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In Wank Party 2016 #8 we have Bradley Cook, Mirek Madl, Libor Lisek and Mire Matejka. This first part see Libor, Miro and Mirek in a cage, wearing only their boxers, with Libor shackled as the others kiss and feel him. Miro pulls down Libor’s shorts and sucks on his stiff cock and Mirek sucks on the nipples. Bradley, the guard, arrives and starts calling through the bars. He calls Mirek over and tells him to suck his cock. The cock pokes through the bars and Mirek quickly takes it in his mouth sucking it hard. Miro continues to enjoy Libor’s dick too. Bradley’s big cock fills Mirek’s mouth and he gags some as he sucks on it. Miro moves over to join Mirek and they take turns sucking on Bradley’s big cock. Bradely, naked, goes into the cage as Libor is released from his shackles. Libor is soon sucking on Bradley’s cock as Mirek works on Miro’s. They all enjoy the hot sucking as they build up to part two.

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Handsome straight guy Alan Pekny gets his cherry busted today, by the equally handsome str8 and big-dicked Alan Carly. They sit on the bed and chat with Alan C asking lots of questions and leading the conversation on to the subject of guy-guy sex. Alan P his happy to show off his hot chest. Alan C’s shorts are bulging, as he seems to be hard. So he is clearly horny for some sex. He persuades Alan P have a massage and quickly gets to work running his hands all over that sexy body. It doesn’t take long to lower Alan P’s shorts and for Alan C to start sucking on the cock. Alan P’s cock responds to the sucking and gets nice and hard. Alan C’s head bobs on the hard cock taking it all in his mouth. He licks the shart and head too. Alan P enjoys the feeling of the mouth on his cock, moving to sit on the bedframe for more sucking. Then he shows off his ass and lays on the bed with his legs up for Alan C to slide his big, throbbing, cock deep into the tight ass. Alan P takes cock into his ass for the very first time and does it well. Alan C fucks the ass, gently as first. He goes deeper and deeper into the tight hole, opening it up real well. Then he speeds up with his deep fucking as Alan P wanks his own cock. Alan P wanks hard and fast as he feels the big dick fucking his hot hole. His ass gets a good pounding and sooh he shoots his hot cum onto his sexy body. Alan C continues his fucking and then pulls out to shoot his hot load as well.

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Ivan Richta is a very handsome 26 year old straight guy. He works as a cook and enjoys sports, boxing and jogging. He looks very good indeed as in this stills shoot. As he stands and poses at the start, we can clearly see that he has a very good body. Baring his chest Ivan confirms that impression. He sits on the bedframe, in just his underwear, letting us take in the beauty of his body. Then he stands and turns, lowering the underwear to impress us further with a very sexy ass. Removing his underwear Ivan turns again, to show off a lovely soft cock and his balls. He flexes his biceps as we check out his hot body. Turning once more he gives us another good look as that sexy ass as he flexes his muscles some more. Then Ivan kneels on the bed, pushing his ass towards us, which spreads the cheeks to expose his tight hole. His balls dangle deliciously between his thighs too. The it is time for some hard cock and Ivan impresses us with that too. What a beauty that dick is. He does more posing with that cock nice and hard. Then he works through a series of poses, to show the cock and the ass off to perfection.

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In Wank Party 2016 # 9 we have Honza Onus, Romi Zuska, Martin Polnak and Martin Gajda. This first part begins with Martin G and Martin P kissing each other as they sit on the sofa. They help each other of with tee shirts, and do some groping too. Then Martin G;s big cock comes out and Martin P starts to suck it. He sucks a while and then Martin G removes his jeans and Martin P goes back down on the throbbing cock. Honza and Romi arrive too and see what is happening. Romi quickly drops down and sucks Martin G’s cock as Honza kisses Martin P. Honza bares his chest too and then helps Martin P off with his shorts. Honza quickly goes down on the hard cock and sucks as Romi keeps working on Martin G’s. The two Martins lean over and kiss as their cocks are being sucked. Then it is all change as Romi’s pants come down and Martin G sucks his cock. With Martin P doing the same to Honza. All focus then turns to Martin P as the others take turns sucking and licking his hot cock and balls. Honza and Romi then kneel, presenting their asses and the two Martins each take one hole to rim. Fingers goes into the holes too getting them ready for more.

