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Viktor Burek is laying face down on the bed, wearing only his underwear, when he is joined by Alan Carly, similarly attired. Alan lays on top of him and they begin to kiss as Alan feels his buddy’s hot body. He rubs Viktor’s shoulders and dry humps him a little, reaching under to rub his chest too. Viktor turns over, onto his back with Alan astride him. As Alan works his way down Viktor’s body he lowers the underwear showing his friend stiff cock. He rubs over the cock and balls and begins to suck. His mouth wraps around the stiff cock sucking as he continues rubbing his hands over the body, cupping the balls. Viktor lifts his legs in the air, exposing his tight hole and Alan quickly slips a finger into the hole. Then he takes a vibrator and uses that on Victor’s hole. Viktor wanks himself as the vibrator fucks in and out of his tight ass. A larger vibrator is then used to open that hole up real good, as Viktor moans. His ass takes the toy nicely as Alan works it for him. Then Alan, whose own cock is ready for action takes his underwear off and begins to fuck that eager hole. He fucks hard and fast as Viktor moans. Viktors jands feel Alan’s sexu chest as his ass takes the dick deep inside. Alan really fucks well, stretching the hole as he uses long strokes to fuck. He leans over and kisses Viktor as he fucks him. Then Viktor turns over, onto his knees and takes that cock so deep in his hole. Alan fucks deep, his balls tight against that hot ass as they continue kissing each other. As Alan fucks that hot ass he cant hold back and cums deep inside the ass. He pulls out and his hot cum oozes out of Viktor’s ass. Then Alan lays, face down, on the bed as Viktor gets to work on him. He turns Alan over and sucks on his cock and kisses over his hot body. Then Alan’s legs are in the air, his ass cheeks spread to show off his hole. Viktor fingers that tight hole as Alan wanks himself. Then Viktor uses toys on that ass too. First a vibrator opens the hole and is then replaced by a dildo which fucks it nice and deep. Alan keeps his legs wide apart as his hole gets used. A thicker dildo is then shoved into that hot ass, and goes in nice and deep as Viktor fucks it in and out. Then, with the hole really ready he slides his throbbing cock deep inside and starts to fuck. He fucks Alan so well, making him moan with each thrust of the throbbing cock. As he takes the dick deep in his ass Alan wanks his own meat, faster and faster and he drops another load of cum, over his belly. Viktor continues to fuck that hot ass, turning Alan over onto his knees. His cock works in and out of that ass until Viktor cums inside it. He pulls out and spreads Alan’s ass, as his cock still has a pearl drop of cum on it. Then Alan turns over and the two of them lay down and kiss again to end a wonderful scene.

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JB Bineau really needed a good fucking from an XXL cock, but he gets more than he expects with black skater dude Mystic. Once he pops his bulge out of his basketball shorts he gets some devoted interracial cock worship from his sub slut before bending him over to stretch his hole wide open and splatter his chav with nutt.

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A beefy tough nut may be completely straight on the outside but once doors slam shut and they’re locked up they do an about-face and start fucking guys up the arse for an easy life. Puching a cock up a fellow robber’s arse is all well and good as long as they can live with themselves afterwards. The prison officers must be vigilant to make sure they control feelings that they’ve done something dirty and wrong. As long as they clean their dick afterwards they usually think nothing more about it.
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It’s been quite some time since Austin has only wanted to get fucked by one of my models instead of sliding his big dick in them too. But when he saw Judas’ chiseled bod and eagerness to fuck him, he was all about it. After some fun out in the woods with the other guys, they hit the sheets. Judas has an oral fixation, and Austin’s huge dick wasn’t complaining as he worshipped every inch of it. Licking. Sucking. Smelling. If you love kissing, you’ll already love this because their passion and kissing is almost as hot as the fucking. Almost. Judas spit on his dick, and slid it in Austin’s hole…. inch by inch until he was balls deep. You know a bottom is enjoying it when he throws his hands behind his head, and lets his top have his way with his hole. Not to mention getting fucked doggystyle, and literally pulling his top towards him to go deeper. Judas eventually busted his load all over and in Austin’s ass, only to continue fucking and jerking Austin’s load out!

