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Hairy Daddy Silver Steele can’t get enough of Luke Hudson’s bonus hole! And this FTM hottie can’t get enough of Silver’s fat, missile-like cock, either…

Both men start out shirtless in shorts; Luke sits on Silver’s lap while they kiss. Luke’s shorts soon come off so that Silver can finger the wet bonus hole. Turnabout is fair play—Luke slobbers down on Silver’s fat meat. The blow job is stellar, and it’s not long before Silver’s chewing on Luke’s big bonus hole and eating him out.

When both men can’t wait anymore. Silver lays Luke on his back at the edge of the bed, then slides his cock into the FTM star’s tight hole—leaving Luke mumbling as he tries to take it all! With a little effort, they make it fit, and Silver gathers Luke up in his arms. The DILF easily bounces Luke up and down on the very impressive fuck stick. Both are clearly having the rut of their lives!

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Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx have been around the block more than a few times and that connection shows. These boys aren’t just here to fuck—they make long, sweet love to each other.

They start slowly undressing, taking their time getting reacquainted and loving every minute of it. As soon as Jonah gets Stevie’s pants off, he chows down on the jock’s secret hole, leaving Stevie moaning and panting with desire. They then switch it up with Jonah getting an equally enthusiastic blow job from Stevie. That boy knows his way around a cock!

He sucks Jonah until the hot otter top can’t take another lick, and then opens up and lets Jonah throat-fuck him. Before Jonah feeds his boy, he puts Stevie face down on the sofa and plows him to paradise and back before filling that jockpussy with a thick, dripping load.

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One of JockPussy’s most famous FTM stars is back at it again! Trans stud Luke Hudson and twink top Tom Bentley are only moments into making out on the couch before their tank tops and shorts get ripped off their bodies and onto the floor. These two men return to kissing one another as their hands roam over each other’s toned frames.

As they grope and tease, Tom’s cock grows hard and sticks straight out. It rubs up against Luke’s warm bonus hole. The FTM star grips Tom’s staff and lets it rub against his wet opening. Tom goes in for a taste of this man’s jock-pussy, which causes Luke to decide his twink lover shouldn’t be the only one to eat!

Luke wants to swallow Tom’s meat-sword down his throat, really get it nice and slicked up before he takes it in his hole. It isn’t long before Luke is folded up on his back, looking Tom in his eyes as this gorgeous lover mercilessly pounds a load deep into him!

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Handsome twink Tyler Tanner has hit the Jockpussy jackpot with Declan Gray. He’s sexy, fit, masculine… and he has a bonus hole? What’s not to love about that! They engage in some light kissing and Tyler’s jeans become tight as Declan’s hands rub his lean stomach. After Declan releases Tyler’s throbbing cock.

Declan allows Tyler to indulge in his jockpussy, but only after satisfying his own craving for cock. From the looks of it, Tyler had been fantasizing about the flavor of that exquisite man-pussy while he was getting sucked off.

It wasn’t long before their instincts got the better of them. Declan opened his bonus hole up for Tyler to take him from behind, and the handsome twink gladly jumped in. The sound of their moans was like music. Tyler’s moans got louder, the tempo of his thrusts quickened, and his huge load, for the chorus, flowed into Declan’s used exit.

Declan’s hole could not contain the sheer amount of cum flowing into him. When Tyler pulled his cock out, he rubbed the head of his cum filled cock on Declan’s t-dick for one last note of pleasure…

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There’s just something about that dreamy FTM twink Luke Hudson that just knocks the socks right off of hot bear daddy Cain Marko. Maybe it’s the eyes, the cute smile, the gorgeous body? Fuck if Cain knows for sure, but what he does know without a shadow of a doubt is that he can’t get enough of Luke-of tasting him AND of filling him up!

Lucky for Cain’s desires, Luke has a reputation for being into big, beefy dads with lots and lots of muscle and a furry chest. Fact is, the FTM stud unfurls probably has the biggest DILF schlong he’s ever seen. He has aims to get that Daddy dick deep inside of him—and pronto!

