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Our favourite, hairy hunk – Jessy Ares is back – untrimmed, unshaven and over sexed as usual. This time we’ve taken him down to the dungeon with another, over revved, randy-as-fuck cutie – Angel Garcia. Its always a pleasure working with these 2 studs, Angel because he’s up for ANYTHING and Jessy because he just LUVS to show off and give pleasure – not just to his partner but to anyone watching – this handsome exhibitionist, gets off showing off and always put in a steamy show. Angel knuckles down and suckles on that juicy piece of uncut meat, Jessy is rock hard in his mouth in seconds and thrusting right to the back of his throat, sexy cutie, Angel is more than ready to take that hard, warm pole, deep, deep inside his hot hole. Jessy bends him over a St Andrew Cross, Angel needs to brace himself for the pounding thats coming, Jessy luvs to show it all off as he pummels a willing sub. Just knowing he’s being watched gets Jessy ready to shoot his creamy load but not before Angel Garcia is reduced to an aching, moaning wreck. Jessy turns him over and fucks him on his back, watching the pleasure on his sub-boys face as his big cock slides in and out of that sopping fuck-hole!

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The vibrator in his tight little ass certainly seemed to help Blaze along with his cum load in this visit, but the ball licking and sucking and the hardcore porn he was watching definitely helped too. The boy really gets into it, even tasting his precum before eventually jacking out his load into a waiting mouth.

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Peter likes to stay fit by boxing and wrestling. Let him dominate you with his muscular body and size 12 socked feet, straight from the gym.

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Warmish water showers are available to prisoners but there are good reasons why some men prefer to avoid them. If you’re an arms trafficer who thinks he’s harder than he actually is then you might choose to stay stinking. The screws can’t force you into a shower. But, and it’s a big but, if you get on the wrong side of them then they are legally entitled to wash you for your own health! They do it with an ice cold power jet wash!…

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Entering his first sex club, smooth Scott Hunter is instantly targeted by doorman Jessy Ares— who wraps his arm around Scott and pulls him in, kissing him deep. With his boner jutting out of his jeans, Jessy slaps Scott’s pecs before spitting on the newbie’s cock and engulfing it. “Slap it on my fuckin’ mouth!” demands Jessy. They kiss, Jessy then feeding his rock-hard beast to the hottie. “Fuckin’ suck my dick! All the way down!” A hot low shot looks up at Jessy’s steel shaft, hairy pecs and wicked smile as he gets serviced. “Fuckin’ filthy bastard! Show me you want that dick in your ass!” Jessy face fucks Scott before feeding him hole, then eats him back before ramming him from behind. The top’s multiple muscles clench and balls bang as spit falls down from his mouth in a hot display of animalistic passion. Scott gets on his back for more, stroking as Jessy’s thick shaft dives inside. He shoots, Jessy then dumping his load on the bottom’s balls.

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Sometimes the simplest idea is the most exciting. I always fantasized about entering a sexy friend’s property and watch him take a shower and jerk off. Of course, knowing that he wouldn’t mind when he finds out!

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Puppy is delighted to have a cute pain pig on the cross. The prisoner’s ass is already glowing from the beating it received moments before and now his whole body is going to take some major punishment. Heavy flogging ensues with a blend of deep thud and brutal sting. The prisoner is rapidly single-tailed and then bruised deeply with the welting ball which brings him to the verge of tears mixed with maniacal laughter.

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James Huck is back and hornier than ever, and you can see why when he’s pitted against, tall, dark, hung and handsome Antonio De Luca – YOWZER! There’s a lot to luv and a lot to lick when it comes to sexy, young Antonio, six foot, suave and stunning, sexy James couldn’t wait to strip him down, and get to work on that juicy uncut dick, delicious, lickable hole. These guys are so into each other, they want to fill every sense with each other, touch, taste SMELL, gasping in the sexy stench of each others sweaty trainers, filling their lungs with that musky, masculine stink of MEN. Those cocks are ram rod stiff in seconds and Antonio is more than ready to take a stiff length of throbbing, uncut cock. He lifts his hard, slender legs and spreads his hole for James to dip his slobbering tongue into its musky, pouting depths, feeling it open, ready for a hard, relentless fucking!

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Pup Kay is diapered up and playing games. Unfortunately, he has been naughty and took an inside toy, outside. Seth found it and now there are going to be consequences. He immediately offers up his tender 19-year-old ass and lays across Seth’s lap for a spanking and then a cock sucking that Pup has been wanting so badly. The young man’s attention turns to Seth’s engorged cock and balls as he makes him cum and laps it all like a good little Pup before jerking himself off.

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This week on Growlboys, the tale of “The Monster” continues as Cole finds himself at the mercy of strangers. Thrown out of his home and abandoned by his boyfriend, he finds comfort in an unexpected source, opening himself to a new level of vulnerability.

Cole is still confused by the events of the woods as he wakes up in his bed the next day. When his boyfriend pressed him to come out to his parents, Cole knows he has no choice but to be brave and speak the words he’d hoped to never say.

Upon their rejection, he desperately tries to turn to his boyfriend, only to find him unexpectedly disconnected. “The Hierophant of Min” brings Cole to a new, terrifying low, giving him no choice but to accept the hospitality of a mysterious stranger.

Cole has no idea about the true nature of his generous host, or the secrets he keeps in the depths of his home.

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Ceasar Ventura and Aaron Trainer are back home in their bedroom after a workout at the gym. They are complimenting each other on their bodies and seeing as they are both getting on in their years, they are pleased with their results. They are both turned on by each other and soon their clothes are off and Ceasar is on his knees sucking Aaron’s huge cock. They then move to the bed where Aaron sucks Ceasar. They move into a 69 and then Aaron moves to Ceasar’s ass and rims him. He fucks Ceasar from behind for the 1st position and then Ceasar rides Aaron’s massive cock before lying on his back and Ceasar fucks the cum out of him. Aaron goes down and laps up Ceasar’s cum as he strokes his own cock and then shoots his load onto Ceasar.

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In January we celebrated the New Year, In February it was Valentine’s, but poor March was left with nothing, so we decided to invent our own celebration here with a duo of double penetration scenes.
First of our talented and eager bottoms is Henrik Bjorn taking on the daring duo of Hoyt and Jerome. It is not so often that we get boys who are eager to take 2 dicks at once, so we hope that you will enjoy this little treat.
The 2nd part of the special will be coming your way next Saturday, and we hope to turn this duology into a trilogy later in March with Sven eager to try and join this exclusive club as well.