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Go clubbing, have a drink, and wake up bound, gagged and in hands of a stallion like Sergio Serrano may be the dream of many, and the nightmare of many others. Yera Cruz get involved in this situation, a skinhead that ends up being used by Sergio unceremoniously.


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Max heeds his coach’s wishes by finding more opportunities to practice and improve his performance. Following a friendly scrimmage, the young player invites a handsome competitor to go one on one. Once alone and their playfully aggressive natures come to the surface, they’re unable to deny their sexual tension. Max is pinned against the wall by his opponent, locked in place by his lips and the intensity of his kiss. Things escalate as they pull down their shorts, pull out their cocks, and work on each other’s shafts with their hands and mouths. Max is eager to get another cock up his tight hole, leaning up against the rough concrete walls to brace himself for a hot, aggressive fuck.

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Matt’s spent all day out in the sun, surfing the waves and feeling the adrenaline as he soars through the water. The only thing that could possibly top that rush is a good fuck, and luckily he knows where to go for that! His buddy, Julian, meets him back at his beach house, where the two exchange hungry blowjobs, filling each other’s throats with their big dicks. Matt’s toned, sunkissed body gets Julian rock hard, getting him horny to feel him fuck his tight hole hard! Matt slides in his soft, round cheeks, fucking him deep as they enjoy their hot, energetic pounding!

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Jess rides around town with his hookup app open, looking for someone to suck his dick. He’s totally horned up and ready for some action. He gets a response from Luke, a young British guy turned on by the idea of giving some car head. Luke wastes no time stripping off his clothes in the passenger seat when Jess picks him up. His mouth is watering to feast on some cock, and Jess is happy to provide it. The two suck each other off in the parked car, all under the cover of the dark night. Jess is so impressed with the cocksucker’s skills, he wants to see what his ass feels like.

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Two pals meets for a good fuck. For Mikel is the first time he will be dominated but can’t refuse to be tied up, forced to lick feet and spit and having a hard playing with his ass.

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Blonde stud Jordan is sunning on the beach when he spots sexy Latin stud, Enzo, undressing for a dip and a surf. Enzo’s smooth, toned body is exactly what Jordan likes and he can’t resist chatting him up. Their connection is immediate as the horny men begin running their hands over their bare bodies. They kiss passionately, teasing their nipples, and pulling down their swimsuits to get at each other’s hard cocks. With the summer sun beating down on them, they take advantage of their remote location to suck each other off and get each other even hotter! Jordan bends Enzo over the rocks of the shore, giving him access to his smooth, round ass and tight hole. The blonde top presses his cock between those tanned cheeks and fucks him hard!

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Luc lubes up his big, muscular ass as soon as he gets off the phone with his buddy, Diego. He’s told him that wants to get fucked and used hard and that he should hurry over to his place.

Luc leaves his door unlocked and waits with his ass in the air, hole wet and ready for Diego to come and claim it. When Diego arrives, he wastes no time getting a feel for Luc’s fuck hole, fingering it and teasing it as soon as he walks in the room.

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Max and Juan rush at each other, grabbing at their clothes and making out before Juan shoves Max’s mouth on his sweaty cock! Max laps at his heavy nuts, getting the cocky guy worked up and hard!

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Jimy lies out in the summer sun feeling his skin become warmed and bronzed. As the day lingers on, he can’t help but feel his body come alive and aroused.

Luckily, his friend Nathan come to join him poolside. The two young men kiss and caress each other’s beautiful bodies, taking advantage of their private backyard oasis and their smooth, tanned bodies.

Jimy pulls down Nathan’s briefs to take his cock into his mouth. The hard shaft slides past his lips and glides on his tongue, becoming bigger with each stroke.

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Two students get an F by their teacher and decide to take revenge giving him a lesson he’ll never forget: Licking their feet and sneakers, writing humiliating phrases on the blackboard, or getting spitted in the mouth, are some of the things he will have to do in order to learn who rule in class.

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