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Lukas and Akem LOVE piss. So much so that pulling down their pants in order to piss all over each others clothes is something that they don’t mind doing at all so they can entertain all of us piss freaks!

The adorable smiles on each of the boys’ faces tells us they love the attention, too. Soiled underwear, jeans and even shoes were the order of the day in this HOT pissing shoot!

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Kaleb Scott and Nathan are both very cute guys and they love piss equally. Which means pulling their dicks out of their jeans and simply pissing all over each other is something they don’t even bat an eye out. Then the clothes come off for more pissing fun. By the time both guys are soaked in piss they decide to step inside the shower and get even wetter – with both water and more piss!

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We at Boys-Pissing sure love how kinky today’s twinks are! Skinhead twink Ashton Cooper loves going outside to jerk off because he can piss all over himself while doing so and not make a mess. We took full advantage of his kinks and made sure to find a great place for him to engage in his favorite activities. Not only did Ashton piss all over himself but he made sure his shirt got soaked in it so he could wipe it all over his face!

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Devon Lee Scott and Hoyt Jaeger love piss so much that they didn’t even take their trousers off for this photo shoot. With big huge smiles on their faces they pulled out their cocks and let go some big piss streams. Jeans and white trousers never looked so good in our opinion and both lads told us later that they loved the sensation of wetting their pants!

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It would have been delicious enough with just Preston and Noah, but when a series of horny boys arrive to piss and cum for them it becomes even more intense! The guys get soaked, suck cocks, take cum loads and ultimately share the cock of horny young Wesley as he fucks both of them to get all those cum loads spilling!

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Elijah Knight can’t seem to just go into a bathroom and take a simple piss. Which is great for us at Boys-Pissing of course. We were lucky to have some cameras set up to catch Elijah playing with his piss and his soaking wet dick afterward. This muscular stud drenched his sexy briefs with his piss and it made him really horny. We have to know what happened then, right? Yep. Elijah proceeded to stroke his cock and shoot a load of jizz for us all too!

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Once again Mike Roberts shows off his dominant side as Krist Cummings sits on the floor and takes the well-hung stud’s piss all over him and even into his mouth. Krist is a shameless piss lover and when a dude like Mike shows up with a full bladder he is more than willing to be his receptacle. Mike unleashes stream after stream of hot piss all over Krist and the boy takes it all!

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Mike Roberts has the kind of effect on twinks like Krist Cummings where he can completely dominate them and they love it. Krist certainly does in this Boys-Pissing scene as Mike pulls out his cock and pisses all over him. Krist, donning only a hat and a pair of jeans, allows himself to be completely covered in Mike’s piss before cleaning up the stud’s wet, uncut cock with his hungry mouth!


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Justin comes from a very conservative family who have no idea what he’s up to with us and would probably disown him if they found out, but he really doesn’t care too much. This sexy and slim young twink is into exploring and trying whatever is offered, at least once anyway. He’s always been into pissing, and he’s looking forward to more in front of the cameras.