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Pavel Man is one very sexy guy. We see himllaying on the table waiting for Ivan Mraz to come and massage him. Ivan arrives and gets right to work, taking some cream and beginning to massage Pavel’s back. He quickly moves down to the thighs and then removes Pavel’s underwear, revealing one very sexy ass. Ivan’s hands rub over the ass cheeks and he takes more cream rubbing it into the ass, spreading the cheeks as he does so, giving a view of Pavel’s hole. Ivan’s cock gets hard as he works and he pulls it out of his underwear and rubs it over Pavel’s ass cheeks. He moves Pavel up onto his knees, so the ass spreads naturally, showing off his hole. Ivan rubs his hands over the ass, particularly the hole. Then he slips a finger into the hole and starts fucking in and out. He grabs Pavel’s cock, pulling it back between his legs as he wanks on it. Still fingering the hole he then starts wanking himself. He takes a toy and shoves that into Pavel’s tight hole, opening it up nicely. Then Ivan removes his own underwear and shoves the dildo back into that hot hole. He fucks the ass with the dildo for a while and then turns Pavel over. Pavel lays on the bed as Ivan plays with his cock, wanking it and then, when it is rock hard, sucking it too. His head bobs up and down on Pavel’s cock and then he turns him over again. This time when Ivan spreads those cheeks he leans down and tongues the hole. Then he straddles Pavel and positions his own stiff dick against the tight hole. He rubs the cock against the hole and then slips it inside. Ivan fucks Pavel’s sexy ass, thrusting his cock in nice and deep. He works that hole real well, moving Pavel onto his knees again, so he can fuck even deeper. That hole gets stretched nice and wide as Ivan’s throbbing cock rams in and out. Then Pavel turns over, into missionary position, wanking himself hard and fast as Ivan continues to fuck him. Ivan keep up his fucking and Pavel soon shoots his creamy load with that cock deep in his ass. Ivan keeps fucking until his load is ready too, then he pulls out and shoots his creamy cum over Pavel’s cock and balls. Having milked his cock dry Ivan leans forward and kisses Pavel at the end of a very hot session.

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Richard Brouk is aged 20 and lives in Jilemnice. He is self-employed and enjoys sports, bodybuilding and fitness. What a beautiful guy Richard is, with that massive and well defined body. He looks so good as he poses with biceps flexed and tee-shirt pulled up to reveal muscled body. As je tales off his tee shirt that awesome chest is fully revealed. The he flexes again before turning around and lowering his jeans to show off his big, sexy ass. He turns again, opening his jeans and flexing some more as we glimpse the base of his cock. He sits and leans back, on the punching bag, each pose designed to show that hot body off so well. Then he stands up, jeans off, flexing again as we check out his soft, hooded cock. Starting to straddle the punch bag Richard shows that sexy ass again, pulling the cheeks apart to expose his hot, tight hole. Then he stands, with his cock rock hard. The shiny head pokes through the foreskin as he stands with his hands on hips before flexing again. He sits down and leans back, holding his beautiful cock to show it off perfectly. Then he lays back and lifts his legs in the air, using his hands to spread his ass cheeks. That hot hole is shown beautifully like that before Richard poses some more with his cock big and hard and then he ends with another great view of his sexy ass.

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We have a great Dream Set, suggested by Darayush. Alan Carly is busy cleaning the apartment when Alex Stan opens the door and surreptitiously watches him. Alan is listening to music and wiggling his sexy ass as he dusts the furniture. Alex keeps watching and removes his tee shirt and starts to rub his chest. Then he gropes himself and opens his jeans to let his rock hard cock flop out. He takes hold of his cock and wanks it as he keeps spying on Alan. He then opens the door and walks in, approaching Alan’s sexy ass. He reaches for the ass, and Alan turns to see who it is. Then they begin to kiss and Alan’s hard cock is released from his underwear. Alex wanks both cocks together as he kisses Alan. Alan is then stripped and he drops to his knees to suck on Alex’s stiff cock. He takes it all in his mouth, sucking it so well. Alex holds Alan’s head and fucks his cock deep into the eager mouth. Alan then moves to bend over the desk making his ass available. Alex spreads the cheeks and then starts rimming that hot hole as he wanks on Alan’s cock. He fingers the tight hole and keeps on lapping at it and sucking on Alan’s cock. He then moves Alan onto the bed and fucks him from behind, his dick sliding deep into the tight ass. Alan moans as he takes that cock all the way in his hot ass. Alex fucks deep and hard before laying on the bed for Alan to sit on his dick and ride it. He really knows how to take that cock and soon they move to doggy position again. Alan wanks himself as Alex fucks him from behind. Moving again Alan is on his back, legs up, for more of that big cock in his ass. He wanks himself hard and fast as Alex fucks him. Soon Alan shoots his cum as Alex pounds his hot hole. The moaning increases and Alex pulls out and dumps his squirting cum shot up Alan’s sexy body. Then he leans over and kisses him to end a perfect scene.

