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Alan Carly and Marek Prohodil are exporing a derelict building, and find it a good place to share a kiss. As they do so they start to undress each other, opening the shirts. The pull the shirts from each other, exposing their sexy chests. Then the shorts are dropped as well and Marek goes down on his knees and begins to suck on Alan’s lovely cock. Alan is quickly very hard indeed as the hot mouth works on his dick. Marek’s mouth slides over the cock very well, filling his mouth with rock hard meat. He looks up to Alan face as he licks and sucks on the cock. His mouth really works the cock well and he licks Alan’s big balls too. Then he stands up and Alan wanks both there cocks with one hand. Both are big and thick. Alan leans over and kisses Marek’s nipples on his way down to suck his cock. He shows that he can do a great job at that too, working the cock down his throat. Marek’s balls are tight around the base of his shaft as the cock throbs in Alan’s mouth. Alan takes it all the way down his throat, gagging slightly. He licks the shaft and suck on the cock as Marek strokes his head. Then Alan rubs those tight balls as well, keeping up with the sucking. Alan then bends over, showing off his hot ass, and Marek is quick to taste that tight hole. His tongue gets to work rimming the hole, as he pulls the cheeks wide apart. Then Marek stands and slides his big, fat cock deep into that ass. Breathing heavy and moaning Alan takes that dick all the way in his ass. Marek really pounds away at the ass, stretching it wide and fucking it deep. Alan’s cock stays rock hard as his hole gets fucked real good. Marek then pulls out and sits down, so that Alan can slide his hot ass down over that big, throbbing cock. He rides up and down on it getting fucked so well. Moving again, into missionary position, Marek takes over the fucking, ramming his cock inand out of that ass as hard as he can. Alan wanks on his own cock as his hole is filled and stretched. His hand works hard wanking on that cock as Marek keeps fucking him deep. Soon Alan’s cock explosed with a big cumshot, the hot juice landing on his body. Marek keeps up with his fucking until he is ready too. He pulls out and dumps his cum all over Alan’s belly. After milking the cock dry Marek leans over and kisses Alan again. What a great scene, from two very hot guys.

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Jason Lucius is aged 23 and he lives in Nitra, Slovakia. He is a soccer player who enjoys all sports. what a very handsome guy he is, with a rugged, masculine face. As he starts to strip off we see that Jason also has a great body. The muscle definition is very good indeed. Lowering his pants some, and turning around, Jason gives a great tease of his hot, hairy ass. Then he gives us some more poses, flexing his biceps, before laying on his side and really showing off that sexy ass. With a hand spreading the cheeks we can see his hair-lined crack and the beautiful pucker hole. Jason then removes the rest of his clothes and stands to let our eyes wash over his hot body and down to his cock. He pulls on the foreskin, stretching it out a bit. Then he shows his ass again, kneeling on the table, and pushing his ass towards the camera. What a beautiful ass it is too. Jason stands again, this time with his cock rock hard, and pointing skywards. His balls are tight around the shaft as the cock stands pround, his cock head shining like a beacon. Then Jason gives us a series of beautiful poses, showing that body off so well, to end a lovely shoot. His erotic video is sure to be great too.

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Arny Donan came in to pair up with Jidra Durak who had agreed to a screentest. Arny does a brief nterview with Jindra, complimenting him on his body. Then they get started, by kissing each other. As they kiss each begins to feel the other’s body and Arny moves to kiss Jindra’s nipples. One hand moves to Jindra’s groin and quickly his cock gets hard in his underwear. Jindra stands and his underwear is dropped to reveal his rock hard cock. Arny is quickly on that cock, sucking it hard. His head bobs on Jindra’s throbbing cock, making it feel so good. Then Arny stands, lowering his underwear so he can wank both dicks together. Then he sits and Jindra goes down on his cock, showing s that he can suck real good too. From there they move to 69, with Arny on top. Both moves are filled with swollen meat getting the guys all hot and horny. Arny moves, to present his hot ass to Jindra who slides his cock deep into the waiting hole. Arny moans as his hole is filled so well. Jindra thrusts in and out with his cock, stretching the hole well. Then he sits on the sofa so that /arny can ride his beautiful cock. That sexy ass slides up and down on Jindra’s dick, util he takes over thrusting deep into that eager ass. Next Arny lays down, legs up with Jindra fucking him nice and deep. He is soon ready to shoot his load. Pulling out of that hot ass he dumps his cum over Arny’s sexy body. Then Arny wanks himself to a nice creamy load as well. Jindra leans over and kisses Arny again to end his very successful screentest.

