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The 6’3″ Musclebeast is back and getting his size 13 feet tickled on the table this time! Climbing on Marco to tickle his upper body and armpits was like climbing up on a ticklish hill!

Marco is a giant muscleman with big size 13 feet.

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Fred’s a straight guy. Well, he has a girlfriend at least – and a secret love of men’s socks and feet but he has never acted upon it. One day, giving into the urge, he calls a stripper/escort, Chito, who comes over and share’s Fred’s first time…Apologies, guys: there is no nudity in this scene. Just a whole lot of sock and foot worship between two hunky men.

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Nathan comes home from a long day at his law office and he just wants to relax. He comes in and puts his feet up while he kicks off his shoes. Mmmmm his socks look amazing! He has such hot, wide feet with cute toes. Spy on his nice smooth soles as he rubs them together and takes his shirt off and winds down after a hard day…

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Foot Pride. This smorgasbord of footpics highlights the Foot Friends booth at the Gay Pride Festival. We handed out thousands of invites to our parties and gave foot massages to dozens of men. We were clearly one of the most popular booths at the festival!

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Dallas asked his new roommate Dan to clean up his clothes from the floor, but did Dan do it? Nope. Is Dan going to regret that decision? Yes, indeed. Dallas goes ballistic and throws Dan on the floor and puts his smelly socks in his face. Then Dallas takes his socks off and forces Dan to sniff and lick his (gorgeous) bare feet. It’s very intense for Dan, and he learns his lesson not to cross Dallas. It ends with a peaceful moment as Dallas rests his feet on his new ottoman – named Dan.

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Tickled by a handful of studs at the Foot Friends party in NYC and overseen by his friend Lee, Will gets the full tickle treatment.

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Please welcome our next victim, nerdy and extra-ticklish Red! From the beginning, you can tell this is going to be one squirmy, vocal session. Red is ticklish all over, and with a barrage of feathers and fingers headed his way, he’s in for a hilarious treat.It’s a half-hour of tickle mayhem that has Red howling and thrashing so hard he loses his glasses!

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Porn idol Bobby has graced the pages of many a gentleman’s erotic magazine and now he brings the magic to us. He’s 6′ tall, wears an 11 1/2 and sports a big piece of meat for those who care to notice. Look for more Bobby in Socks and FootMen Video.

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Lanky stud Julian Kido is sitting at the bar, having a smoke, his chest peeking out through his unzipped track suit jacket. Kevin Sportwear is sitting mere feet away from him. He’s nursing a beer and looking Julian’s way. Their cruising glances catch each other.

Kevin knows a bottom when he sees one. He removes his shirt, then his sneaker, which he tosses at Julian. The lanky blonde catches it like a pro and sticks his nose right into the lining. He takes a big whiff of his new top’s particular scent. Kevin watches with approval, and continues to undress fully, socks and all. His cock is visibly hard through his light gray boxer briefs.

After Julian works Kevin’s cock with his mouth, and after taking a few more hits of the scent of his sweaty sneakers and socks, Julian stands and bends over a table in the middle of the bar. He pleads for Kevin to slide his cock up into his hungry hole; Kevin’s more than happy to oblige.

Julian grunts as the sleazy top effortlessly pops his cock head into his hole. The blonde bottom uses the same sneaker as something of a pillow, one that he can grunt into and sniff as he gets used to the meat invading him. Julian, almost completely undressed now, leads Kevin to a bench so that he can sit on the beefy stud’s cock and ride it.

He sniffs his own sneakers as Kevin pumps into him. Kevin can feel his balls start to tighten as he nears orgasm; he has Julian kneel back down. Kevin looms over his sneaker-loving bottom and vigorously strokes until he blows his load, painting Julian’s chest with his hot cum.

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Poor Dev! Gabriel lets him know that his car is getting repossessed. Of course, there is one way he can get it back – foot worship.