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Strollin’ the boulevard, giant dicked Joey Mills and beautiful blonde Robin Moore chat about their first jobs while doing some heavy flirting. Joey gets Robin to call out of work and promises him a BIG surprise if he does! The pretty boy is always able to get what he wants. Soon enough the duo are doin’ the deed and Robin is definitely in for a REALLY BIG surprise! The boys make out like lovers for a while, building the suspense as they slowly strip down. Still clad is their sexy black underwear, Joey reaches under Robin’s waistband to get at the goods. Mills deep throats Moore like a champ and works his balls beautifully. Robin pulls down Mill’s drawers allowing his massive meat to flop out! Like a ravenous wolf, Robin rocks Joey’s giant in all the right ways. Then, the twink turns the tightly muscled blonde around, revealing his lily white perfectly round rump which Mills makes a delicious meal out of! Robin braces himself for Mill’s massive member. Joey eases the pain with some pleasure as he handles Robin’s rock hard cock. It takes a while for Moore to adjust to the full length, but pretty soon the boy has his heels to Jesus and is loving every inch! Our pretty twink is a surprisingly good top, tearing that ass up like a warrior! Flipping the fuck around, Moore dives into Joey’s beautiful booty, getting it wet and ready. He slides inside and makes himself at home, owning that ass as Joey moans for him to go harder, which he happily does. Joey jumps on top for a ride and Moore cups his cheeks as they suck face. Mills leans back, allowing his massive member to flop around for our viewing pleasure as his hole is pleasured. As the ride gets rougher, his cock thickens and explodes all over Robin’s rippling torso! Moore reaches down by Joey’s happy hole to get at his dick which is about ready to blow and then lets loose all over joey’s pretty cheeks! This is a flip-fuck fantasy at its finest!

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Greece fights back and this is a no holes, barred, no condoms, no decency, sleazy fuck with Spain getting it GOOD. Gabriel Fisk couldn’t wait (really that fuck pig was chomping at the bit) for a slice of this over sized, heavy, uncut Greek cock in the shape of sexy first timer Valentino Delta. We dispensed with a story lets face it, you were only gonna fast forward, Gabriel is deep throating the monster schlong, he’s an accomplished cock sucker and manages even these 9 raw inches of bloated meat. Valentino luvs showing of the monster, thats a hell of a dick and very long foreskin, thats so tight it doesn’t retract and only offers a glimpse of the super sensitive helmet beneath, you gotta get your tongue in there and give it a licking – Gabriel doesn’t need asking twice. Valentino gives his butt a good, wet lick out before placing the tip of his foreskin shrouded cock to the entrance to Gabriel’s warm hole…. Gabriel pushes back and consumes the entire length of bareback dick and this show is well and truly on the road. The guys fuck with a passionate fury all over the sofa as Valentino turns Gabriel every which way for deeper and deeper access to his raw hole, before Gabriel shoots a glorious warm, wet load all over himself and Valentine empties his seed over the sub-sluts gaping, pouting hole and pushes back in before scooping the spunk back in with his fingers, sticky likkerty split!

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It’s an absolutely perfect scene, we think you’ll agree. Sweet and smooth Chris is naked and bound into a perfect position in the middle of a derelict farmhouse, with hung young Charley on hand to make full use of that sweet little hole! The fingering is amazing as Charley wanks the boy and plays with his pucker, but it’s all leading up to him sliding that big young cock deep into his captive twink and fucking him until he can’t take any more pleasure and needs to squirt his load! With Charley’s cum dripping down Chris’ back you might think it’s over, but stick around for the piss shower!

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One wet & wild ride! Gorgeous smooth blond Noah Brooks gets a double hose-down from smokin hot Austin Reid and Wesley Marks outside. After he gets his first soaking, Noah sucks both of their big cocks and then hops on Austin’s rock hard boner for a hard pounding! Then Wesley fucks him at the same time! Double penetration has Noah moaning like crazy! Both tops feed Noah more piss before shooting their loads on his face and tongue and pissing again!

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My tiny hidden camera works a treat for this amazing new video as it captures the revealed arse of this handsome young builder. He doesn’t realise as he bends over that I’m filming him and am capturing this incredible video of his totally fuckable body.

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At, the only way to tame angry footballer Danny is to work his arse hard! The coach eagerly tames him ordering the humbled sporty boy to look up at him and beg to receive a cock up his hole. Only through stringent lessons in humility can all that unruly energy be brought under control. In order to corral these athletic dynamos into a winning team Mancastle United will do anything needed for their boys!

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Madison said he had had his toes sucked before I got a hold of them in this scene, but it was brief. Some fun play at a pool one afternoon. He had never experienced what I bestowed upon his size 12 here. His socks sure were ripe too. SO stinky. I loved sticking my face right into them and reveling in their strong aroma. I gave Madison’s feet a bit of a massage while sniffing his socks, taking my time before stripping the socks off. Madison could barely handle my warm mouth on his bare heels and tasty toes. His head ended up rolling back and he even played with his nipples a bit. He loved it. And so did I!

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We don’t watch no gay porn. We like the bitches. So when our boy Tyler wanted to throw on a video of some dudes fucking each other. We threw his ass on the ground and made him our bitch. Taking turns nailing his fuck holes while watching some real porn.