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Got hung? You need to find some wood and steel, and you need it soon. Hold the tool in your hand and guide it carefully until it hits the spot…or just let TitanMen exclusives Trenton Ducati and Hunter Marx be your Stud Finders, leading the charge as a group of utility players get sweatier by the second. A basement workshop heats up as Hunter Marx and Will Swagger takes turns sucking each other before the hairy Hunter plows his bud’s hole. After a passionate suck exchange, buddies Ford Andrews and Jed Athens are soon under the spell of alpha stud Trenton Ducati, whose energy takes control. Handyman Race Cooper’s ass is too much for co-worker Stany Falcone to resist, the duo’s tight abs and muscle bods glistening as they get breathless together.

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Tight wad? We know how it is. Times are tough and you’ve been patiently saving it up, waiting for the right moment to spend it. Well now’s the time to cash in and show it off because the Payload is big. Need some help? TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Scotch Inkom can’t wait to see your investment grow. Join them and their friends, who are all here to assist with your needs… Sun-bathing stud Junior Stellano shows off his hairy bod and throbbing cock, drawing the attention of smooth and ripped admirer Danny King—who keeps a smile on the bottom’s face. Deliveryman Ethan Hudson gets more than he bargained for from Roman Wright, a hung and beefy homeowner who unleashes his meat on the eager sub’s holes. Workers David Anthony, Scotch Inkom and Ethan Hunter take a break to paint each other with cum, their passionate threesome highlighted by a memorable fuck train.

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This Open House will definitely take your mind off the mortgage crisis. Hunky Thomas Winter and Jakub Kostas spend the day looking for a love nest and come across tall dark and handsome real estate agent Karlos Armandes as he’s showing a house to a bunch of hot and horny prospective buyers. No sooner does the pair start looking around the place than cute Martin Corvin, tall and sexy David Vanek and big-dicked Johny Lee show up, get naked and proceed to swallow each other’s uncut cocks. David and Johny spit roast Martin, cramming his mouth and muscular bubble butt full of dick before they spray him with thick gobs of jizz. Muscle stud Eric Tomfor, beefy Andre Lopes and ripped Leo Cooper decide the kitchen’s the best place to eat ass and choke down some hard cock. Andre warms up Leo’s hairy ass with plenty of spit and a couple of fingers and then he and Eric take turns banging Leo before the three studs spurt spunk all over the place. Finally, our original house hunting couple gets a moment alone in a spare bedroom where they strip down and hungrily suck each other’s dicks. Watching through the door, Karlos springs a huge hard on, peels of his suit and joins the action. Thomas and Jakub stuff his face with their cocks, then fuck him hard until they drench his big pecs with plenty of sticky cum. Who knew the real estate market could be this hot?

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Work up that bulge, warm up that hole and get ready to piss all over the shimmering bodies on display in Slick Dogs, the latest fetish masterpiece from TitanMen. Watch as a group of sexy canines—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker—unleash their inner animals, sliding their massive muscles into latex as they bark for their big bones. Accompanied by dark yet colorful imagery, this dazzling display from director Paul Wilde lets the visuals tell the story as filthy fantasies are vividly brought to life. Cocky skinhead Spencer Reed catches the attention of cop JR Matthews, who gets a wet lesson in authority as he’s transformed into an insatiable sex pig. After a big game, Will Parker and Ethan Wolfe play hardball in the locker room—where they cool off with a different kind of shower.

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“Intuition” trailer: It’s that initial glance that piques your interest. It’s the impulse that confirms an undeniable attraction. It’s that bolt of excitement that courses through your body. It’s Intuition, and Titan demands that you follow it as exclusives Jessy Ares and Scotch Inkom lead a handsome crop of studs that let their guard down and follow their instincts. Go ahead, move in closer….

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Open your eyes and surrender to the sensuality on the dark and smoky stage, where the amorous action will have the pleasure Manifest on your face. Embrace the attack on your senses as TitanMen exclusives Dario Beck and Dakota Rivers lead a cast of pulsating performers through a steamy seduction. Voyeur Steven Daigle watches as muscle studs Junior Stellano and Tom Wolfe feast on each other – then joins in the fun as a memorable fuck train highlights the action. As smoke fills the dark stage, built Dakota Rivers slides his dick into both of Logan Scott’s holes – pinning the bottom to the floor in a balls-deep fuck. With his juicy uncut cock leaking, toned and hairy Dario Beck fills up smooth and beefy Eduardo Rodriguez – their passion climaxing with two memorable squirts.

