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Gorgeous would be one word we could use to describe straight boy Lex, horny would be another. Totally suckable is what I would call him. This handsome young man has an impressive 8 inch cock, hard and juicy. Although he’s straight, he has no problem taking his own hot cum load in his mouth when he jerks off!

Straight boy Daniel heard about us through a friend of his who was thinking about shooting some loads on video, but this boy was quicker to get in touch. He’s a confident guy, not at all shy about getting his cock out and stroking it in front of other dudes. This slim and sexy straight guy is gonna be interesting to film in the future.

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The place needed a new lick of paint, but we don’t do things normally around here. We could have called someone in to do it, but why bother when you have a horny straight guy with a cum load in his balls willing to do it while jacking off too? Ivan gets naked, gets his cock in his fist and adds his own special juices to the paint as he unloads his cum into the mix, before painting it onto the wall!

Ivan is another of those horny straight boys who really enjoys stroking the cum from his dick when he's alone. He jacks off at least three times a day, and now that he's started to enjoy himself on video and get paid for it too he's into pissing and making a mess with some of the other boys. He's not one to shy away from some wet and messy fun!

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Nolan is all about pure, raw, dirty sex. He sits naked on the floor, stroking his nine and a half inch cock. He throws his legs against the wall and raises his body, granting you a private view of his monster cock, huge balls and straight, virgin asshole. His asshole twitches and clenches with each cock stroke as Nolan’s dick oozes with cum.

Although he identifies as being straight, Nolan is one of those guys who is happy to get some action where he can find it. The guy has one big and bent cock that plenty of guys and girls would love to suck on and ride, and he’s not the kind of guy to turn down an offer from anyone who wants that meat!

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Devin, Blinx and Kenneth stopped by for a shared jack off shoot, but we thought we’d get a little fun with it. We’d seen another video of a guy fucking a watermelon and we though, fuck it, why not? The boy prepare their temporary fuck toys, get their cocks out and sink their big dicks into those wet insides, soon jacking off and loving it, watching each other as they all unload their dicks over their watermelon’s one by one! What a mess these boys made, you’d love to be there to help clean up though!

Blinx is a horny bisexual boy who started out with us just stroking his hard cock and enjoying some solo cum play, but when he had the chance to get some creamy jizz from some of the other boys he was on it! This sexy and sweet boy loves a little cum play now that he's tried it – scratch that, he LOVES cum play!

There are a lot of hot boys out there who know all the fun they can have with hot piss, and Devin is one of them. He's no stranger to getting soaked in piss, either when he's alone and jacking off, or when he's with a boy or girl for some wet and messy play. This bisexual, uncut, sexy ass guy is always up for some fun!

Kenneth works with a guy who came to us to earn some cash and he thought he would give it a go too. The tall and lean redhead is so confident and cocky, but when you see that gorgeous dick he has you can understand why he loves showing it off. He's real into performing and gets turned on being watched.

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Tyger has always been proud of his big dick and body, but when he started jerking off with Nolan, he became a little intimidated! Nolan has nearly nine inches of cock and combined with Tyger’s eight and a half inch, thick dick, these guys are jerking off almost eighteen inches of thick, hard cock! As they masturbate, the camera closes in so tightly that you can see and almost smell every pubic hair on their cocks and balls! The guys jack their cocks, their smooth, toned bodies tighten and almost at the same time, they shoot their juicy cum loads! two hot, straight, naked and horny guys that love to cum!

Although he identifies as being straight, Nolan is one of those guys who is happy to get some action where he can find it. The guy has one big and bent cock that plenty of guys and girls would love to suck on and ride, and he's not the kind of guy to turn down an offer from anyone who wants that meat!

Tygger is a real cute young straight guy who likes to project an image of being a bit of a bad boy, but he's actually quite timid and shy when you get talking to him. He has a great body built from sports and a little working out, and he has a great cock that's always easily hard and throbbing for some fun!

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He looks bad to the bone, but that bone is so tempting we just can’t look away no matter how straight BJ is. He’s kicking back and enjoying a smoke and a long cock stroke in this shoot, pleasuring his shaft and unloading his cum like only he knows how – although you’d all love to show him some different ways, right?

You know they say that you shouldn't judge a book by the cover? Well, you might not think that when you take a look at bad boy BJ. He has a look that yells "avoid me", but when you see his thick and long cock and that devilish smirk on his bearded face you might find avoiding him just a little too difficult to do.

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Alpha thug Flaco is gonna make you eat his gangsta cock. He knows how to teach the bitches and he knows what they want… they want to eat his dick and suck his juice down their throat. Watch him as he works his slippery cock and builds up to a cum load, talking horny shit and getting himself all worked up.

Flaco is a real rough straight thug who doesn't give a fuck who's getting off watching him on video, as long as someone is enjoying his show and he gets to show off his juicy dick and jack himself off to a hot load of juice. The guy certainly knows how to make a hot video, talking to the camera as he uses his slippery meat.

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Viper knows what he’s got, and he knows that all the fans out there would love to jack him off, suck that pink dick and take that straight boy cum shot down their throats. He’s happy to get you all jacking off with him, making you cum watching him. He gets a cock ring around his junk and jacks his meat, his big balls bouncing until the cum splashes up over his chest and abs. You’ll wish you were there to lick him clean!

