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In Wank Party 2015 #1 we have a great line-up, Otakar Bubek, Ivan Mraz, Ondra Matej, Viktor Burek and Jirka Syty. We find Otakar and Jirka in the sauna, watching as Ondra, Viktor and Ivan arrive to shower, after wrestling. Ivan is doused in cold water by the other two as they all get naked and start showering. Jirka and Otakar are watching all the while, groping themselves as they do so. Viktor starts rubbing Ivan’s body, and they playfully douse Ondra in cold water as well. Then, as Otakar and Jirka start to kiss each other, Ivan and Viktor start to play. Otakar and Jirka join the other 3 in the shower and Ivan drops to his knees to suck on Jirka’s cock. Viktor kisses Jirka and Otakar wanks himself. Vitkor is then on his knees sucking Otakar’s big cock as Ivan works on Ondra’s. Jirka stands behind Ivan, wanking himself. Otakar’s big cock is rock hard as Viktor sucks it. Then Viktor stands and kisses Otakar who drops to his knees to return he favour, sucking Viktor. Jirka shows that he can suck, doing a great job on Ondra’s throbbing cock. Then he stands and lets Ondra and Ivan take turns on his dick. Ivan moves to join Viktor and Otakar, opting for Otakar’s massive dick. He sucks on the head and licks the balls as Viktor moves over to work on Ondra’s cock. All change again, with Jirka sucking Viktor as Otakar does the same for Ondra. Ivan’s cock is rock hard as he wanks it, leaning against the wall. Viktor takes Jirka’s cock in his mouth as his buddy feels Otakar’s cock rubbing up against his ass. They keep changing partners, so that everyone gets a bit of what they want. They all move out of the shower and relax, with Ondra laying back to be sucked by Viktor. Meanwhile Otakar is sucking Ivan. Jirka is underneath licking at Ivan’s balls too.They keep switching around and Jirka gets some tongue in his hot ass, with Ivan and Ondra lapping at the hole, as Viktor sits his hole on Otakar’s tongue, setting everything up nicely for the next episode.

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Igor Tenar is aged 19 and lives in Teplice. This very hot straight guy is a cook and enjoys sports, athletics and fitness. He looks so good as he poses for the camera, lifting his tee shirt to show some skin. Then the tee shirt comes off and Igor’s sexy chest is revealed. He flexes his biceps before turning and lowering his jeans to expose his hot ass. With the jeans removed his teases, pushing the underwear down a little and then turning again to show the ass some more. He removes the underwear and poses again, with his soft cock on show. Then, as the posing continues, that cock is rock hard and pointing skywards. He does a lot of posing with the dick hard before laying on the bed and raising his legs to expose his tight hole as well. Then he turns onto his knees and parts the cheeks for more of his tight hole. He ends a lovely shoot with more hot shots of the hard cock and very sexy ass.

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Jirka Syty agreed to a screentest, so we paired him with Alan Carly. They look so good as Jirka sits between Alan’s legs, barechested. Alan reaches round and rubs that sexy chest and slips a hand into Jirka’s jeans. He helps Jirka off with his shirt and continues to feel his body, opening his jeans and groping him. His hand slides into Jirka’s underwear to feel his cock. Then Jirka stands, so his jeans can be removed. Alan pushes down the underwear, releasing Jirka’s stiffening cock. He drops to his knees and begins to suck the hard cock. Then he wanks it as well as sucking it. He takes the cock deep into his mouth as his head bobs up and down on it. Jirka’s dick is so hard as Alan sucks on it. Then Jirka starts fucking it into Alan’s mouth, holding his head on it as he fucks. Alan stands and Jirka drops to his knees to open the jeans and release the hard cock. He takes it in his mouth and shows that he can suck as well. His lips wrap tight around the cock and his bead bobs as Alan holds it on is dick. Jirka kisses the cock and then sucks it back into his mouth for Alan to fuck his face. Alan lays Jirka on the bed and licks his hairy balls before sucking on his rock hard cock again. He kneels between Jirka’s legs and places his cock next to Jirka’s. He wanks both cocks together, then lifts Jirka’s legs in the air, to expose his hairy hole. Alan rims that hot hole, spreading the cheeks wide apart to really get his tongue into that hole. He slips a finger into the hole, fucking it in and out. Then he turns Jirka over and slides his throbbing cock deep into the hole. He fucks it nice and hard, pulling out and then shoving his dick back inside again. Jirka moans as he takes the dick deep into his ass. He turns over onto his back and wanks himself as Alan continues to fuck his hot ass. His wanking speeds up and soon he shoots his hot cum as Alan’s cock is deep in his ass. Then Alan is ready too and pulls out to let his cum fly, all over Jirka’s hairy balls. He leans forward and kisses Jirka before taking him to the shower to clean up.