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As we rejoin Wank Party 2015 #4, featuring Martin Porter, Matej Borzik, Milen Petrof and Robin Valej, for part 2, we see Martin on his back getting fucked hard by Milen. Meanwhile Matej is taking it deep from Robin as well. With Martin on his back he wanks as Milen keeps fucking him. He takes it well, as does Matej who moans all the while. Robin pounds away at Matej’s eager hole, his dick going all the way in with every thrust. He grabs Matej around the neck as he fucks even harder. Milen sucks on Martin’s toes as he continues to fuck as well. Then Robin joins Martin, fucking him in spoon position as Matej lays on his back to take Milen’s cock, as he wanks himself. Martin’s wanking speeds up as Robin fucks him deep. HIs hole is stretched wide by Robin’s big cock, slamming in and out as hard as it can. Matej keeps up his wanking while Milen dick is deep in his hole. As he wanks Matej shoots his cum up his chest. Martin releases a massive load all over his body too. Then Robin stands over him and shoots his cum too. Milen is last to blown and he dumps his cum over Matej’s hot body. Then they all go off to the shower to help each other clean up.

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Rado Zuska and Martin Porter are two of the hottest hunks one can imagine. After a great submission wrestling match that Rado wins fairly emphatically he is intent on taking his reward. He does this by getting Martin sucking on his big cock. It doesn’t take Martin long to get that cock rock hard and throbbing as his hot mouth works all over it. Rado fucks the dick deep into that eager mouth, with Martin sucking and lick all over it. His tongue laps at Rado’s tight balls too and then he offers up his hot ass as well. Rado is ready for it and rams his awesome cock deep into the hole, fucking it nice and deep. His thick cock stretches the hole and goes in all the way, with Martin’s cock rock hard as he feels his ass being taken. He loves the feeling of that cock in his ass and grabs hold of his own dick to wank it. Then Rado sits on the floor and Martin slides his hot ass down over that throbbing cock, riding up and down on the thick shaft. As he rides that dick Martin wanks his own cock hard and fast. His ass bounces on the cock, slamming down onto Rado’s balls as he does so. His wanking speeds up even faster as he keeps working is ass over Rado’s cock. As he wanks himself Martin’s cock squirts a big cumshot up over his hot body, while his ass is still filled with Rado’s dick. Rado fucks up into that sexy ass, working the hole real well. To go even deeper he moves Martin onto the mats and fucks him missionary style. Then Rado pulls out and dumps his hot cum all over Martin’s balls. Martin goes off to get some beers so the two of them can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink before going off to the shower to clean up. Once in the shower they wash all the cum and sweat off and Rado takes the chance to pee right at the end of a great scene.

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Ahmed Savky is aged 27 and he lives in Prague. He is a soccer player who enjoys sports generally. He looks so good as he poses for the camera, and even better as the shirt comes off. That reveals an awesome body, which Ahmed shows off, flexing his biceps. His abs look so good too. When he turns and lowers his jeans Ahmed also shows that his ass has a great shape to it, and glistens beautiful under the lights. Turning again, standing with legs wide apart he looks so good as he begins to lower his underwear. When it comes off we see that he is most certainly not remiss in the cock department either. Kneeling on the sofa, pushing his ass back gives us a great view of his tight pucker hole, and the balls hanging down. Then Ahmed gets his cock hard, and gives us some lovely poses, as it sticks out. He lays back on the sofa, rock hard cock in hand. Then, lifting his legs we see that sexy ass again, and Ahmed grabs the cheeks to really pull them apart. He finishes off a great shoot with some more poses with that rock hard cock.

