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Who doesn’t love to hot boys working out in leather clothing? Rodion and Titus sure do, and after a few stikes to the punching bag, both boys have a different type of training in mind, Titus ties Rodion’s hands together and quickly removes his shorts and jockstrap to pull out Rod ions meaty shaft. Needless to say that that thick and hard ramrod is in for some training of its own as Titus sucks and jerks it off intermittently before having the boy turn around, so he can get a taste of his meaty ass. Quickly after getting a taste for his ass, he’s quick to get a in depth trial of his ass as he inserts his cock and gives the young lad a rough, sweat fueled fuck before releasing him to get into a 69 position where they suck each others cocks to later resume the gym styled fucking.

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Young stud Anthony Naylor wanders through the Spanish dust like a wild west action hero, shirtless, glistening and with a steady pace. Stopping at a high ridge another man appears, our rambling naked Spaniard. Completely hard and towering over him, stroking his dick and returning his stare. After a hesitant beat, Josh Milk walks around the ridge to meet his latest conquest at his own level. They square up, Josh still rock solid, Anthony’s hand takes a firm grip of his cock and they kiss passionately. Crotches rub and grope, Anthony’s hard already and Josh takes his cock out of his shorts, drops to his knees and services his new mate. His big green eyes staring up at Anthony for approval, he throws his head back in pleasure. Time to commend this naked legend and put his efforts against all the men that have come before him. Anthony deep-throats, gags and gasps on his mighty curved cock. spinning him around he wants to taste his hole, the sweat from the heat of the day is a pre-lubing and sweet smelling treat. Rising up, Anthony’s towering dick prepares to fuck him. Up against the rocks, sliding in deep the boys groan and build up the pace to a solid hard fucking, leaning back only to kiss him before being pushed back down, He hasn’t finished with him yet. Down in the sand Anthony pulls open Josh’s leg and thrusts in, one leg on his shoulder, heads held together, an intense and passionate… almost love making. Josh climaxes and spunks his load over his tanned abs, Anthony pulls out and adds a massive amount of cum to the canvas. Heavy breathing and a a steely stare, Josh gets up and literally walks off into the sunset ready for his next adventure.

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At TheCastingRoom, Gary is a fan of our videos and I could tell when I first looked in his eyes what a pervy piggie he is! This fella is at his happiest when he’s on his knees sucking a hard throbbing cock or licking out a man’s arsehole! It’s always a pleasure working with men who are so obedient as he follows instruction and gets turned on by obeying the director’s every order. This is his first time stripping down to be filmed and Gary is very eager to please!

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Wank Party 2015 #5 has a great group of guy, Rosta Benecky, Matej Borzik, Lorenc Byro, Robin Valej and Dave Cargo. In this second part we rejoin them as Rosta’s hot ass is being fucked deep by Robin. Matej’s hole is getting it too, from Dave’s massive cock. Dave is fucking deep and hard, his big balls flapping around as well. Lorenc takes over from Robin , shoving his big cock deep into Rosta’s eager ass. Lorenc slap that sexy ass to as he fucks hard and fast. Then he gives up the hole for Robin to take over again. Robin pounds Rosta’s ass as hard as he can as Dave’s pole is still stretching Matej’s asshole. Then Dave moves over to fuck Rosta with Robin slipping his dick into Matej’s ass. Rosta’s big cock is nice and hard as he takes Dave’s all the way. Lorenc spanks on Matej’s ass and then takes over the fucking from Robin. His cock slams into Matej’s hot ass. Matej moves, to lay over an exercise balls with his ass still being stretched by throbbing dick. Rosta moves too, laying on the bench wanking himself as Dave’s massive cock slams into his hole. Lorenc is deep in Matej’s ass fucking him deep. He pulls out and Robin takes his place. Rosta’s dick is rock hard as he wanks it with Dave deep in his ass. Dave’s cock is ready to explode and he pulls our and shoots a hot load, with Rosta going down on the dick to suck it dry. Robin pulls out of Matej’s ass and both he and Lorenc drop their creamy loads over his back. Then all the guys stand around Matej as he wanks himself to lovely cumshot. They then all crowd into the shower to clean up after a great Wank Party.

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In the new video at CFNMTV, crawling around on his hands and knees at the feet of the imperious women while being kicked, slapped and electrocuted is testing Edward to the extreme. The stern mistresses are putting him through his paces and teaching him how properly to serve them. As they demand more and more of him he starts to worry just how far they intend to go.

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Bisexual boy Michael is showing new guy Bunny what cock fun with the boys is all about, sharing some foot action as they play with each other, sucking toes and then their hard uncut cocks too, kicking back to share some foot wanking and splashing each others sexy feet with cum to finish things off nicely.

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Tall and broad-shouldered with a deceptively lean-muscled body, Justin Brody uses his strong body, hard cock and subtly dominant nature to make an impact with his scene partners. We love his dominance, his charisma and most of all, his big fat cock. Hung boys Cory Kane & Dillon Rossi join him in showing other dudes the ropes.

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It seems Ken has been a bad boy—or has he? With the help of his lawyer, Frank, Ken could possibly get off. But let’s face it—Frank and his stiff cock can get anybody off! Determined to prove his innocence, Ken opens his mouth wide to suck Frank’s cock on CCTV. And what a sloppy wet blowjob it is. He opens wide and lets Frank gag him before Frank takes off his pants and slide his wet tongue up Ken’s willing butt. It doesn’t take long for Frank to drive his dick up Ken’s hot hole. But it’s all to prove Ken’s innocence, right?

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