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Dirty blonde boy Justin is eager for professional porn experience after flashing himself and getting off during video chats. These experiments in exhibitionism often leads men to hunger for more daring and intense exposure. The idea of being watched adds a heightened sense of excitement and pleasure to getting off. Here his naked body is put under intense scrutiny with intimate examinations under his foreskin and of his arsehole. He’s a total natural with a devilish curiosity for seedy experimentation.

TheCastingRoom – gay porn casting

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Young Liam is unusually confident and experienced, but he still gets a nervous excitement making a new video with new men because anything can happen! Note how the first thing Liam suggestions for action in the video is rimming. That’s the kind of filthy-minded thinking we like! Adrian takes his time displaying Liam’s body in close detail. His dick is really excitable. As soon as his trousers slide down out it pops all thick and ready for action! Liam’s big cock and hairy arse have a rich masculine scent which is a turn on, but it’s also horny bathing him tenderly before sucking on his nob and tonguing his tight sphincter.

Liam isn’t allowed to lay back and just take a fucking. He needs to earn his initiation by demonstrating his cock sucking skills first. Those dark mischievous eyes look particularly sexy looking up while he’s going down. His arse is way too tight and even though he thinks he can take it, Liam really needs some loosening up first. We watch him slide a butt plug in and out of his arse to get ready to be filled with flesh. Then he gets a real hard fucking from different angles. But next Liam gets his own back being the top and screwing as nasty and hard as he wants. And, of course, no good new professional partnership is sealed until men cum in each others’ mouths!

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This gay casting video trailer presented by TheCastingRoom premium website.
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Big butch Sam is a natural top into every kind of filth and kink you can imagine. With his shaved head, tattooed body, big angry cock and mean stare he could spend all day and night fucking a slutty sub. His idea of heaven is a dark steamy room filled with men gangbanging and the rich masculine aromas of sweat and arse. He has a lot of experience, confidence and the insatiable sex drive to perform at a moment’s notice. Notice how he continuously looks down into the camera lens during the physical as if intent on seeking out his next horny slave.

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It’s easy to fall for Fred with his big eyes, curly hair and sweet smile. He’s a new father trying to earn some big money. There’s something so sexy about a new father. You know his sperm is really potent – especially when he has a perfect virgin arsehole like Fred. He’s wanted to get into porn for ages, but scammers have only taken money off him up until this point. That’s going to change now especially as he’s so open to trying out every kind of perversity with anyone male or female. It’s going to take some direction and training, but Fred has the ability to go far!

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This gay casting video trailer presented by TheCastingRoom premium website.
New at TheCastingRoom, Conor is a sweet young straight lad who is very naive. It’s a wonder he found the nerve to audition at all, but there must be a burgeoning pervy side to this innocent boy because here he is stripping off and baring his arse for a strange man with a camera. He’s practically shaking with nerves. His total inexperience makes him all the sexier. Slim, hairless except for his big pubic bush, he’s brimming with health and a raging teenage sex drive. He’s like that hot young professional you might notice listening to his ipod while on a commuter train and here he is totally exposed in all his glory.

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It’s a waste that strapping young blue collar workers spend all day in grungy oversized clothes when they could be stark naked on camera. We’re doing our best to correct this one man at a time and today we’ve drawn in blue eyed daddy-type Josh. Now he’s sporting a hard tattooed body and eager sexual attitude, but you know soon enough he’ll settle down and stuck supporting a family. For him it means fulfilling a fantasy of becoming a porn star that he never thought he’d get to try. But before we will cast him in any videos with women we demand a full examination of his naked body and wanking skills.

TheCastingRoom – naked gay

At TheCastingRoom, David is a tall sexy student brimming with self confidence. He’s very careful to keep his personal life from his recent work as a porn actor and he’s very clear about what he will and won’t do. As a dominant man he’ll only be active when having sex and absolutely refuses to have anything up his bum. This always comes across as an enticing challenge but it also means the audition is the perfect opportunity to get a good look at his precious arsehole.


At TheCastingRoom, hetero Pavel’s like a giant rugged woodsman! He’s bearded and muscular with a playful dirty side to his personality. Men like him were built for fucking but here he must submit to the most intimate of exams. He towers above most people and has a really sexy low hanging set of balls. This is one dominant sexy fucker!

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At TheCastingRoom, newbie Alex is one randy hot fucker. He’s got the appearance of a straight laced respectable young man. But secretly he’s into horny orgies with the more men the better! As soon as he’s told to present his dick he’s stroking it and flirtatiously checking me out as if he wants to instantly start fucking. It’s good that he’s so eager but we may have to restrain him so he doesn’t immediately get into the action! And don’t miss his explosive orgasm!

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At TheCastingRoom, this is horny fucker Felipe’s first time being naked on film, but he’s very sexually adventurous so he’s eager to try out how it feels. I subject him to a rigorous exam where he must display his body exactly how I demand. The size of his dick has been enhanced with overuse of a penis pump, but it’s nonetheless impressive what an eager and excitable erection he sports throughout the audition. He’s flexible about who he fucks but absolutely refuses to have anyone touching his precious bumhole. If he’s going to be so withholding about being penetrated we at least demand to see his sphincter fully on show!

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At TheCastingRoom, Andrei’s been building up to this moment for a long time. During his long hours of manual labour in the factory he’s dreamed about being paid to fuck chicks all day. At night he’s tested out his exhibitionist streak by showing off on webcam. But here he’s ordered to strip and pose for my close scrutiny. Even if he won’t allow his straight arse to be fucked I order him to spread his cheeks fully so his sphincter is fully on view!


At TheCastingRoom, we approached Martin on Twitter because out of nowhere he was trying to build a following of men willing to pay to see him naked. Perfect for us. But Durham lads aren’t well known for their openness to all things sexual. In fact I can’t remember having anything from that neck of the woods in our audition room. Will it be a case of “you can look but not touch”? Or will he, for once, actually want to take the porn bull by the horn and make money whilst the iron is hot?

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At TheCastingRoom, in the gym locker room I’ll often spy on guys wearing wedding rings. Just knowing these men are married makes the excitement of getting a quick glance of them naked all the more horny. New hetero man Dean is not only married but a father! It’s hot examining his heavy pink ball sack and knowing it’s full of potent sperm. I direct this dirty blonde bloke to put his naked body on full display and watch how he gets his dick hard!


At, there’s an extra frisson of excitement auditioning Alan because his chick is waiting on the other side of the door. They have an understanding where he makes porn videos to fund their lifestyle. But it’s sexy knowing we have a private tour of this hetero man’s body where he presents his sizeable dick and parts his firm arse cheeks for inspection. And if we’re willing to pay the right cash we can take his sweet cherry!

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At, for someone who is making his very first adult video, Ludvicek appears extremely confident and relaxed. He gets the giggles in that schoolboy jock way as if chatting so openly about is furtive fun. It’s horny putting him through his paces and initiating him into how to be naked on film when he constantly feels the compulsion to cover himself or laugh nervously.