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Martin Rezac agreed to a screentest, so we paired him with Pavel Smidl. They relax on the bed chatting and Martin explains that he wants to try everything with a guy. Pavel is happy to oblige and they soon start kissing and feeling each other. As they kiss they both remove their tee shirts and run hands all over each other. Pavel then opens Martin’s jeans and pulls out his hardening cock. He licks the cock and then takes it into his mouth to suck. Martin removes his jeans to give better access and Pavel’s hot mouth works on the rock hard cock. Martin breathes heavily as the hot mouth slides up and down on his dick. After a while Pavel asks if Martin wants to suck. A positive response has Pavel releasing his stiff dick and Martin going down on it. His head bobs on the cock, sucking it and then kissing and licking it. Martin shows that he is really up for the sucking, working that cock so well. Pavel then tells Martin that he wants to fuck him. Martin agrees, though tells him to be careful. He lays on the bed, legs up as Pavel tongues his hot ass and then slips a finger inside. He fucks the ass with his finger, going in nice and deep as Martin moans. Then Pavel positions his big, stiff, cock and slides it deep into Martin’s waiting hole. Martin takes that cock so well as it fucks deep into his ass. Pavel’s fucking speeds up really working the hole well. Martin grabs his own cock and wanks it as he gets fucked hard. Then Martin turns over, onto his knees so that Pavel can fuck him doggy style. The rigid cock pounds Martin’s tight, hairy, hole as Pavel gives the ass a good slap. Then they move again, spooning as Pavel really fucks Martin deep. Martin wanks himself so fast as he feels the throbbing cock in his ass. He milks cum from his cock as he takes the big dick in his hole. Then Pavel pulls out and shoots his big load all over Martin’s face. Martin loves it, looking at the cum-coated cock and takes it in his mouth to suck it clean. His face and neck are covered with creamy cum as he sucks on the spent cock at the end of a great screentest.

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Elen Milek, a beautiful, blond-haired guy who gave us a great solo shoot agreed to a screentest. This was to be his very first time having sex with another guy, including getting his cherry popped. Paul Belonek is the lucky guy who is paired with Elen. After a brief interview to find out about him Paul starts to massage Elen, using oil to coat that sexy chest. Milek shucks his jeans down some as Paul’s hands glide all over that chest. Elen’s cock is soon on view as Paul starts to massage his thighs. His hands brush against Elen’s cock and balls as they work the thighs. Then Paul begins to focus on Elen’s cock, his hands taking hold of it and coating it in oil. Then he leans over and takes the cock in his mouth, sucking it to a full erection. With his cock being sucked so well Elen’s face shows just how much he enjoys it. Paul is expert as sucking and really does a great job on that throbbing cock. He then moves up and kisses Elen on the lips. He then opens his own jeans to reveal his huge hard cock. Elen is quick to start sucking it, showing that he can do a good job on it. Paul’s cock is so big, but Elen is able to suck it good and they move to 69, both cocks rock hard. But this screentest is more about Elen’s ass taking cock for the very first time and he soon moves to slide his tight hole down over Paul’s massive dick. That sexy ass slides up and down on Paul’s thick shaft. Then as he rides it Elen can feel Paul’s hips start to thrust that cock deep inside his ass. As a total novice Elen really takes it well, his ass is stretched so wide by that cock. Then Elen lays on his back, with Pauls between his legs, ramming his throbbing cock deep into that virgin ass. Elen really feels it as his hole takes the cock deep and hard. He changes places with Paul and rides that cock again, and we get a great view of that sexy ass sliding up and down the shaft. Elen wanks himself as he rides the cock and soon shoots his cream right up Paul’s chest. Paul continues to fuck that hot ass until his is ready to cum and pulls out to shoot his hot cum all over Elen’s ass. Elen leans forward and kisses they guy who popped his cherry for him before they head off to the shower to clean each other up. What a great scene, from two very hot guys, and in particular Elen who gave his ass up so very well.

