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“The Kid” continues as Nathan is brought into the deep cave of the old gods. The satyrs care for their captive boy, feeding him their magical cum, and continuing his transformation from mere mortal to something more.

In Chapter 4, “Therianthropy” Nathan feels the first signs of his change beyond that of a Promethean. His body is full of a powerful energy, coursing through his veins and his charging his flesh, making him ravenous for cock.

The satyrs see their work progressing, bringing their young guest from the life of a mortal to that of a young satyr himself. But before he can make his final transformation, he must be brought to the cave of the centaurs, deep down in the earth, to be placed on their altar and bred by their massive cocks.

As Nathan is fucked and filled again and again, he’s bathed in their cum, feeling their power penetrate his flesh and change him forever.

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In the continuing “Lost Boys” epic, a new arc begins as militant, anti-Promethean, Cody, finds himself in a situation he never imagined. Staring at the unfamiliar face in the mirror, Cody is torn between the stimulate effects of his physical changes and his long-standing hatred of “growlboys.” Recounting the events that led him to his predicament, he recalls life-changing moments of carnality.

Cody stares in the mirror as he sees the new, furred forms of his face. Continuing to change from man to beast, he feels a surge of sexual power run through his veins, charging his flesh with energy that he cannot resist. His mind plays tricks on him as he feels his muscles expand and his genitals swell, compelling him to stroke out a load before collapsing into his bed.

After relieving himself of his primal urges, he recalls his history with Promethean-kind, taking him through his exciting and terrifying first sexual encounter through to his most recent impromptu alley-way hookup. Having taken the seed of a mysterious satyr, Cody is left unaware of the cellular changes taking place deep within, waiting to emerge and shake Cody to his core.

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As Midsemester Night’s Dream continues, Matthew finds himself an unexpected position when he must shepard Charlie out of the woods and into the safety and warmth of their bed. Things might seem to be a return to normal, until Matthew’s lover undergoes his own incredible change.

In “Chapter 6: Beast with Two Backs”, Matthew helps Charlie escape the grip of the scylla’s invasive arms. The two young men run through the campus forest, making their way back to the familiar paths and halls of the college, happy to be back in their safe space.

While their evening did not go the way they planned, in the end, they’re back in each other’s arms, feeling intense love and compassion for what the other has gone through.

While everything appears to be back to normal, Charlie feels his body shifting and changing in new and terrifying ways. Luckily, Matthew is there in bed with him, ready to help him through his stunning discovery.

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“Lost Boys” continues as Tommy adjusts to his new body and his new setting. While the collar on his neck might be secure, the most powerful feeling is the connection he has with the handsome, older satyrs that keep him as their ward.

“Bestial Gods” begins with Tommy waking to find himself once again at the direction and guidance of the salt and pepper satyr, Korzak. The powerful immortal fucks Tommy once more after learning of his appreciation for the way his collar feels around his neck, inspiring his more dominant instincts.

It’s after this encounter that Korzak recalls his long history of training young Prometheans. He remembers the world he helped build and the way in which he and his fellow Thebans ruled. This spawns an erotic memory of a similar, submissive young pup.

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Midsemester Night’s Dream continues as Matthew discovers how exactly he’s been changed since he lost his virginity to his handsome professor. An unexpected arousal from his flirty roommate triggers something deep within him that reveals a new animal nature unknown to the horny freshman!

Strange Changes picks up where the previous chapter left off with Matthew thinking fondly on his hot encounter with Professor Housman, only to be pulled out of his day dreaming by his roommate, Charlie. The two mess around in the school’s pool after a strong workout, making Matthew’s crush only grow more.

Having a crush on a straight friend, though, is only the beginning of Matthew’s troubles! As he showers down after the pool, he feels his cock growing bigger and harder, his skin tingling with intense energy, and the shape of his face moving longer and furrier! He finds a private stall to deal with his massive erection and to try and quell its force with an intense jerk off!

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The thrilling and sexy story, Big Cat, continues, focusing on the brutal nature of Promethean Doug’s captor and the tough way he handles his lurid business.

Chapter 2: Furry Business takes a closer look at the man behind the brothel, showing how selfish and demanding he is toward his wards. Steve is a hard and shady character, known for being able to satisfy any man’s needs as long as he’s willing to pay… no matter how exotic their need may be. He’s handsome, hard, and muscular, making for an intimidating broker to those who would seek his business. But with Freak Juice becoming more in demand, more and more desperate buyers are coming to his door for their fix. Needing to keep his supplies up, Steve milks his sexy, Promethean pup for his load, making sure not to miss a drop of his precious merchandise. Turned on by his sadistic power trip and his exposure to the special substance, he gives Doug a special visit, wanting to sample his powerful, huge cock for himself.

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“Stray” is the story of a scrappy young Eddie who is down on his luck and without a home. After being turned into a growlboy, he was rejected by friends and his family kicked him out.

In Chapter 5: Companion Animals, Alex and Eddie lay in wait, unsure of what will happen when the mysterious mansion owner returns to find them. Alex tries to plan their escape, but Eddie seems unusually reluctant to leave.

It’s when the young hero is face to face with the powerful muscle daddy, Hercules, that he begins to understand the nuanced situation his young lover is in.

Alex is unable to deny the older man’s appeal, finding himself worshipping his body before the three men give in to their carnal desires and more bestial natures.

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Tommy is introduced to the world of Prometheans and Thebans in this next chapter in Lost Boys. The handsome young man encounters a sexy muscle bear for a passionate hookup, only to find himself caught the cave of true beast!

