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All the boys have balls full of cum and bladders full of piss, and lucky guy Welsey is gonna get it all from them in this horny pissing orgy. The guys are gathering around and jacking off over him, letting their piss fly, feeding him their cocks and watching each other jacking off. The cum soon starts to fly too, but he’s not the only one to get drenched in hot boy piss!

Some straight boys are so horny all the time they are almost willing to try anything to get some cum shooting out, and Cooper is one of those willing guys. He might be new to a lot of things, but this hot and oh-so-horny boy is about to experience plenty, and if it means shooting some jizz he's down for whatever!

Although he identifies as being straight, Nolan is one of those guys who is happy to get some action where he can find it. The guy has one big and bent cock that plenty of guys and girls would love to suck on and ride, and he's not the kind of guy to turn down an offer from anyone who wants that meat!

Gorgeous young straight guy Welsey has become a little more curious about cock in recent years, and we're so glad about that considering he has his own thick and long uncut dick to share with whoever is willing to suck on it! This boy gets off on cummy explosions too – which makes this handsome young man perfect for us!

When Mathias started he was just an innocent amateur straight boy who'd never so much as jerked off in the presence of another guy before, but these days he's all about putting on a good show and splashing his piss out as he jacks his cock with some of the other horny guys. He's a pretty playful straight guy!

Ivan is another of those horny straight boys who really enjoys stroking the cum from his dick when he's alone. He jacks off at least three times a day, and now that he's started to enjoy himself on video and get paid for it too he's into pissing and making a mess with some of the other boys. He's not one to shy away from some wet and messy fun!

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Devin is a persuasive young man, an uncut hairy hottie who loves to get totally drenched in piss and cum. He’s showing straight curious guy Brian what it’s all about, starting with some cock sucking. Soon the piss is flying, splashing everywhere and soaking the bed, and Brian can’t not join in. He gets a whole lot more than that though when Devin gives up his hot hole for the curious hottie to fuck, and boy does Brian live up to expectation!

There are a lot of hot boys out there who know all the fun they can have with hot piss, and Devin is one of them. He's no stranger to getting soaked in piss, either when he's alone and jacking off, or when he's with a boy or girl for some wet and messy play. This bisexual, uncut, sexy ass guy is always up for some fun!

There's not much that beats a hot young straight guy who's curious and willing to try all kinds of things for the pleasure of it. Brian is an inexperienced young man when it comes to gay sex, and water sports too, but he's in the right place to broaden his horizons. Just how far will this hot young man go? Watch and see!

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Smooth and horny twinks Patrick and Wesley soak each other in their hot piss streams before swapping long wet blowjobs! The taste of precum and piss has them both so horny! Wesley bends over and gets a deep drilling by Patrick and then a facial! After they both shoot their loads, they piss all over each other again! Soaked in cum and piss!

We really lucked out with Wesley! He's a gorgeous young man with everything going on. He's into cock, loves to get it on with new guys, and he has a big uncut dick with 8/5 inches of hooded shaft to share! He's into everything, topping and bottoming, cum play, jerking, sucking, and of course pissing too!

There are good looking guys, handsome boys, cute twinks… then there's Patrick! This guy is so stunning there's not a guy out there who wouldn't willingly take every drop of piss and cum from his hard cock if they had the chance. He would probably give it to you too, he's always horny and loves to let loose with new guys!

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We at Boys-Pissing don’t think there’s anything that could cause incredibly kinky twink Zack Randall to be shy. Everything he does is for a reaction and the stronger the reaction the more it turns him on. Like when he pisses into his mouth at an outdoor pool in this scene. Zack didn’t even look around to see if anyone outside our set was watching. He literally didn’t care! Zack loves his piss and talks about it all the time. Damn, this boy sure looks good in piss-soaked white briefs!

If you're a pissing fan and don't know about Zack then you need a spanking. This handsome and incredibly horny young man has a fit body, a thick and long uncut cock, loves to jack off and be sucked, and shoots some of the biggest cum loads you've ever seen! He can lick his own dick, shoots loads in his own face and often drenches himself and his friends with hot piss too!

