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Career criminals, you would think, get used to being strip searched. By career I mean “easily caught”. They think everyone is as stupid as they are so they’ll get away with the crime and hey-presto – nicked again! So it comes as no surprise that many actually enjoy it. It’s part of the ritual of being banged up and getting your cock, balls and arsehole out for complete strangers who have power over you can give you quite a rush…

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This boy hasn’t learnt has he? He gives lip to the warders, tries to ingratiate himself with the older lags, but his biggest crime is that he stinks! The old timers have had words with the prison officers and, much to the delight of some of the pervier prisoners, this boy is being given his first ice cold power “shower”. Basically a hosing down with kit normally reserved for cleaning graffiti off walls. Now it’s pressed into service squirting shit off teenage tearaways’ dirty bumholes!..

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He’s been in a few days and he’s not having a very good time of it. You’ll see that he doesn’t even wear (need?) underwear because his tiny cock is always being brought out to give lags a laugh. Also his bottom is coming into use for sexually ravenous criminals to use at their leisure. He’s got a wife and kids outside so you can see on his face a look of perpetual fear. He knows that he’s become a figure of ridicule in the prison and, on top of that, prison officers and older lags are getting off, sexually, on him…


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The sadistic guard takes real delight in cruelly mocking this beefy naked prisoner. The tough criminal does his best to comply and obediently spreads his arse cheek while he’s hosed down. He clenches his fists as the onslaught of freezing cold water hits him. It’s sexual embarrassment and physical discipline like this that allows the guards to maintain their absolute authority in a prison filled with physically dangerous muscular thugs.

StripSearchHell – naked man

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This bloke has just left his missus and young daughter back at the Crown Court. He didn’t expect to be taken down and so has had no chance to stuff any contraband up his tight shithole. You can read how pissed off he is about that on his face. He’s looking at about 5 months all told and has been in and out of jail and their youth equivalent since he was about 8 years old…


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Almost 90% of lags go into prison with the full intention of keeping their heads down and doing their bird. They hope they’ll get early parole and can then, at leisure, plan their next crime. The screws have to identify who is likely to be reformed and who is just faking it for an easy life. One thing a lag cannot fake is his age. Older lads who still wind up in jail on financial charges are very unlikely to change their ways. Both inside and outside the jail…

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Prisoners are a mixed bunch when it comes to how clean they keep themselves. A few won’t be seen out of their cells without their looking their best when others are stinking bunch of mean little fuckers. The screws away from these characters. Lads who stink have been known to cause riots! A case in point is this vicious brute – he’s been sent down for something unsavoury but his biggest offence is that committed against everyone’s sense of smell, so feel a little sympathy for the poor screws who have to get this fella to bend over and spread open his odorous arsehole.


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Since initially coming across strip search footage I’ve been feverishly hunting down more raw videos. Here is a great one and I think you’ll agree that all my tough looking and sucking up to a number of in-prison sources has been totally worth it. Prisoner searches are completely routine – officers unexpectedly burst into any cell they want to inspect anytime they please, and it’s just tough shit for the complaining prisoners. After an outbreak of prison theft allegations the officers in this horny segment decide to start filming themselves and the prisoners to protect themselves – I’ve got the great footage here for you to enjoy.


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The sadistic guard takes real delight in mocking this defenseless naked prisoner as he’s viciously jet washed. The mean criminal does his best to obediently comply but his cock, balls and arse are harshly hosed down. He clenches his fists as the onslaught of freezing cold water hits him – this is embarrassment and physical discipline which allows the guard to maintain his absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious muscular thugs just like this one.

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The guards may act chummy when they first approach the prisoner for his fierce water cleaning, but this is just a ploy to give him a false sense of security. They expect to be obeyed and respected at all times. If they aren’t they are quick to shout him down, get in his face and humiliate the helpless prisoner with viciously hard water – all to teach him a lesson and all the while closely eyeing up his bollocks and very fuckable arsehole. Notice how he is utterly obedient by the end like a well-trained puppy!


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The sadistic guard takes real delight in cruelly mocking this defenceless naked prisoner. The tough young criminal does his best to comply and obediently strips his clothese and pulls open his stinking arsehole. His cock and balls shamefully bounce around as he exposes himself but he unclenches his hole as the embarrasing onslaught of scturiny hits him. It’s sexual embarrassment and physical discipline like this that allows the guards to maintain their absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious thugs!

StripSearchHell – naked male

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In jail you will always get a proportion of lazy chaps. Men who have never been uncomfortable for a day in their lives. Every waking moment is spent seeking out the next pleasure to enjoy. These men are particularly punished by a stay inside. It’s clear from the moment this handsome stud is bundled into the cold tiled room for a full body check that this man is used to the finer things in life. What will see now is probably the hardest work he has done in his life. The officers take particular pleasure in giving it to this one. Watch him being made to pull his big hairy cheeks apart so that his tight over-privileged arsehole is fully discplayed. His victims on the outside will, I’m sure, be beside themselves if they get to see this great, humiliaing video! Justice is finally served.


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This arrogant young lad considers himself too mean and smart for prison. It seems to pain him that his trendy clothes are bundled up and thrown into bags like rags when he’s stripped for a total body search. The look of contempt on his handsome face as he’s taken through the strip process says it all. This adds to the guards’ relish in embarrassing the mean-spirited prick, stripping him down slowly and examining his naked body more closely than what’s necessary, especially his very fuckable arsehole. They drill into him that in this prison he’s lower than dirt and every part of his body can be inspected at any time the guards wish.


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The prison guards must be sure not to show obvious favouritism. Sure, they have prisoners who they can chat with and enjoy fantasising about, but the psychos will notice and start kicking off if pretty boys on the wing start get an easy ride. They know that this guy is much too cute to get caught with anything on him. Still, they relish having this guy totally nude so they can have a good old look at all his private parts and gaping arsecheeks. As do we!

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There is a strict procedure which must be followed when a new inmate is in prison. Any deviation from that will land the prisoner in hot water – leading to a verbal dressing down which compounds upon the physical embarrassment of having to strip naked before cruel strangers. This guy will be in a ton of trouble if this video is ever discovered by the screws. He’s caught wanking on a toilet by his prison mates who film the whole thing. By the end he is looking suitably embarrassed.