At, now that Nathan has been rendered stark naked and harnessed it’s time for his first physical challenge. The towering muscular man is only competing against himself on this so all the attention is focused on him making it a more nerve wracking experience than any of his fellow competitors have gone through. The eyes of every female judge are on him!

CFNMTV – Medical Scene

In the new video at CFNMTV, Carl thinks himself as being in top shape so isn’t overly concerned about the school physical at first. But when Cassy turns up he starts to feel a little unnerved. He knows she doesn’t like him, so why does she seem to be so pleased to be there? Stood in just this underpants Carl doesn’t yet realise that he’s being tricked and this is going to be one physical exam that he’d wish he hadn’t agreed to.

CFNM Handjobs

At, the ladies enjoy upping the pressure on this big dumb lug. They can see he’s never had to surrender control like this or completely submit to the whims of confident ladies before. It’s such a rush having their way with his sexy manly body and now they want to see if he can handle their next intimate inspection. handjobs

At, any sense of pride Liam felt at the girls all desiring his naked body has totally been swept away with the humiliating way they’ve taken his ass! The stirring sensation he felt of his cock growing while they stimulated him has shaken him. He doesn’t know how he can walk down the school halls now with everyone pointing at him and saying that Liam likes to take it up the bum.