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Movie There is a new gym open in town and Paco is one of the first in line to get the full tour by owner Antonio Miracle.

The facility comes fully equipped and at just the right price but when Paco decides to wander off and explore on his own, he quickly discovers just how fully equipped it is. There is a secret sex chamber in the basement, potentially off-putting for new clients.

Antonio pleads with Paco to keep this info on the down low but he knows all too well that silence always comes at a cost. What better way to keep Paco quiet than to shove a fat cock in his mouth.

Antonio Miracle gives Paco the pounding of a lifetime, loosening his shirt and tie just enough so that he can remain presentable for incoming clients.

He closes off this deal on the sex swing, leaving a thick deposit all over this hairy muscle daddy’s beard. Let’s hope that’s payment enough. Get ready for ‘The Secret Chamber’ exclusively in

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It has been several years since the MENatPLAY cameras visited Cine-X in hopes of catching unsuspecting strangers in pure debauchery. While some time may have passed since our last visit, cruising for sex at the famous xxx cinema has not; especially for sexually frustrated businessmen in between meetings.

Horny suited stud, Bruno Max, is at Cine-X, where MENatPLAY’s very own suit sex movies are playing. He unzips his pant fly and jerks off his Spanish sausage. Soon, Lukas Daken joins in on the solo jerk sport.

Bruno and Kayden exchange frequent glances as they both play with their cocks. Until that is, Lukas stands and offers his cock to Bruno for sucking; and shortly returns the favor until he is stiff. Lukas can’t resist a hard cock; he drops his pants and rides Bruno’s meat.

Bending Lukas over in his seat, Bruno sticks his tongue in Lukas’ hairless hole for a good ass rimming and then uses his necktie.

The fucking resumes until Lukas can’t bear the satisfaction any longer and cums with Bruno’s cock inside him. Bruno follows suit, except he dumps an epic load on Lukas’ mouth and face that won’t be easy to clean up.

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Following a previous week’s annual check-up going perfectly well, Malek Tobias has made his way to see his doctor again after feeling some pain in his side. Once in the examination room, the good Dr. Nick North instructs him to take off his pants. Although seeming apprehensive at first, Dr. North assures him that he is a medical professional and only has Malek’s wellbeing in mind. To Malek’s delight, being poked and prodded never brought so much relief.

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Menatplay welcomes back Ricky Blue after a two-year break where he performed with Dirk Caber in DADDY WANT.

Photographer Ricky Blue is excited to show good friend Andy Star a project he’s been working on for school. Although Andy is impressed with the work, he also feels it’s a bit too explicit for an academic setting. However, once Ricky admits that Andy was a major inspiration for the project, suddenly Andy is overcome with a desire to inspire him further.

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In his MenatPlay debut, Shane Jackson is furious with the casting director, Teddy Torres. The main role in a production has been given to someone else, a role that Shane has desperately wanted. He confronts Teddy at his office, demanding to know why he lost the role to another guy. As it turns out, if Shane truly wants this particular role, he immediately needs to be more persuasive than the other actor. As casting director, Teddy will not budge until he is fully satisfied with his performance.

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Kayden Gray and British award-winning bottom, Drew Dixon, who is making his MENatPLAY debut, are associates at a local real estate agency. Kayden is impatiently waiting for Drew, who is always late, at one of the new properties they are about to put on the market for sale.

Seemingly not caring much about being tardy, again, Drew asks Kayden why they never get to enjoy the properties they list… ‘for personal use’. And, while probably improper, the suited studs get to work on each other, even at the risk of getting caught.

After sucking Kayden’s thick cock, Drew gets his hole eaten and fingered, along with a sock job and some tie play. When Drew’s round ass is ready to get pounded, Kayden makes sure to give it to him deep and hard. Sequentially, Drew can’t resist cumming while Kayden fucks him against the sliding glass door; and Kayden spews his hot, sticky man-juice in Drew’s mouth and face.

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Donato Reyes is at the office; he’s keeping an eye on his new employee, Diego Reyes, who is hard at work on a project for the boss. Little does Donato know, Diego has also been keeping an eye on him. After catching Diego recording him with his phone, Donato proposes a way to make an even better video – together. It isn’t long before one of these dapper gents has an ass full of cock. Professional development at its finest.

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It’s Open House day and Agent Alexander Muller is preparing to show the hottest new listing in town. It’s absolutely perfect, amazing design, great location but at a price tag of $1.5 million, it’s going to take a particular type of client to close this deal. In walks furry British stud Gabriel Phoenix who takes an immediate liking to both the house and the hunky Brazilian agent showing it off. A conditional offer could be near if Alexander is willing to be included with the close. In the cutthroat real estate market, you need to be willing to go the extra mile and Alexander hates to disappoint. Gabriel drops to his knees and gets the face fucking of his life from all 7.5 inches of Alexander’s thick uncut cock and then rolls over to offer up his furry peach of an ass for Alexander to devour. You simply can’t miss what follows next… be warned it might just make you want to sell your house.

