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Italian hottie Rico Fatale is alone, sexually frustrated and waiting for a hardened top to stroll in and take him. In a shiny black jock and boots, his body and arse are exposed. A hue of green and blue light is cast over the brick work and glints in corrugated steel panels, Andro Maas takes slow steps towards him, intimidating, making his presence known. The green illumination contrasts his bright ginger hair in an exceptional way, hands are quick to wander crotches easy to grab and tongues sink into each others mouths. Andro asserts his role as top from the start, placing himself over Rico and letting him work for that cock. outer jock play is short lived until Rico can’t stand it anymore, taking him out and all into his mouth, foreskin goes back and moustached lips collide and swallow. Rico arches his back to give him a show while he works on his cock. Andro takes over, grabbing his hair and facefucking him with no protest. Andro slowly peels Ricos jock down, taking in every inch slowly, rubbing his beard along the shaft to excite him. Sucking him with gusto, tasting his pre-cum before bending him over to taste his sweet smooth hole. Spit, fingers and tongue, Andro makes a meal of his butt. Rico twerks and jerks his but into Andro’s face, met with hard spankings and more tongue lashings! Easing his cock into his wet fuck hole Rico groans like we’ve never heard before, it’s not pain, he fucking loves it! It isn’t long until Andro has built up he pace and slipped from doggy into full blown pounding pile driver… NOW Rico is making noises like no man has ever made before, the boy is loud! He’s not passive though, active bottoming is a skill held by few and Rico bounces and rides Andro’s cock like he’s stolen it! Hole loosened right up, Rico lays back and lets Andro plough him more, Andro grabs Ricos equally impressive dick, jerking and fucking him him at the same time until he blows!! Andro pulls out and bashes his loud out over Rico, spunky and sweaty they kiss slowly, winding down from a seriously impressive fuck.

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Irish Diesel now lives in Madrid, Spain. This cheeky charmer has bags of personality, a buff body and a sexy bad boy appeal. A truly versatile guy he can give as good as he gets, with tons of stamina. Loads of fun and a delight to shoot, he’s always keeping models and crew entertained. He’s been described by some as a ‘muscle twink’ because he’s still a young guy, we can assure you he’s all man!

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Cute boy turned filthy submissive rubber slut, Koby Lewis caresses his black and yellow slick gear, feeling every thigh muscle, every visceral ridge and a hardening bulge behind his cod piece. He’s hungry, in need of something very big to satisfy him. A curious Kayden Gray appears, looking smoking hot in chaps, Jock and harness, all black. He’s on the hunt for a boy to use and use hard. From the bottom crevice of his back to the top, Kayden runs his wet tongue up Koby’s skin. Unzipping his peachy rubber clad arse and slipping his fingers in, he’s a man who takes what he wants without question, also doing him a kindness, warming his hole up for the sever arse stretching experience that’s about to happen! Deep intense kissing leads to dominant control. Unleashing his 9.5″ of superior meat, he needs some attention and the chance to get Koby’s appetite extremely wet. A sloppy, spit fuelled suck job still isn’t enough to open his throat enough to take that monster but there are other holes to use. Koby’s cute bubble butt is ready and capable, Kayden slides in, slowly stretching his ring to full capacity. Easing and teasing becomes a brutal pounding, merciless and unrelenting. Cutie Koby is a champ, moaning and loving it! Sling time, the boy hops in and spreads his cheeks in further anticipation. Giving Kayden full control of motion and his fuck hole, he pulls the chains and creates a rhythm to suit the pleasure of his dick. Sweat building, hole gaping Koby is getting seriously fucked! Time to take back a little control, Koby climbs onto Kayden and lowers him self down to his balls, flexing his hip muscles and rocking back and forth, clenching his abs and taking all of Kayden’s impressive cock. This is a real show and Kayden is loving laying back letting the boy do all the work! Thrusting up, he holds him at a level and drills the fuck out of his arse, making Koby blow a big load over his tight abs and shiny black gear. Putting him on his knees Kayden positions himself over his willing face ready to shoot. Letting him have it, he plasters his sweet tanned features and right through his hair, messed up and thoroughly satisfied!

