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Drew’s monster cock is practically made of steel! Luke’s eyes go wide when they gaze upon his ginger buddy’s huge member, desperate to feel it stretch out his tight hole. Down on his knees, Luke struggles to get the girthy piece in his mouth, feeling it hit the back of his throat well before his lips even come close to its base! Drew’s dick is nearly as thick as the boy’s wrist, but Luke is a trooper and eager to take it! Drew worships Luke’s pussy with his tongue, getting it warmed and ready for a deep dicking like he’s never had before. With Luke on his back, Drew slides his mammoth cock in his wet hole, practically spreading his hips apart to make room! Watch as Luke gets drilled up into his guts by Drew’s strong, meaty dick!

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Dark haired Jackson is totally enamoured with Luke Hudson. When they first met he could hardly keep his eyes off him. The two lie naked in the bed kissing and feeling each other’s bare bodies.

Luke stands and leans back on the bed head and Jackson uses his tongue to pleasure him. His bearded face tickles as he licks and sucks Luke. Luke lies back on the bed – Jackson’s big dick in his mouth. Jackson uses his fingers to keep playing with Luke.

Luke then climbs on top of Jackson – bouncing up and down on his cock. They switch up positions – this is some regular kamasutra manual of positions in fact. Fucking Luke is beyond Jackson’s wildest fantasies and just how good it feels is shown by the huge load that ends up all over Luke’s chest!

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Luke Hudson and Scott DeMarco – the sight of these two hot jocks together is one hell of a heavenly vision. As they kiss their hands explore each other’s bodies. Scott kisses Luke’s neck – making him moan.

Luke spreads his leg and Scott sucks and licks him – making him moan even more. It’s then Luke’s turn to suck as he devours Scott’s shaft. Every inch of his rock hard cock disappears into his mouth.

Luke then jumps on top of Scott and every inch of his rock hard raw cock disappears deep inside of him. He rides that cock and then Scott flips him and pounds him. Scott has never enjoyed a fuck like this before – their climaxes are intense – just as you would hope from such an incredibly hot pair.

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Christmas is one of Luke’s favorite times of the year so to celebrate he’s prepared a special scene for everyone. He’s found a fire to lie in front of and a big ol’ candy cane to play with.

Just imagine how sweet Luke’s pussy tastes after he’s been sliding that candy in and out of his favorite fuck hole! Happy Holidays everyone.

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Two young guys kissing on a bed – feeling each other up with their hands down each other pant’s – Luke feels Andy’s cock grow and Andy feels Luke’s pussy.

He’s into it but first Luke is going to make sure Andy’s cock is hard and he wraps his lips around it as they strip naked. The passion is intense – the two kissing and feeling each other’s bodies.

Luke is a skilled cocksucker and Andy’s moans in pleasure. Andy throws Luke to the bed and fingers his pussy – getting it ready for his hard cock. Luke lies back alternately watching Andy’s tattooed torso fucking him and rolling back in absolute pleasure as he feels the cock deep inside.

Pounding that man pussy never felt so good and Andy cums all over Luke’s ripped chest. Andy licks his cum of Luke’s chest and then kisses Luke to say thanks for the fuck!

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Luke arrives in Baton Rouge and meets tall dark and hairy Aiden who is instantly enamoured with Luke. They embrace on the couch – kissing and feeling up each other’s bodies. Aiden’s hairy chest feels good rubbing against Luke’s freshly tattooed torso.

Aiden’s cock is hard and Luke devours it with an intense greed – savouring every inch in his mouth. Then he lies back on the couch while Aiden lubes up Luke with his tongue making Luke moan in pure delight.

Now Aiden’s bare cock slides into Luke’s hole – at first gently then with ever increasing fervor he fucks Luke until he can stand it no more and blows a huge load all over Luke’s chest.

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Luke’s mouth was made for taking this dick down his throat. You can see it in Victor’s eyes just how much he loves getting sucked by a pro!

The scruffy man takes to Luke’s pussy just as deftly, lapping at his wet, swollen labia and sucking on his hard cock! Warmed up and ready, Luke eagerly takes Victor’s thick cock deep into his pelvis, feeling his insides shift to take it deeper inch by inch.

Victor can’t get enough of watching Luke ride his big piece, carrying a devilish grin on his handsome face as Luke milks out his alpha load all over his stomach!

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Jake Archer literally begged us to meet Luke. He’d seen our sexy boy online and wanted to fuck him BAD. It took a while to get their schedules to align but finally the day came.

