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Newcomers Clem Agde and Edwin can’t agree on who should be the fucker and who should be fucked in this poolside scene, so they take a risk and flip for it. The dark-haired stud wins the toss and gets to rim and finger his mate’s tight hole before bending him over for a deep fuck. As payback he gets his chest hair matted with ropes of sperm.

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Some people are born talented. Other acquire talent through hard work and dedication. This week, you can judge for yourself which category Paco and Diego Reyes fall into. Together they put a lot of talent on display. Paco can’t get the job he wants if he’s not classed up, so Diego dresses him in a snug, sophisticated gray suit. But Paco is in the mood to try on something else. He takes no time getting Diego’s cock in his mouth, slurping down on every stiff inch, before he’s on his knees offering up his perfectly round ass for Diego to lick, finger, and fuck. These guys grunt, growl, and groan through an epic fuck session. And it ends with lots of cum all over Paco’s snazzy suit. Talented is the best way to describe these two. You’ll love it.

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In the RAGE club RAUL is really going at it with Joshua, while Thibault, hidden in the dark, is jerking off. Raul holds Joshua’s head to his cock and fucks him in the face till he almost pukes. He pushes him to the ground and has his cool Airmaxes licked and stands on his cock with his dirty socks and shoves them in his face. Then he discovers Thibault in the dark, grabs him and then fucks him while Joshua carries on licking his sneaks. In the end he cums over Joshua and lets the two devoted pigs do stuff to him.

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The hard criminal lads at the young male correctional facility regularly practice enforced exercise. Today they use a lowly sub to undergo a strenuous routine of pushups and situps under the firm command of Master Terry. This includes doing squats where he has to kiss Toby’s dick and get his face pressed in John’s hairy ass. After humiliating and insulting the sub the cruel dominant lads feel like unloading their balls. Circling around the exhausted man they stroke their massive hard cocks till they spray cum all over his face.

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Pavel Man is one very sexy guy. We see himllaying on the table waiting for Ivan Mraz to come and massage him. Ivan arrives and gets right to work, taking some cream and beginning to massage Pavel’s back. He quickly moves down to the thighs and then removes Pavel’s underwear, revealing one very sexy ass. Ivan’s hands rub over the ass cheeks and he takes more cream rubbing it into the ass, spreading the cheeks as he does so, giving a view of Pavel’s hole. Ivan’s cock gets hard as he works and he pulls it out of his underwear and rubs it over Pavel’s ass cheeks. He moves Pavel up onto his knees, so the ass spreads naturally, showing off his hole. Ivan rubs his hands over the ass, particularly the hole. Then he slips a finger into the hole and starts fucking in and out. He grabs Pavel’s cock, pulling it back between his legs as he wanks on it. Still fingering the hole he then starts wanking himself. He takes a toy and shoves that into Pavel’s tight hole, opening it up nicely. Then Ivan removes his own underwear and shoves the dildo back into that hot hole. He fucks the ass with the dildo for a while and then turns Pavel over. Pavel lays on the bed as Ivan plays with his cock, wanking it and then, when it is rock hard, sucking it too. His head bobs up and down on Pavel’s cock and then he turns him over again. This time when Ivan spreads those cheeks he leans down and tongues the hole. Then he straddles Pavel and positions his own stiff dick against the tight hole. He rubs the cock against the hole and then slips it inside. Ivan fucks Pavel’s sexy ass, thrusting his cock in nice and deep. He works that hole real well, moving Pavel onto his knees again, so he can fuck even deeper. That hole gets stretched nice and wide as Ivan’s throbbing cock rams in and out. Then Pavel turns over, into missionary position, wanking himself hard and fast as Ivan continues to fuck him. Ivan keep up his fucking and Pavel soon shoots his creamy load with that cock deep in his ass. Ivan keeps fucking until his load is ready too, then he pulls out and shoots his creamy cum over Pavel’s cock and balls. Having milked his cock dry Ivan leans forward and kisses Pavel at the end of a very hot session.

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Jake and Luke are wrapped in lights as they kiss passionately on the bed. A heady mix of passion and lust the two are bonded together. Luke brings his lips down to Jake’s big cock – swallowing every inch. Jake’s bare cock is wet with Luke’s saliva and ready for Luke Hudson to climb on board.

Luke rides that big bare cock on top of Jake and in a variety of sizzling positions. It feels so insanely good that Jake can not contain his seed and blows his load deep inside Luke – the huge load drips out – the two a satiated and it’s a Happy Valentine’s for all.

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Troy Daniels has traded city life with all its charm and character to make a more affordable start in suburbia where every home is cookie cutter and people lack personality. Life couldn’t get more ordinary in this small town. A late-night encounter after one too many drinks with his hunky neighbor Orson Deane is about to change all of that.


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Jaime is happy to jump straight into the action – he needs no coaxing he’s as proud as hell to flop out his thick cock for all to see. I’d say he’s been saving it up for weeks by the amount of jizz that flies from the end of it!

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Hunter and I love to get one XXX-tra special gift for each other during the holiday season. This year we cracked open a delicious little virgin elf ass! This was supposed to just be an oral session, but once we saw that hairy little Christmas plumb wagging around, it turned into a hard and heavy deep fuck session with a squealing little elf. This vid was supposed to be just for us and our private collection, but it was so much fun to shoot that we decided we had to share it with you all. Leave some comment love for the furry little poppers elf. Who knows, he just might be interested in climbing down off Santa’s cock to suck your candy cane and lick your jingle balls! He cuts many times a year, unlike Santa who cums just once, lol.

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Epic confrontation between Walker (Mathieu Ferhati) and Tiron (Jordan Fox). The vampire slayer has wounded and put to flight Tiron. He now sets out to save Diego (Marc Humper) who’s been beaten by the blood-sucker. The later senses an enormous amount of sexual energy invading him and he is in urgent need of treatment! Walker’s got a cure for him and it’s much bigger and thicker than a suppository!!!

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We haven’t seen Jaime in awhile, but when he hit us up saying he was ready to come back for some big dick and rough fucking, we have him on the next flight out. I asked Miller “You ready to make him your bitch?” He said yep, and that’s exactly what he did. Miller choke fucked Jaime with his huge cock… as Jaime laid there with his uncut cock hard as a rock, loving every second of it. Miller had Jaime’s hole nice and sloppy with his spit as he mercilessly plowed his hole, holding him down on the bed like a predator with its prey. When Jaime was allowed to make any noise, it was moans and sounds of pleasure. Miller pounded Jaime’s load out of him before fucking his own load into his hole, making it leak cum as he kept fucking it into him!

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Muscular blonde stud Martin and his smooth boyfriend Zachary are back for another shoot. After a swim in the local pool the guys strip off their speedos and swap blowjobs before tanned Martin fucks Zak hard and deep on the pool shower floor. Enjoy.