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Logan is up bright and early after a long flight and his personal butler JP is getting him caught up to speed on the full day of meetings that lay ahead. Worried that the jet lag has gotten the best of him, he asks JP to shuffle a few things around in his schedule so he can take some time to unwind and get a good start to the day.

Any good butler knows full well what a “Good Start” to the day entails. He gets to work massaging out all of Logan’s tension, right down to his throbbing cock just begging to come out to play. When JP uses Logan’s tie to dab and taste the juicy precum leaking off his tip, you know this scene is going to deliver in a way that only JP and Logan can. Another flip flop cum gusher not to be missed.

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Dani Robles is back, and this week he’s squeezing his tight anus around Damon Heart’s cock. Poor, poor Dani. The rain is coming down in buckets, drenching his fine, skin-tight suit, and he’s lost the key to his flat. Damon—a new model here at MAP—is his kind neighbor, offering him shelter from the storm . . . but for a price! It doesn’t take long for Damon to start rubbing Dani’s nipples through his soaked button-down shirt, and after that, Dani is on his knees servicing Damon’s dick with his moist mouth, moaning his enjoyment with each slurp. Damon returns the favor by burying his face in Dani’s well-plowed butt. But that’s just the beginning.

Damon slams his dick up Dani’s butt on the kitchen island, making Dani grunt and shout in sheer ecstasy. And when it comes to riding stiff cocks, Dani is a champ. He bounces on Damon’s dick fast and hard when they take their massive fuck session from the kitchen to the sofa. And, as always, Dani gives us one of his explosive, copious cumshots. Rain Date is so raunchy it will make you think twice about carrying an umbrella this spring.

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Manuel Skye is a man who thoroughly enjoys a regimented life. He wakes up, performs his morning exercise routine by the pool and then cools off with a refreshing swim before embarking on his busy day. Manservant Tyler Berg has become all too familiar with this diligent order and is well aware that being in service to Manuel requires scrupulous care. After meticulously dressing Manuel in the fashion he has grown accustomed to, he accompanies him to the sitting room where Manuel sips a hot cup of tea and reads the paper. Clearly, nothing gets Manuel’s cock harder than a well-trained manservant. He begins to ever so casually stroking his thick, pre-cumming cock while Tyler polishes and buffs his shoes. We don’t think I need to spell out what happened next. Tyler certainly didn’t miss the cue.

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When Andy Onassis and Malek Tobias run into each other in the gym locker room the sexual tension is undeniably palpable. After ogling each other’s bodies and meaty cocks, Malek wastes no time stripping off to head to the shower, making it known with his eyes that a visit from Andy would be more than welcome.

Andy ponders the invitation as he gets himself dressed, deciding that there is absolutely no way he can pass on Malek’s generous offer.

As Andy watches Malek shower, he begins to unzip his fly signaling to Malek that it is his turn to make good on his invite. Malek wastes no time swallowing Andy’s cock and then offering up his wet hole to further thank him for his visit.

Since fucking in the shower just isn’t enough, these two dirty boys head to the pool where they can get even wetter and wetter.

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When Alexander Muller began his day at work he had no idea that his open door policy was about to take on another meaning in the shape of Dani Robles.

With 20 mins to spare on his break, Dani wastes no time letting Alexander know that his little visit might be for more than just business. Alex, eager to see just how far Dani was willing to take this, rubs his cock through his pants titillating Dani from afar, letting him know that there was more waiting for him if he’d just step inside the office.

That was all the invite Dani needed as he drops to his knees and begins to let Alex fuck his face, choking on his cock with every thrust, then offering up his ass to reciprocate the open door policy. Alex pounds Dani deep and hard over the desk before moving on the couch, giving everyone a cum gusher of an ending that simply can’t be missed.

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If you’ve got a good poker face and you feel lucky, press Play and find out if you have what it takes to play a hand with Teddy Torres and Dani Robles. But be warned—the stakes are higher than usual in this game. Our two studs are playing for more than cash this week. Dani has a good hand but Teddy’s got an ace in the hole—his thick cock. Once he takes it out, Dani can’t help dropping to his knees and giving him the blowjob of a lifetime, as only our Dani can. Our boys really get into some steamy, sensuous fucking this week. If their awesome suits and ties don’t get you revved up their horny banter will. Whether it’s Teddy hocking spit into Dani’s perfectly round ass or Dani begging for more fingering and fucking, this is a flick you’ll want to watch again and again.

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Rules for a drug deal: #1—Bring quality product. #2—Wear a sharp suit. #3—Be prepared to fuck long and hard. In case you forget any of these rules, Salvador Mendoza and Xavi Duran are here to demonstrate them for you. Get prepared for a lesson you won’t forget.

After Salvador tastes the inferior product Xavi is selling, he prepares to get what’s coming to him by bending Xavi over the hood of his car and banging it out of him. But it’s Salvador who gets the surprise when, after giving Xavi a slurpy hot blow job, Xavi bends him over and fucks his meaty ass.

Xavi and Salvador go for a ride after that, but not in a car. Salvador bounces on Xavi’s dick hard and fast to remind him who’s really in charge. Get ready for two thick, hot cum shots and a suitsex flick with OTCs and ass-tight slacks. Enjoy!