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How do you like to get wet: A jog in the park, weights at the gym or sparring with your boxing bud? Maybe you like something a little more carnal. Let TitanMen exclusives Eddy CeeTee, Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx show you the best way to Break a Sweat. Joggers Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele cruise each other in the park, then work up a bigger sweat in the sheets in a spirited flip fuck. After a hard workout, Shay Michaels gets some relief from spotter Adam Champ, whose massive chest and uncut throbber help relive his gym partner’s aching ass. Boxer Eddy CeeTee hits Jesse Jackman with his best shots, showing off his moves before forcing the big stud into submission.

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The seductive sun takes control on a day where sex fills the air. Can you smell it? The perspiration seeps through every pore, dripping from your skin as your heart beats faster. Get ready to unzip and drip along with TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille and JR Matthews — who lead a crop of scorching studs so hot, you’ll feel every wet pulse and slick thrust right along with them. After polishing Jessy Ares’ Jacuzzi, blue collar hunk JR Matthews polishes something even bigger and harder before opening his hole for a super-stiff ride. Muscle hunk Aymeric DeVille gets hammered by the hard wood of horny handymen Frank Philipp and Ethan Hudson, who tag-team his jock holes. A hot day working outside gets to beefy Mack Manus and toned Kyle Quinn, their passion erupting as the ass-hungry Mack manhandles his buddy.

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A long and hard day has their sweat-soaked jeans getting tighter by the second, the pressure building with bulges ready to burst. Watch TitanMen exclusives Eddy Ceetee, Jesse Jackman and Nick Prescott unleash their beasts as Blue Collar Ballers get to work. Bearded buds Nick Prescott and Eddy Ceetee heat up the warehouse, storing their big cocks in each other’s mouth before the chiseled Nick offers his hairy hole. Beefy Jesse Jackman and Hugh Hunter brandish their power tools in the garage, Jesse rubbing his salt-and-pepper scruff all over the bottom’s bod before fucking him. Dirk Caber and Dallas Steele break in Dirk’s new home by whipping out their big dicks, their increasingly intense encounter punctuated by dirty verbal exchanges.

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“Can you feel the breeze tickling your balls, your boner now bouncing in excitement? In Search and Rescue, shed the shirt and become one with nature as the hottest studs ? led by Dean Flynn, J.R. Matthews, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint ? take you on a masculine outdoor mission you won’t forget.

With smiles stretched across their handsome faces, the athletic bodies of shirtless studs Christopher Saint (with a light dash of chest hair) and Adam Knox (smooth and tattooed) are a vision as they walk through the woods. With time to kill, the two shed more of their clothes and get closer with nature – the taller Knox drops to his knees, feasting on Saint’s uncut cock and hairy sac. The expert oral work gets the muscular hunk moaning, his hot English accent soon filling the forest: “Go right down on it, you sexy bastard!” he says in a sultry stream of verbal encouragement. “Lick my balls… lick them fuckin’ clean!” Knox complies as amazing low shots look up at the action, capturing every inch of Saint’s stunning build. The two switch positions as Knox’s big boner twitches in anticipation. Saint voraciously slurps up his lover’s slab as spit drips down, and the quiet Knox gets more verbal. The two squirt, and then head to a clearing in the woods. Which alpha male will finally submit? Knox bends over by a tree, his smooth hole ripe for the picking. After Saint eats out his bud, he plows him from behind as every muscle in the top’s chiseled body tightens up. Knox gets on the ground, turning around and smiling as he looks into Saint’s eyes. Now on his back, the bottom’s dick stays stiff – and he’s soon coated in cum as the romantic pairing ends. But an accident soon puts one of them in peril…