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We loved Rado Zuska when he first came to us, and he gave us some really great scenes. Then he did us a very big favor, sending his younger brothers, Petr and Romi,to us too. They too showed us just how good they are and now we have brought all three together for a great scene. It all starts with Petr taking a shower. As he washes himself Rado arrives and joins him. Pete lets the water wash over Rado and then Romi joins them too. All three sexy brothers showering together and they start to soap each others hot bodies. Rado is in the middle and he grabs at Petr’s and Romi’s cocks. Then he turns around so that Romi can wash his back and his ass. Then it is Romi’s turn to be washed by his brothers. As they wash they get playful, with their cocks, having a lot of fun. Shower over we find the three of them laying on the bed and they decide to compare cocks. So they all start wanking and soon get nice and hard. Rado’s dick looks so good and Romi suggests that he and Petr should suck it. Romi is quick to take the cock in his mouth sucking it before both he and Petr lick up and down the thick shaft. Then Petr sucks on the stiff cock as Romi licks Rado’s balls.With all three guys rock hard Rado lays back so his brothers can suck him, kissing each other as they do so. Then Rado has to return the favor, so he kneels between them and takes turns sucking on each of those hard cocks. He does a great job on those dicks and then lays back with his legs up and ass in the air. That looks so inviting and Romi and Petr take turns in rimming the hot hole. Rado loves that feeling and soon is bending over, offering his ass up for some cock. Petr’s throbbing cock soon slips into the eager hole, fucking it nice and deep. Then he makes way for Romi to fuck that hot ass too. Rado takes cock real well and moves onto his back so they can fuck him in missionary position. His ass gets a real good workout from his brothers, with both Romi and Petr taking turns again. Romi lays down on the bed so that Rado can climb on and ride his throbbing cock. Then he holds his ass in place so that Romi can pump his dick up into that hot ass. He fucks hard and fast and dumps his hot load deep in that ass. Rado spreads his ass and releases that cum. Then Petr and Rado kneel over Romi, wanking themselves. Rado soon dumps his cum over Romi’s face. Petr keeps up his wanking and is soon rewarded with his own cumshot to end a really great scene, with Romi sucking on spent cock.

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Marek Polony is from Krakow in Poland. He is aged 27 and works as a gardener. In his spare time Marek enjoys sports, fitness and cycling. He certainly looks great in this shoot, with handsome face and his fit, hard body. At the start his poses, fully clothed. Then, when he lifts his tee shirt, he shows off his awesome abs. Clearly his time in the gym has paid off. Removing his tee shirt Marek shows his chest as he poses with his hands behind his head. Then he turns, pushing his jeans, and underwear down, to reveal a lovely ass. He removes the jeans and turns back, posing, and flexing his biceps as we enjoy that hot body. After giving another look at that ass, as he poses some more, Marek lowers the underwear to show off his cock too. He takes off the underwear and goes through another series of poses, that are very good, before getting his cock nice and hard. That cock looks so good as it stands proud, with Marek showing it off in a variety of poses. He lays down and pulls his legs in the air, so we see his ass, with the cheeks spread to expose his hot hole. He then turns over, onto his knees and reaches back tp spread that ass again. His hole seems to open as he pulls on the ass cheeks. Marek finishes the shoot off by displaying that beautiful, erect, cock again.

