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The last time we saw Jason Lee, he was one fifth of a pretty epic cupcake mishap, but now we’ve got him in a slightly more intimate setting. Alone with Jayce Asher, the two guys are already naked on the couch when we catch up with them, and though their task is just to mutually jerk off together, there is far too much lust, way too much urge, and much too much ass in the room for Jason to contain himself. He begs to fuck Jayce’s sweet ass and once obliged, does not let the opportunity go to waste, sliding his meat deep inside Jayce from behind, then pounding away as Jayce clutches the back of the couch in ecstatic pleasure. Flipping Jayce over, Jason goes for the glory as Jayce strokes himself off. Jayce is ready to cum but before he can, Jason explodes his load all over himself, and the site of that sends Jayce over the edge, causing him to lose his load in the thick healthy blast. Enjoy!

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Two new faces on CJB this week and the first is from Boston. Tucker Vaughn makes his debut on CJB this week. He’s 19 and we’re glad to have him with us. To his left is a Windy City native that finally turned 18 and goes by the name of Ryan Middleton. They are both horny boys and admit their love for whacking off had landed them both in awkward situations being caught by either their Dad —or Grandma! YIKES. Yeah that’s not a good thing, but bad decisions lead to great stories. We asked these two when along the way did they discover that they might like more than the expected opposite sex. Tucker laughs as he says, when he was really young in a bath tub with a tooth brush. That gave him a head start on being the perfect bottom. Ryan learned even earlier about his “willy’s” purpose. Ryan was in kindergarten when he and a classmate went to the bathroom and they started showing their cocks off to each other than decided to play a game of “You do me- I’ll do you.” That game never fails. Ryan still likes sticking his dick in things and we’re here to help out anyway we can.

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AJ Monroe is back and we are certainly glad to have him return, even if he is a bit banged up. Pike Young, much like his name suggests, joins him for his CJB debut, and though he comes in perfectly healthy, if AJ has anything to say about it, Pike will be leaving sort of banged up, too. Or at least banged out. Pike eases into position with his ass grinding on AJ’s crotch, as AJ’s member grows and Pike’s curiosity is piqued. Taking off their clothes, AJ’s 7′ cock flops out stiff and ready for action, so Pike takes it deep into his throat. AJ takes of his shirt and works his way down Pike’s body before bending him over a chair and spit-lubing his asshole for the pounding that lay ahead. Pike mounts AJ and spreads his legs wide to fully allow AJ’s member to do its damage. Pike likes it hard and rough, so AJ flips him over and goes at from behind, pulling Pike’s hair as he pounds away before firing his load all over Pike’s waiting body, before Pike strokes himself off and blasts himself as well. Enjoy!

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Lined up and ready to please, these 5 studs have a surprise in store for them. Whenever you get this many guys together, it is safe to say there will be an abundance of meat. But what if you are hankering for something sweet? Well we’ve got you covered there as well, as this proves to be a circle jerk with a purpose, a Game of Boners if you will. Adding drama and incentive to the proceedings, a lone chocolate muffin sits on the table in front of them, ready to absorb the ‘man-glaze’ and resting as a ‘reward’ for whoever finishes last. Five men enter. Only four will leave unchanged. Who will it be? Let the best man win, and let the last man eat cake! Enjoy!

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New-comers all around this time on CJB, as we have three new guys on the couch ready to jack jack jack away. Aaron Slate and Josh Hodges have both partaken in something similar in their private lives, but for golden boy surfer Kolton Ray, this will be his first experience. You can sense his nervous energy, but it quickly dissipates when the pants come down and the cocks come out, as he steals a look over at Aaron, with his head back against the couch, flogging away at his hardening cock, while Josh sits on the end with a great view of all the action, his thick cock getting more and more firm by the minute. Once they are all hard, which doesn’t take very long, the guys stand up to compare cocks before Kolton sits back down to get to serious business. He throws his head back and lets loose a healthy load, as Josh does the same on the other end of the couch. Now it’s Aaron’s turn to complete the cum trifecta, which he does with his own sticky mess of a load. A good time to be had by all, and certainly one that each guy will be looking to replicate in the near future. Enjoy!

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We always have something new here at CJB and today it’s James’ first day with another man by the name of Geo. James is a little nervous but who wouldn’t be when you know you’re going to have a nice sexy fat cock deep in your mouth. What a good sport both of these sexy young men are. They both give one another a helping hand and we all know after some time of stroking some cock carpal tunnel can kick right in so we did what any man would do and used some wet hot mouth instead. Come check out Geo and James trading off sucking each other’s fat cocks. I can tell you towards the end you will like the cum splasher. Enjoy!

