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Joey D loves baking, but this morning he had an accident and got the flour all over himself. As he begins to brush it off, he notices how rock hard his pecs are and begins feeling himself all over. We can see his monster meat growing under his apron and he grabs for it. Flexing and showing off some more, he strokes his enormous, throbbing cock and covers himself in lube until he shoots all over in a white, creamy explosion.

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What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with two of America’s hottest sites joining together for a gang bang that will rival your 4th of July fireworks. American Muscle Hunk’s Joey D and Johnny V are always excited when the JasonSparksLive crew hit Chicago. Sure their meeting starts off with an innocent game of cards but it’s not long until Joshua James find’s himself spitroasted in between Joey and Johnny muscular physiques. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Next up in our new line-up is Ben Krane. You might have watched his hot, steamy cam shows, and now he is ready to show off as our latest hunk! Watch him flex his ripped abs and bulging pecs until he turns around and gives us a view of his ass which is beautifully smooth and welcoming. His monster balls shake as he bounces his muscle ass for us before flipping around and stroking his extra long cock. After blowing a huge load, we get a chance to ask Ben a few questions.

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Johnny V has a sensational body – but one of his best assets is his mouth. His cock sucking skills are put to good use as Steve Rinkz’ fat cock needs to be satiated.

He swallows his cock and sucks on his balls until Steve cums all over that gorgeous face. Now it’s Steve’s turn and he’s no suck slouch either!

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Luca joins the hunks this week in his debut solo scene. As a dancer, Luca has learned some fine moves and we can see that it hasn’t hurt his beautiful muscles, either. Every inch of Luca is explored while he feels his ripped body and monster cock. He even shakes his ass for us. After showing off, Luca blows a load that covers his gorgeous muscle.

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Micah Brandt is back, but this time he’s topping Johnny V. His huge, ripped muscle body totally dominates the hard, jacked Johnny V. They begin with a steamy make-out session that quickly turns into sweaty muscle worship as Micah explores Johnny’s gorgeous body. Micah feasts on Johnny’s tight, pink hole, imploring him to make it wink. After they devour every inch of each other, Micah puts Johnny face-down and proceeds to pound him seneseless. When Johnny cannot take anymore, Micah flips him over and makes him squat on his meat while Micah pounds him underneath. When Micah can’t hold his load in anymore, Johnny forces his big dick down Micah’s throat until they both blow, covering Micah in hot jizz, just like he loves it.

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Johnny V has been working his hardest ever in the gym and wanted to show his progress while he also demonstrates his new electric cock pump. After pumping and flexing his throbbing cock looks like it is going to explode so he pulls it out and finishes it off with an explosive cum shot.

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Shawn Andrews unbelievable ass and Rex Rogers’ minute-long cum shot with ass eating, and power fucking all in one scene? Yes, it is here! Shawn relinquishes his smooth muscle ass to Rex and his insatiable hunger. After eating Shawn’s ass, Rex bends Shawn over and forces his powerful cock inside as Rex’s swollen sack pounds Shawn’s taint. Lying on the ground, Rex forces the load out of Shawn and then sits back and shoots his hot, white man juice for over a minute until Shawn starts to guzzle up every drop.

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Seth Knight is rejoining us this week and wanted to show off his hard work in the gym. His body has grown and, with that, his beautiful muscle ass is larger than ever. After flexing and showing off, Seth gladly throws his ass at us and lets us get a great look at the beautiful hole. Finally, he lies back and strokes a huge load out that covers his ripped abs and thighs.

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After a gym hiatus American Muscle Hunks are back with a bevy of buff gods for your worshipping pleasure.
Get acquainted with muscle hunk Steve Rinkz. His sensational body is augmented with some outstanding tattoo work which he shows off as he flexes his muscles.
He slowly reveals his tight butt and his big cock then strokes out a load.

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Hot three-way action this week between Beau Taylor, Dylan Strokes, and Johnny V. The trio gets started working out and pumping up. As they check each other out, they all get up and leave together to go back to the hunk house. They immediately begin ripping each other’s clothes off and swapping suck sessions. Dylan and Beau decide it is time to give it to Johnny so they bend him over and take turns on him from behind. Beau then flips him on his back while Dylan skull fucks Johnny, making him gag. Beau fucks the load out of Johnny and then Beau and Dylan blow their loads all over Johnny’s face.

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Another installment introducing a new muscle hunk to the scene. Timmy Tong is one hell of a stacked muscle guy. He came to the hunks wanting to show off his great work in the gym and loves feeling his pumped muscles to get himself riled up. Having spent years in the gym admiring other guy’s bodies, Timmy felt it time to get the same admiration from others. After he gives us a tour of his pumped muscle physique he strokes his hard cock until he blows a huge load. Even after he finishes he still wants to show his bicep peak while cum drips out of his rock hard cock.

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Kyle loves feeling his big cock in his hand. His thick shaft glides in his grip as his muscles tense and twist in wave after wave of pleasure. Kyle shows off his well built body, smooth skin, and powerful sex drive, occasionally looking into the camera to tease you into wanting him even more. He knows he’s hot. He knows he’’s wanted. And nothing turns him on more than being watched and worshipped as he busts his heavy nuts all over.

Kyle Steele makes his debut this week on American Muscle Hunks, showing off his hot body and massive cock! Watch as he makes loves to himself, finishing with a hot cum shot in the mirror!

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…Continued from last week. Part two of this steamy scene finds Joey D getting his monster meat sucked by Johnny V. Joey forces Johnny to stand and then fucks him over the sink. When the two are about to blow, Joey forces Johnny to his knees again and then blows his huge load all over Johnny’s muscle chest as Johnny blows his own load all over the ground.

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This week we add to the roster sexy hunk Rico Fuerte. He was very eager to show off his ripped body for the photo shoot and then got right down to business with his monster cock and balls. Feeling his shredded muscles and stroking his meat, Rico lies back and blows a load so powerful his toes curl.