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We have a stellar line up for Wank Party 2015 #04, with Matej Borzik, Martin Porter, Milen Petrof and Robin Valej. In part 1 we find the guys enjoying a drink as they consider the upcoming hockey match. Robin invites the other back to his place to watch the match. As they sit on the sofa chatting the power goes off. Martin and Robin go to investigate, as they return the power comes back on and they find Matej and Milen bare-chested and kissing each other. They invite Robin and Martin to join them. So each guy removes his shirt and sits on the sofa. Martin kisses Matej and Robin joins Milen. Martin quickly has Matej’s throbbing cock in his hand, wanking it. Milen pushes his jeans down as Robin takes his off. Then kiss some more as Martin starts to suck Matej. Robin wanks on Milen’s big cock as he kisses him. Then they both get naked and wank each other. Martin gets naked too, and his stiff cock is available to Matej, who eagerly sucks on it. Robin kisses his way down Milen’s sexy body, wanking his cock as he goes. Then he takes Milen’s beautiful cock in his mouth and sucks it. Matej keeps up with his sucking too before coming off Martin’s dick, so the favor can be returned. Milen then also return the favor to Robin, getting to work on his stiff cock. His mouth envelopes the cock suck it real good. Matej goes back down on Martin’s cock, taking it deep. Then they all change, with Milen sucking on Martin’s throbbing cock and Matej happily bobbing his mouth on Robin’s. Robin and Matej move to 69 as Martin takes a on Milen’s big one. Then they move to 69 too. Matej hot ass is spread nicely as Robin sucks his dick. Then it is all change again, into a chain, with Martin sucking Robin. Matej sucks Martin and Milen works on Matej. What a great start to this latest Wank Party, with a lot more hot action to come in Part 2.

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Viktor Burek is aged 25 and he lives in Prague. He works as a sales advisor and enjoys sport, football and fitness. What a very handsome guy Viktor is, a classic beauty. As he removes his tee-shirt his awesome chest comes into view. What sight that is too. He poses to show it off perfectly, with hands behind his head to let the abs scrunch nicely too. Viktor turns and pushes his jeans down, so we get a great view of a hot ass. Then, down to his boxers, he turns again and flexes his big biceps. We get a series of great poses before he lowers the boxers to reveal his cock and balls. In another series of poses we get to enjoy that body, and then he gets his cock rock hard. It stands proudly from his body, looking superb. Having shown that hot cock so well it is no surprise that Viktor then does a great job of showing off his hot ass and its’ hairy ass crack that leads to his tight hole. This is one very hot guy, and he really knows how to show it all off perfectly.

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In the second part of Wank Party 2014 #8 we rejoin things as Jindra Durak is fucking Tomas Hozman. He is being encouraged by Vlado Tomek whose own cock is rock hard and waiting for a turn. He soon takes Jindra’s place, sliding his massive cock deep inside Tomas’eager hole. Tomas is also wanking on Viktor’s dick. Vlado really pounds at Tomas’s ass for a while then withdraws, to be replaced by Jindra again. Tomas moans as his ass gets it nice and deep. As Vlado and Jindra take turns in that hot ass Tomas leans over and sucks on Viktor’s hard cock. Then Vlado sits on the sofa, so that Tomas can take a ride on his big cock. Viktor bends over for Jindra to fuck him as well. His hole gets stretched well by Jindra’s dick as Tomas bounces up and down on Vlado’s. Moving again Viktor lays down and Jindra continues to really work his ass. Tomas is also on his back, legs in the air as Vlado fucks him. As he takes that cock Viktor wanks himself and shoot a big creamy load over his hot body. Jindra is ready too and pulls out to cum after a hot fuck. Meanwhile Vlado keeps fucking his cock deep in Tomas’ass. He pulls out and quickly shoots his cum as well. Then to end a lovely scene Tomas wanks himself to a nice, creamy conclusion as well.

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Stefan Salvan is aged 18. He is a very good looking straight guy who is a student. In his spare time Stefan enjoys sports, jogging and cycling. He looks very good indeed as he poses before removing his tee shirt. Then he looks even better, with his hot chest exposed. That hot body looks awesome. Quickly down to just his underwear Stefan lowers them and bends over to show off his beautiful ass. He sits on the sofa and leans back, pulling is legs into the air, to give a different view of that sexy ass. Stefan uses his hands to pull his ass cheeks further apart to show off his tight hole. Then he sits up, naked, with his soft cock nestling between his thighs. He stands up and poses to show off the soft dick and then sits back down getting it nice and hard. The cock looks so good in his hand, but even better as he stands again with the stiff dick sticking out in front of him. As he poses, flexing his biceps and cock rock hard he is mighty impressive. Then Stefan works through some more hot poses, to really show that cock and his awesome ass off to pefection. He is one very hot guy indeed.

