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Master Tye dons his scrubs again to conduct the medical for his new boy. After checking his heart can stand the pleasure the Master fits a gag and starts to attach the electro stim machine. Soon the boy is wriggling as the electro stimulates his muscles, tightening them and then relaxing them.

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The scene starts off with light making out but gradually leads over to the sling where Randy has his ass warmed by Rex playing with and rimming him. Next Rex uses a large blue studded dildo on Randy’s eager hole. After Rex really warms up Randy’s tight hole with the toy he slips on the condom and pounds away. Rex pounds away until he fucks a load out of Randy that shoots all over his chest and hits him in the face. Rex jerks off and cums which Randy is more than happy to clean right up.

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New boy, Peter Poloc, has travelled over the border from Poland to perform for STAXUS – and boy, have we got a treat for him here! After all, it’s not everyone who gets the chance to enjoy Joel Tamir and his oversized monster; but rest assured the young, blond-haired rookie puts on quite an amazing show for one of the biggest lads in the biz. All of which begins with the two fellows snogging away on a bed like a couple of innocent freshers; but which very quickly turns into a wanton suck-fest as both take it in turns to gobble greedily away on all the hard flesh on offer, before 69-ing together to full effect. Given the intensity of the display, it’s perhaps not too surprising that both buddies are soon in the mood to take things one step further; and it’s almost with a sense of relief that Tamir finally rims and then rams his new-found companion. Needless to report, Poloc puts on a terrific performance, taking every throbbing inch like a hardened pro in a succession of positions; before finally securing a very sticky facial from Tamir’s exploding knob-head. All of which leaves the handsome Pole to collect his pay-cheque by yanking out a heavy wad of his own from his pierced dick!

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We love introducing new boys to the world of watersports, and we couldn’t wait to see Keef jacking his cock and shooting some piss out over his body, along with some cum too. The guy wasn’t sure about it all before we got started, but once he’d let it go a little he was real down for stroking his cum out and enjoying himself!

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Bronson McQueen has had a long day at work and the first thing he does is jump on his comfortable bed. Once he is relaxed he slowly begins to undress and rub himself. Bronson doesn’t waste any time getting his cock out and he starts to play with his balls and cock. His moans are slight and his cock is hard and throbbing as he rubs himself all over. Bronson likes to have his hands wander all over his body until the time is right where he tugs on his hard dick just a few times and then he cums all over himself hands-free.

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The agents are back, and they’re ready to bust your balls. The only way out of this TaXXXing situation is to unzip a big out-of-pocket contribution. Watch what happens when TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Eddy CeeTee and Liam Knox show some personal interest in their jobs.

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