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Cristian is a straight young man who visits Dr. Wess to stop smoking. But the evil Dr. Wess will use hypnosis to help him, making him become his private human dog. When you can only obey, you have no choice but to submit to desires…

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Emilio and Max are left in the backseat of their buddy’s car with nothing to do but get frisky and fool around. The horny stud, Max, pulls out his cock for Emilio to take suck on, allowing the handsome man to swallow it down his throat as it grows even bigger.

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Keith Evans was looking to experiment a bit with fetishes and see what was out there beyond sex so we set him up with our fetish expert Derrick Paul. Today Keith is going to learn a bit about humiliation and see if he likes it!

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Leo loves the idea of fucking a sexy slave in the a remote place, waiting and eager to take his big cock. Luckily, Henzo is happy to give him what he wants. When Leo arrives at the abandoned building, he’s already on all fours with his pants down, revealing his round, smooth bubble butt in a jock strap. Leo wastes no time claiming what’s his, eating out his obedient sub before sliding his cock in his tight, hot hole. With no one around to hear, Leo fucks his bottom hard and rough, getting his nuts ready to burst on the sounds of his heavy pounding and Henzo’s sexy moans.

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John Marcus is one studly hairy chested DILF that just recently came out of the closet. He’s got 37 years of sexual suppression to catch up on and Wild Willy is more than ready to give it to him! Watch John take some pointers and some cock from his newly found gay friend!

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Beefy stud Antonio Moreno has been getting some tips from his personal trainer CorbiHot stud’s Jarred Scott and Jack London met around the bars in beautiful West Hollywood, California. After a few drinks they were horny and ready to go back and get each other undressed for the first time! Watch these hot dudes suck each other off and fuck hardcore!

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Jimy’s working on the ladder when he calls Yohan in for a hand. Yohan is happy to help, but can’t resist bracing his colleague up by his crotch. Jimy is horny as fuck and eager to get a load out. Yohan sucks on Jimy’s huge cock before taking it up his tight hole. Things get steamy in the office closet as the two fuck harder and harder!

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Fabrizzio relieves himself of his full bladder before he notices a hard cock popping through a hole in the stall beside him. With no one else around, he can’t resist dropping to his knees to give it a taste. Sucking on the stranger’s shaft, he strokes his own member, getting hotter and hornier as his hunger grows more intense. The hot, anonymous blowjob leads to Fabrizzio begging to be fucked, leading the secret top out of his privacy. Luc bends Fabrizzio over the urinals and pushes his wet cock up his ass, fucking him hard and deep before busting his load!

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Horny DILF Derrick Paul is no stranger to the fetish world. He gets off on humiliating his twink subjects and making them obey his every will. Today he brings his twink Kit Deschanel over to the toilet to practice his fetish skills!

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Blond bad boy Jordan is always ready to fuck. He especially loves hot, impromptu sex in public spaces. Luckily for him, horny cocksucker Marcos is hanging out by a secluded set of urinals, just waiting for someone to whip out their cock. When Jordan sees the sexy Spanish man checking out his piece, he’s ready to shove it in his mouth! Jordan stands tall and in charge as he gets his meat worshipped. Rock hard and edged, Jordan bends the hot bottom over the urinals and plows his cock deep inside his tight hole. Marcos clings to the porcelain, bracing himself as he gets used hard by his aggressive dominant top!

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Max and David had a long night of going out and and going wild. Now, with the sun’s bright light forcing them awake, the two spend the midday lazily hanging out and relaxing. However, it doesn’t take much to stir them out of their quiet peace. One horny thought inspires another as hungry cocksucker Max pulls down his friend’s shorts and takes his thick meat to the back of his throat. David’s massive cock is plenty to keep Max’s mouth full. And David can’t wait to get his hands on his buddy’s smooth, athletic bubble butt. Max gets on all fours on their bed to take David deep in his gut, feeling his prostate get aggressively attacked as they each pound their way closer to climax!

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Go clubbing, have a drink, and wake up bound, gagged and in hands of a stallion like Sergio Serrano may be the dream of many, and the nightmare of many others. Yera Cruz get involved in this situation, a skinhead that ends up being used by Sergio unceremoniously.


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Ralf have spent the night before with Thay Fun and his boyfriend and they had a long, sweaty, wonderful session. Unfortunately only Thay was willing to have sex with Ralf in front of the camera, but his man was watching them, while Ralf got fucked. Thay likes it hard and you can tell by his screaming and moaning that it wasn’t easy for Ralph to take his big cock. It was great sex and amazing to feel him deep inside Ralph.

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Max heeds his coach’s wishes by finding more opportunities to practice and improve his performance. Following a friendly scrimmage, the young player invites a handsome competitor to go one on one. Once alone and their playfully aggressive natures come to the surface, they’re unable to deny their sexual tension. Max is pinned against the wall by his opponent, locked in place by his lips and the intensity of his kiss. Things escalate as they pull down their shorts, pull out their cocks, and work on each other’s shafts with their hands and mouths. Max is eager to get another cock up his tight hole, leaning up against the rough concrete walls to brace himself for a hot, aggressive fuck.

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Matt’s spent all day out in the sun, surfing the waves and feeling the adrenaline as he soars through the water. The only thing that could possibly top that rush is a good fuck, and luckily he knows where to go for that! His buddy, Julian, meets him back at his beach house, where the two exchange hungry blowjobs, filling each other’s throats with their big dicks. Matt’s toned, sunkissed body gets Julian rock hard, getting him horny to feel him fuck his tight hole hard! Matt slides in his soft, round cheeks, fucking him deep as they enjoy their hot, energetic pounding!