As Chapter 2: Stranger Danger begins, Tommy is on his way to his new hookup’s place. Little does he know, his life is about to be irrevocably changed. After meeting the handsome, young muscle daddy, the intimate tryst proves to be more special that Tommy could have imagined. The young man feels his heart and body open up in ways he could have never expected, falling madly in love with the burly man.

All seems perfect until the next day when plans with this friends take an unexpected turn. As his friends visit their favorite, secret swimming spot, a mysterious man entices them to a dangerous place…

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Tommy and his friends are caught in a precarious position on this update of Lost Boys. Trapped in the scylla’s lair, Tommy is mesmerized and subdued for what feels like an eternity until a handsome surprise comes in to save the day!

Chapter 3: Breeding Stock begins with Tommy being consumed by the terrifying scylla beast, unsure of his fate and if he will become one with the monster.

But a sudden rescue brings he and his friends out of the clutches of the tentacled immortal and into the burly, muscular arms of his new lover, Bishop. Confused and scared, Tommy looks to his hero for comfort, finding warmth and protection in his bed and in his passionate embrace.

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Lost Boys is the story of a wise, ancient satyr, looking the world over for displaced souls to bring into his familial pack of strays. Gifting them the life of a Promethean, he shows them their inner potential and guiding them on them new path.

In Chapter 1, Fresh Meat, Angel has just moved into a town and is looking for a good time. Walking down the unfamiliar streets, he finds the exciting and exotic “Growl Bar.” Once inside, he sees meets the handsome owner, Mr. Kipling, taking him up on an offer to work for him at the small club. Things seem to be going smoothly until he has an intimate encounter with his sexy daddy boss, forcing him to face his own deep desires and question his compelling feelings toward his employer. Scared and vulnerable, he’s finds himself at the mercy of his boss, begging him for forgiveness. Mr. Kipling, however, is a lot more than he seems, has a lot more to offer the lost young man.

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GrowlBoys returns with another update in the story of cute, horse hung freshman, Matthew, Midsemester Night’s Dream. Matthew tries to understand the dramatic changes he’s going through while also grappling with his building attraction to his sexy roommate, Charlie.

In Chapter 3: Hard to Swallow, Matthew recovers from the intensity of his first transformation, catching his breath while covered in a massive load of cum. Confused and overwhelmed, he tries to make sense of his new reality and what it will mean for his future. But before he can find any resolution, Charlie returns to their room, intent on having a very personal conversation about a deeply held secret.

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Eddie’s story continues as he’s confronted by his new lover’s roommate and landlord. “Stray” takes the young growlboy off of the streets, but fear and danger seems to follow him wherever he goes.

In Chapter 2: Fucking Landlords, Eddie wakes up to a whole new world. Alex’s warm bed seems like the most magical place on earth and he can’t believe that such a sweet, sexy man would take him in. Alex, however, neglected to tell his roommate anything.

When he leaves for work, the roommate is confused and scared of the unknown man in Alex’s room, especially when he discovers his beastly nature! After he calls on his landlord, Eddie’s fate is now left in the hands of a complete stranger, with no idea of how he got there and who put him in such risk! Little does he know, the handsome older man is more familiar with his situation that could have ever guessed.

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Matthew is still struggling to find balance with his new life in Midsemester Night’s Dream. These changes are unpredictable, but he doesn’t want them to stop him from doing what he loves. A simple evening out with Charlie should have been the stuff of dreams, but devolves quickly into a nightmare scenario.

In “Chapter 5: Peculiar Traditions”, Charlie tries to help Matthew through an unexpected shape shift by running into the forest to seek out answers and help.

Even though he’d been told several times that such a trip would be dangerous, Charlie will do whatever it takes to bring his young lover peace of mind. When Matthew chases after him, he finds Charlie caught in the grip of a strange plant scylla, enticing him and luring him deeper into its trap.

Matthew watches as Charlie is stripped and teased, surprisingly turned on by the unexpected discovery, eager to see how Matthew responds to this otherworldly creature.


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Big Cat is the story of a growlboy named Doug. Technically he’s a werecat, and life hasn’t been easy for him. Chapter 1: Freak Juice starts by introducing Sam, a sexy young man with a powerful habit. A habit so strong he’s technically a junkie, and in the first chapter of this story Sam is looking to get his fix. The substance? Something exotic. Something rare and special. Something he knows he can’t find without heading into the dangerous part of town. After getting a lead from his coworker, he finds a secret, shady whorehouse that caters to desires of all kinds, particularly the strange and mysterious Prometheans. The pimp keeps his merchandise in line easily, because they know they have few options and nowhere else to go. By manhandling and fucking his boys, The pimp Steve has learned how to manhandle his stable of boys and induce furry transformation in the anthropomorphs in one of a kind gay tf content. Once in their true gay furry form, he expertly harvests their cum by forcibly milking potent promethean (growlboy) cum from their balls to be stored and sold on the blackmarket. In this new and thrilling space, he’s introduced to the seductive world of wild sex and power, especially when he’s given the chance to spend a night with a handsome werecat with a huge cock. He’ll pay whatever it costs to suck down a load of promethean cum from the gay feline furry, and then get his big cock between the sexy beast’s perfectly round cheeks, bareback this cheetah furry boy and pump him full of a raw load!

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GrowlBoys returns with another update in the story of cute, horse hung freshman, Matthew, Midsemester Night’s Dream. Matthew tries to understand the dramatic changes he’s going through while also grappling with his building attraction to his sexy roommate, Charlie.

In “Chapter 4: Bottoms Up,” Matthew drifts into an intense dream that takes him beyond the familiar halls of his campus and gives him a glimpse of the word of the Prometheans and their makers.

He seeks out Professor Housman to get some information, wanting to understand more about what he is and why. The young man is unfortunately left with more questions, an ominous warning, and a sore butthole!