As Cain and Luke jump into the sack and immediately make a bee-line towards one another’s crotches, Cain can’t help but notice just how slick and slippery the boy is beneath his jockeys. The moment that the sexually wistful DILF gets Luke’s underwear off—his experienced tongue delights in the delectable bonus hole and eagerly noshes on that precious boy-nob.

After a lengthy, satisfying feast devouring Luke’s succulent T-dick and bonus hole, Cain readies, steadies, and aims his huge battering ram of a cock for a serious screw. Luke happily lies back and grips the bed sheets for a fuck he is certain neither one of them is about to forget!

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Fans of JockPussy have become familiar with Declan for a while, but he makes his exclusive debut to RawFuckBoys! In this joint production between the two sites, fans of each will get a taste of what the other has to offer!

The raw chemistry between sexy, raven-haired Mike and ginger stud Declan is primal as they kiss. They are wearing matching black jockstraps that perfectly accentuate their perky asses. Their make-out session is starts tender and slow, but they’re more than eager to get down to intense bareback fucking.

Declan paws and gropes at Mike’s filled out bulge, getting a good feel of the meat beneath the fabric. Though once he puts his hand underneath and feels the meat, he realizes he doesn’t want to tease either himself or Mike any further.

The sexy red-head promptly drops to his knees and frees the fat, thick knob from its confines and wraps his lips around the mushroom head. With Mike’s moans encouraging him, Declan proceeds to envelope the beautiful cock with his mouth, stroking it in and out of his mouth with his hand.

Mike has Declan get into the sling, getting on his knees and diving into the juicy mound tongue first. Mike expertly licks and even lightly nibbles on Declan’s swollen clit, savoring the taste as Declan moans and writhes in pleasure.

Mike gets back up on his feet, his throbbing raw cock ready to be sunk into Declan’s hungry bonus hole. He goes in slow, letting the sexy ginger feel his hole fill to the brim with throbbing dick. Mike keeps the pace slow and steady as Declan fingers his pulsing member.

The two studs excitedly work each other into a heated frenzy, letting the other’s soft moans and groans signal their respective pleasure. Mike picks up the pace as his balls start to build to explosion. Declan’s juices flow at the idea and he begs the sexy man invading him to flood his pussy with cum. Mike blows inside, pulling out briefly before reentering to mix his juices with Declan’s.

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Handsome hunk Mike Edge is in the mood for a long, wet blow job. Luckily for him, FTM stud Declan Gray is always down to give head—especially for one of his all-time favorite fuck buddies!

Before getting down to business, these horny dudes spend time sucking face and swapping spit. Declan drops to his knees and uses his tongue all over Mike’s thick, hard cock. It isn’t long before Mike pulls out of Declan’s hungry mouth and shoots a massive load all over the FTM hottie’s face and tongue!

Mike certainly isn’t finished, however. He wants to return the favor—and does so by quickly devouring Declan’s needy t-dick! The masculine stud takes his time downstairs, eating out Declan’s delicious boy-hole. The FTM stud is left panting, and wanting more!

After working Declan over, Mike pulls out a large dildo and helps his horny lover over the edge. He slides the toy expertly in and out of Declan’s extra entrance. That awesome feeling, along with Declan fingering his own moist hole, causes a powerful orgasm that neither hot stud will soon forget!

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Who needs foreplay when you know what you want? That’s what super-sexy Ethan Tate thinks, at least; he drops to his knees and goes straight for FTM dream stud Luke Hudson’s t-dick.

That lip-smacking, strawberry-sweet t-dick has nearly been all Ethan can think about. He wastes no time dropping to his knees and devouring the bonus boy hole. He’s been fantasizing about making Luke gasp and moan ever since he first found out the FTM hottie was trans.

Ethan can wait no longer; this boy’s round bottom drives him a little wild. He wants to fuck the brains out of the FTM knock-out, but Luke makes Ethan wait… because he wants to give head, first!

After a long, deep-throated blow job, Luke gets on all fours and lets Ethan’s long, thick cock deep inside his extra entrance. Ethan is delirious with lust; he grabs onto Luke’s manly, broad shoulders and fucks the daylights out of his beefy bottom.

