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The Master starts to take full advantage of the bound boy by sucking his cock until its hard. Enjoying the boys discomfort the Master moves him to the coffin cage and after securing him inside it stands back and enjoys the view.

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Tyler in his dog cage comes to a painful conclusion as Dire puts on the dog’s cock and balls the same 20 lb weight that Tober endured in Stalker! Boy does that dumbell get around!

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After making sure the boys throat was well worked with his hard cock the Master kneels the boy on the table and tries to see how far he can get a giant dildo into his arse. With a combination of the Masters perseverance and the boys enthusiasm it goes a long way!

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The fucking continues deeper and deeper until the Master feels the need to cum. Moving round he takes full advantage of the boys mouth and throat in a leisurely fucking enjoying every inch of the penetration. He decides to give the boy a treat and cums all over his face and in his mouth. Everyone has a good time.

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The Master leaves the boy watching his boyfriend being made to jerk off while still tied to the post. After he cums the Master then returns and ties his hands again telling him he has made his decision which boy he wants to keep. Attaching a chain to the boyfriends balls he leads him out leaving the helpless boy to wonder if either will return.

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The Master takes Jr down from the cross and walks him on all fours to the winch. After putting the boy through some posture exercises he attaches him to the winch and slowly lifts Jr up. Some great views of a taut naked boy.

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Master Damian leads Jake into his plastic lined play room. Cuffing the boy to the cross Damian proceeds to introduce him to the pleasures of a whip to encourage him to get hard. Some great action in a dark dungeon as the boy starts to learn how things work

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Master DJ flips the boy over and then gets down to some serious fucking. The restrained boy has little alternative but to enjoy the hard cock of his Master. Finally the Master gives the helpless boy a great cumshot over his arse and back before finding him unworthy of further attention and leaving him tied for anyone else to enjoy.

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Master DJ leaves the boy to contemplate his fate before coming back and continuing the boys education with a whip. Seeing how hard the boy gets Master DJ turns him round and after inspecting his arsehole uses the whips and crops on his back.

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Tyler Saint continues to be put through his paces by Dire Callahan, who pokes, prods, hits, and generally teases his new dog. Although Tyler is being a good boy, he still has more training to go!

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Dirty Pigs comes to its conclusion as Officer Yeller decides that it’s in his best interest to betray everyone. He ties the other two in a compromising position, a couple photos – and cum shots all around.

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The Master removes the cock ring and gives the bound boy a surprise. A five balled butt plug. The Master tries to get all the balls into the boy but in the end instructs the boy to fuck himself with the steel plug. The boy eventually starts to really get into the plug and has a ball.

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The Master shows the boy his huge cock before straddling his head and letting him suck on it. Making the boy strain to get as much of the cock in his mouth as he can the Master enjoys himself until it is time for a change of venue. The Masters dungeon soon becomes home for the boy as he is tied to the cross and his education with the crop continues.

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DJ returns to the helpless Lester for round two of his entertainment. Wasting little time DJ gets naked and starts to face fuck the restrained Lester. Moving round he tries different angles to get his hard cock even further down the bound boys throat. When he has had enough fun he gags Lester with duct tape to try and quieten his screams as he leaves the helpless boy to struggle and scream.

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Leaving his friend tied to the post the Master works the boys arse hole with a large dildo before moving to the shiny snowman shaped butt plug. Several different sizes of steel ball enter the boys arse as the Master endeavours to get him to take it all.