Jake has incredibly soft lips and the two lay on the bed kissing like a some kind of romantic movie – deep and intense with true desire and passion. Jake then watches as Luke swallows him whole. They switch positions and Luke now watches Jake’s lightly furred face between his own legs.

It’s a fuck session Jake will never forget and delivers all that he hoped and much much more.

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Damien and Luke had an instant attraction when they met. The two young guys are both horny creatures who love fucking and so couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to start fucking.

Luke sucks Damien’s cock and he reciprocate by burying his tongue deep inside Luke’s lovely pussy.

He lays Luke on the floor and starts to fuck his hole- it feels good and Luke moans. They make the most of the furniture in the room – changing positions to get Damien’s dick as deep inside as is humanly possible.

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Luke Hudson has had enough of watching and Zack Grayson’s invitation to join him on the bed is met with enthusiasm. The two naked men embrace and wrap themselves together as they kiss. Zack’s big dick grows and Luke wraps his soft lips around it. Sliding his mouth up and down the thick shaft, covering it with his saliva.

Luke then attempts to sit on top of Zack’s big dick “You’re so big – like really big” he tells Zack and Luke loves it! He gingerly envelopes the full length and then starts to ride if with vigor. Zack’s eyes start rolling back in his head as he watches and moans with how good it feels.

He lays Luke down and starts pounding him – hard and faster as he looks deep into his eyes. He can’t handle it any longer and pulls out to cum all over Luke’s sexy chest. Luke sucks his cock clean and Zack kisses his mouth and heads off to grab him a towel.

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In the grand finale of our three part Denver romp Luke Hudson and Jonathan Grey are kissing on the bed. Jonathan’s pierced cock is so hard that Luke throws him on his back and engulfs every inch with his trademark intensity and passion. Jonathan can’t believe how good it feels – Luke knows his way around a cock and it shows.

Jonathan wants more he lays Luke back and starts to pound Luke’s hole. The piercing feels good inside and Luke adds to the fun by playing with Jonathan’s pierced nipples. He tweaks them hard while getting fucked. “It feels soo good” Luke cries out. It sure does and Jonathan blows a huge load all over Luke’s chest which Luke wipes with his hand and licks his fingers. Now is finally happy and they kiss once more.

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If there is one thing that makes Luke Hudson stand out from other porn stars – it’s the intense passion in each of his scenes. And this one is no different – as Luke deepthroats Colton’s cock – Colton fingers Luke. Luke lies back and Colton goes to work making Luke moan in pleasure.

Colton’s big dick slides bare in and out of Luke. He jumps on top to ride it and then is on his back to get pounded. It’s the fuck session you always hope to have and both guys finish up sweaty and satisfied.

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Jonathan, Zack and Brogan are in a hotel room in Denver messing around, getting hard and horny. Zack notices someone at the door – it’s Luke! “So you wanna come in and watch” Zack asks. Luke doesn’t need a second invitation he’s in that door and settles himself on a chair watching the three boys sucking each other’s cocks.

Luke grabs a dildo and starts playing with it as he watches the three start to bare fuck on the bed. It’s a glorious sight as we have a threesome of man flesh on the bed and Luke fucking himself with a dildo as he watches. After the three cum all over each other they start to leave … but Zack wants more! You’ll have to wait to see Part 2 to find out what happens next.

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Here’s two incredibly hot bodies wrapped together in one hell of a sensual session. Luke Hudson finds himself being worshipped by the muscled Mason as Mason lays him down and pleasures him by kissing his body all over then making him moan in ecstasy as he uses his tongue and fingers.

Luke then takes Mason’s cock in his mouth and it’s Mason’s turn to voice his delight. Now lubed with Luke’s saliva Mason’s cock enters Luke and the two are joined as one. If you love hot sex and hot guys – this scene is going to blow your mind!

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Ari and Spencer are curled up in their Atlanta bed as they strip down and feel each other’s bodies. Pressing flesh to flesh, their lips lock as they make out passionately and tenderly. This leads Spender’s soft lips to lead their way down to Ari’s hot, wet pussy. Kneeling down with his tongue on fire, Spencer looks up into Ari’s eyes as he sees him moaning in ecstasy. Ari’s mouth waters for the big cock between his friend’s legs. Ari swallows down Spencer’s cock, getting it hard and ready to pound into his tight hole!

This week on JockPussy, smooth blond stud Spencer pounds hard into Ari’s hole, making his ass shake from the force of his full-weighted thrusts!