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Sports-loving Lyam has engaged the services of electrician Jordan to fix the fan in his bathroom ceiling. A quick glance is all Jordan needs to figure out that the problem’s a pretty easy fix. His next client’s not for a couple of hours though; he’s got some time to kill and red-hot Lyam is kicking off some serious sexual heat.

Jordan falls to his knees and gets his lips firmly wrapped around the growing bulge struggling to escape from the silky fabric of Lyam’s jogging pants. Within seconds, Lyam’s uncovered his giant, rock-hard meat and is feeding it to the horny, submissive electrician. Jordan’s an expert dick-sucker and Lyam is soon groaning in a state of uncontrollable ecstasy.

It becomes clear that both men like it sleazy. There’s plenty of spitting, throttling, slapping and humiliation as Lyam establishes himself as the dominant master of this plumber. Lyam’s sweaty sneakers are soon introduced; the stench of warm rubber insoles fills the bathroom and Jordan is driven into a desperate, lustful frenzy.

Lyam starts aggressively fingering Jordan’s sweet, puckered ass. He soon has his nine-inch meat lodged deep inside Jordan’s tight hole. He fucks with force and almost eye-watering speed. Jordan is helpless to do anything other than moan deeply as his ass is torn apart and his internal organs are brutally rearranged. He yells. He wants more. Frankly, he’ll take it as hard as Lyam can give it. And judging by the insane cum explosions at the end of the adventure, neither man is left in any way unsatisfied!

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Even in low light, chisel-jawed blond uncut stud, Kameron Frost, has everything a guy needs to turn heads. Late one night, when he goes out to play with himself outside a popular back-alley cruising spot, it’s no surprise that he attracts attention. He catches eyes everywhere he goes—but it’s not every night he catches the eye of tattooed muscle-stud porn star, Kryss Aston!

These two hunks need little communication beyond scent and stares. Just at the sight of the blonde euro-stud, Kryss immediately drops to his knees and sucks Kameron’s cock. In the middle of the back-alley blowjob, Kameron rips away the muscle stud’s black shirt and leads him into a more secluded hideaway. There, on a red leather bed, Kameron feeds the muscle bottom’s mouth every inch of his uncut cock, wearing Kryss’ jaw out with an unending series of deep-throated thrusts.

But Kameron isn’t satisfied with just fucking Kryss’ mouth—he wants his big beefy ass, too! After a good fingering with lube, Kameron sticks his dick in the tight hole and punishes it with slow, meticulous pumps until he finds a rhythm that satisfies them both.

When Kameron finally gives in to the urge to shoot his load, he pulls out and strokes off with Kryss. They Christen the red leather underneath them simultaneously with their seed, and Kameron, wobbly legged, walks away sweaty and satisfied. Kryss, though, remains on the sofa, and beckons to the next man ready to play. For this muscle bottom, his back-alley adventure is just getting started…

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Stocky hunk Magnum takes a walk through the twisting corridors of a sweaty Parisian sex club. He finds handsome bottom boy Clem in a lock-up, chained to a sling, legs wide open, his hole on display for any horny passer-by.

Clem’s body is an offer Magnum can’t refuse. Within seconds the hairy daddy has his huge dick half-way down Clem’s throat. His new slave is soon gagging obediently!

Magnum aggressively fingers the boy, preparing him for a hard, rough ride. He slams his dick into Clem with little regard for the screaming bottom’s comfort. With his hands brutally wrapped around the sub’s throat, he skewers him with animalistic force.

Later in the evening, French porn God Greg Century stumbles upon Clem, still tied up in his sling, hole gaping from a night of extreme abuse. Greg likes nothing more than asserting his dominance over a boy. He slaps, spits on, and throttles him. He thrusts his meat deep into the boy’s throat and then into his sloppy ass, banging Clem with the kind of rhythm that would ruin the boy had he not already been so. Greg pulls out and explodes all over Clem’s belly.

When a boy’s been that well used and abused, all that’s left to do is fist him and then piss on him. That’s what Magnum thinks, at least! He returns to do just that with a deeply perverted pleasure in one of Jalif’s all time kinkiest flicks. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart!