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They’re just a couple of sweet boys that happened to have large dicks and appetites for hot sexual connection. Meet Derek and Joshua Evans. If you’ve already been a fan of Circle Jerk Boys, you might remember these guys from their ‘Glazed Muffin’ exploit. Now they’re back and ready for some action of a bit more intimate nature. As they stroke their own fat, swollen cocks next to each other, Derek’s eyes wander over and take a look at how Josh is getting along. Our CJB director notices and suggests the boys try their hands at tugging one another. The guys quickly realize how much better it feels when a buddy does it. When Derek asks if it’s ok to suck Joshua’s pulsating piece, our director and Joshua both wholeheartedly affirm it would be a fine course of action. Before you know it, Derek is going deep on Josh’s hard dong. By the look on his face, Joshua is clearly in ecstasy. Then Joshua goes in for a nice, thorough taste of Derek’s stiffie. Josh enjoys the awesome Prince Albert piercing, through the head of Derek’s beautiful cock. Check out these gorgeous boys as they get to know each other much, much better. Enjoy!

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With a sparkle in his eye and a twang his voice, 20 year old Shane Jacobs makes his debut on A good ole southerner with a big ole smile, Shane kept glancing at 23 year old AJ Sylvester. Looking like he mistakenly walked onto our set instead of the local recruitment office, this close cropped tall, cool customer was visibly nervous and visibly excited. AJ shared he’d gotten head from guys before and admitted with a smile they make better cock suckers then the girls he had been with. He also revealed the last piece of porn he jacked off was ‘straight anal,’ Shane immediately knew he was going to make sure that before AJ left, he would know the only hole better on a man was not just the mouth. With the awkwardness of a kid showing his buddy a Playboy he stole from his old man before someone came home and caught them, AJ plays that video he mentioned earlier for Shane and Shane immediately starts rubbing his own bulge, looking at both the screen and AJ, who took off his shirt to reveals a strong chest, well worked biceps and flat stomach complete with etched gum gutters flaring out of his jeans. As they both get down to their boxers, it AJ now stealing glances at Shane’s bulge. Now both naked and hard, AJ leans back and closes his eyes as Shane reaches over and helps him stroke then quickly leans over and begin to slurp on AJ’s throbber. AJ looks down in amazement, rubbing Shane back and neck as Shane licks and sucks every inch of AJ’s cock and balls before AJ straddles him and gives him a fast skull fuck before moving Shane to his knees. Deep throating every inch of AJ’s pole, Shane pulled it out of his mouth and stroked it, and as they locked eyes, they both knew where they cock was going next.With rock hard AJ sitting on the couch, Shane lowers himself onto AJ’s pole, his own cock sticking straight out. They started moving in unison almost immediately, AJ pushing up as Shane pushed down, his willing hole taking in every inch of AJ’s dick. Shane’s quads flexed as he got his feet onto the cushions and bounced up and down before holding himself steady and letting AJ raise up and piston fuck him from below. Standing up and leaning over the chair, AJ retakes Shane from behind. The round smooth curves of Shane’s ass have fueled AJ’s lust as he fucks harder and deeper, grabbing onto Shane’s hip and working in every inch of his cock. Back on the couch, he slides behind Shane and continues his rear assault as Shane fists his own cock, getting bigger and bigger as AJ continues to pummel away before getting on his knees and offering his face for cum shot target practice. AJ doesn’t miss the target and Shane’s face is soon covered with spooge that drips off his cheeks and chin onto the floor and Shane seal the deal with a load all over himself.

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The last time we saw Geo Reigns on CJB, he was bringing up the rear and finishing last in a race to lose his load, and he paid for it with a culinary bonus that he’d rather forget about. But all that is behind him, and now he’s joined by Nick Decker and Damian, two open minded guys who don’t mind sharing the couch with each other. Much more subdued without the threat of a limp biscuit looming over their heads, the guys strip down and spread their legs, each of them taking their cock in hand and commencing to flog. Geo steals a look over at Nick’s cock as Nick strokes away, while Damian is content to lube up and go at it from the corner. Geo shows new form and finishes first, losing his load all over his chest as Nick follows suit and squeezes one out, leaving only Damian to finish, who is in no hurry. Damian slowly teases the head of his lubed-up cock and works his palm up and down its shaft in a playful manner, until he trips something and realizes he’s right on verge of busting his nut, which he does in a milky white explosion, damn near hitting himself in the face as Nick and Geo look on and laugh. Enjoy!