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In a lovely screentest we have Marek Prohodil with Paul Belonek. In a very nice interview Marek agrees to Paul massaging him, but nothing more than that really. Paul, of course has other ideas, and as he starts to feel Marek’s body he kisses him. With Paul behind him, removing Marek’s tee-shirt they kiss again as the hands roam over his sexy chest and down to his groin. Paul takes his own tee-shirt off as well and his hand slips into Marek’s jean, pulling out a hard cock. Marek lays back on the sofa as Paul leans over and starts to suck on that big, hard cock. Marek’s cock is so big and is rock hard as Paul’s lips are wrapped tight around it. Marek reaches and rubs Pauls groin a little as his cock is worked on. Paul comes off that big cock, so that Marek can get completely naked. Paul removes his shorts too and climbs over Marek for a 69. Both of the cock are so hard, and extra large. Paul’s slides into Marek’s hot mouth as he leans over to suck again. Then Paul moves, so that Marek can wank both cocks together, as they kiss again. Paul then lays back and pulls his legs in the air, exposing his hot, hairy hole, which Marek starts to rim. His tongue laps at the hole and then he slides a finger inside as well. Marek comes off that hot ass and bends over, with Paul standing behind him, sliding his big cock deep into the tight hole. Marek moans as Pauls massive dick works in and out of the ass, going deeper and deeper as Marek’s hole stretches. Soon Paul’s cock is going all the way in, with long, hard thrusts, getting faster and faster as Marek’s moaning gets louder. That hot ass really gets stretched wide by Paul’s thick cock. Paul pulls out and shoves his cock all the way in again fucking hard. He sits on the sofa and Marek climbs over him and slides his hot hole down on that huge dick again. His hot ass rides up and down on Pauls cock. Paul reaches round and wanks Marek’s massive dick as well, as his own is gripped tightly by Marek’s ass lips. Paul then puts Marek into missionary position and fucks him some more. Marek wanks himself as he takes that hot cock all the way. Paul is ready to cum and pulls out to shoot a big load all over Marek’s hot body. Marek is wanking hard too and delivers his own cum as Paul milks his cock dry. Then they go off to the shower to clean up after a very hot scene.

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In Wank Party 2016 #8 we have Bradley Cook, Mirek Madl, Libor Lisek and Mire Matejka. This first part see Libor, Miro and Mirek in a cage, wearing only their boxers, with Libor shackled as the others kiss and feel him. Miro pulls down Libor’s shorts and sucks on his stiff cock and Mirek sucks on the nipples. Bradley, the guard, arrives and starts calling through the bars. He calls Mirek over and tells him to suck his cock. The cock pokes through the bars and Mirek quickly takes it in his mouth sucking it hard. Miro continues to enjoy Libor’s dick too. Bradley’s big cock fills Mirek’s mouth and he gags some as he sucks on it. Miro moves over to join Mirek and they take turns sucking on Bradley’s big cock. Bradely, naked, goes into the cage as Libor is released from his shackles. Libor is soon sucking on Bradley’s cock as Mirek works on Miro’s. They all enjoy the hot sucking as they build up to part two.

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Handsome straight guy Alan Pekny gets his cherry busted today, by the equally handsome str8 and big-dicked Alan Carly. They sit on the bed and chat with Alan C asking lots of questions and leading the conversation on to the subject of guy-guy sex. Alan P his happy to show off his hot chest. Alan C’s shorts are bulging, as he seems to be hard. So he is clearly horny for some sex. He persuades Alan P have a massage and quickly gets to work running his hands all over that sexy body. It doesn’t take long to lower Alan P’s shorts and for Alan C to start sucking on the cock. Alan P’s cock responds to the sucking and gets nice and hard. Alan C’s head bobs on the hard cock taking it all in his mouth. He licks the shart and head too. Alan P enjoys the feeling of the mouth on his cock, moving to sit on the bedframe for more sucking. Then he shows off his ass and lays on the bed with his legs up for Alan C to slide his big, throbbing, cock deep into the tight ass. Alan P takes cock into his ass for the very first time and does it well. Alan C fucks the ass, gently as first. He goes deeper and deeper into the tight hole, opening it up real well. Then he speeds up with his deep fucking as Alan P wanks his own cock. Alan P wanks hard and fast as he feels the big dick fucking his hot hole. His ass gets a good pounding and sooh he shoots his hot cum onto his sexy body. Alan C continues his fucking and then pulls out to shoot his hot load as well.