With his friends mysteriously late for a gathering at the picnic site, dark and smooth Niko Reeves battles his boredom with a raging boner that he soon strokes on the table. With veins bursting from his big biceps, the lean hunk is soon surprised by the voice of Dean Flynn, who’s been watching through the trees. “Continue jacking off,” advises the ranger, much to the surprise of Reeves. Flynn works the bulge in his pants and releases his beast as the two stroke and stare at each other. The ranger moves in, his tongue ready to tease Reeves’ shaft. Flynn is soon deep-throating the hiker as spit strands dangle and drip down. Reeves then jumps to the ground and opens his mouth wide as he sucks on Flynn’s cock, slowly going deeper and deeper before the two jack off. Reeves then bends over the table and offers up his smooth, tight hole. Flynn slurps on Reeves before fucking him deep, getting faster along the way as his own abs clench. The bottom then gets on his back, stroking his boner as he gets plowed before the two squirt again.

While working in the woods, J.R. Matthews finds a backpack with lube inside. He heads up the hill to boss Francois Sagat and the two decide to take a break. They shed their clothes, the jockstrap-clad Matthews falling to his knees to feast on Sagat’s uncut beef. Matthews delivers a superb suck, his hands roaming Sagat’s hairy muscles. Sagat spits down on his boner, tugging Matthews’ short hair while gently fucking his face. Matthews then lies on a large wooden spool as Sagat (his own boner throbbing) returns the favor, locking his lips around his bud’s hot shaft. The limber Matthews then hunches over to suck his own dick, gazing into Sagat’s eyes as he comes up for a sultry kiss. The third member of their crew has now arrived; smooth and beefy Niko strips down and yanks his uncut meat, then joins in for a suck chain before they all cum. Matthews then sandwiches himself between the shorter studs, who take turns stuffing both of the bottom’s holes. Sagat buries his beard into Matthews’ ass before fucking him balls-deep as J.R.’s boner is splayed out on the edge of the spool. After a heated tag-team fuck, the three men shoot again – including a hot wad from Niko that partially lands on Matthews’ face and a big stream from J.R. that splits the middle of his muscular stomach and chest, which Sagat soon slathers with his own sperm. But what’s become of the injured Saint? Stay tuned…”

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Tag Team, where an underground wrestling team practice session turns into four rounds of no holds barred sexual aggression and submission. Rooting for the team has never been so arousing, especially with a line-up that includes Eduardo, Jason Branch, Josh Perez, Anthony Gallo, York Powers, Trenton Comeaux, Nick Cannon, Paul Dawson, and Joe Serrano. Master director Bruce Cam referees this 2-hour, 4-scene high-energy sex extravaganza that will have you down for the count.

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In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Aymeric DeVille, JR Matthews and Tibor Wolfe headline a muscular cast bursting through its latex and restraints in a sexually charged effort filled with sucking, fucking, fisting and pissing. What other secrets await in the Stockroom? Find out as directors Brian Mills and Paul Wilde play with shadows and light in this dark yet visually striking entry. Tibor Wolfe doesn’t stand a chance with masters David Anthony and Spencer Reed, who feed, fuck, piss and fist the hairy hunk into submission. Muscle man Jim Ferro gets a special delivery – a caged JR Matthews, bound and gagged for his owner’s pleasure. Brought in on a forklift, Daniel Michael is driven wild by bearded captors Aymeric DeVille and Alessio Romero, who tops both of them.

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Lay back and relax…it’s already rock hard and ready, itching for your attention. Spit in your hand, grip it tight and slide to the Powerstroke of pros like TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck, who heads a group of cock-strong showoffs with all hands on dick. As the rain makes him horny, a jacking Dario Beck is joined by voyeur Adam Russo—who keeps the bottom stiff as he fucks both of his holes. Blond and beautiful Christopher Daniels locks lips with tattooed bottom Caleb Colton, their two tight bods glistening as they work up a sweat. Horned before a party, tall and trim Ty Roderick shares a favor with smooth Jecht Parker—a big and thick boner ready to burst in a heated outdoor encounter.

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Fantasy and reality converge in the visual feast Incubus, the stunning Creative Director debut of Francois Sagat. Joined in front of the camera by fellow TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille, Trenton Ducati and Hunter Marx, Sagat presents an artistic, hypnotic journey bursting with color, unforgettable imagery and pulsing cocks. Is it a dream or a night-terror? Take in the sensory overload of sight, sound and sex—and decide for yourself.