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Shane is such a lucky lad, his two friend Kyros and Dillon have arrived to share their cocks with him in a group jerk and suck, with all three juicy pricks being stroked and sucked to completion and three hot load gushing out to be played with and licked up! All three get off hard and enjoy the gooey results of their threesome!

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Poor Mike. I had promised the boys I was going to take them out ATVing in the desert, but Mike had gotten into a fight the night before and had hurt his hand pretty bad. It looked like he was going to get left home alone… Hoyt was just about to leave when he decided to stop in ask how he was doing. Mike told him how it sucked how he couldn’t do anything, not even jack off. Well, what are friends for? Hoyt just had to lend a helping hand… and mouth! It didn’t take long till Hoyt has Mike’s thick, uncut cock shoved down his throat. Soon, he unleashes a spray of jizz all over his tight stomach. Being the little nutlover that he is, Hoyt eats most of his own load, then goes back to concentrating on Mike’s dick once again until he gets his treat!

We have a lot of boys who really put on a great show when they get the chance to star alongside another horny boy (or two!) and Hoyt Jaeger is one of the top boys for being a versatile bottom willing to give and take a fucking, and receive a hot cummy splashing over him at the end of it too! Check him out!

He might be straight, but Mike Roberts knows that guys suck cock better than girls, and he really gets off on guys sucking his dick and feasting on his cum load as his uncut meat fires off and pumps out the jizz. This hot guy has an awesome body, and all the guys are happy to get on their knees for his 8.5 inch dick!

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Fit young hottie Evan loves to perform, showing off his cock stroking skills on his cam and delivering cum loads for his fans. He’s got a load in his hairy balls and he’s ready to work that dick in another intimate show, jacking his big dick for the guys and pumping his fresh jizz out over his tight body!

You might remember Evan Heinze from when he was a horny and smooth young twink looking to earn some cash enjoying his cock on video. But after a little trouble and some time away, he's looking hotter than ever! He's more muscled, a lot more inked and a little more into sharing his cum with the guys!

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Home alone with only Marcus and Jayden, the two guys can’t help but have some fun! Jayden, (who is known for giving the best blow jobs on the planet), takes Marcus to the point of no return with some excellent head and then offers his tight young butt. Who could resist? Marcus thrusts his dick in and out of Jayden and then cums on his face and down his throat! Finally, Jayden gets his release and soaks Marcus in his jizz! Very Hot!

Some boys are all about getting messy, and Jayden Taylor is one of those who likes getting splashed. You might have seen him before taking a piss shower here and there, but this lad is a real cum addict too, always ready to take a hot load in the face and mouth after sucking off a horny boy and making him unload!

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Having received so much feedback on Cain and also the FleshJack pics of Jackson, Well, of course… there was a FleshJack video of Cain just waiting to happen! And happen it did! It starts out with Cain jacking off, and then moving into position to blow himself. He was having a little trouble stretching that day, so he decided to break out a FleshJack instead! And it’s a good thing he did. He pounds away into it, stopping when he realizes he;s getting close to quickly. He beats his dick some more with his hand, and then as he’s getting close again, he starts fucking his FleshJack relentlessly, shoot a huge load deep inside. Not wanting to miss the taste of his own spunk, he brings the FleshJack to his mouth and proceeds to pour his sticky jizz onto his face and into his mouth!

Sexy and horny straight boy Cain has a very special skill, and one that he likes to share. Although he started off with some jerking, he can lick and suck on the head of his own cock, so when he had the offer of sucking his buddy off it wasn't such a big deal. Now he loves to share some oral with a dude, and swapping cum is not big deal either!

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Ethan is hungry, hungry for some jizz. He picks up us phone and text messages Mike to get his ass, and dick on over. Ethan is happily working Mike’s dick when Ethan and Zack drop in for some action. It’s three dicks and one mouth, an equation for a perfect afternoon!

I know it's not all about the cock a boy has, and Ethan O'Reilly has a lot to make him sexy as hell, but you have to admit that his thick and juicy slab of cock is a delicious sight to see and we would all be on our knees to take it given the chance! He's all about sharing that dick though, and that's why he's here!

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Straight guy Duke is no stranger to splashing his hot load all over himself, and he’s back to enjoy a soak and a jack off in the tub before emptying it out and really getting to work on his dick. That big hairy cock is eager to splash out a juicy load, and he doesn’t hold back when he’s getting into position to give himself a sticky self splashing!

