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At TheCastingRoom, there’s something about a big dicked man with a dumb look on his face that’s so damn irresistible and newcomer Luke has that in spades. His resting face hangdog expression gives him a perpetually dopey look. Combine that with his fit manly body and tumescent cock and I could look at him naked all day. As a certified versatile fucker we can use him in almost any way we want. That combined with his pure professionalism and long droopy foreskin makes him very employable.

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At TheCastingRoom, handsome hetero Nick is prepared to be sexually flexible but only to a certain point. He likes to be dominant and doesn’t enjoy any kind of arse play. There’s a special pleasure in getting straight guys with this limit to give long lingering arse displays. If he won’t allow us to fuck him we can at least get to imagine plowing his hole by examining it in detail! Watch this affable show off give us a demonstration of what he was born to do.

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At TheCastingRoom, confident and charismatic Koby has racked up a lot of experience in the past year since he’s starting making porn. The amount and variety of his work has been radically increased since his group of friends are all into it too. He’s pint sized and fit with an eager cock and insatiable arse. It’s like this boy has found his true calling adding new fetishes for himself with every new video he makes.

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At TheCastingRoom, we’ve got the hottest fans! David first became aware of us as a keen viewer of our videos. He’s racked up a lot of experience both in his personal life and making porn and performing in live sex shows. But we make the kind of edgy and kinky material that’s perfect for him. As natural bottom he likes it as raunchy as possible. His handsome good looks and sexy natural body make him versatile for a lot of roles so we’d be keen to try him out in a number of position.

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Early morning at boot camp and fresh-faced young army cadets are ordered out of bed to get a start to their day. Ignoring the erections poking out of their shorts they quickly go to wash together outside. The stern sergeants teach them how to thorough wash their ass cracks and cocks. Those who disobey are stripped and publicly humiliated. EricDeman has the most amazing footage from real naked military training camps. Download and save thousands of videos!

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Hard-bodied Antonio is a big-dicked randy guy with a hankering for big cocks himself. Some guys radiate an animal heat like they are ready to fuck at any moment and Antonio definitely has this vibe. Given his prodigious sexual appetite it’s surprising that this is his first time entering the porn business. The experience of his first audition has sparked a serious love affair with the camera as he keeps sneaking glances at the lens and is obviously turned on by appearing naked for his first time on film.

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Sebastien showed up for his first porn audition ever in a perfect shape. It looked like he’s done this for a long time, a natural! I decided to treat you this week with the entire unedited raw footage of his debut! You’ll see and hear everything that happened during this steamy shooting. What a performer and mostly, what a body Sebastien has! A must see!

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Some chaps are happy when they’re sent down. They are so used to being pampered inside that the punishment is 10 times better than it should be. Add in a middle class background and prison wardens treat them even better. But not all the prison officers are happy about this and dish out their own kind of societal revenge! Of course the very best way of doing that is with a mandatory ice cold hosing down. This prisoner has been inside for 20 week and has already been stripped naked like this many times. He’s on remand but that doesn’t mean he can avoid having a proper freezing cold hosing. The best bit is, to make sure he isn’t being treated too harshly, one of the guards has to record the whole thing on video! So others can enjoy watching this bloke’s little cock bouncing around as he tries to withstand the cold water treatment. The guards can barely contain their glee when he has to do his best to wash his arsehole. They’ll check just how clean his ringpiece is later tonight no doubt.