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Another first time barebacker – Delta Kobra and an oversexed top guy – Craig Daniel, its a heady mix and a scorchingly sexy scene. Delta loves his daddies and when Craig is revved up he luvs taking raw, uncut cock. These two horned up studs, suck, rim and fuck their way all over a four poster bed, Delta eats out Craig’s hot hole before plunging his dark, veiny dick deep into Craig’s guts. Craig’s torn between pleasure and pain but as Delta loosens up his tight, juicy hole Craig’s loving it and rides that pole like a pro until Delta’s big, balls clench and he’s emptying a monster load between Craig’s arse cheeks and sticking the whole length back into Craig to keep squirting. Craig luvs cum up him and quickly squats over Delta’s open mouth to shoot his own steaming load all over Delta’s lips, into his mouth and over his face!!

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Keeping the boys hands tied the burglar continues to take advantage of not only the situation but the naked boy as well. The cocks get hard and the boy gets fucked on the couch and in various positions on the table before the passion gets to much. Both the boys return to the couch and cum over each other just before the sirens interrupt their evening.

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Evan has really changed over the time he’s been appearing on video, and the inked hottie is looking sexier than ever before. He takes his time to show off his feet in his socks, playing with them and revealing his bare soles. Then it’s time for that cock to come out, rock solid in seconds and being stroked to a messy load that splashes out all over his hairy foot too!

You might remember Evan Heinze from when he was a horny and smooth young twink looking to earn some cash enjoying his cock on video. But after a little trouble and some time away, he's looking hotter than ever! He's more muscled, a lot more inked and a little more into sharing his cum with the guys!

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Both gorgeous Alana and sissy boy Monty make good use of a hard sturdy strap on as the both get ready to reach the inevitable result of Monty’s tight hot sissy butt getting plowed. He teases her til she got real horny with that red massive strap on and then the action ramps up when she turns the table on him and gets him to star giving her a strapon blowjob and soon as he’s in her power she bores right into his nasty iron grip ass.

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Latin huge hung hottie Bobby Hart kicks back in the garage, unleashes his massive cock and two huge pisses in a row, drinking up his hot mess! After round two Bobby goes to work on his throbbing 10 incher stopping just before he cums to drink another load of hot piss! This sexy stud is thirsty, and messy too!

Handsome and hung hunk Bobby has always been into pissing with his friends, he enjoys all things cock related. He has a lot of dick to share of course, and he loves sucking cock and fucking some hot hole too. He's real into getting splashed with piss and takes plenty from his friends as they erupt all over him, often drenching them in return!

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It took me a while to finally get Alex Mecum on the site, in particular, for a tickle torture scene. I finally succeeded though and right from the start Alex informed me that he is very ticklish. So ticklish, in fact, that while getting his butt cheeks shaved even just the razor drove him crazy! Well then, that was all the information I needed before embarking on my tickle torment adventure with Alex. He didn’t lie, he turned out to be insanely ticklish all over his amazing body – from his armpits to his muscular torso, right down to his big, masculine, size 11 feet. I just had to get his shorts off too and tickle him naked, which made his cock hard. He was determined to not let me get the best of him, but he couldn’t hold up and by the end he was a hysterical mess. What a hot laugh he has and what a great personality too. Feast your eyes on gorgeous, 6 foot tall Alex Mecum. He's got a killer, muscular body that is to die for, complete with lots of man fur, and no less than size 11 feet. Alex is an honor roll college student who is very friendly and optimistic. So smart, gorgeous and yet down to earth, it's almost like meeting Clark Kent when you know Alex!

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Ari is a total horn-dog when it comes to smooth, young tops. He loves feeling their lean bodies and rock hard cocks poking up through their underwear as he kisses them. JJ’s lips greet Ari’s with a similar desire, hungry for the trans boy’s scruffy face and sexy, tattooed body. And as they press closer to each other, JJ can’t hold back his desire to taste him…

Ari lies back in bed, opening his legs up for the dark-haired stud to devour his pussy. Lapping at his clit and flicking his piercing, JJ makes out with Ari’s crotch, completely enraptured in how it feels against his tongue as well as by the sounds that Ari makes. Moaning deeply and intimately, Ari feels himself melt from the inside out as JJ expertly teases and entices him.

Ari’s mouth waters as he feels his clit get wet, eager to return the favor. JJ lies back and watches as the sexy trans boy works his shaft, sucking it down his throat and cradling his balls in his hands. Ari knows exactly how to make JJ feel good — and how to make him desperate to fuck.

Sliding his pussy down on JJ’s throbbing cock, Ari begins to milk out a hot load from the hot young top, making him feel the exquisite massage that his pussy can give. JJ can’t believe how amazing it feels, trying with all his might to hold back blowing his load as long as possible!