Although Duke is totally straight, he’s pretty confident about himself and happy to show it all off, and with good reason. He’s handsome, sexy, and hung too! His cock is the kind of dick we would all love to suck on and service, and he knows it. But that’s not just a big dick, it’s a cum cannon, firing squirts of semen up to his own face!

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Shane and Jeremiah were hanging out and ready to fuck, sucking each other and building up those loads. Shane loves to get fucked, and after Jeremiah slams his ass and pumps his cum into the condom, he pulls it off and dribbles the juice out for Shane to take! That boy has his own load to erupt too though, and Jeremiah is ready to take it!

Jeremiah Johnson is one of those sexy young boys you would just want to corrupt, but good luck trying that, because this boy is more experienced with hard cock and making it cum than you might expect! He’s so cute and sweet, but when he’s in the bedroom he’s all about sucking boys off and fucking their butts!

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Gorgeous James is looking real buff these days, and his friend Roman loves it! The guys are rolling around on the bed, grinding their big uncut cocks together, stroking those shafts and sucking on those intact dicks before sharing their holes in a flip flop fuck and splashing out their thick and creamy cum loads together!

Versatile boy James Clay Osborne is so horny all the time, and there are a lot of boys who want to play with his tight and slightly defined body and that hard uncut cock of his too. Thankfully this boy is all about sharing that dick with as many hot boys as he can get, and we get to watch him enjoying himself too!

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Lean and inked straight boy Nolan is famous around these parts for that thick and long rock hard cock. Seeing him jacking off is a pleasure, but seeing the guy jerking out his hot cum right into his own face and mouth makes him even hornier to watch. He teases, reveals his big meat, jacks his shaft and spews his load, giving himself a sexy taste of his own juices!

Although he identifies as being straight, Nolan is one of those guys who is happy to get some action where he can find it. The guy has one big and bent cock that plenty of guys and girls would love to suck on and ride, and he’s not the kind of guy to turn down an offer from anyone who wants that meat!

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Since the first day we met, Casey has been begging to fuck someone… HARD! Now that’s not an easy wish to grant, trust me! I mean, I’ve worked with some serious power bottoms in my time, and most SAY they can handle Casey… but when push comes to shove…. it usually turns into “OWWW, Take it OUT!” But then there is Shane! I hadn’t heard from Shane in over 2 years. He kind of dropped off the porn map with a boyfriend and disappeared. Well on my last shoot, guess who calls completely out of the blue! He had just broken up with his Boyfriend and wanted to know if I had any work for him. Fourteen and a half hours later… LITERALLY… he was walking off a plane in California on his way to get fucked by Casey. Shane takes him like a champ, and even makes a rare appearance as a top. After getting his own ass drilled, Shane fucks Casey’s ass till Casey shoots a HUGE load all over the glass wall of the shower and I’m just on the other side to capture it all! Casey’s ass goes wild on Shane’s cock causing him to pump his own load into the condom deep inside Casey’s tight butt! When Shane pulls out, he pours his own jizz over Casey’s back and laps it up, then kneels down to lick the glass clean of Casey’s thick spunk. Not wanting to miss out out on any of the gooey goodness, Casey joins him and they lick it up together, kissing each other as they go!

With good looks like this you can imagine that blond boy Casey Wood gets plenty of action, and you know that if people knew he had such a delicious 9 inch juicy cock just by looking at him there would be even more cock fun for him! This versatile boy is so hot to watch in action, and when he squirts his cream he has some powerful shots to deliver!

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Ryan loves eating ass and Colby loves eating jizz, so this is a perfect match! These 2 hot young, smooth twinks end the Summer with hot cum filled sex that explodes in a jizz soaked hot video! It’s an immense afternoon of hot hardcore ass eating and cock sucking that concludes in massive cum soakings for the boys!

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Zac and Jake are so horny, they need to get those cum loads out of their dicks and in each others mouths! The gorgeous boys have a camera ti film all the action as they suck and jerk on each other, pleasuring their boners and rimming their holes, finishing up by blasting their cum shots right into each others waiting mouths!

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Horny cum-filled twink Conner is in need of a big dick up his ass, and he knows you’ll want to sink your length into him when you see the boy using his own cum to lube up his tight little pucker! The boy jacks off his big dick and collects that hot fresh juice before fingering it all around his tempting hole, giving you the most perfect damp target to aim for!

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