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Holed up in a small, seedy bathhouse room, Euro studs Jonathan Darko and Tony Cisser are deep in the throes of a passionate kiss.

They run their hands over one another, and let them linger at the crotch of the other’s pants. Their lips tussle, and their tongues wrestle. Soon enough though, Tony lowers himself down and wraps his mouth around Jonathan’s rigid, uncut cock. Tony’s head bobs back and forth rhythmically, and he gets lost in the taste, and smell, of Darko’s loins. Jonathan leans back and lets the cocksucker go to town as he strokes his own stiff meat.

But these two are versatile! The two hunks switch places; Jonathan gets down on his knees and begins an oral assault on Tony’s fat uncut dick. They become intertwined in a 69 position and, while there, Jonathan reveals a dirty secret of his: he sniffs and huffs Tony’s sweaty socks and sneakers.

The smell must’ve triggered something. Clearly worked up, Jonathan makes Tony bend and slides his hard knob into Tony’s hungry hole. With Tony’s face pressed up against the mirror in the room, Jonathan jackhammers the hole, eliciting grunts from the bottom with each quick thrust. Jonathan shoves his own sneaker into Tony’s face, letting him sniff the sweaty shoe as he takes the pounding. If Tony didn’t share Jonathan’s kink before, he does now: his eyes roll back into his head.

The two return to the 69, swallowing each other’s cocks as they begin to build to an orgasmic crescendo. Jonathan rubs his sweaty socks all over Tony’s face as Tony seamlessly continues to work Jonathan’s cock in and out of his mouth. The two studs jerk themselves off, leaving themselves in a pile of their own mess.

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J Bineau finds Euro stud Jess Royan lounging on a mattress in a low lit room at the end of a back alley. Jess is lying on a mattress in just sneakers and a tight t-shirt, playing with his dick and smiling expectantly. When cherub-faced J falls to his knees and starts sucking him off, who can blame him for grinning?

J’s blowjob is long, thorough, and borders on total cock worship. The way he slurps at the stud’s big meat stirs Jess’ dominant streak to life, who turns the blowjob into an intense face-fucking session. He thrusts wildly into J’s face, slapping him around both with his hands and his dick. These two hump and grind in a tornado of positions, with J ending up bouncing up and down on Jess’s dick.

Jess abuses J’s ass and face with his palm and uncut cock, but the horny little bottom clearly loves getting roughed up! He’s panting and begging for more—and that’s exactly what we expect from the sleazy little bottoms of JalifStudio! Spit, cum, spanking, and more await you in the shocking, hot climax of this back alley fuck fest!

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From a purely visual perspective, Kameron Frost and Picwik couldn’t be any more mismatched. Tall, blond Kameron is dressed in boxing gear; silky shorts, red boxing gloves while Picwik, who’s darker featured and more diminutive in stature, wears a natty suit and tie.

The two men are in a messy garage. Kameron has set up a makeshift heavy bag out of cardboard boxes. There’s obviously a lot of pent-up anger in him today, as he’s slamming his fists into it with considerable force! Picwik is impressed. In fact, he’s somewhat turned on!

Picwik walks across to Kameron and pushes his shorts down, cheekily grabbing the taller man’s dick before dropping to his knees and getting it into his mouth. Kameron’s 9-inch mega-weapon is solid in seconds. Picwik’s a sexy guy who gives insanely good head. Kameron genuinely can’t remember when his dick was last serviced so expertly!

A well-suited man kneeling in front of a super-hung jock in boxing gloves is not a sight you see everyday, but it’s certainly one which gets the blood pumping! When the same suited man starts hungrily licking his protégé’s well-scuffed sneakers, an intoxicating power-dynamic is instantly established.

Kameron stands behind Picwik and encourages him to drop his pants, rapidly sinking his giant dick into the shorter man’s ass. They’re banging at top speed before either has the chance to take off any more clothes! There’s an air of carnal desperation about the encounter. Kameron nails his prey with the same aggression he demonstrated while throwing punches earlier.