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Bryce Corbin can be quite the stud and he proves that here with tall, tattooed Cain. Cain is a very wild, submissive twink, loving the feeling of Bryce’s cock deep in his ass, sucking his cock and taking Bryce’s piss load all over his body! Bryce loved having such a submissive boy at his disposal. He can fuck ass hard and he always lets loose huge torrents of piss!

Bryce is a bit of a sexual explorer. This cute and fit young man has a great body and a lot of experience with guys and girls too. As long as it involves his cock he's willing to give things a try. He's made a lot of videos and galleries over the last couple of years, getting kinky and wet with some friends.

So many guys want to make out that they're rough or mean, but their cuteness gives them away. Cain is one of those guys who likes the image of being a bad boy, but he looks so sexy and handsome it's hard to pull it off. Still, maybe it's his determination to be different that made him want to get his cock out on video for some pissing and jacking?

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This is one of Mike Roberts’ first shoots with Boys-Pissing, where he was just getting his feet wet in the field of kinky photo shoots. He really does like piss, especially watching it flow out of his own cock into the toilet. Mike says he was holding his piss in for a while before finally being able to release. The look of agony on his face as he walked in was quite evident. We felt bad for him but we got some great pics of him pissing a long stream!

Muscular and hunky young jock Mike calls himself bisexual, but he’s mostly straight and loves to have his big uncut cock sucked by guys who know how to handle his meat. He’s not shy about enjoying a guys mouth and ass, and hes definitely not shy about squirting piss and cum all over a willing friend either!

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Adorable young Tiger loves to stroke his cock in the shower, but then again don’t all boys? He goes further than that though, stripping down to his blue jockstrap and splashing piss all over the shower. After he lets his piss fly he goes to work on his beautiful thick cock, stroking until he shoots his twink jizz!

Tiger knows he loves pissing fun, he’s been into it for a while and first started out when one of his friend got him into it before he even knew he was gay. Since then he’s explored a lot more and loves to kick back with his cock splashing out a fountain of piss before jacking off and shooting some cum too.

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Stunning smooth twink Riley Michaels gets hosed down by stocky and horny Michael Dora, and he loves it! Then Riley goes to work sucking on Michael’s fat uncut cock, worshiping the helmet and savoring the foreskin over his tip, tasting his piss and precum. With his ass needing attention he takes a great fucking from his buddy, all finished up with cum loads shot from their cocks and more piss to clean it away!

We all love seeing uncut cocks on horny guys, so you’re gonna love seeing Michael sharing his 7.5″ hooded dick with some of the guys and getting real horny and wet in his videos. He’s into some real messy piss action too and has a fantasy of being a piss slave for a whole football team in a locker room orgy!

Those innocent looking boys can be some of the most horny and kinky too you know. Riley is one of those sweet young teens who looks as though he wouldn’t know what to do with a hard dick, but you would be completely wrong for thinking that. This horny young man loves dick, fucking, sucking and cum and piss play too. He’s a horny little devil!

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Gorgeous euro twink Lukas is adorable, and incredibly horny too. He knows how to enjoy some piss play even when it’s only his own cock making a mess. He pisses all over his pants before getting his beautiful uncut cock hard and stroking himself off, shooting out a nice hot load of twink cum, finishing up with more fresh piss!

Sporty bisexual boy Lukas is just 19 years old, but already he knows what he wants and he knows what he enjoys. He’s into all kinds of horny things, from jacking off to fucking, both boys and girls. He discovered pissing fun just last year with a friend of his and now he’s enjoying it all on video too!

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Smooth, adorable 19 year-old Conner Bradley strips down and gets on his knees to get hosed down by sexy twink Patrick Kennedy! After he gets soaked, Conner pisses all over Patrick’s legs and feet and then they both swap blowjobs! Patrick eats Conner’s horny ass and then pounds him balls deep! In between positions, these two hose each other down again and then fuck until they both unload!

