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The Stripes series finds Daniel relentlessly searching for the man he once saw in the Adonis Fit showers. The vision of his bone-colored horned and intense sexuality keeps him distracted from all else that happens in the gym. Even as other men try to get his attention, he can’t stop himself from keeping his eyes open for satyr’s return!

Tired and defeated, Daniel gives up on his hunt, realizing the toll it has taken on him mentally and physically. In an attempt to refocus his efforts, Daniel takes some time off from the gym, only returning when he’s cleared the thoughts of the satyr from his mind.

When he returns, he becomes acquainted with a handsome, tall man named Legrand who assists him in his workout. The two form a powerful connection, leading the young man to invite him back to his place for some hot bareback fucking.

Daniel has no idea that the handsome man has a secret of his own, unknowingly bringing him even closer to his goal of finding the mysterious horned man from the showers!

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“The Faunlet” finds Nathan waking from a deep sleep in a pool of strange fluid, possessing an entirely new body and a feeling of power unlike anything he’d ever known. Before he can fully appreciate the extent of his transformation, he sees he’s not alone. Two more figures who look exactly like him emerge from the pool.

As they explore each other, an older satyr makes himself known, guiding them through the beginning of this new phase of their life. While they may have been seeded from one mortal human, they are reborn as separate, immortal beings, capable of more than they even know.

Helping them through this transition, the older satyr teaches them how to prepare themselves for the next chapters of their lives, ultimately finding a new beginning for each of them.

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In “Exotic Species,” Daniel retreats to his room to think through his current status, unsure of what it means or how to control it. Terrified of being seen, he hides away for a period before taking a meditative run alongside a quiet pond. At the water’s edge, he finds not only some peace of mind, but the handsome, horned figure from his first day at the gym!

Under the mysterious man’s spell, Daniel is brought deep into the depths of an underground sex dungeon, unaware of what bestial, carnal activities go on. Little does he know of what the satyr has in store for him, or what familiar faces will return…

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As “A New World” continues, Bryant is brought to his professor’s house where he is put under the handsome man’s satyr spell. John guides Bryant into the depths of the secret theban’s lair, preparing him to be bred and filled with the silver fox’s seed.

As John sheppards him on his path, he remembers how it felt to be a passenger on the mysterious ship, the Actaeon.

In John’s past, he is blackmailed into setting sail for the Americas in pursuit of an elusive, fantasy world.

Unaware of the final destination or the intentions of his blackmailers, he finds himself as a passenger of a large vessel that feels more like a personal prison than the start of an adventure — that is until he is introduced to a compelling, handsome travel companion…

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In the latest chapter of “A New World”, John assures Bryant the new feelings inside him are a normal part of embracing his new life. Bryant trusts his handsome lover, enduring the erratic pains and pleasures of his shifting bones and muscles, while trying his best to control the extreme feelings of arousal. John knows well what he’s going through and how scary it can be to see your world change forever.

In John’s past, he recalls first arriving on the shores of America, encountering a humanoid race of men who were far beyond his comprehension of the natural world.

Flooded with erotic thoughts from their pheromones and beautiful bodies. He and his travel companions are surprised to become their guests, experiencing untold pleasures in a lost, rich city of supernatural beings!

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“A New World” continues as immortal student, John, continues his affair with the handsome, flirtatious Bryant. The two meet up following their one-night stand to discover there might be more between them than just a steamy night of passion. John sees something special in Bryant, leading him to explore ways to keep him closer.

“Cars and Carriages” finds John thinking more about Bryant, wanting to see him again and curious about his feelings. As they communicate with one another, the two young men meet on the college campus, only to find themselves at the mercy of their powerful attraction and arousal–perhaps even stimulated by unknown forces. They’re driven to retreat to Bryant’s car, desperate for a hardcore fuck in the back of the young man’s vehicle.

John recounts a similar night of unbridled passion centuries ago as he’s introduced to a hidden, underworld club, catering to special, carnal delights. Escorted there by an eccentric stranger under the cover of night, John explores the mysterious venue, unwittingly lured into an erotic threesome with one of the establishment’s beautiful distractions, leaving him and his companion completely milked dry!

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The “Stripes” series follows Daniel, a horny boy who has been waiting his whole life for the chance to get out into the world and experience all the sexual fantasies he’s had since he started jerking off.

He’d always seen in movies and porn how hot the public showers and locker rooms were at the gym, so he did his research and found the cruisiest one he could find to join.

Once inside, he’s amazed by the facilities, eager to get in and work up a sweat. He sees more hot bodies than he ever imagined, even catching glimpses of people fooling around!

Still a virgin and unsure of the protocol, he thought he’d just slip in, work out, eye the scene, and then maybe explore more on another visit.

But as he’s getting into his gear, he catches the eye of a man in a shower stall. He tries not to stare, but as he gets a better look, he can see that he’s being fucked! He’s seen some of this behavior already, but what really shocks him was seeing that that man had horns coming out of his head!