Animalistic, full-tilt penetration like this can’t go on indefinitely and Kameron soon feels the semen rising uncontrollably in his balls. He pulls out just in time to watch Picwik spraying his dense load all over the concrete floor. Kameron’s own cumsplosion is the stuff of legend. He aims for Pikwik’s silk tie, but great, powerful arcs of spunk fly in all directions, dousing everything within a 3-foot radius!

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Stan is addicted to sneakers, and not just to the way they feel on his feet. When a new black-and-white pair arrives, he can’t wait to break them in in his own special way.

He rings up his friend Theo Sartera—a cute, tall twink with a huge uncut cock—to meet him outside in an abandoned building. It’s not the first time Stan’s turned a trick for this Euro stud, and as he gets down on his knees and wraps his lips around Theo’s meat, he prays it won’t be the last.

Theo loves it when Stan calls him up—almost as much as Theo loves slapping him around. Stan gets dick-slapped repeatedly during the face-fuck, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Much like his new sneakers, he, too, wants to be broken in.

And breaking into Stan’s ass? Theo loves to do that, too. He brings Stan up to a standing position and forces him to hold on to a hollowed-out door frame. He pulls Stan’s pants down, exposing a smooth, pale rump, and begins to fuck and spank it with wild abandon. By the time Theo’s had his fun ramming his big cock into the tiny hole, Stan’s cheeks are red, sore, and split wide open.

Now that Stan has done the job for Theo, it’s Theo’s turn to pay up. The two studs stroke each other off onto Stan’s new shoes, christening the leather with their sleazy seed. Stan is addicted to sneakers. Not just the way they feel on his feet, but the way they feel under his dick, too…

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Lanky stud Julian Kido is sitting at the bar, having a smoke, his chest peeking out through his unzipped track suit jacket. Kevin Sportwear is sitting mere feet away from him. He’s nursing a beer and looking Julian’s way. Their cruising glances catch each other.

Kevin knows a bottom when he sees one. He removes his shirt, then his sneaker, which he tosses at Julian. The lanky blonde catches it like a pro and sticks his nose right into the lining. He takes a big whiff of his new top’s particular scent. Kevin watches with approval, and continues to undress fully, socks and all. His cock is visibly hard through his light gray boxer briefs.

After Julian works Kevin’s cock with his mouth, and after taking a few more hits of the scent of his sweaty sneakers and socks, Julian stands and bends over a table in the middle of the bar. He pleads for Kevin to slide his cock up into his hungry hole; Kevin’s more than happy to oblige.

Julian grunts as the sleazy top effortlessly pops his cock head into his hole. The blonde bottom uses the same sneaker as something of a pillow, one that he can grunt into and sniff as he gets used to the meat invading him. Julian, almost completely undressed now, leads Kevin to a bench so that he can sit on the beefy stud’s cock and ride it.

He sniffs his own sneakers as Kevin pumps into him. Kevin can feel his balls start to tighten as he nears orgasm; he has Julian kneel back down. Kevin looms over his sneaker-loving bottom and vigorously strokes until he blows his load, painting Julian’s chest with his hot cum.

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A graffiti-covered, forgotten-about building site, somewhere in the French countryside. Jess Royan, a shaven-headed dude in sports gear stumbles upon Jordan Kiffeur, a horny scally boy who can’t wait to get down and dirty!

Jordan drops to his knees and instantly starts to suck Jess’ huge dick. These two pigs plainly love it rough and kinky. Within seconds, Jess is spitting on Jordan and Jordan is responding by squatting down and eagerly licking and kissing his new master’s sneakers.

If you’re a foot-fetishist, you’re gonna love this film. These two dudes are well into sneakers. There’s plenty of sleazy sniffing, slurping, slapping and deep, sloppy sucking to keep your right hand more than busy!

Jess is hugely turned on by the encounter. He rapidly starts to lube up Jordan’s muscular ass before thrusting his dick deep into the scally boy’s clam-tight hole.

Jess bangs hard and fast, placing a sneaker over his nose and taking great long, addicted huffs. Watch out for the sexy tattoo on his lower torso and thigh, by the way…

Jess pulls out and Jordan returns to hungrily worshiping the top man’s sneakers. The deep subservience thrills Jess, who jerks his dick, then cracks one off all over Jordan’s back. A huge quantity of pent-up semen flies out of his rock hard rod. He kicks Jordan to the ground, spits in the scally boy’s direction and leaves the building site with considerably lighter balls!

