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Nico Leon & Max Konnor finally met at the CockyBoys pool party and hit it off so they just knew they had to do a scene. And not just any scene! In this condom-free outdoor scene Max makes new by sucking cock! First though, Nico charms Max & tantalizes his cock with enthusiastic deep-throating, devoted to “making him feel good”.

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He turns Nico around again and pounds him deep, getting him in just the right position to give them simultaneous pleasure. Max soon pulls out just in time to shoot his thick load over his hole and slide it into his hole. Nico fingers it in deeper and when he lies on his back Max takes over fingering his hole. This pushes Nico over the edge and he shoots a thick load over himself as Max kisses him. When Nico comes down top reality from his orgasmic trance he and Max share kisses & smiles of total satisfaction.

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Honestly, there’s nothing I enjoy more than teaching a previously-straight guy how to have sweaty aggressive man sex. We paired-up jacked muscle stud Stefan with super sexy Max and the magic happened. Obviously Max was excited to get naked with a gorgeous straight boy but much to our surprise, Stefan was really enjoying it too, especially the kissing. Stefan is a really hot kisser. He made out with all three of us. Woof! Then, we all took turns popping his rim cherry. Double Woof! He had never eaten a man’s ass before. Actually, Stefan had never had anyone eat his ass either, mainly because most women won’t do it, according to him. After all the tongue to hole action, Stefan was ready to plow Max’s ass. Hunter and I were riveted. It all got so hot that we both jumped in on the action and shot our loads.


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Cyrus and Douglas know a hard sturdy cock anywhere in his vicinity gets to slam his cross dresser butt and wear it out. Soon his man is slamming that sissy’s bunghole and working up a sweat that just destroys the sissy’s plundered brown eye with gusto. It’s a good thing their girlfriends were out of town or the sight of that tight little bum would have made them faint.

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Crouched in a cage, puppy Tony Orion gets led out by alpha dog Aleks Buldocek—their two faces covered by dog masks as tails wag out of their asses. With his huge bone, Aleks takes control—the two rumbling around, sniffing each other’s holes as they bark. After burying his leather snout in Tony’s butt, Aleks frees his bud’s mouth—which is soon wrapped around the alpha’s massive meat. Tony’s chain collar rattles as he sucks, the sub soon getting sniffed and fucked from behind. The bottom whimpers as he gets it deep, Aleks’ tail bouncing around as he plows the pup. Tony’s dick is stiff as he gets fucked on all fours, a strand of glistening precum dripping from its head to the floor. Tony’s ass ripples, the two soon rolling around as they 69—then butting heads as Aleks’ ass wags. The alpha gets Tony on his back, an overhead shot capturing the deep penetration beautifully as they bark. The two squirt, Aleks’ load coating Tony’s crotch.

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Lincoln and Riley are two young, hairy chavs, and both of them are into extremely nasty bareback sex. On all fours on the dirty warehouse floor, Riley gets turned into a submissive fuckhole. Lincoln slams in hard with his fat cock and takes what he wants from his bitch. The hairy butt gets worked over and pumped full of fresh sperm. To finish, the bottom slut is allowed to suck the fuckmeat clean while he dumps his own load.

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Big, burly, Bi-sexual, with a donkey dick and bulging muscles ! oh daddy, there’s a lot to lust over here if we were paying by the kilo we’d be in debt, thats some quality beef on offer and a real python-of-pork. Lee David is a cheeky, friendly and very sexy Northern lad, with a high libido and an exhibitionist streak, with a body like that, no wonder he luvs to show it off. This bloke is all muscle, from his ripped abs to his bulging biceps, magnificent chest and rock hard arse ( he’s never been fucked but he doesn’t mind giving us a peep of the virgin territory). All those muscles and that huge, nine inches of heavy, dangling cock! WOWZER, this guy is a play ground. Of course we linger on your favourite bits – that juicy foreskin, sensitive nipples and bulging underwear, drink it in!

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At CMNM, Bob is utterly humiliated! Not only has the interviewer made him shed his best suit to stand there stark naked but he’s grown an embarrassing stiff hard on in the process! He’s terrified what will happen if any of his mates discover what he’s doing or if his wife discovers the depths he’s sunk to in order to get a job. But this is nothing compared to the depravity he’s put through next!

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At, fitness fanatic Johnny is sexy and confident. He has an endearing way of chuckling to himself during his interview and physical as if he enjoys being such a dirty fucker. As a full hetero he is very hesitant to do any sexual work with other men, but if his career as a model and actor doesn’t pan out he might have to broaden his limits. For now we’re only allowed to study his arse and command him to flash it.