Very soon, Ethan feels the climax building rapidly in his loins. Both boys cry out in unison as Ethan sends one last long thrust into Luke’s round ass. He launches a massive cumshot deep inside Luke’s quivering, moist hole!

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Smooth as velvet. That’s how in sync these two are with each other. They start with gentle passionate kissing; nothing too abrupt or rushed. Just two hot guys getting familiar with each other’s hot bodies.

Jonah loves to feel the ginger FTM stud’s nipples between his hot fingers, each tweak bringing a sexy groan from Stevie’s mouth. They linger in this state of exploration. Stevie unzips Jonah’s pants and slides a hand inside. Jonah’s hard as a rock! Stevie strokes Jonah and the tall hairy stud responds to the delicate touch. Sensational but unhurried!

Jonah’s reaches between Stevie’s legs and gently fingers Stevie’s hot pussy. Stevie’s already dripping wet from the foreplay, which is exactly what Jonah was going for!

He moves Stevie around on the velvet and kneels down; the better to give Stevie’s manclit the blow job he’s been waiting for!

Jonah’s licks gently at first. Stevie’s moans egging him onward. Jonah takes it all in his mouth and Stevie’s squirming kicks into overdrive! Our hot ginger is loving the pussy-whipping he’s getting from Jonah’s tongue!

Stevie stands Jonah up, revealing the long hard cock Stevie’s been waiting for! He takes the rod into his mouth to give it the smooth blowjob it deserves! Jonah’s dick is long and thick but Stevie’s throat is up to the task! Jonah gets harder and harder as Stevie makes sure this huge cock gets the milking it deserves.

With Jonah good and hard, Stevie wants that dick balls-deep in his pussy. Jonah kneels up to get right at the bonus hole opening and rams his spit-lubed rod right into Stevie’s dripping hole. Both moan out loud: these feelings are intense!

Jonah’s cock glides along Stevie’s manclit, sending shivers through both men. Stevie switches them to cowboy position after a long first fuck. The pace starts to increase as Stevie now controls the pumping! Faster and faster!

Jonah lays Stevie down on his back and plunges back into Stevie’s inner walls. The speed picks up – Jonah’s getting close! Stevie’s begs for Jonah to breed him and our hot daddy is happy to please!

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Jack Bailey is hard as fuck the moment he touches Luke Hudson’s muscular body. He’s sitting there grinning with his chubbed dick in his hands; that luscious FTM star’s jock pussy keeps him coming back for more.

Luke can’t get enough of the salivating attention. The FTM hottie’s pure intention—that is, after Jack finishes eating out Luke’s soaking wet boy slit—is to ride Jack’s large cock like a wild bucking bronco!

Jack can already feel his impending load building in his twink loins. They quickly switch positions; while Luke lies back on the bed, he obscenely opens up his legs and nearly cries out for Jack to impale his bonus hole!

Jack long-dicks the daylights out of his favorite FTM wet dream. Jack’s gasping and wide-eyed as he plunges one last long thrust and blasts his boy-cream inside Luke. Luke’s bonus hole is full to the brim and when Jack pulls out even a little, a salacious amount of thick semen comes squelching out.

As the trans jock and top twink slowly come down from their insanely hot climax together, they are already thinking about the next position they should fuck in… after they catch their breath!

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Every time FTM star Luke Hudson thinks about his ultra-sexy jock buddy Tyler Castle, he gets massively turned on. Luckily for Luke, Tyler’s got nothing better to do this evening than fuck his boy’s brains out!

Once the horny boys are finally alone, they quickly peeled off their clothes and drop them on the bedroom floor. Luke cannot get enough of Tyler’s big dick and promptly swallows it whole. Tyler’s excitement and desire accelerate, and he moans loudly when the head of his steel-hard member pummels the back of Luke’s throat.

The big jock pushes Luke back onto the bed and plunges his tongue into the FTM dreamboy’s throbbing bonus hole. Luke gasps with delirious pleasure every time Tyler pays special attention to his moist, pulsating T-dick. Tyler would spend all day nibbling, licking and salivating that sweet, delicious spot… but his cock really wants to fuck!

Luke happily spreads himself open, and loves every second of Tyler’s eager thrusts. He grips the bed sheets as Tyler suddenly pulls out and sprays a huge load all over his buddy’s well-fucked body!