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It’s a question as old as time: whose dick is bigger? Jonathan Darko is hanging out in a dark, dingy, European apartment waiting for his hookup to arrive. He’s horny as hell and ready for some hot man-on-man action.

Kameron Frost arrives, tall with curly blond hair, and just as amped to start fucking as Jonathan is. They start making out, passionate kissing that start everyone’s juices flowing. Kameron slides his hands into Jonathan’s pants and discovers a little secret: assless underwear!

Pants come off and Jonathan slurps Kameron’s hard cock into his mouth. The long, veiny hard-on jumps on its own with excitement as this talented cocksucker opens his throat for business.

Kameron’s blond pubes tickle Jonathan’s face with every deep dive he takes! Jonathan is stroking himself all the while, heightening the pleasure he’s getting from this intense blow job. They change positions so Jonathan can really get in there and suck. Kameron moans out loud because this guy knows how to give head!

With both boys hard as a rock, they decide to check and see who has the bigger dick. A smartphone makes the perfect tool for comparing. Which one is the cock-of-the-walk? No spoilers here!

Kameron can’t take much more of this. He bends Jonathan over the end of the couch and slowly slips his throbbing, dripping dick into his fuckbuddy’s hungry hole! Now it’s Jonathan’s turn to moan as he opens up to take this hard battering ram deep into his ass.

Over and over Kameron pumps and pumps. He’s got a great rhythm going and the two are each flooded with sexy sensations!

When they can’t take anymore, they stroke side-by-side, showing off their two beautiful dicks until they shoot huge globs of cum up onto their t-shirts. What a great pairing!

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Will takes the reins and announces that he finds it very difficult to concentrate on work when his cock is rock-hard. Would Romeo be interested in helping him out with that? The handsome Frenchman certainly would!

It takes less than two seconds for Romeo to get on his knees and start peeling Will’s pants and boxers off. The sensation of his smoking hot coworker’s eager and hungry mouth on Will’s swelling cock feels incredible! Will quickly throws his shirt off and smiles as Romeo sucks and slurps with a rabid vigor.

Romeo takes his mouth off of Will’s powerful erection just long enough to tear off his own shirt and unbutton his jeans. Will takes the opportunity to play with Romeo’s nipples, getting them erect as well! Romeo loves this kind of erotic touch and goes back to town on Will’s hardon.

Now both hunks are completely naked and revved up! They take the action to the bed and start kissing and touching one another everywhere. Will motions for Romeo to get face down and ass up- which he does immediately, eager for what might be coming next! With Romeo’s ass and tight hole exposed, Will gives Romeo’s ass a quick, erotic slap and spits on his sexy rosebud.

And boy-oh-boy is Romeo’s hungry bottom tight! Getting Will’s long horsecock into such a narrow fuck tunnel is no small feat, but with patience and determination, Will finally does just that! He sighs with lust-filled satisfaction as he finds himself all the way in and as deep inside Romeo’s awesome bottom as he can take!

Will turns Romeo over onto his back and reinserts his slick and greasy dick back into his quivering hole. Feeling his oats and getting more and more assertive with his thrusts and pounding, Will begins to fuck Romeo with an animalistic fervor. Both sexy hunks can feel their impending cumshots quickly building!

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Sexy Greg ducks into an alleyway and enters a sex club, flinging himself down onto a couch and spreading his legs enticingly.

Greg immediately attracts the attention of Romain, an edgily-dressed young man who kneels down next to the couch and starts to sniff and lick Greg’s prize sneakers. Seriously turned on, Romain’s hungry mouth slowly moves towards the impressive bulge in Greg’s pants.

Greg rapidly returns the favor, chewing and sucking on Romain’s crotch like an addict before diving down towards his stinking sneakers. Romain’s big, excited, curved dick is soon out of his trackies and half-way down Greg’s slutty throat. The sneakers come off and the two men become embroiled in a hot, hard, sleazy, desperate, writhing mass of flesh, feet, rubber and sweaty, synthetic fabrics.