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One of the ultimate kink fantasies involves full coverage. Whatever your gear may be, if it’s head to toe, it’s a full immersion into your fetish, The anonymity excites and conceals, giving the wearer an new sense of bravado, they are not themselves any more. Anonymous hunk number 1 in full motorbike Dainese leathers and black-out bike helmet, seriously expensive kit. This is a man dedicated to his fetish. All black, all leather, everything. Gloved hands move over the stitching and padding of his suit, grabbing his swelling crotch and taking the zip down slowly. He struggles to pull out his rock hard dick and heavy looking ball stretcher to wank himself off. Another fully clad figure appears in the darkness, only the neon tubes reveal him, reflecting on his polished helmet. These men get closer together, and hands wander in mutual appreciation and intense sexual tension. Biker number 2 gets his cock out too, an absolute whopper! Our first guy undoes his helmet.. and Sam Barclay drops to his knees to worship this magnificent dick. Split and slobber everywhere, the way Sam knows best. Faint groans can be heard from the other helmet which is also coming off to reveal Brute Club. The anonymity has gone but the fun is just beginning. Brute starts to strip himself while Sam works hard on his epic piece, he wants this bad! Brutes hard, pale skinned body peeking through the open biker jacket and his hand hold onto Sam’s head as he thrust harder and harder. Sam gets on his feet to unzip his full suit, if he wants that cock in him he’ll have to shed some leather. Bending over, arse in the air he waits for Brute’s big meat to impale him. He spits and ploughs into his open arse, long thrusts making him feel every inch of his length and girth. Sam moans like the best of them, putting that power bottom experience to good use. Brute produces a very large looking toy, he’s about to be tested further. Lubing him up… and sam too he slowly works his way into his hole. This dildo must be 13″ and maybe 10″ wide at the base, a real fisting bottoms trainer. he builds up to a hit and powerful pace, pulling the whole thing out and plunging all back into his sloppy gaping arse, Sam fucking loves this! Moving over to the armchair sam gets his arse up to a good level of access for Brute, who produces and even bigger monster!! The head on this thing is bigger than fist sized, a big fist at that! This is where the real challenge lies, getting past the head makes both guys jump and moan like never before! brute is loving stretching open Sam and there are no complaints from the other side too. plunging deep with this thick bad-boy he fucks him with long strokes. Another challenge of taking just the head a couple of times, this is a real ring snapper! Sam has loosened his hole up now and can take it but he still clings onto it every time he pulls out, leaving an impressive gape dripping with thick lube. Brute takes turns of fucking him and toying him. Absolute arse destruction!

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Body shop buffer boy Seth has had a long day in the shop cleaning cars. The shops owners shiny black Rolls Royce Ghost looks the business and has already had a hard going over that day. The owner isn’t happy with the job and instructs Sam to pass on the message that it needs buffed up again. Seth is pissed off, the car is spotless and there’s nothing more that can be done to it. Maybe if it were dirtied up he wouldn’t feel so bad about cleaning it again? He takes the opportunity to take a seat in the height of automotive luxury. Seth is quite enamoured with his surroundings, stroking the smooth leather, hardwood and titanium interior, playing with the features of this future classic car. Slipping into the back seats he flips on the DVD player, someone has left a porno in the machine! Who would want to miss the opportunity for the poshest of all posh wanks? So he lets himself go, getting his hard cock out and beating off, unbeknown to him Sam is coming back to check on his progress. He’s safe for a moment, Sam can’t find him all the way back in the rear seats… but then he’s been spotted. “What the fuck are you doing in the bosses car?!” Seth doesn’t know what to say, he’s been caught red handed! Sam assesses the situation and decides that it doesn’t look like a bad idea after all. Not only will he join him but gets in there and sucks his dick! They taste each others cocks in comfortable back seats swapping over, kissing and building up the sexual tension. They make their way out to the front grill of the car, kissing and stripping out of their boiler suits. Sam bends Seth over the bonnet and sticks his long tongue up his cute little arse, ready for a good fucking. Keeping him bent over he positions up behind him and pushes his thick cock into him, Seth grabs onto the grill for stability and takes every inch of Sam again and again. Seth pushes back and presses his face into the long nose of the car. Moving back into the roomy rear interior Sam takes Seth missionary style and they spurt all over Seth’s tight stomach… watch those seats now!