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With his car broken down in the rain, David Rose is lucky that Jackson Cooper is home and willing to let him come inside to dry up. Or maybe it’s Jackson who is the lucky one. It’s not like hot, fuckable strangers break down on your doorstep every day! Jackson offers him some dry clothes to change out of, but with David already stripped of his wet ones, the two of them decide to take advantage of the situation. Jackson wraps his arms around David to warm him up, pressing his cock against David’s ass as he kisses down David’s back and makes his way to his knees to suck David off. David spreads his legs as Jackson deep throats his cock, then he flips David around and slides his cock deep inside the stranded stranger. David takes the cock willingly as he grips the oven handle with every thrust, and once Jackson has sufficiently warmed him up, they switch up, giving David a turn to have his way. Jackson climbs on top of David’s dick, riding it with his legs spread on the kitchen floor as David’s cock fills him up. They stand and David fucks Jackson on the counter top, pounding him harder and harder until Jackson shoots his load all over himself. David continues to pound Jackson’s hole until he’s about to climax, pulling out and emptying his huge load all over Jackson. Cum covered, they realize it’s already long past sundown, and that David might as well stay the night. No arguments here! Enjoy!

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It’s been a good few weeks since we had a scene for the twink lovers amongst us, so today we have brought back Shane Sanders in this scene with Jason Bacall.
It seems that Jason is a bit of a mother when it comes to keeping house, and appears quite upset to come home to a very messy kitchen, and a lazy lover sitting at the computer watching hockey.
Young Shane seems to have it all worked out though: Calm him down with some great sex, and then he’ll forget all about the cleaning.

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Martin is furious about being tied up naked and fights with every muscle in his body to escape but all that ends up happening is his big fat donkey dick flops back and forth! When that doesn’t work he resorts to begging but his confession that he’s a father only turns us on more and makes us hungry for his potent hetero sperm. Dave tugs his dick till it’s grown thick and heavy. But Martin still struggles. Dave’s can be good cop and bad cop all in one. When Martin tries to protectively clench his arse cheeks together Dave viciously thrashes him till his back feels fucking raw! Now that Martin is sniveling and beaten Dave snuggles up to him like a boyfriend again only to then discipline his big stiff daddy cock till its battered and bruised. He attaches a string of pegs down Martin’s masculine frame so every nerve in his body is on high alert. The dumbfuck is so confused having his cock worked till it’s stiff again he doesn’t know if he feels pleasure or pain anymore. Just as he finally spills his seed the pegs are ripped from his body causing a lightening wave of agony through his body. He’ll never be able to have sex or spunk in the same way again!

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Master Martin and I are in the mood for a mid-afternoon snack and this greedy little cunt is laid out naked and desperate for anything we give it! It’s such a rush sitting back and towering over this PATHETIC fag as we spit everything directly into its gaping mouth. Ha! The disgusting little piggy swallows as much as it can but soon its face is covered with the mucky mix of our chewed up food and spit. The sorry sight of this filthy bitch is so fucking funny we can’t stop laughing and hocking more into this thing’s face as it gags and chokes!

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Mathias was a little late to the party, but the moment he found out Ivan and his buddy Cooper were watching porn and jacking off in the shower he was getting naked to join them. There’s loads of pissing in this one as the guys let loose, splashing each other and making a real mess, then it’s time to really jack off and shoot those cum loads together, and finish with some more pissing too of course!

Some straight boys are so horny all the time they are almost willing to try anything to get some cum shooting out, and Cooper is one of those willing guys. He might be new to a lot of things, but this hot and oh-so-horny boy is about to experience plenty, and if it means shooting some jizz he's down for whatever!

When Mathias started he was just an innocent amateur straight boy who'd never so much as jerked off in the presence of another guy before, but these days he's all about putting on a good show and splashing his piss out as he jacks his cock with some of the other horny guys. He's a pretty playful straight guy!

Ivan is another of those horny straight boys who really enjoys stroking the cum from his dick when he's alone. He jacks off at least three times a day, and now that he's started to enjoy himself on video and get paid for it too he's into pissing and making a mess with some of the other boys. He's not one to shy away from some wet and messy fun!

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If you saw the hot 3 way these boys had, you already know them fucking one on one is gonna be just as mind-blowing. They were both stoked when they heard we were taking a trip to Vegas, but even more stoked when they found out they were sharing a room. Miller loves getting fucked by a nice thick cock, and Ash definitely provided that. Ash had Miller squirming all over the bed as he thrusted from the tip of his cock all the way down to the thick base where his balls slapped against his cheeks. And since who doesn’t love a hot, internal cum shot, Ash flipped Miller onto his stomach, held him down, and pumped his load that he’d be saving up for a week deep into Miller’s ass! This will definitely be a video you can watch multiple times!

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Check out the amazing body of this handsome young guy who doesn’t realise that I’m filming him through a tiny hole in the wall of this shower room. He has a very spreadable pair of buttocks and totally suckable dick as well. I like watching his mate as wells – especially hot is when he starts to do a long piss, ignoring the complaints of the other lads in there with him.