Viper is a very straight young thug boy with a great body, a handsome face, a delicious looking dick and some real juicy swinging nuts too. He’s not shy about jacking his cock in front of other guys and shooting his load, but he’s never done anything more than jerk off with some guys before watching porn.


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Young buck Dueces is back again to enjoy his long dick on camera and give you some more of what you want. We bring the camera in real tight so you get to see all the details of his huge cock and the folds of huts big low hanging nut sack. We’re so close you can almost smell the precum! He work his jerk-off until he busts off a big load of straight cum juice. This dude is quiet but he loves the nut! He throws his head back and grits his teeth while he shoot his jizz, it feel so good!

He's a horny straight boy who can never get enough of playing with his big cock. He's real proud of the big thug dick he has swinging between his legs, and he don't much care if guys get off watching him stroking that fuckstick and spewing his juice out. Hell, he might even let you suck on that thing, if you can handle it.

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Lex came by right off the baseball field and into the living room for a jerk off session. Lex is a 18 year old exhibitionist that loves to be watched. His smooth, young athletic body is amazing and his dick is always quick to get hard. The sweet smell of a young athlete’s musk was still fresh on his body as he stripped and began to masturbate. He took a few short breaks to pause long enough to us to enjoy the beauty of his naked body and hard cock and then began stroking his dick faster; rubbing the pre-cum like a lubricant. Then he bent over the couch showing his tight, round ass and virgin asshole. Finally, Lex gets down to some serious masturbation; his abs tighten and his body tenses as he moans and fires off a load of cum that nearly his his chin. Young, hot and horny! Lex is super sexy!

Lex is the complete package, we think you'll agree. This handsome and horny young man is a sporty boy with a tight and smooth body that we would all love to use as a playground. He has a great dick and a totally suckable pair of balls too. He's always looking for an opportunity to stroke out some cum.


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James called up out of the blue telling us one his buddies had jerked off for us before and he wanted to make some money. When he sent us a pic of himself with his cock out we had him in for a cum shooting session the next day. He’s real into it, enjoying some pussy porn and tugging on his cock until it’s hard, then pumping out a hot thick load of cum for the guys. We know you’re all gonna want more of him, we do too!

He found out about jacking off on video through one of his friends and called up wanting to make some money. When we got a good look at James we knew you guys would love to see him tugging his cock and splashing his cum out. He’s so confident about it, he just doesn’t care about getting his dick out and getting off.

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Homeboy Detweiler has been in lock-up for about a year and now he’s back with a few more tatts and a cock full of cum. He’s been workin’ out so he got a tighter body and his fat uncut cock grew a little longer too. Take a look ’cause Detweiler has just been waiting to get naked and jerk his dick off for you.

Plenty of the SNT boys have their problems with the law, and some of them end up being locked away for a spell too. Detweiler is one of those guys, and after so much jacking in prison he’s pretty used to being watched enjoying his own cock and draining out some cum – only now he’s getting paid for it.

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Homeboyz Cain and Gabriel give the blow-up bitch a hella double dickin’ before drainin’ their nutz of young hot sperm. They show you how real straight naked horny dudes fucks a slut. This video has all the up-close ball slappin’ and ass bouncin’ action you expect to see from two horny straight naked teens when their big dicks get all hard and ready to spill some seed!

Sexy and horny straight boy Cain has a very special skill, and one that he likes to share. Although he started off with some jerking, he can lick and suck on the head of his own cock, so when he had the offer of sucking his buddy off it wasn’t such a big deal. Now he loves to share some oral with a dude, and swapping cum is not big deal either!

Gabriel is a good buddy of another of our boys – Cain – and all it took was some shared jerking and the sight of his bud sucking the head of his own cock to get Gabriel interested in sharing his dick too! Now this boy is a real fan of mutual jerking, shared sucking and plenty of hot fresh cum eating too!

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It’s time to chill out at the SNT crib, kicking back with some pussy porn and cock in hand, stroking off and shooting some cum with a good buddy. Nailz and Smokey have some cum to unload, jacking off together and splashing out their jizz over themselves, making a real mess. We don’t mind cleaning up after something like this though.

There’s a lot of things about Nailz that we love. He’s a little quiet, but you know he’s a badass. He has a tight body and a great cock that’s always getting hard and ready for a jack off. He has a great pair of big low hanging nuts too, the kind you could really suck on if only he was a little bit curious.

If you get off on straight boys who might be easily convinced to try something new, Smokey is one to check out. He’s a little wild, and although he calls himself straight h’s not likely to turn down an experience with another boys hard cock. He’s into the pleasure and fun of it all, and just a suggestion is often all he needs to want to try something.

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This is Clyde’s 1st video for StraightNakedThugs and he started out a little shy, but once he gets his hard meat out of his jeans he’s cool and comfortable. He looks dead into the camera with coal black eyes as he lets you check out his thick, fat cock and naked body until he spits a load of nutt on his tight body. He’s quiet and cool and lets you know you better keep your distance. You can look all you want but ain’t nobody gonna taste his cock unless he say so.

We got a lot of hot straight guys at StraightNakedThugs, but Clyde has to be one of the most tempting of all. This gorgeous straight boy has a real hot body and a hard cut dick ready to go straight away, he wouldn’t let you near his cock unless he says so, but we hope one day he might at least give some mutual jackin’ a try.