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Let it not be said that UKHotJocks doesn’t also bring you the best in European talent too. Super sexy French boy Nathan Hope in his first taste of HotJocks Locker room fun! Smouldering good looks and a sporty, hot and casual style Nathan is obviously very comfortable stripping off for the cameras, sharing a cheeky smile as he does so. Slipping off his bright blue sporty leggings to reveal yet more interesting and cool tattoos. His cock already rock solid and begging to be played with. Nathan gives himself a good hard wank, tweaking his pierced nipple at the same time, something he clearly likes! He knows how to keep himself pleasured, his dick doesn’t soften throughout the whole session. Even though he’s all top, he doesn’t mind showing off his pert little butt and hairy hole, teasingly unobtainable!

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Junior is seen making a deal on the phone, we don’t know whom to but it looks like he’s rigging the show with one of the producers in exchange for a taste of his meaty 8.5” cock! So it’s the final! Only two contestants left, only one can be crowned the UK’s Next Top Hot Jock! And the winner is… Junior! (Though he and we knew this). Pretending to be shocked, he covers his mouth, hugs fellow finalist Tyson and like a good boy he thanks his mum, adorable! Back in his hotel suite, he’s quaffing Champagne and chilling out in nothing but a jock strap after a hard days winning. There’s a knock at the door and who should it be but the shows presenter Sam. He walks straight in, applauding and congratulating him. Junior asks what he’s doing there, “Well you won the contest, I’ve come to collect what you owe me” Now we know who was on the phone! Not putting up much of a fight, Junior shrugs and goes in for a kiss. Making good use of the suite and the plush bed, Junior gives Sam what he’s been craving. Kissing turns into sloppy, wet cock sucking then into hard fucking, Sam taking every inch again and again! Congratulations Junior indeed.

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Full of enthusiasm, swagger and smiles for days, we chat about how he’s doing and his aspirations. Looks like he’s planning to do a few more movies certainly! Silky smooth, tanned skin, mondo thick 8″ chick and a power bubble butt that doesn’t quit. It’s a shame he’s more top, though he says he’s open to doing some bottom scenes a little down his porn path. We welcome that Felix! Stripping out of his gear, wearing some black briefs that hug his peachy booty just right, he flexes and stretches for us… and I mean stretches! Getting one leg on top of our lockers, pulling the back of his pants down, that’s quite a view! Getting hard and getting out, he thwacks out his big piece of prime Scottish meat. Laying back and beating off, pulling his cheeks apart, giving us a full show! He grabs a bottle of water and pours it over his body, tanned, glistening and a little sticky, the cool feeling is enough to push him to the brink!

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Hot-headed chef Justin isn’t getting any of the good stuff from his girl at home and he’s frequently lashing out at the waiting staff at the Jock Inn. Frustrated and horny he makes a little time after service to relieve some tension. If he cant get it from his missus at home he’ll just have to… improvise? Picking a particularly good looking watermelon out of the fridge, he cuts a cocksized hole out of the hard exterior and gouges enough of the flesh out to fit his super long dick inside! Service is over and he’s not expecting anyone to come in the kitchen, naturally he’s gonna get caught! JP walks in on him doing the nasty with a prime piece of fruit, shocked at first he pulls out and tells him to ‘Fuck off’, it doesn’t take long for JP to get on his knees and do a far better job! Sucking him deep he gets him harder than he was before. JP tells him he’s going to do ‘something his girlfriend can’t do’, i.e. fuck him! Bending him over the cold steel surfaces of the kitchen he takes advantage of his horny state. Service is well and truly back on!

