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The muscled young boy enjoying his shower until he is interrupted by three boys out for some fun. They take it upon themselves to show the straight boy the pleasures of gay sex, whether he likes it at first or not.

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Leading the boy to the bed he arranges him onto all fours. After some light encouragement with a flogger he sticks a large rubber dildo into his tight arse. When the Master tires of this he instructs the boy to jerk off and settles back for the show.

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Dire Callahan leaves his boys tied to a tree overnight, then fucks with them some more come morning. He gets their balls primed and tied before the big finale…

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Master Blaze suspends the boy upside down before getting him to take his hard cock from his pants. A good throatfucking ensues with the inverted attitude just making it more fun. The Master then decides his upside down boy deserves more fun so fills his arse with a black buttplug before letting him down.

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Tyler Saint finally gets what’s coming to him! Reduced to the level of a dog, he is obedience trained by shoving wooden bars through the cage to keep him in his place. This mutt has a lot to learn!

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Master Devon gets his new boy, Mikeal on his knees and starts to show him how things get done. Arse up head down seems to be the order of the day and the boys clothes come off quickly. Big black cock and balls abound.

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The Master leads his new toy into the dungeon on all fours. Tying him to the winch he inspects the boys body before sticking his cock deep down the boys throat. The mix of whips interspersed with passionate kisses from the Master shows just how much he cares.

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The boy gets tied in the forest by the Master so he can think about the rest of his day. That huge black cock is soon buried balls deep in the boys arse. Begging to cum but is kept on the edge until the Master is ready and the two boys cum all over the boy.

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The Master moves the boy around and enjoys the hard tight body and his dick bounces wildly with the encouragement of the Master and the crop. He then moves the boy into his playhouse where to the boys surprise is his girlfriend tied as well. Soon the couple are tied and the fun starts.

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The Master starts to take full advantage of the bound boy by sucking his cock until its hard. Enjoying the boys discomfort the Master moves him to the coffin cage and after securing him inside it stands back and enjoys the view.

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Tyler in his dog cage comes to a painful conclusion as Dire puts on the dog’s cock and balls the same 20 lb weight that Tober endured in Stalker! Boy does that dumbell get around!

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After making sure the boys throat was well worked with his hard cock the Master kneels the boy on the table and tries to see how far he can get a giant dildo into his arse. With a combination of the Masters perseverance and the boys enthusiasm it goes a long way!

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The fucking continues deeper and deeper until the Master feels the need to cum. Moving round he takes full advantage of the boys mouth and throat in a leisurely fucking enjoying every inch of the penetration. He decides to give the boy a treat and cums all over his face and in his mouth. Everyone has a good time.

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The Master leaves the boy watching his boyfriend being made to jerk off while still tied to the post. After he cums the Master then returns and ties his hands again telling him he has made his decision which boy he wants to keep. Attaching a chain to the boyfriends balls he leads him out leaving the helpless boy to wonder if either will return.

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The Master takes Jr down from the cross and walks him on all fours to the winch. After putting the boy through some posture exercises he attaches him to the winch and slowly lifts Jr up. Some great views of a taut naked boy.