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Torn between his marriage and his heart, Conan McGuire is struggling with the former so as not to betray the latter. Staying at best friend Alex Mecum’s house, he wishes he could tell Alex the whole story, but he’s afraid of alienating him. When Alex happens upon Conan and his ‘chat’ buddy, Conan’s secret is out, and suddenly, it forces Alex to confront his mutual feelings for his long time friend. As they face off in the hall, Conan’s nerves are firing, and as much as he’d like to deny it, Alex’s passion is burning him inside as well. When they kiss, these feelings explode, and they two of them consummate these sudden revelations in a carnal frenzy a lifetime in the making. Enjoy!

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Zack, Shane and Cain found the convertible park in the garage the perfect place to explore each others hot sexy bodies. They pulled each others clothes off and got right to work! Hard, young dicks and 3 beautiful asses bounce – get sucked – rimmed and even some fucking until hot young jizz shoots! The car will never be the same!

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I just love straight gay curious guys, this straight curious hot fucker smelled so good while I was filming this I almost lost it hahah but he was to nervous to be touched so I backed off and let him watch his straight porn and beat off while I watched “and filmed it” however not once but THREE times I had to come back to film it again because I fucked up the cum shot twice, but I am happy to report, I got it the third time, with the help of our hot little ginger bud Levi, he wanted to come along to see how I filmed this and while he was there watching, something awesome happened, the “straight” guy, asked if he could eat Levi’s ass while he beat off hahahaha that’s when Levi jumped up and said FUCK YES BRO eat my hole lol I still laugh thinking about all the straight men that are not as straight as they think they are hahah who knows maybe this guy will hit us up again and let us pop his cherry 😛 fingers crossed.

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A couple of Czech boys have stayed behind afterhours in the school swimming pool, and the dark-haired twink knows what’s in store in his blond mate’s swimming shorts. He pops his own lowhangers out of his speedo to get on his knee and his endowed mate before taking a nice deep-donging fuck bare up his tight bubblebutt.

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It’s a good thing Osiris Blade is always prepared for friends to drop by. On this occasion, his good buddies, Bam Bam and Dylan Henri happened to show up to hang out. Osiris pulls out a deck of cards to inspire a playful attitude and enjoy some friendly, competitive fun. Instead of playing a boring game of Old Maid, Osiris tells the guys that the game they’ll be playing is a version of the classic favorite, Strip Poker! Bam and Dylan don’t protest, and before long, Bam is pulling his pants down to expose to his friends his large, swelling cock. When Bam loses yet again in the next round of play, he finds himself with Dylan’s big dick in his mouth. That’s the way it goes at Osiris’s house…it’s all or nothing! After Bam Bam gets a taste of both hard cocks, Osiris lets Dylan slide his fat erection in and out of his mouth, while Bam Bam works on Osiris’s boner. From there, they switch things up so Dylan can enjoy a taste of Osiris’s tight hole as Bam Bam gets a turn having his dick sucked. This gets the trio juiced up for some fucking, so, being a gracious host, Osiris takes Bam Bam’s thick cock in his eager ass. Dylan and Bam Bam kiss passionately as Osiris takes a good banging. Then Dylan gets in there and slams that sweet hole for a while too. Bam Bam likes this and offers up his own tight pocket. Dylan takes advantage and pounds him for a while. This is an adventure that must be experienced to be believed! Join these three as their simple card game turns into a fuck fest where everyone gets a piece of ace! Enjoy!

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The sun beating down on the bulges in their underwear has Jimy Fix and Sunny Blue horny and in need of a nutt. Sunny’s low hangers bounce with the bate as Jimy wanks him off before driving his cock home into his muscled ass.

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