Greg drops his pants and squats over the leather couch, presenting his tight, lubed-up bubble butt to Romain. Romain bangs with aggression and brutality. His dick needs to cum and he’s not in the mood for pussy-footing around. Greg moans and gasps in a mixture of surprise, discomfort and deep, deep pleasure. He’s never been taken this hard before. It feels like his ass is being torn apart and he loves it…

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What a special treat Stany has in store for him when he arrives home. His friends all gathered to celebrate his birthday, and they didn’t come empty handed! Upon arrival, he is greeted by his buddies, cheering and singing, only for them to reveal a special gift: sexy, Francisco! Francisco is exactly what Stany likes, and his friends are kind enough to arrange a special playdate for him and the smooth, dark-skinned twink.

Decked out in merely a skimpy jockstrap, Francisco wastes no time in letting Stany know that he wants to get him alone and have all the fun they can handle! As Stany leads Francisco down the hall and into their own private room, he can’t help but reach out and feel his exotic friend’s bubble butt. Francisco is delighted and wants more!

Both sexy boys are feeling very frisky and begin to playfully kiss and lick at one another’s face, mouth, and neck. Francisco then boldly pulls Stany’s beautiful cock out of his pants and begins to eagerly swallow every savory inch into his mouth. If it wasn’t hot before, it’s damn near sweltering now, and Stany has no choice but to loosen the buttons of his shirt and quickly remove his tie!

Francisco is clearly having a great time with his French stallion’s juicy meat, but Stany is still in the mood for play. He teases the boy beauty, allowing his cock to pulsate and bob in and out of his mouth. Francisco is a great sport and loves this game, so he plays along with Stany’s maneuverings with great delight. However, Francisco really wants to show Stany what he can do with his mouth, lips and tongue!

Stany can only sigh, moan, and smile as his playmate intently devours his cock. A thick sheen of perspiration has formed on Stany’s brow. The heat has almost become too much to bear! He quickly removes his pants and really focuses on Francisco’s expertly eager fellatio. Inspired and turned on, Stany leans down, kisses the boy, and begins to nibble along his neck, driving him even crazier with lust!

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Kameron Frost enters a housing block on the outskirts of Paris. The blond, handsome hunk is greeted by Maxxime at the door, ready and willing to be dominated by the hot guest, Maxxime is your typical scally lad. He’s a rough diamond with a great body and a peachy ass, and he’s up for whatever comes his way!

The two men immediately start making out. Maxxime is quick to fall to his knees and pull Kameron’s king-sized dick out of his tight jeans. He wraps his lips around it, and allows the giant, veiny member to repeatedly slide in and out of his tight, hungry throat. Maxxime is a diligent sucker and clearly gives the greatest head!

Maxxime’s ass begins to twitch uncontrollably, and he leans over the side of the couch, presenting himself to Kameron, who takes full advantage of the situation. Kameron’s soon banging Maxxime like a true pro, ramming every inch of his throbbing dick deep into the slutty sub’s accommodating hole.

Kameron bangs with increasing speed and energy, plainly on a mission to utterly ruin his partner’s well-used ass. Maxxime gasps in a state of pure ecstasy. It’s been a long time since he was used like this.

Kameron throws Maxxime onto his back on the couch, rolls his legs back and gets properly stuck in, using his powerful thighs to bang with maximum force.

Kameron pulls out and sits on the arm of the couch, squirting his Olympian load onto Maxxime’s smooth chest. Maxxime immediately follows suit, exploding upwards into the huge pool of cum already rolling down his body.

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Stan Lacoste is bored and horny so he gets his straight-acting buddy Rod Malek alone in hopes of seducing him. Rod weakly resists at first, but soon is overcome by how turned on he is by his friend’s eager advances. Any and all reluctance vanishes when Stan boldly pulls the cute twink over to him and starts massaging Rod’s undeniably hard cock!

With libidos afire and both studs’ cocks at full mast, a long and overdue session of intense sucking and fucking starts. These lust-driven hunks can’t keep their hands and mouths off one another for even a moment – and the powerful cumshots send waves of intense pleasure through their sexy bodies!