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Herman Gerchan is from Dvur Kralove and is aged 19. He is a student who enjoys sports, fitness and athletics. He is a very handsome guy and quickly shows off his sexy body, removing his tee-shirt to expose his chest. Then he turns, and lowers his jeans to let us see his hot ass. Turning again Herman reveals his soft cock and big balls. The look so good at rest. We see some lovely shots, reflected through the mirror, showing back and front views. Sitting on the edge of the bed Herman leans back and fully removes the jeans. He poses, leaning back, legs apart to let his cock and balls hang between his legs. Then he turns over, onto his knees, to show off his sexy ass. Turning over onto his back he then lifts his legs into the air to let us examine that ass some more. The cheeks are spread to expose his hole. Then it is hard cock time and Herman doesn’t disappoint there. His cock gets nice and hard and quite thick, as he stands and poses to show it off. Then he gives us a series of nice poses to let us fully appreciate just how sexy he is. We can look forward to his hot video next week.

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Johan Mendez is aged 19 and lives in Kladno. He is a student who enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He is a very handsome guy indeed. Not only handsome but also very fit looking too. As he removes his tee shirt we see a wonderful upper body and Johan happily poses, flexing his biceps, to show it off too. Then he turns around and lowers his underwear to expose a beautiful ass too. As we enjoy that hot ass Johan bends over and reaches back to spread his cheeks, showing a lovely, hairy hole. Standing erect again Johan then gets his cock good and hard. It stands so proudly erect as he goes through a series of lovely poses. Then Johan sits on the training bench and lifts his legs in the air to give another hot view of his sexy ass. That hairy hole looks so inviting as he pulls the cheeks wide apart. Then Johan finishes his shoot by posing some more with that cock rock hard.

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Martin Porter is one very sexy stud. We find him taking a shower, soaping his magnificent body all over, with his semi hard as he does so. As he showers we take a look at Petro Peka and Petr Said who are just waking up. They hear the shower and creep off their bed to see who it is. Martin is towelling himself off as he spots them watching. The guys join him and take up his offer of feeling his hot body. As they reach out to touch him Martin drops his towel and Petr takes hold of the cock and licks it. Then Petro does the same. Martin’s fat cock begins responding to the hot tongues that lick it. Soon it is rock hard and Petr and Petro wank it and give it a little suck. Then they stand and Martin pulls down their underwear. Petr is already very hard and Martin starts wanking and sucking on the cock. Petro wanks himself and gets hard too, so that Martin can suck him as well. He sucks each of the guys throbbing cocks in turn before Petro lays down with Petr over him. He sucks Petrs cock in a 69. Then Petr sucks Martin as well. That soon leads to some hot fucking with Martin pounding Petr’s sexy ass. As he gets fucked, moaning with pleasure Petr sucks on Petro’s dick some more. Martin really pounds that ass making Petr moan. Then he lets Petro take a turn in that ass. With Petr on his back, legs up, Petro fucks him nice and deep as Martin wanks himself. Petr loves the dick in his ass and as Petro lays down he sits his ass back down on it. As Petro fucks him Petr wanks his own cock with Martin doing the same as he watches the action. Petr soon explodes with a massive cumshot, while Petro keeps fucking him. His cock slams up in that sexy ass, going faster and faster. Then he and Martin stand over Petr wanking themselves until they too shoot their hot cum all over his sexy body. Petr licks the spent cocks, cleaning the cum off the heads, as Martin leans over to kiss Petro to end their hot session.