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For our Easter Wank Party 2015 we lined up a great cast, Jirka Mendez, Martin Porter, Tony Mark, Laco Meido and Paul Hunter. We find Martin and Jirka waiting for some beer. It is delivered by Paul, who removes the caps from the bottle and hands a bottle to each of the others. It seems they have lost their friends who are out looking for girls to hit with their birch sticks, an Easter tradition. Then the others, Laco and Tony arrive. Paul gives each of the new arrivals a beer too. It seems they didn’t have much luck with the girls. To make up for it they decide to use Laco’s ass instead. Then strip him from the waist down and start to flick their sticks over his sexy ass. Then they release him and go back to drinking beer. Jirka and Paul start to rub Laco, soothing him after his ass was made sore. As he rubs Laco’s chest Jirka leans over and kisses him. Martin moves over to Tony and starts to rub his legs, as he watches the others. Jirka licks on Laco’s nipples as a bare-chested Paul rubs that sexy body. They remove Laco’s tee shirt and he starts to rub Paul’s leg as Jirka takes off his tee shirt. Martin and Tony kiss and start to get naked as Paul reaches over to Jirka to rub his chest and groin. Tony has Martin’as jeans open and reaches in to grope him. Meanwhile Paul kisses Laco as things start to really heat up. Tony loves Martin’s big chest and starts kissing on it as Jirka has Laco naked and sucks on his cock. That cock is rock hard as Jirka sucks it, and Martin’s is throbbing too with Tony’s mouth wrapped around it. Laco kisses Paul as Jirka keeps on sucking and Tony does a great job on Martin’s rock hard dick. Then Paul moves to join Jirka, sharing Laco’s throbbing cock. They kiss too and takes turns sucking. Then Tony is naked and hard and Martin shows that he loves to suck cock too. His handsome face encloses Tony’s beautiful cock, working up and down on it. Paul does the same to Tony with Jirka encouraging him. Then Jirka and Paul get naked too, their cocks all ready for action. Paul moves to stand in front of Martin who takes that hot cock in his mouth. Laco sucks on Jirks as Tony takes a turns a turn on Paul’s cock. Then Martin sucks again as Tony switches to suck Jirka. they all take turns on Jirka’s and Paul’s cocks and then start some rimming. Martin lays on his back with Tony tonguing his hot hot. Jirka lays on top of Paul, both their asses available for Laco to rim. His pierced tongue laps as each hot. Martin loves Tony’s hot tongue and then enjoys a finger joining it to work his hole, as Laco continues to work on the other two guys. That has set things up so well for the final part.

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Arny Donan is collecting logs with his buddy Paul Belonek. But, as always with Arny, he is horny. Feigning tiredness he sits and has Paul start to massage his shoulders. Paul’s hand work the shoulders, sliding down to Arny’s pecs too. Arny leans back offering his mouth and Paul bends to kiss him. As they kiss Paul’s hand drops to Arny’s groin and starts rubbing. Soon he is on his knees, licking an nipple and has a hand inside the pants. He has the shorts open and is wanking on that cock, until Arny stands, letting his shorts drop. Paul’s mouth quickly closes over Arny’s hard dick and sucks it. Arny loves the feeling and he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Paul’s willing mouth. Then they swap, with Arny on his knees sucking Paul’s massive cock. His big balls hang heavy as Arny works on the huge, throbbing cock. Arny really knows what he wants and is soon taking a ride on that cock. His hot, hairy hole slides up and down on Paul’s thick shaft. Arny works his ass all over that big cock, his own dick staying hard too. Arny then bends over and takes that cock even deeper in his ass. He moans as Paul fucks him, stretching his ass wide. They move to missionary position with Arny’s moans increasing in volume as Paul fucks him deep. That big cock really works that hot hole and Arny just loves it. Moving to spoon we see that huge cock really slide in and out beautifully, with Arny still moaning in pleasure. As he takes that cock Arny grabs his own and soon pumps a hot load of cum all over his leg. Paul keeps on fucking that ass, his balls tightening. He speeds up the fucking and is soon ready to blow. Pulling out he moves onto his knees and dumps his hot cum all over Arny’s hot body. After Paul has milked his cock completely he leans over for a final kiss from his fuckbuddy.