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Declan Grays wet cum dump is ready for another load from Mike Edge’s stiff long cock RawFuckBoys style. Getting hard takes no time as Declan lubes Mike up with his warm mouth.

Mike’s cock plunges into the deepest crevices of Declan’s hot manpussy until this little cum dump is dripping with a fresh hot load.

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Eddie Danger wants two things right away—to kiss FTM wet dream Luke Hudson’s sweet mouth and stroke that irresistible T-dick. Luckily, Luke is all for it; he quickly grabs onto Eddie’s huge, thick cock and worships it. That’s no small feat, considering how girthy the dude’s jock cock is!

Eddie’s super macho physique drives the athletic FTM twink absolutely wild. Eddie enjoys the sensations of Luke’s tongue and lips expertly sucking his swollen hardon. However, Eddie’s mouth can only withstand so much before it wants a turn too. The masculine hunk goes to town on Luke’s bonus hole, pushing his tongue as far in as it can go, coating the sensitive insides with saliva.

Once Eddie has gotten Luke’s opening soaking wet, he sinks his aching cock into the extra entrance as far in as it can go–to Luke’s sheer delight! Luke grips the bed sheets and takes the super-charged pounding like a champ, savoring every thrust and moan escaping Eddie’s throat.

Both hot studs can feel their orgasms quickly approaching. As Eddie buries his cock one last time deep inside Luke’s hole, both erupt. Eddie launches blast after blast of hot, thick semen into Luke as the lucky bottom-boy sighs and milks every last drop.

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When FTM jock stud Declan Gray was approached by adorable blond twink Hayden Wulf, he couldn’t help but notice all of Hayden’s sexy tattoos. But it wasn’t just his tatts that turned the FTM Star on—he thought everything about Hayden was damn hot!

In a flash, these new-found fuck buddies are all over each other. They kiss and touch, spellbound. The boys take their shirts off and Declan yanks down Hayden’s form-fitting jeans. Hayden is rock-hard and his long, thick cock is soon in Declan’s firm, massaging grip.

As the FTM stud drops to his knees, Hayden can only gasp and moan as Declan caresses those sensitive balls. Declan simultaneously uses his lips and tongue on that hot cock. Waves of pleasure course throughout the blond’s tight, lean body.

Hayden wants to return the favor and show his new sexy FTM boy toy just what he can do with his tongue! The hot blonde hungrily licks and devours every inch of Declan’s juicy boy slit—that and his delicious t-dick!

Declan’s extra entrance is plenty wet with Hayden’s saliva. Hayden squeezes his throbbing boner inside of Declan’s tight hole and nearly cums right there! Somehow, the exhilarated twink manages to keep control just long enough to really give Declan’s sexy, studly body a real good, thorough pounding.

Hayden’s thrusts grow harder, faster, and more urgent. Soon, the hot blonde can’t hold back any longer. Hayden has an intense, long-lasting cumshot deep inside of Declan’s tight boy hole, and the FTM star can only smile with deep lust and satisfaction!

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It’s time for a JockPussy daddy bear debut! Muscular, tattoo-laden jock-bear Cain Marko gets with cute FTM star Luke Hudson in a sexy motel-room encounter.

Clothes rip away. Luke dutifully drops to his knees and gets his hungry lips around Cain’s big cock. He deepthroats it until he chokes and tears roll down his cheeks. As a reward, the daddy jock throws his boy onto the bed and squats between his legs, endlessly pleasuring Luke with his tongue and beard stubble.

The jock-bear pushes Luke’s legs wide apart before sinking his rock-hard dick into the gasping boy’s bonus hole. Within seconds, Cain bangs the boy with deep, long thrusts, his meat repeatedly hitting the back wall of Luke’s tight entrance. Daddy bear slams every inch of his knob deep into Luke’s body. The FTM star moans and grunts, desperate for those jock juices to flood into him.

Luke’s wishes — and yours — are granted! Cain lets out a primal roar and blasts deep inside the boy, filling the quivering hole with powerful jets of sticky semen. With a fuck like that, you know Cain’s definitely going to come back for more.