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Arnold Coner is aged 21. He is a very handsome straight guy who works as a bartender. In his spare time Arnold enjoys sport, bodybuilding and fitness. He looks magnificent as he stands, posing, wearing his sunglasses. His body looks great through his tight sweater and even better as he lifts it to show off his abs. But first he turns and as his sweater lifts it shows off a lovely glimpse of a very hairy ass crack. With the sweater pulled up Arnold shows his hot body. He removes the sweater to fully reveal that hot chest and works through a series of lovely poses to really show it off. He turns and shows his ass with the pants pushed down. It is so hot and hairy. Turning again, thumbs tucked into the pants we get a glimpse of the base of his hard cock. As he pulls the pants down further that rock hard dick pops out, pointing skywards. He turns once more, bending over to show that hairy ass, as he pushes his stiff cock back between his legs. Then Arnold stands up straight, and gives us a series of muscle poses, with his cock standing proud all the while. Sitting on the sofa next, he leans back and pushes his cock up towards the camera. He lifts his legs and spreads his hairy ass cheeks to show off his tight pucker hole. Then it is hard cock again, as Arnold kneels on the sofa before giving us more of that sexy ass. He is one very hot guy who will surely look great in his erotic video next week.

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Vilem Tel and Robert Benet are both very handsome guys. They are also very hot, and are enjoying a pillow fight, which soon turns into more. As they play they begin to kiss each other, groping as well, through their underwear. Vilem’s cock gets hard in his underwear and he stands, dropping so that Robert can suck his big cock. That cock is so thick and hard. Robert eagerly takes it into his mouth and sucks on it, licking around the head and taking it deep in his throat. His head bobs on Vilem’s throbbing cock, as the balls tighten around the shaft. Then Robert stands as well, and as his kisses Vilem again his underwear is pushed down too. Vilem grabs Robert’s cock and wanks it as he kisses his friend some more. He drops to his knees and takes Robert’s cock in his mouth. Robert fucks the cock in and out of the waiting mouth, getting very hard in the process. Then Robert lays on the bed and dildoes his own ass as he sucks on Vilem’s cock again. His hole is stretched by the thick dildo as Robert wanks him and rubs his balls. Robert’s mouth works on Vilem’s thick pole, his hole really stretched wide. Then he moves onto his knees and a larger dildo is shoved into that eager ass by Robert. It fucks in and out opening that hot ass really wide. Robert then shoves his massively thick dick deep into Robert’s hole. He fucks nice and deep as Robert’s cock hangs down. Robert really loves the feeling and grabs his cock and wanks it as Vilem pounds his ass. Then Robert turns over, onto his back and takes Vilem’s cock back into his hole. He wanks himself hard and fast as Vilem slams in and out of his ass. Robert keeps working his cock and shoots a big creamy load all over his belly as Vilem continues to fuck him. He bends over again so that Vilem can really pounds away at that hot ass, speeding up until his is ready to blow. Pulling out he delivers his cum into Robert’s open mouth. Robert then sucks on that big cock, to drain it of every last drop of hot cum to end a great scene.


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Martin Dorcak is aged 22, he is a stunningly handsome straight guy who attends university. In his spare time Martin enjoys sport, jogging and soccer. Right from the start of his shoot it is clear just how sexy Martin is, and he certainly knows how to pose for the camera. He slowly lifts his tank top, to show off his awesome abs. Then he is bare-chested, and what an awesome sight that is. Martin gives us some more great poses, lowering his jeans and boxers to expose a full, dark bush. But that is only the start, he turns, boxers down, and lets us see his beautiful ass. As he stands, hands on his ass looking back at the camera we can also see, just a hint of, his balls as they hang down between his legs. Martin turns again and poses, showing off that hot body and a beautiful soft cock. More, then, of that sexy ass with Martin bending over to show it off. He faces the camera again, this time with his cock getting quite hard. Before the full erection is seen though he gives us more of that sexy ass as he kneels on the bed and spreads his cheeks. Then he stands, with his cock rock hard. It is a real beauty, with a downward curve and so nice and thick. Martin works through a series of hot poses then, that gives us great views of that big dick and hot ass. He is really very good indeed. I am sure he will give us a great video shoot too.