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At TheCastingRoom, Ryan swings both ways, but when it comes to having sex with men he likes it really kinky and hard. We can certainly accommodate his seedier side in our videos. Before we cast him in any expensive shoots we need to test his versatility by taking him through this second audition process. This big tattooed fella takes it more than he gives it and here he must perform as both a hungry bottom and a mean angry top. If you’re turned on by the rich masculine smell of sweaty pits then you’ll be turned on burying your nose in Ryan’s hairy armpits. For a natural bottom he finds it a challenge to deep throat a cock. Luckily his tight pink arse is much more accommodating! And he also proves himself to be one mighty fucker as his hard dick can do serious damage.

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At TheCastingRoom, we’ve roped in a real Harry Potter type today. He’s young, sweet as a lollipop and his biggest turn on is sensual kissing. Behind that innocent face he’s an eager beaver that wants to explore new kinds of pleasure through sexual experimentation. Lyle has a slight, boyish body and a timid manner, but there’s nothing shy about his dick which grows thick and hard from just a few strokes. Watch this nervous lad blow his load and fully expose himself like an eager slut.

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At TheCastingRoom, there’s something about a big dicked man with a dumb look on his face that’s so damn irresistible and newcomer Luke has that in spades. His resting face hangdog expression gives him a perpetually dopey look. Combine that with his fit manly body and tumescent cock and I could look at him naked all day. As a certified versatile fucker we can use him in almost any way we want. That combined with his pure professionalism and long droopy foreskin makes him very employable.

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Self proclaimed sex addict Joseph confidently marches into The Casting Room ready to fuck. If we say go he will drop his trousers and unleash his big hard cock on whoever we present him with. Tall, lean and muscled all over this driven masculine guy has made many home made sex videos and now wants to make his first fully professional porn flick. His taut six pack, large powerful buttock and massive uncut cock make you want to drop to your knees worship this manly specimen.

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At TheCastingRoom, we’ve got the hottest fans! David first became aware of us as a keen viewer of our videos. He’s racked up a lot of experience both in his personal life and making porn and performing in live sex shows. But we make the kind of edgy and kinky material that’s perfect for him. As natural bottom he likes it as raunchy as possible. His handsome good looks and sexy natural body make him versatile for a lot of roles so we’d be keen to try him out in a number of position.

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At TheCastingRoom, Xavier might look like an innocent lanky young lad, but he’s got some extremely kinky sexual tastes. He eagerly confesses his indulgences and seedy experiences before stripping off and showing his mighty six pack and pendulous dick. When he’s stripped down he’s got the perfect look of a confident dominant top with his thick cock, tattooed body and chav look. Anything goes with this boy and the filthier the better so we’ll no doubt be inviting him back soon!

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Jacob is a randy bloke and tough martial arts fighter who wants the thrill of appearing in porn film. All he wants is to fuck loads of chicks, but first he has to show us everything he’s got! He submits to his very first fully naked on camera audition where I make sure to take lots of footage of his arsehole since he absolutely refuses to engage in any butt play. This isn’t the thrill he dreamed of when he bucked up the courage to appear in porn.

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Is there anything hotter than a real lifeguard? Tall slender Liam has a genuine swimmer’s build as he spends his day in the pool. Just imagining the big bulge in his tight swimwear and the heady chlorine scent of his pubes gets my cock going. Liam is also filthy minded lad whose had experience making porn videos before, but after extensive travels finds himself broke and desperate for money. As a fully versatile man he can be slotted into almost any video where we can use any of his slots we want. That’s exactly the right attitude to get him all the work he wants.

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At TheCastingRoom, tall sexy hetero Michael is a bit of a mystery. He presents himself as a professional porn actor but won’t do anything sexual with men or even receive arse play if it’s a chick doing it. Sure he’s hot and has a big dick but it’s really difficult to be a man earning a living from doing only straight porn. I reckon in a few years he’ll regret not taking opportunities while he had it, but that’s the cost of his straight man’s pride. For now the closest we can get is in this intimate examination.

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The rise of the reality TV show has given a platform to many exhibitionists to show off. William here got into it several years ago when he was on a show following young adults in a holiday resort in Spain where he got totally naked. He’s been trying to recreate the buzz from that ever since by now wanting to make his first porn film. Here he’s stripped down for a full inspection where we examine his cock and arsehole closer than any reality show could have ever allowed. William is sexy, tattooed and gets massively turned on from displaying his naked body for the camera.

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Peter likes to give sex shows for his buddies, shagging a bird while they cheer him on. It’s a small step from that to making his first porn film but before we permit him on set we want to check out the goods. He’s got a ripped powerful body with a broad chest and massive meaty thighs. He won’t even allow a small finger up his arsehole, but I convince him to give me a good clear look at his pink pucker!

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Roger is a strong tough worker who is used to long days on building sites. He’s fed up with the rat race and minimal pay. What’s the perfect solution? Become a porn star! Earn big money and screw all the chicks he likes. But Roger quickly gets a reality check where he might have to engage in action and sex with men if he wants to earn a living fucking. It’s a lesson that this gruff tattooed fucker doesn’t want to hear!

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At TheCastingRoom, sexy hetero Max is a stunner but a curious case. He played football professionally and also has extensive experience making porn. While he was happy to do all types of scenes with chicks and dudes in the past he no longer wants to touch men’s dicks or have anyone touching his arse. But oddly he’s still happy to fuck guys because he doesn’t see the difference between a male and female arse. It’s puzzling, but there’s no ambiguity about how fucking fit this big dicked sexy bastard is!

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At TheCastingRoom, muscular tattooed Leo strips down for his first full on audition and reveals fetishes he’s never told anyone before. Although he’s only ever had sex with chicks he knows that men in the business will mostly have to work with other guys so he’s open to sucking cock and being fucked for the first time. He’s a promising fit bodied lad with an enthusiastic horny attitude and we’re eager to start working with him!

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Sexy young Michal is like a floppy haired surfer boy of teen fantasies. Imagine him bending over the beach in nothing but a tight pair of speedos. Then watch his physical where he’s stripped down with a full on view of arsehole! He’s ready and willing to do almost anything but still quite sexually naive and has never made a video – just dirty skype sessions with a boyfriend. It’s time to see what he’s made of and watch him shoot a load while being closely filmed.