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Roman Valej and Robin Madlec are feeling rather horny. As they stand in the doorway of the bedroom the begin to kiss each other. They kiss each other’s chests as well and Roman opens Robin’s jeans pushing them down to grope his hard cock. Robin pushes Roman’s jeans down too releasing his big fat cock as well. They wank each other and Robin moves down to suck on Roman’s cock. He licks along the shaft and then takes the cock in his mouth sucking it and licking the shaft and down to the balls. He sucks the balls into his mouth and then slides the cock in his mouth again. His head bobs on the hard cock as Roman breathes heavily. He then stands up and Roman returns the favor, sucking on his hard cock. Robin’s hand is on the back of Roman’s head pushing it onto his cock. Then he fucks his cock n and out of Roman’s mouth, moaning as he enjoys the feeling. He stands Roman up and gets behind him to slide his cock into the waiting ass. Roman moans as the cock fucks his tight hole nice and deep. His own cock stays rock hard as his ass gets fucked hard and fast. Robin grabs Roman’s hips for leverage as he pounds away at the sexy ass. Then they move into the bedroom and Roman lays on the bed for Robin to suck him again. Having sucked on that big cock he slides his dick back into Roman’s hot ass and fucks him missionary style. He wanks on Roman’s cock as he fucks him. Then Roman takes over the wanking of his cock, as Robin pounds his hole. Moaning loudly as he wanks and takes Robin’s cock in his hole Roman shoots his creamy load. Robin keeps fucking the hot ass until he is ready to shoot his cum too. He pulls out and releases his creamy load over Roman’s ass. He then leans over and kisses Roman again and takes him to the shower to wash up after a hot session.

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Luky Svit is out by the river, when he is joined by Vladimir Kruty. He is skimming pebbles over the water and then the two of them start to throw the stones. As they chat they decide to go inside and watch a movie. But Vladimir has ideas of a more erotic nature. He leans over and starts to kiss Luky. As they kiss Vladimir starts to unfasten Luky’s jeans and he quickly releases a nice stiff cock. Vladimir takes the big cock in his mouth and sucks on it, wanking it too and kissing Luky some more. His mouth really works on the cock as Luky lays back and enjoys it. Then Vladimir removes his tee shirt and opens his jeans, revealing his dick to, for Luky to suck on. With Vladimir on his knees and Luky sitting before him his cock slides in and out of the eager mouth. That cock is so hard, and the balls are up tight against the base. Vladimir wants more of Luky’s hot cock and he bends over to suck it again. Then it is Luky’s turn again to suck his friend. Vladimir then offers up his hot ass for some rimming, which Luky happily does. He then fingers that hot hole too. Next his big cock pushes up against the hole, slipping inside and he fucks Vladimir nice and deep. Vladimir wanks his own stiff cock as Luky is deep inside him. Luky really knows how to fuck and his cock stretches that hole nice and wide as Vladimir reaches back to kiss again. They move to missionary position with Luky pounding away at that ass. Vladimir continues wanking as he takes it. Then Vladimir sits on Luky’s cock, his own dick so hard. Luky leans forward and suck Vladimir a little as his dick in deep in that sexy ass. Vladimir turns around and sits back down on that cock and wanks himself to a great big cumshot. Then he turns slightly to kiss Luky again, as he wanks him. Then Luky takes over and quickly shoots his own creamy load up his body. Vladimir reaches up to kiss his friend again as a very good scene comes to an end.

