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If you haven’t ever been to prison you might be of the notion that criminals immediately see the error of their ways on conviction. Society has passed judgment on their misdeeds and they have been found guilty. No two ways about it. You’d think the crim would come to their senses and from then on stick to the straight and narrow. But these aren’t normal people…

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Inmates aren’t given any freedom at all once they are secured behind prison doors. These guards show their full cruel power in this mean strip search. Notice how closely the prisoner is kept in line in this bleak and cold room. Insults and orders are hurled at the terrified youngster as he’s introduced to severe prison life. You can see how nervous and naive he is complying with their every demand when they’ve stripped him stark naked and are ruthlessly examining every crevice in his body and his dick and balls. With every wrong move, this guy is barked at so harshly that the arrogant fully-naked little twat looks like he’s going to cry.

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This arrogant bloke considers himself too clever for prison. It seems to anooy him that his clothes are bundled up and thrown about like rags. The look of contempt on his face as he’s taken through the strip process says it all. This adds to the guards’ horny relish in embarrassing the idiot, stripping him down and examining his body closely. They drill into him that in this prison he’s lower than dirt and every part of his body can be inspected at any time the guards wish.

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It’s well known in prison circles that the warders will take time to humiliate and degrade specific prisoners who they believe are in need of “correction”. Normally this would be the hard cases and especially the younger lads who need a “short sharp shock” to stop them going off the rails and reoffending. They make it known to the lads that they will be stripped and this will be recorded on film. If the lads comply then all well and good. If not then strength is required.

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Everyone likes to get through the prison day with the minimum of skirmishes so the warders are happy to put up with this guy’s nonsense so long as he makes them laugh. He’s been a proper nutcase on the wing but nothing violent. All the same it was only a matter of time before he put his foot in it and now he has. Back chatting a screw when he’s not up for it is a guaranteed trip to the ice cold shower…

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This guy isn’t as stupid as your run of the mill criminal. He had to be cute on the outside and in the bin he is no different. As such, despite his obvious arrogance he has managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges. He is too sensible to ever put himself in a situation where he is overpowered by the guards and stripped against his will. He also doesn’t want to be stripped where the other lags will take the piss out of his cock. So here he is having a cavity search in relative privacy.

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The prison guards have particularly sadistic ways of making disobedient young prisoners obey their every command. In this dismal basement this tough but feaful guy learns a lesson that he won’t forget in a hurry. Notice how he tries to maintain his controlled demeanor despite the onslaught of cold water bashing against his body and chilling his naked body to the core.

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It’s no wonder the warders’ faces have been pixelated in this video. Anyone who saw the video of him at reception could tell that his life was going to be abject misery from day one. These 2 screws could be in trouble if this video was seen by the wrong people. With his arrogant attitude but tiny dick this hairy shouldered criminal was going to get needled by screws and lags alike. Unsurprisingly he’s finding it a bit of a hard time and no mistake. He’s become borderline psychotic but the warders are only capable of one reaction to lags under stress. Make it worse!…

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It’s said that men with tiny cock’s acquire substitutes. If you were looking for evidence this would be it. The guards have to stifle laughing when this shame faced criminal is made to display his miniscule todger for everyone to see. He can barely look the other men in the eye when he has no choice but to drop his pants and stand their stark naked and on show. This jail has seen it’s fare share of dicklets but this takes the prize. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if word of his small appendage hasn’t already reached the other lads and this crim will be constantly bothered by incredulous prison residents who need to see it with their own eyes…

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Being musclebound in the outside world is useful. Coupled with big hair and an outgoing personality you will get nothing but attention and good things. But what helps on the outside is very unhelpful in prison. There is no way that this cat can “keep his head down and do his bird” in prison. He’s muscley so he has no option but to play up to the authorities or else look like a walk over. You don’t want to look passive in jail. Consequently he has brought unwanted attention upon himself from the prison warders. Thankfully what happens to him now is behind closed doors. Except it’s being filmed!…

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Warmish water showers are available to prisoners but there are good reasons why some men prefer to avoid them. If you’re an arms trafficer who thinks he’s harder than he actually is then you might choose to stay stinking. The screws can’t force you into a shower. But, and it’s a big but, if you get on the wrong side of them then they are legally entitled to wash you for your own health! They do it with an ice cold power jet wash!…

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At StripSearchHell, this young thug has been on the wing a few months now and his perchant for hanging around with sketchy young inmates hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the other inmates. I reckon that his mouth has become a destination for some young inmates to offload. He’s straight, of course, but this guy needs to make friends and allies and this seems to be the only way to achieve that.

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This is a proper career criminal. He wants to get in, get his head down, do his bird and get out and robbing again with the minimum of fuss. Of course he has contraband on him. That’s a given. The screws know him and he knows them. They are sure he has stash on him, it’s just where?…

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Side-show Bob here is having a great time on remand in prison. Apart from being strip searched regularly he gets to play ping-pong, a bit of pool and work out in the gym. His big muscular arse has become quite a sight on the wing and got quite a lot of attention. Not least from the warders….

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Career criminals, you would think, get used to being strip searched. By career I mean “easily caught”. They think everyone is as stupid as they are so they’ll get away with the crime and hey-presto – nicked again! So it comes as no surprise that many actually enjoy it. It’s part of the ritual of being banged up and getting your cock, balls and arsehole out for complete strangers who have power over you can give you quite a rush…