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If you looked up ‘straight stud’ in the dictionary, you could easily find a picture of Cooper Reed. With 150 pounds of muscle packed onto his 5’7′ frame and spilling out, practically tearing the fabric of his t shirt, you could almost forget the way he was tending his jeans or that his piercing sapphire colored eyes would turn the ‘Man in Blue’ green with envy. Those when it comes to envy, the lions hare of that today has to belong to Andrew Collins, the 19 year old who was about to give that hunk a unforgettable serving of man flesh. Cooper Reed’s charms start at his head and work down to his toes. This stunner is dripping in confidence and oozes a natural masculinity that was both intoxicating, and nerve racking to Andrew who seemed to think he might just ‘get his lunch money taken by the big guy from the football team.’ A little taller, a little lighter, it looked as first like Cooper would use Andrew as his personal barbell, but soon discovered Andrew’s other talents might help him work off tension that is not relived in the gym.Even as he sat on the couch, the mass that makes up Cooper’s biceps left most skin exposed than was covered by the fabric, leaving the dark ink of his latest tattoo in full view and the perfect conversation starter for Andrew. As Andrew’s fingertip every so lightly hovered over the new tat, Cooper stripped off his shirt to display the marking on his other arm. As Andrew reached over, his hand came in for a landing on Cooper’s big pec and in a move that took everyone by surprise; Cooper’s tongue came in for a landing somewhere around Andrew’s tonsils. Breaking the kiss to stand up, Cooper opened his jeans, pulled down his boxers to reveal his heavy, thick, uncut veiny throbber that was rock hard by the time he put his hand on the back of Andrew’s head. Andrew stripped off his shirt and Cooper sat back down and as Andrew’s head bobbed up and down on Cooper’s pole, Andrew rubbed the bulge in his red jock. Andrew got up, pushed the fabric of the punch to the side to let his own cock breathe as Coopers took the hint, the bait and that cock in his mouth. As Cooper fisted his own still hard dick, he powerful gaze commanding Andrew’s attention as he looked up into Andrew’s very wide eyes and sucked away with conviction of a guy hell bent on doing something right. Next, he bent Andrew over on the couch, straddled him, spread those cheeks wide and found an additional place to put his tongue.Cooper ate away at Andrew’s hole seemingly forgetting this wasn’t his girl’s pussy or at the least, no longer caring. He had the fever for the flavor and soon gloved up, got behind Andrew and placed the business end of his cock at Andrew’s hole followed a steady push into awaiting globes of pleasure. He used the strap of Andrew’s jock as a handle to rock Andrew back and forth on his cock; he leaned forward, grabbed Andrew’s head and practically swallowed Andrew’s tonsils before having a seat back on the couch and invited Andrew to take a seat as well. Andrew RSVP’d to that invitation but sitting on Cooper’s cock, raising himself as high as he could before lowering himself down again, working in every inch with depth and speed. Positioning himself now between Andrew’s legs, he started plowing away with renewed strength as Andrew took but a few strokes before his body shuddered and released his load. With Andrew still trying to catch his breath, Cooper knelt beside him and let his own load loose, cumming in for a landing on Andrew’s already jizz covered stomach and chest before he ended things the way it started: with a kiss

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Brian Bonds is a curious boy. Today he’s taking some time to get acquainted with another very handsome young man by the name of Logan Vaughn. Logan is quite strapping. He’s well built and sports a mildly shaggy, red beard. But his hair is a different story. It’s a naturally lustrous, naturally blonde head of wavy strands. Brian can’t help but ask the old cliche, ‘Does the carpet match the drapes??’Logan has no problem telling him that he does indeed have blonde pubes. And he’s proving it! When Brian pulls down Logan’s underwear, out pops a healthy cock, ready for sucking. Brian doesn’t hesitate to slurp it down his throat. Logan’s face says exactly how good the sensation feels. Then it’s Brian’s turn to feel Logan’s warm mouth wrapped around his hard dick. Logan can’t get enough of Brian’s long, firm boner. Then Brian’s having a taste of Logan’s sweet asshole. Watch him spread and lick from underneath while jerking his massive erection. Logan can hardly stand the action any longer without plunging his meat vessel deep into Brian’s warm hole. Check out his hot body while he pounds Brian good. These two extremely fine boys are a pair you won’t forget! Enjoy!