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Hog-tied and isolated Yoshi Kawasaki lies in wait. He wriggles and pants like the little piggy boy he is, anticipating his masters’ return and what might be in store for him next. A harness, boots, jock strap and halogen lights are all that’s keeping him warm. Daniel James walks over to him smooth and cocksure, stroking his defenceless back and arse and rubbing the bulging crotch of his wrestling singlet in his face. Stretching the scooped waistband down and down, there’s something very big in there just aching to get out. Slapping his massive slab of meat on Yoshi’s face, brandishing his weapon and telling him what he can do with it. Getting his mouth around his cock, Yoshi is starting to enjoy being so restrained now. He is now just a device with two holes to be used… and he likes that. Moving around to the other side Daniel gives a courteous lick of Yoshi’s hairy arse before he sticks it in.

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Burly boss Saxon West proudly struts up and down the line up of cute and selectable boys. In a different mix up, with some of the guys he’s firm but tender but for those he plays then elects not good enough for him, he’s pretty mean. Pushing them around, a hard grope without any pleasure intended or a carefree slap with no looking back. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to dismiss those who fail the initial tests. He wants something firm muscular but still lean enough to throw around with a fuckable arse. Bingo, he’s found someone worthy! Getting him up on all fours to present himself properly Saxon takes a better look, first thing is first he wants to taste his juicy boy cunt. Spit, fingers and tongue get both guys worked up. The boy is rock hard in his jock, practically bursting out of it. Saxons wrestling suit lost the ability to contain his monster meat a long time ago, thick cock protruding up his abs. Saxon flips the boy overso he can taste his cock and arse at the same time. Slathering him in saliva, stuffing his fingers down the boys throat while he chews on his hard fuck stick, using his own saliva to open up his hole ready for incredibly thick dick. Pulling him in closer and losing the straps of his singlet he is ready to take his subs arse, wether the boy is ready for this challenge is irrelevant. He angles up to his hole and presses in hard. Building up the speed to a jack hammer paced pounding the boys whines and growls in an animalistic way, he’s relishing it! Time to punish another area. ‘On your knees boy!’, quick smart, mouth open and ready this boy is excited to feel object that was seconds ago pounding his arse. Unrelenting, unobstructed and completely willing this sub has a talented throat. Drool going everywhere, he’s getting off on making such a mess of himself while Saxon adds to the mess by drowning him in spit.. which seems to fuel this slutty sub! One stage at a time, he removes the rubber blindfold over his mask, leaving some anonymity from the doms point of view. Boy has earned the right to see his aggressor. Arse up, ready to fuck again Saxon takes him from behind. His huge cock stretching out that pink hole again, pulling all the way out and back in again giving the full force of his girth. A second treat for the boy, the hood fully comes off but this is not the end of his punishment!

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Issac is a new addition to the company, after passing all interview stages he’s asked to come in for a trial. Tyson meets him in the waiting area and instantly theres an attraction between these two, theres a mental spark when they shake hands. After showing him round the building he takes him to his desk, it’s a quiet office and he’s sat not far away from him, within eye contact. It’s not long until Issac is struggling with a computer related task (as well as the one in his pants). Tyson comes to the rescue, leaning over his shoulder to give him a hand. Issac edges closer and closer to him.. it’s either gonna get uncomfortable or they’re gonna go for it. At long last they kiss!

Standing up out of the office chair they start to strip each other, checking out the muscles beneath the work wear. They take it in turns to suck each other, one massive cock after the next. These guys are really hung, both 8″+! Issacs tanned, ripped body aggressively grazes Tysons smooth rich chocolate skin, with equally impressive physiques. The hot pair writhe and fuck hard against the raw brick wall, shagging so hard over the desk they nearly shake the office to pieces! Taking it down to the floor Tyson straddles Issac for some deep penetration, bulging thighs bouncing for all they’re worth before he spurts on Issacs tensed abdominals. Tyson takes a seat to be physically showered by Issacs enormous load and looks suitably impressed. I think this new employee will make it past the trial stage!

