his insatiably horny colleague and new fuck buddy Tyler Berg has other plans to keep him busy, putting Francois in a very precarious situation. “To Work or to Fuck”? Francois almost immediately gives in and lets Tyler swallow and slobber over every inch of his cock before bending him over and devouring his meaty ass. After pounding Tyler, the way his hole was begging for, Tyler returns the favor and plunges balls deep into Francois giving us a flip flop anyone would stick around late at work to see. After cumming all over each other and the desk, they high tail it out of there leaving the boss with a presentation and a little something extra.

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Part three of our Making It Big series shift gears at bit but still cranks up the heat. Manuel Skye oozes sex appeal as a movie star getting a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming film. Klein Kerr, the stylist, is undeniably hot, and Manuel knows it. Klein helps Manuel dress and measures his outfit to make sure his stunning suit provides the perfect fit. Klein knows a good fit when he sees it: his own shirt and pants are practically painted over his flawless body. When Klein takes off Manuel’s pants his massive hard-on pops out, and there’s only one way for this encounter to end.

After some super hot mutual sucking, Manuel takes the lead and bends Klein over for an amazing rimming. Klein has the kind of plump, firm ass to make any man shoot a crazy load, but Manuel is knows enough to hold back. Once he slips on a rubber, he slams Klein’s willing ass over and over again, making them both grunt and moan in ecstasy. Believe us when we say the sex between these two studs is not to be missed. In the movie business, all kinds of sex games get played. Watch Making It Big: The Fitting and become a player.

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This week, Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray play former fuck buds who are reunited, and it feels so good! After checking into a posh hotel and being told that his room is not ready, Kayden begins to sense something familiar about concierge Jonas. Then it comes to them—they were once intimate with each other. Happy over this chance reunion, and both of them sleek and many in tailored suits, Jonas and Kayden get that old feeling and decide to bang one more time for old time’s sake. And we get to watch! Reunited pairs Kayden’s massive cock with Jonas’s perfectly round, beefy ass. With both men classed up in fine suits, the horny fucking intensifies. Jonas works Kayden’s massive cock with his mouth before bending over and offering up his big bubble butt. Kayden buries his face in Jonas’s butt before he slams every hard inch of his cock up Jonas’s hole. And they finish with hugs amounts of cum. When old flames reignite, things get too hot to handle!

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Maybe it’s in the men’s room of a crowded train station. Maybe it’s in a coffee shop afterhours. Maybe it’s among the stacks of a dusty library crowded with sacred, old books. Or, in the case of Max Duro and Andy Star, maybe it’s in a sunny Andalusian resting spot. But no matter where it is, sex with the perfect stranger never lacks thrills.

While Andy duty works on his laptop, Max, super-horny and handsome in a dark blue windowpane suit, tries a bit of nasty seduction on workaholic Andy. He takes out his stiff, uncut cock and begins stroking it. Anyone could walk past. Anyone could see him. But Max is so hot for Andy’s beautiful butt nothing else matters.

Andy gives Max a slippery blowjob before they get on with superhot fucking. Max explores every single inch of Andy’s gaping hole. And Andy, unable to control himself, rides Max hard and fast, eventually causing both of them to erupt jets of hot cum. Perfect Strangers 2 hit all the right spots.

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It’s always good to have a coworker who’s ready to help you out of a jam. And as Dani Robles finds out this week, Max Duro offers the best kind of help. While repairing a paper jam, Dani’s printer squirts ink on his dapper suit. Making matters worse, he has to give a presentation soon. Max comes to his rescue, insisting they swap shirts and blazers. But they end of swapping a whole lot more!

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We’re in the mood for some naughty fun this week. Max Duro, looking damn fine in a dark, slim cut suit, enters a club and finds a letter instructing him to blindfold himself. He complies, and soon he’s joined by Jonas Jackson, also suited up and ready to take on Max’s beer can-sized dick.

Jonas wastes no time fishing Max’s hard cock out of his trousers. Moaning and grunting, Max enjoys the pleasure of Jonas’s mouth on his throbbing cock. He can hardly hold back, especially when Jonas takes off his trousers—leaving his OTC’s on—and rides Max’s cock hard. His ass is huge, round, and hard. Even though Max can’t see, he takes charge and gives Jonas as merciless pounding. And you’ll like all the sensuality that comes through when Max and Jonas caress each other’s shirt and tie. Submit has everything you’re looking for!

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Some art is utterly worthless while other art is beyond value. We at Menatplay prefer the latter. And the best kind of art, hands down, is a sexy man. Especially if there are two of them and they’re Andy Star and Vadim Romanov and they’re styled up in amazing suits. For more information, keep reading.

Priceless is a vid that makes us wonder which is more priceless: Andy’s bubble butt or Vadim’s gigantic cock. Hey, why not both? After spilling chilled champagne on Vadim’s trousers, Andy slurps on Vadim’s sizable dick and happily offers up his hole for Vadim to fuck amid the opulent artwork that surrounds them. Andy wears pinstripes well but they look even better when Vadim pulls of Andy’s pants and plows his hole mercilessly. And this Russian stud knows how to work his huge dick. Check it out!