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Shawn Andrews and Joey D have been waiting to reunite and this is the time for them to get some action like their last time together. The chemistry between these two is unmistakable with Joey eating Shawn’s ass like it’s his last meal and Shawn taking Joey’s monster cock from tip to balls over and over.

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Introducing Tyson Vario. He’s the latest hunk and he’s ready to show off his huge, ripped muscle body as well as his monster cock. He comes to us from Canada and, after a short interview, stands up and we see how massive this hunk really is. It takes no time for him to strip down and start flexing. After his flex show he climbs into bed and strokes his monster meat until he blows a huge load.

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When Rex Cameron hit up the hunks and wanted to shoot, there was no second thought. This man is the embodiment of hunk and we wasted no time getting him together with Joey D. Rex begins by worshiping Joey’s pumped muscles then moves down and swallows that enormous meat. Joey of course has to get Rex’s hole ready for his cock so he spits on and fingers that smooth ass. Flipping Rex around, Joey enters him from behind and Rex takes the pounding like a champ. Then Joey flips him on his back and pounds Rex, choking him until they both blow their juicy loads all over Rex’s tight abs.

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Welcome to the ranks of the hunks, Logan Cross. He is very excited to get started showing off his gymnastics moves and ability to stretch in ways that will be useful for some hot sex positions. After his stretching session, he gets down to business showing off his ripped physique and perfect, smooth ass. Stroking and flexing in the mirror he blows his huge load and watches it drip down the reflection.

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Introducing Lawrence Portland to the hunks this week. This guy has it all from a monster cock, huge muscle ass, and ripped body. To top it off, he’s one hundred percent versatile. Lawrence’s introduction scene allows us to view every inch of his beautiful body. We begin seeing him hump the bed with his plump ass bouncing until he flips over and we see his ripped muscles and big cock. He strokes his monster meat and plays with his tight hole as he feels his pumped pecs and ripped abs until he blows his enormous load all over himself.

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Rex Cameron is back and he’s solo this time. When we first approached this hunk, we had no idea how hot he was with his chest hair untrimmed. This time, we wanted to capture that natural, rugged sexiness with the hair. While exploring his body and showing off for the camera, he gets worshipped, ending in an explosive shot of cum.

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Johnny V shows off in the gym this week and gets home to watch himself flex for a bit in the mirror. As he’s flexing, a mystery hand comes out and begins caressing him all over his ripped, muscle body. This turns Johnny on so much that he pulls out his big, thick cock and strokes until he blows a giant load.

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The man with the monster cock, Dylan Strokes, lives up to his name this week on American Muscle Hunks. Fresh out of the shower, he sits down in his robe and goes to work on his throbbing meat. Feeling himself and flexing, Dylan blows a thick, white load all over his ripped abs.

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The long awaited debut of Micah Brandt has finally arrived. He joins Joey D this week and they are beyond ready to bring it in this hot new scene. Joey has been craving a session with Micah’s huge muscle ass and he gets it. Micah worships Joey’s monster cock, and Joey forces him to choke down every inch before bending him over and feasting on Micah’s hot hole. It doesn’t take long for Micah to beg Joey to give him his huge dick and Joey happily obliges.

Joey pounds Micah so hard as he’s bent over every piece furniture possible and Micah just craves more. Finally, Joey forces Micah to ride his enormous tool and blow his load making Joey fill Micah’s open and willing mouth with his own hot load.

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It’s a new year and we wanted to start it off with a bang. Welcome back Chris Harder and Michael DelRay. The powerhouse duo swap cock sucking to start off this hot scene. After a bit of swapping, Michael looks to devour Chris’ delicious and inviting ass so he bends him over and starts to eat. Chris shoves his fingers inside his hungry hole and begs Michael to impale him with his huge cock. With no hesitation, Michael begins pounding Chris as Chris mounts up to ride. Chris then gets fucked on his back and bent-over until Michael decides he needs to blow and places Chris back on his back. Michael fucks the load out of Chris and quickly rips his condom off to blow his own monster load all over.

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The last of the new hunk recruits has arrived for our fall sessions. Meet Tony Prower. He comes to us eagerly wanting to show off and blow in the hunk house windows for everyone outside to see. So that’s exactly what he does. Wasting no time, he whips out his rock hard cock and starts to go at it until he blows a huge load.

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Introducing Gabriel Alanzo. Gabriel is very excited to join the hunks this week in his debut solo scene. He begins by showing off his sexy muscle body and teasing us with that beautiful bubble ass. After his showing off, he lies back and rubs his monster cock while feeling his gorgeous body until he blows a gigantic load of white cum. After he catches his breath, he puts the load on his hand and eats it with a big grin.

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Bryan Cole returns and is topped by the one and only Johnny V. The muscle hunks swap kisses and quickly get to body and cock worship on each other. Johnny quickly hops on that big muscle ass of Bryan and buries his face in it before mounting up and entering Bryan from behind. Bryan gets fucked on all fours before flipping onto his back. Johnny blows his load while fucking and then fingers Bryan until he covers his ripped abs in cum.

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Look out for this workout – the Johnny V special. He pumps himself up and flexes until his ripped muscles are glistening in his beads of sweat. As he continues shirtless, Johnny realizes his man meat is rock hard and sits up to stroke and blow a load all over his workout mat.

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The unbelievably sexy Troy Accola is back, but this time Joey D has the pleasure of playing with this hunk. The two start out locking lips before Troy presents his perfect bubble ass to Joey. Joey teases it and eats it until he forces Troy to get on his knees and worship his meat. Joey then pounds Troy from behind, pinning him down and not letting up on his tight hole. Then, Joey fucks the cum out of Troy and blows his own load all over Troy’s cum-soaked cock and abs.