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Cole is stripped and mesmerized in the hidden underground temple of his host, unaware of the handsome stranger’s long past, and the secrets contained within its walls. The young man is subdued and hypnotized, making him a passive and willing offering to the tentacled creature.

The athletic boy’s body is explored, probed, and massaged; all leading to a forced orgasm that leaves the young man spent and covered in cum! Following this, his body is triggered to undergo an unexpected change, an exciting and terrifying experience that’s made all the more confusing by the presence of another…

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A new journey begins as handsome, young John takes home a fellow student one fateful night in “The Stag.” The sexy Promethean finds exactly what he’s looking for in the college freshman, Bryant, leading to a passionate exploration of their chemistry and sexuality.

John and his French lover, Jean, scurry off to a private room to strip off their clothes and lose themselves in a wild night of historic barebacking.

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Midsemester Night’s Dream concludes as Charlie and Matthew feel the pressure of the outside world close in on their dorm room romance. The two freshmen find that their hard kept secrets cannot stay hidden forever, forcing them to make a bold decision.

“Filthy Animals” begins as Charlie and Matthew feel emboldened to have a little fun in their shared dorm bathroom, playing around in the showers when they think they’re alone.

But when their RA, Peter, finds evidence of their Promethean natures, they face a threat they hoped would never surface. The two boys end up finding support and answers from a familiar face, reminding them that they are not alone in this big, new world.

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Trojan Horse begins with Brody stuck in the facility’s bathroom, completely transformed with only a locked door to keep him from being exposed.

Before he can devise an escape plan, his comrades break through his defenses, seeing him for what he truly is! With his gift of strength and speed, he manages to just barely slip past them, running deep into the surrounding woods.

Once there, he finds himself captivated by an intoxicating scent, one that sends his mind into a state of pleasure and peace.

A strange figure bearing a set of horns on his head and a massive cock between his legs emerges from the forest. Brody gladly takes him inside, unaware of what the stranger has in store for him later….

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This week on Growlboys, the tale of “The Monster” continues as Cole finds himself at the mercy of strangers. Thrown out of his home and abandoned by his boyfriend, he finds comfort in an unexpected source, opening himself to a new level of vulnerability.

Cole is still confused by the events of the woods as he wakes up in his bed the next day. When his boyfriend pressed him to come out to his parents, Cole knows he has no choice but to be brave and speak the words he’d hoped to never say.

Upon their rejection, he desperately tries to turn to his boyfriend, only to find him unexpectedly disconnected. “The Hierophant of Min” brings Cole to a new, terrifying low, giving him no choice but to accept the hospitality of a mysterious stranger.

Cole has no idea about the true nature of his generous host, or the secrets he keeps in the depths of his home.

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This week on Growl Boys, “The Kid” continues as Nathan is brought into the deep cave of the old gods. There, Bishop tells him about the conditions that brought him there, as well as the changes he’s about to go through. He’s embraced by the handsome satyr, as well as many of his fellow immortals.

“Pan’s Cave” opens with Bishop bringing Nathan deep into the belly of an ancient cave. The young man awakens from the warm lights that surround him, stunned at the presence of the horned muscle bear. Bishop keeps him safe and secure, assuring him that all will be okay.

Nathan feels protected and cared for, opening himself up to the love and affection of his unexpected host. Their passion attracts other figures in the cave’s depths, all emerging to meet their new guest, each one taking their turn showing their seductive hospitality. Nathan opens his hole for each one, getting more and more full of their powerful seed.

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This week on GrowlBoys, Cole experiences a new adventure as the tale of “The Monster” begins. The horny young man finds himself opening up to be taken by many unexpected forces, not all of which are human.

In “Chapter 1: Forest Fuck,” Cole retreats to the woods to meet his sexy boyfriend, Johnathan, for a little woodsy tryst. Their passion and trust helps Cole forget his nerves and enjoy the thrill of an outdoor session of breeding and fucking.

The magical moment is cut short, however, by the presence of an unknown figure watching them from deep in the forest. The two men attempt to flee the scene. Cole, however, is caught up and captured by the secret forest dweller. The mysterious figure takes Cole for himself, setting off a chain reaction that will change his life forever.

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“The Kid” continues as Nathan is brought into the deep cave of the old gods. The satyrs care for their captive boy, feeding him their magical cum, and continuing his transformation from mere mortal to something more.

In Chapter 4, “Therianthropy” Nathan feels the first signs of his change beyond that of a Promethean. His body is full of a powerful energy, coursing through his veins and his charging his flesh, making him ravenous for cock.

The satyrs see their work progressing, bringing their young guest from the life of a mortal to that of a young satyr himself. But before he can make his final transformation, he must be brought to the cave of the centaurs, deep down in the earth, to be placed on their altar and bred by their massive cocks.

As Nathan is fucked and filled again and again, he’s bathed in their cum, feeling their power penetrate his flesh and change him forever.