There are good looking guys, handsome boys, cute twinks… then there’s Patrick! This guy is so stunning there’s not a guy out there who wouldn’t willingly take every drop of piss and cum from his hard cock if they had the chance. He would probably give it to you too, he’s always horny and loves to let loose with new guys!

There are a lot of boys into cum and piss play, but there’s a group of young stars who have made so many videos they’re probably familiar to most of us. Conner is one such star, a horny smooth young twink who always has a cum load to share and a bladder full of piss ready to splash out over a friend!

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Smooth and sexy Nathan pisses in his running shorts and all over his smooth and tight abs. After he soaks himself he starts working on his boner, stroking his piss-wet cock, making it ooze precum and finally releasing that hot jizz shot to seep through the cotton of his sexy mesh shorts! What a horny young man!

Nathan only just decided that he a little curious, bisexual when it comes to cock play and enjoying other guys dicks. He's very inexperienced, but he's already enjoying so many new experiences. He started pissing all over himself when he was jacking off and decided he liked it, so now he's making videos for us too!

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Kayden Daniels isn’t just one totally adorable twink, he also loves the taste of Kelly Cooper’s piss and that makes him ripe for the picking at Boys-Pissing. Kelly Cooper is any boy’s stud, evoking a dominant personality that any twink like Kayden will bow down to. And he does here, too, getting on his knees to take Kelly’s piss before sucking his big cock!

Kelly considers himself to be entirely straight, but there's little doubt that this handsome and hung hunk has a lot of fun when boys are jacking him off, sucking his cock or even taking it in their asses. He's started enjoying some hot wet fun too, splashing out his piss and cum all over other boys!

Kayden is a gay porn fan and the moment he could legally do it he was calling up and wanting to get on video. He's made a few appearances and had a lot of great experiences in solo splashing scenes and wet and messy action with some other boys too. He loves getting that piss flowing and following it up with some cum!

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19 inches of cock between these two! Bobby Hart and Alexander Greene pull out their gigantic cocks and take turns drinking each other’s piss and sucking each other’s throbbing cocks! Bobby bends Alexander over and plows his hole with his massive dick and Alexander moans with every thrust! Super soaked, super hung piss fucking!

Alex is famous for his truly massive 10″ cock and his big heavy balls, all the boys want to play with his juicy piece of meat. Aside from being one of the biggest, his cock gets real hard and throbbing, and he really enjoys getting messy. He loves pissing everywhere and taking gallons of piss all over him too!

Handsome and hung hunk Bobby has always been into pissing with his friends, he enjoys all things cock related. He has a lot of dick to share of course, and he loves sucking cock and fucking some hot hole too. He’s real into getting splashed with piss and takes plenty from his friends as they erupt all over him, often drenching them in return!

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Smooth and sexy 19 year-old JD Phoenix strips down in the living room and hoses himself down in a really BIG stream of his hot piss! After tasting it and drenching himself, JD goes to work on his delicious wet cock, pisses all over himself and the living room again and then unloads his hot cum! He loves making a mess.

You know sometimes you get a guy who has everything, and we think JD is one of those guys. This incredibly handsome and fit young man has the most gorgeous eyes, but the rest of him is totally lovely too. He's the kind of guy who will try anything once, which is hot he found out he loves to splash the piss around in his hardcore sessions!

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Things are getting wild with straight skater buddies Ian and Skug. The boys get their cocks out and swing them around in a playful scene before the piss starts to flow from their cock heads. The boys don’t give a damn about enjoying themselves together in some wet and messy play. We’d all love to join them too, right guys?!

You know those jack ass guys? That’s who Ian reminds us of. He’s the kind of horny young straight guy who will do anything for a good time, whether it’s a dare, or even just to get off. He’s all about enjoying life and trying new things, and he has very few limits when it comes to his dick and entertaining the guys!

If you get off on sexy skater boys then you’re going to enjoy seeing straight boy Skug enjoying some pissing play in his videos. This straight boy doesn’t have many limits when it comes to having fun, willing to get his cock out and show off for the guys. He’s down for almost anything as long as he’s having fun.