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It has been some time since these two have been back and we have them together which is even better. Both of these studs love all sides of the sexual spectrum and are no rookies when it comes to sucking some cock. After some stroking of the cocks Damian looks to be ahead of Nick and that means down on your knees. Damian’s fat cock is receiving all the special treatment it rightly deserves but once one mouth gets tired it’s time to utilize the other mouth and Nick’s meaty cock is ready to be juiced up. Damian is so good at slurping up and down that sexy cock that Nick has to tell him to ease up or it could be a real quick scene. Come on in and watch how close Nick gets to busting an early load. Enjoy!

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The neighbors are back again but this time they have a stranger with them. The lucky neighbors Jay and Ryan have been trying to get Nick to move into a vacant room so all three can have some hot steamy fun on a regular basis but for now we have them here on our couch ready to stroke for you. These are some hot smooth tasty looking boys that you could just lick up and down all night long. Take a seat pull your fat dick out and watch these hotties slowly stroke cum out of their mouthwatering cocks. Enjoy!

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There is nothing like having a good neighbor and by that I mean a neighbor who will take care of any sexual needs that might cum along. Lucky for Jay and Ryan they have been close friends as well as neighbors for over 3 years and they have been tempted to fool around but never did until now. When they first met they both had lots of sexual tension but no release was in sight until we brought them together for an explosive neighborly CJB session. You can see the wonderment in their faces and the hesitation of what might come to be after and I’m sure once they leave our soft couch these two hotties will continue to fuck once back home. Cum check them blow, fuck, kiss, lick and see the friendly neighbors they truly are. Enjoy!

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Another round of cock stroking fun with Ludo and Trent. Trent gets serviced by the tall skinny Ludo and he has no problem hanging back while Ludo licks up his balls and shaft. Both of these boys are very timid but eager to suck and get naked. Trent stokes his nice hard cock while his balls feel the delight from a warm mouth of fun. Sit back with a buddy and let loose for a bit. Enjoy!

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We have some fresh CJBs today; first timers and boy are they eager to get started. Alexander is a tanned ripped hunk while Nu is more of the quiet type which Alexander brings out into the open. Nu’s quietness doesn’t last long once he’s being fucked while also getting his cock sucked by the studly Alexander. With a pierced cock deep in his ass and sucking some cock you can only imagine the bliss Nu is feeling. What a great CJB! We have lots of sucking, fucking and explosive endings CJB style. Enjoy!

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Daaaaaamn, do we have 3 hotties for your eager eyes to check out for this sexy jerk off session. These hot boys finally get to have a real 3 way Circle Jerk with each hand on a different cock at different times. Trent is back to explore the extra hands but who wouldn’t mind some help out stroking cock with some buds. The boys sit down to some exotic porn and not long into it their hands start rubbing thighs and stroking cocks. With three juicy cum shots in such close encounters someone is bound to get hit by friendly fire. Sit back with some friends and pull them cocks out and …. Enjoy!

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These two boys have met before and boy did they hit it off. They both love country music and anything cowboy plus they now spend time together by going to rodeo events. There’s nothing like watching some hot sexy cowboys with a good Circle Jerk buddy. Josh loves to fuck Kolton’s little tight butt and Kolton makes the sexiest sounds as that cock goes in and out of that round tasty ass. If you love country sounding boys and music or just love going to Rodeos before or after watching some steamy porn then mount up and drop them jeans. Enjoy!

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High school buddies Jesse and Isaac are back with us again and ready to raise the bar this time around. Last time they only sucked cock but this time they are ready for some hot ass. On this go-around Isaac gears up for some sexy ass eating to warm things up. Once that ass is all lubed up he gets to pound that tight smooth hole Jesse has to offer. If you liked the last scene with these two sexy boys get ready for this one because it’s hotter, sexier and most of all these HS buddies fuck each other. Enjoy!

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If you’re ready for a sexy slow moving slow stroking uncut dick of man then we have a special treat for you. Fernando has the moves of a seductress and a cock so sexy and uncut you can’t help but drool when you see it. His veiny thick dick is stroked with such passion and movements that it’s hard to take your eyes away from the screen. Come watch him show off his bubble butt and play with his lovely cock and balls. Enjoy!

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We have some hot group action today with Alexander being the instigator and the first one with his clothes off. He takes the reins and is the first one down on his knees to enjoy some sexy cock from the other two tasty boys. All three of these sexy studs leave a massive amount of cum after the session is done and over and one of them blasts twice but you have to make it to the end of the video for that one. Enjoy!

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Nothing like a High School reunion on the CJB couch except they didn’t know until they showed up for the shoot. Two sexy country boys who were High School buddies now get to cum on our couch. These two big dicked buddies are ready to stroke one another’s cock and eventually wrap their juicy lips around some thick dicks as well. If you have ever fantasized about getting naked with your friends back in HS well here’s your chance to live it out and let it all hang out. Enjoy!