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At TheCastingRoom, handsome hetero Nick is prepared to be sexually flexible but only to a certain point. He likes to be dominant and doesn’t enjoy any kind of arse play. There’s a special pleasure in getting straight guys with this limit to give long lingering arse displays. If he won’t allow us to fuck him we can at least get to imagine plowing his hole by examining it in detail! Watch this affable show off give us a demonstration of what he was born to do.

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At TheCastingRoom, confident and charismatic Koby has racked up a lot of experience in the past year since he’s starting making porn. The amount and variety of his work has been radically increased since his group of friends are all into it too. He’s pint sized and fit with an eager cock and insatiable arse. It’s like this boy has found his true calling adding new fetishes for himself with every new video he makes.

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Hard-bodied Antonio is a big-dicked randy guy with a hankering for big cocks himself. Some guys radiate an animal heat like they are ready to fuck at any moment and Antonio definitely has this vibe. Given his prodigious sexual appetite it’s surprising that this is his first time entering the porn business. The experience of his first audition has sparked a serious love affair with the camera as he keeps sneaking glances at the lens and is obviously turned on by appearing naked for his first time on film.

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At TheCastingRoom, Yury has been waiting for his big break to get into porn so he wants to make a good impression here in his audition. All those nerves hit him when he strips down for the first time to present his dick and arse for inspection. Although he’s straight, Yury has a murky past where he accidentally has sex with transsexuals. It’s occurred multiple times so it is difficult to see how accidental it can be. But given his willingness to be pleasured by a man, it will only take a few videos to turn him into a complete omnisexual perv.

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At TheCastingRoom, there’s something very sexy about a good thick pair of eyebrows. Alex has that sweet, dopey look of your brother’s best friend. He’s come to this country to broaden his sexual horizons after growing up in a narrow minded society. Now he can actually experience all those pervy fantasies of being dominated by multiple men. But first he has to undergo a cross examination and intimate physical inspection. He’s filled with both trepidation and a lot of horny excitement. It’s like having sex for the first time!

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Justin doesn’t only get messy in his job as a mechanic, but he also likes it fucking filthy in the bedroom. This is the very first time this former rugby player has been naked on film. His total nudity and submission in displaying every part of his body is amplified by the knowledge of how submissive he likes to be to women. Justin won’t participate in any man on man action, but it’s so sexy knowing how much he likes having his arse played with and fucked with strap ons while watching his bare his arsehole for the camera.

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Daniel has come a long way in a short amount of time. When he first entered The Casting Room he looked like a sweet studious schoolboy. But after being deflowered in his second audition and his stunning work at BreederFuckers and CMNM, Daniel has turned into one filthy slut. Now we re-view his tattooed body getting him to pose in every position without his glasses. Without wearing his specs he’s blind as a bat. There’s another level of tension and something quite sexy about examining this hot stud’s naked body in detail without him being able to see a thing! See how much more confident Daniel is exposing himself completely compared to his original audition.

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Scrappy Lee is tough boxer who is always up for a fight and perpetually horny. When he slides down his trackie bottoms his big eager cock flops out ready to spring into action. He’s got a slim, muscular body and a pervy glint in his eyes. Growing up in a small community he would only fuck chicks for fear of what people would say, but now he’s at an age where he doesn’t give a toss what people say or think. This has broadened his sexual experience to screwing any woman or man that turns him on. Lee is a masculine randy fucker who can do well in this business if he has the right drive.

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At TheCastingRoom, handsome young Steve has a reputation for sexual hijinks and doing wild things to get off. But he’s only just begun the testing the limits of his sexual exploration and still has a lot of learning to do. He likes it when women take control of him and likes blow jobs so much he’ll get his cock sucked by a man because men know how to do it better. One firm limit for the moment is receiving any arse play so for now all we can do is admire that luscious virgin arsehole which I make him flash along with his luscious long foreskin.

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If you’ve ever had a fantasy about getting it on with the sexy accountant in your office, Jason is for you. He may look conservative and respectable on the outside, but once his clothes come off Jason reveals himself to be a randy, dirty, tattooed sexual demon. He’s got an excitable cock which springs up when he’s being measured and gets turned on by showing himself off. This is the sort of filthy bastard you’d want to slip into the office toilets with for some afternoon fun.

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At TheCastingRoom, sexy bearded Jeffrey is very versatile and experienced. He’s a really masculine dominant fucker who is happiest when his face is buried in a man’s arse and tossing himself off. But he’s got a big round tempting arse himself. With someone this hot and easy to direct it’s hard to find a fault with Jeffrey. It’s like he was born to make porn!

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At TheCastingRoom, sexy hetero Billy is no fool. To earn money to fund his university education he can do weeks of low paid manual labour OR he can use that hot as fuck manly body in highly paid porn. Although he says he only does this for the money pay attention to his dick during the physical. It’s bulging and semi hard throughout! This sporty hot fucker is such a tease, but his audition is smoking and he’s got a body worthy of worship.

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At TheCastingRoom, this tattooed, muscular hetero with a shaved head and intimidating stare looks like the kind brute you might meet in a jail cell. It could be really hot to be penned in with such a horny meat-head. Steponas is eager to make a lot of money showing off his hard body, but thinks his ass is untouchable. He’s not allowed to hide it here. This straight thug is given a complete lesson in how to display his arsehole properly. Steponas is perplexed as to why anyone would want to see it, but we’re not interested in what he thinks.

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The ideal candidate for us is someone who needs to get off at least three times a day. Martial arts fighter Matteo has burning hot sex drive! This adventurous fella goes out to swingers parties and his ideal is fucking a man and woman at the same time. It’s that absolute insatiable greed which makes someone exciting to watch in porn because you can feel how he wants that nonstop sexual high. He demonstrates this here as soon as he strips showing off his perpetually tumescent cock.

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Big burly straight Danny is built like a brick house and likes to be sexually in charge. Whenever I meet an alpha male like this my natural instinct is to make him submit. This audition tests his mettle as he’s turned into a sexual object presenting his thick cock for close inspection and spreading his arse for an extreme close up of his bum hole. This gigantic rugger has never had an experience like this before!