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A well deserved tea break and a friendly chat seem sot be all that’s on offer here, from James’s point of view. Liam asks how he’s getting on and says what a great place it is to work in, he’s clearly just buttering him up for another initiation to the wood work business! Taking the cuppa out of his hands he suggests an extended break time and before James can question him his tongue is down his throat. Hands wander over overalls and find their way inside. Liam is strong, big and muscular and really takes control of the situation. The contrast of burly Liam and super lean James is breath taking, the work gear comes off and the fuck against the big press, thick Liam pressing into James’s tight hole! James really does like working here, this is his second fuck from a member of staff in as many days. James pushes back hard on Liam’s hard cock and body, bounces on him and takes a serious pounding before being splattered with spunk!

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Bottom boy Sam is perched, waiting, expecting and horny in tight Lycra jock shorts. In walks Angel in a jock, socks and trainers looking fit! He bends down and kisses Sam, hands wandering over is tanned muscular bod down to his crotch with his hard dick protruding out the top of his shorts. Angel can’t wait so gets stuck in and puts his mouth around Sam’s throbbing cock. From the other side Kayden walks in to join the fun, also in a hot jock. Sam wants what’s inside so pulls off the front section of his gear, showing Kayden’s long cock in the jock armour and stuffing the whole lot in his gob. Loads of sucking, kissing, threesome train combinations, each more complicated and hot than the last. Time to fuck, Kayden gets Sam on his back and feeds all 9.5″ of cock into his hole, Angel deep dicks his throat in an upside down spit roast but this is only the start of Sam’s stuffing! They plough away at the boy before flipping him over into doggy and Angel takes up the hungry rear, Kayden the front, pushing him down so they can kiss over the top of him as they both hammer at him. Sam sits on top of Kayden, sinking down onto his full hard length, Angel thinks he can squeeze in one more and mounts Sam from behind. Sam yelps in ecstasy but continues to push back into both cocks. All the boys are moaning like crazy, Sam’s tight hole stretched to the limit around both dicks, like pistons pumping their engine of jock-framed arses! Tag teamed and DP’d Sam is still hungry for more!

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Northern English charm Vs Laid back Dutch attitude, Tall lean prowess Vs Stacked furry muscle, new, keen and eager Vs seasoned experience. What Billy lacks in experience he makes up for with pure enthusiasm, prepare to be surprised by this young buck! At just 21, cute as hell and raring to go, he’s super excited to get to grips with his co-star. Logan is a firm favourite here at UKHotJocks, a seasoned pro he knows his own body and has all the right moves, he’s sure going to teach this young ’un a few new things! They square up, check each other out and go straight in for a kiss. Hands wander over their matching/contrasting red, blue and white jock straps. Packages firm up, strain out fabric and need to be released. Logan is first to show off his sucking skills, pulling Billy’s jock to one side and letting his big cock spring out, prime and ready. Arching his back, Logan knows how to make himself look optimally hot whilst doing the deed. Up and down his spit covered shaft, taking him as far back in his throat as he can go Billy throws his head back in passion. Swap time, cockto arse that is, Billy flips over and sticks his arse in the air ready for a good licking. Logan primes his hole by filling it full of spit and loosening him up with his tongue. Time for Billy to do some work so it’s all swaps, Logan can rest up and enjoy Billy’s enthusiastic efforts. Giving it everything he’s got, gripping his cock hard, spitting forcefully and sucking him like it’s the last time he’ll suck dick, there’s some real effort going on here! Logan grabs his head and forces him down. Flipping on his back for a versatile fuck fest, Billy holds his legs up letting Logan push into him, Logan takes more control and grabs both legs, crossing them and taking them in one hand, leaving one free to play and slap his arse while he fucks him. He really goes to town on him, knowing it’s his turn to get fucked next. Billy bends Logan over and assumes the position, stuffing his cockinto Logan’s tight arse, he groans, clenches his fists but takes it like a man. Billy pounds away, Logan jerks his cock furiously until he can’t take anymore and blows his fat load! Between Logan’s hot tanned arse and Billy’s sweet boyish looks, who is your winner?