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Jarmil Sladky and Steve Peryoux are enjoyin a walk. As they enjoy the scenery their thoughts turn to romantic things. When they return home they quickly act upon their thoughts, and they begin to play. Removing their tee shirts exposes their hot chests and Steve opens Jarmil’s and then his own pants. They remove the pants and sock and sit on the sofa. Steve gropes Jarmil and releases his cock, which is already hard. Then Jarmil leans over and kisses Steve’s cock through his underwear. Steve gets rid of the underwear, showing that he is rock hard too. Jarmil is quick to begin sucking on the stiff dick, as Steve leans back and relaxes. They move to 69 so they can both enjoy some sucking, each cock so very hard. Sitting up Jarmil’s cock is at full attention as Steve leans over to suck it some more. his mouth envelopes the cock and sucks it. Then he licks up and down the thick shaft before standing and feeding his dick back into Jarmil’s eager mouth. The switch again, taking turns in sucking until Jarmil lays down, for Steve to fill his tight hole with some cock. He fucks Jarmil nice and deep, stretching his hole wide. Jarmil loves the cock in his hot hole and turns over onto his knees to take it even deeper. Steve fucks that eager hole, spanking on the ass as he thrusts his cock in and out. Having fucked his buddy so well Steven then wants to feel some cock inside him too. Jarmil lays back and Steve sits his ass down on that thick cock. He rides it real good, sliding up and down on the shaft. He wanks himself as he rides, speeding up as his balls get nice and tight around the shaft. As his cock explodes with cum Steve sits right down on Jarmil’s dick. Steve milks every last drop out of his cock and then wanks Jarmil’s to get his hot load too. Then he kisses Jarmil and takes him off to the shower to clean up.

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Karel Lazek is a very handsome 22 year old straight guy. He is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and swimming. He looks very good indeed in this shoot, flashing a smile as he poses for the camera. When he lifts his tee shirt it reveals his sexy body with a nice amount of hair on his chest. Then the tee shirt is removed and Karel’s sexy upper body is revealed. It looks very good indeed. Opening his jeans he shows some cock and nice dark pubic hair. After posing, with his hands behind his head to let us enjoy that sexy body he turns and lowers his jeans to give a great view of his sexy ass. Having enjoyed that hairy ass we then get to see the cock and balls as Karel removes his jeans. Then he kneels of the chair, ass to camera, so that his butt cheeks part and show on his hot, hairy, hole. Reaching back he pulls the cheeks further apart to give an even better view of his hole. Then it is time for some stiff cock and Karel makes very good wood. He stands and turns to the side to show it off perfectly. Then he moves back to the chair and we get more of that beautiful stiff cock before he raises his legs and spreads his cheeks to show off the tight hole again. He looks great as he wanks that cock to a very nice finale.

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We have a great line-up for our 2019 Christmas Wank Party. It features Laco Meido, Martin Dorcak, Alex Stan, Roco Rita, Nikol Monak and Milan Pokorny. We find Laco, Martin, Alex, Roco and Milan enjoying each other’s company and singing Christmas songs. Then Santa arrives, in the form of Nikol Monak. Wearing only his hat and some short Nikol is carrying his sack of presents too. The guys are all happy to see him and reach out to feel his sexy body. Nikol asks if they want to see him in action, smiling as he moves in time to the music. The guys are feeling him and Nikol tells them they should get undressed too. Martin is first with his pants off, showing his big cock. Then Milan follows, his cock already hard. Roco and Laco follow suit as Alex starts kissing Martin. Nikol’s shorts come off and Laco reaches to wank on his cock. Alex gets naked too so all are ready to play. They pair up and start kissing and feeling each other’s cock. Then Laco and Nikol split up. Nikol joing Alex and Martin. He kisses Alex as Martin leans over Alex, reaching for Nikol’s cock with his mouth. He kisses Nikol as well as Laco is enjoying Roco and Milan. Alex lays back so that Nikol and Martin can suck on his stiff cock. They lick it and keep kissing his hot body. Milan and Roco wank each other as they kiss Laco. Martin’s mouth is wrapped around Alex’s rock hard cock, as Milan wanks Laco. Roco starts sucking Laco, taking turns with Milan. Nikol keeps licking Alex’s shaft as Martin sucks the cock head. then Nikol gets in the middle to let Alex and Martin share his throbbing cock. Roco keeps sucking Laco’s dick as Alex and Martin take turns on Nikol’s. Then Laco moves to join Alex and Martin. Laco sucks on Martin’s massive cock and Alex sucks him. Nikol’s dick is being shared by Milan and Roco, as he lays between them. Alex keeps sucking Laco and wanking his own cock as Martin pushes Laco’s head up and down on his. What a great start to this wonderful Wank Party, with much more to come in part 2.