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In the new video at CFNMTV, Petra drags the protesting headmaster into the office – not believing his pathetic excuses for one second. Unwittingly he has played right inter her hands. Now he too can be rendered nude and helpless while the clever woman guarantees her position at the school. The two men stand naked and embarrassed together in each other’s company.

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At, Edward is staring to regret ticking the ‘hard’ option on the consent form. At the time his excitement overcame his sensibilities. He’s realising that Mistress Kim and Mistress Mel really do intend to test his limits. Now here he is, crawling around on his hands and knees with his testicles being electrocuted by the confident woman on his back. And with the bit in his mouth there’s no way to protest no matter what they do…

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Carl and lifeguard Amir caress and kiss Miss Cathcart’s feet and legs in supplication at CFNMTV. They are both totally enthralled by her and happy to do whatever she says. The confident teacher also sees an opportunity for the girls to get some hands-on experience of the male anatomy – which will help their knowledge of biology no end. There’s no better specimen to practice on than this big muscular hairy lifeguard! sex gallery

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At CFNMTV, Carla and John have longed to be able to get more intimate and Carla wastes no time in encouraging John to strip off so she can check out his naked body. She excitedly toys with his penis – seeing it for the very first time. Estelle, Mindy and Belinda watch on with delight. But prudish do-gooder Donald is horrified and soon cannot contain himself any longer.