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Hung studs Greg Riley and Valentin Petrov exchange looks in the locker room while Greg Riley takes a shower. But soon they are exchanging blowjobs only to give way later to a buttfucking session where Greg plucks Valentin’s tight ass.

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Master Legrand sat on the edge of his king-size bed. With a simple motion of his hand, he beckoned The Boy Serg over to him. The Master’s newly acquired Slaveboy obeyed with a bright-eyed eagerness as he approached the towering Master on all fours.

Master Legrand pushed the nearly-nude Boy Serg’s head down against the silky fabric of his tailored slacks. The boy moaned and inhaled again—the manly, musky aroma was intoxicating in ways Boy Serg had difficulty explaining, but understood in a way without words. The Boy was hooked, and knew he would be Master Legrand’s Slaveboy for life if commanded to do so.

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Muscle-bottom Johnny Ford and fresh-faced twink Ethan Tate are quite familiar with each other… and by familiar, we mean Johnny has taken two of Ethan’s loads! When the chance to take in another comes along, all Johnny wants to know is where, and when…

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The lines aren’t supposed to be crossed. But when you’re dealing with House Rules, who can resist? Give in to temptation with TitanMen exclusive George Ce, who leads a trio of scorching scenes from three dirty-minded directors. It’s too hard for Hans Berlin to say goodbye to George Ce, so he pulls his ex in closer—and pulls George’s big, uncut cock out to take it deep up both his holes. Sex sounds at work distract Alex Graham, who finds a stroking Tony Orion. Alex quickly offers a better option, swapping sucks with his co-worker before a sensual, balls-deep fuck. Strawberry blond Christopher Daniels buries his face inside the massive body of dark and hairy stallion Adam Champ, whose super-sized pecs shake as he slams the bottom’s ass.

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We follow sex-hungry Doryann Marguet on one of his nightly excursions through Paris. The dominant macho takes David Valentin as his service slut and uses all of his holes relentlessly and mercilessly for his own pleasure.

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When things are going wrong you need a friend to turn to. Dean is devilishly handsome, sophisticated with a body to die for and the sexual appetite to match. He doesn’t mind looking out for Sam and taking him under his wing when he needs somewhere.

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At TheCastingRoom, confident and charismatic Koby has racked up a lot of experience in the past year since he’s starting making porn. The amount and variety of his work has been radically increased since his group of friends are all into it too. He’s pint sized and fit with an eager cock and insatiable arse. It’s like this boy has found his true calling adding new fetishes for himself with every new video he makes.

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Master Barrett found The Boy Tyler sitting at a bus stop one evening. Tyler didn’t know where he was going. He just knew that he needed to get away…

Tyler was instantly impressed by Barrett. He seemed incredibly sophisticated and stylish, so when Barrett asked if Tyler wanted to come with him, the boy happily agreed.

They entered a dark room and Barrett immediately started to run his hands over Tyler’s chest. The boy was instantly aroused. He loved being the focus of the older man’s attention and found himself gasping uncontrollably.

Barrett tapped a bench in the center of the room and Tyler dutifully climbed onto it.

At that moment, Master Barrett knew the boy had yielded entirely to him. The older man pulled Tyler’s jeans off and positioned the boy so that his back was arched and his pert, round ass was on full display. Tyler was now rock hard and throbbing with anticipation.

Barrett dripped warm oil onto the boy’s back and slowly massaged it into him before encouraging Tyler to roll onto his back.

The master pushed Tyler’s legs into the air to expose his tight hole. Barrett then squatted down and started to push his tongue into the boy. Tyler couldn’t believe the sensation.

Master Barrett then pulled out a small dildo which he bathed in oil before very gently inserting it into the boy’s tight hole. Barrett jerked Tyler’s dick and flicked the dildo until Tyler was writhing around in absolute pleasure.

Barrett told the boy to jerk himself, which he did keenly, rolling backwards so far that any semen which shot out of him would be bound to cover his face. And so it came to pass – with a huge, thick load, which coated his mouth, nose and cheeks impressively.

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Stan is addicted to sneakers, and not just to the way they feel on his feet. When a new black-and-white pair arrives, he can’t wait to break them in in his own special way.

He rings up his friend Theo Sartera—a cute, tall twink with a huge uncut cock—to meet him outside in an abandoned building. It’s not the first time Stan’s turned a trick for this Euro stud, and as he gets down on his knees and wraps his lips around Theo’s meat, he prays it won’t be the last.

Theo loves it when Stan calls him up—almost as much as Theo loves slapping him around. Stan gets dick-slapped repeatedly during the face-fuck, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Much like his new sneakers, he, too, wants to be broken in.

And breaking into Stan’s ass? Theo loves to do that, too. He brings Stan up to a standing position and forces him to hold on to a hollowed-out door frame. He pulls Stan’s pants down, exposing a smooth, pale rump, and begins to fuck and spank it with wild abandon. By the time Theo’s had his fun ramming his big cock into the tiny hole, Stan’s cheeks are red, sore, and split wide open.

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