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Joey D loves baking, but this morning he had an accident and got the flour all over himself. As he begins to brush it off, he notices how rock hard his pecs are and begins feeling himself all over. We can see his monster meat growing under his apron and he grabs for it. Flexing and showing off some more, he strokes his enormous, throbbing cock and covers himself in lube until he shoots all over in a white, creamy explosion.

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He doesn’t waste anytime as he begins to take off his clothes revealing his inked up body and sexy scars from his active lifestyle. His cock is hard as a rock as he slowly strokes his hand up and down his shaft. He was nervous but thats the orginality of it all and seeing him play with his cock is beautiful. Nickolai tends to his balls as he continues to show off his goods for all to see. He strokes his cock slowly and passionately as he builds up those balls. He’s most comfortable lying on the bed legs spread out as he gets closer to his climax and with only a few more tugs of that hard cock he finally shoots his creamy load all over his chest.

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Matt Wingman has a sexy voice with a very heavy northern accent and he really likes talking about porn. All the talk gets him excited so he starts rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts about halfway thru the interview. By the end of said interview, Matt’s cock is rock hard and making quite the impression in his shorts. He pulls down his shorts and out plops this long, thick one-eyed monster with the biggest balls I’ve seen in quite a while. He starts stroking and his thick, veiny cock gets longer and harder. Matt settles back on the bench, lubes up his cock and focuses on the feeling of his hand working his dick. As he gets close to nutting, he sits up on the edge of the bench, legs spread and his big ole’ balls bouncing up and down. Matt starts moaning, his balls almost disappear and his cock begins squirting load after load of creamy jizz all over the floor, his cock and hand.

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New at TheCastingRoom, young hetero Harry comes into the audition room with a lot of swagger. He brags about what a wild sexual beast he is, but is really emphatic that he has never done anything sexual with another man. He may have clown show teenage hair, but he has a sexy masculine body with saucer-sized nipples and a tight little bum. Wouldn’t it blow his world to slide a finger up that tight virgin arse so he feels his prostate being stimulated for the first time in his life? Maybe after a few more years he’ll grow even more adventurous. Be sure to watch his wank video to see Harry’s cock grow rigid and hard without his even touching it.

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In the real army training camp videos at EricDeman the punishments given to recruits for disobedience are embarrassing, cruel and feature forced nudity. The soldiers must strip naked and walk into the ocean while their commanding officer shouts at them from the shore. Others have to bathe publicly in cold water while their jeering buddies tease them and scrub their bollocks raw.

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Daddy likes his fuck partners, hung and black! Our sexy DILF Giorgio Arsenale has only been topping so far but we share a few intimate moments exploring sexy, ripped, body, long, Italian foreskin and taste in men. This handsome daddy, luvs to have his glowing nipples played with and of course his hole. He strips off stretches out that foreskin and plays with a dildo before, lying back watching some interracial porn and jacking out a very thick, very creamy load of sperm, which he proceeds to eat and then we’re in the shower for a scrubber dub dub ( and after pissing in the shower) he’s squeaky clean and ready for JP Richards to start work on that hole – next week!

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Kayden Andrews is a tasty hunk with passion for living and a sexy bod that just WILL NOT QUIT! He’s a personal trainer who loves music, dance, and just hanging out with good friends. When he’s in the gym, he’s helping others push themselves to become stronger and better. When he’s dancing as a male entertainer, he’s enticing his fans in the most sensuous ways you can imagine. Kayden is stripping off his blue jeans for us to fatten up his giant cock. Then he’s starting out slowly, letting his inhibitions melt. Once he’s ready, with his hard dick pulsating in his strong hand, we follow Kayden to a couch where he’s kicking back and continuing to stroke that big, firm cock. Kayden lets his hands roam up and down his incredibly chiseled body while feeling waves of ecstasy flow from his fingers to his boner to his toes. And then it’s time for a nice, hot shower. Kayden soaps up and is sure to get plenty of suds all over his bubbly ass. When he’s finished rinsing off, he’s cranking up the intensity for an explosive, satisfying finish.

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I first met Devon over 10 years ago. He was in great shape but not as muscular as the time weshot this video. These never before seen footage features Devon’s sexy moves as he strips forme, get his muscles worshipped and jerks off in front of me. And what about a finale under theshower getting every inches of his body wet. A must see! – naked man, just when the boys were stealing thug Gareth’s anal virginity, they are rudely interrupted! The police are circling ready to drag these criminals back to the clink. But there’s one place they’ll never think to look for these tough hairy fuckers and that’s on stage in a sleazy club. But before Adrian showcases these beasts they need to test their ability to turn on the punters!

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The neighbors are back again but this time they have a stranger with them. The lucky neighbors Jay and Ryan have been trying to get Nick to move into a vacant room so all three can have some hot steamy fun on a regular basis but for now we have them here on our couch ready to stroke for you. These are some hot smooth tasty looking boys that you could just lick up and down all night long. Take a seat pull your fat dick out and watch these hotties slowly stroke cum out of their mouthwatering cocks. Enjoy!

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This sexy little scamp is a bit younger than we’d normally go for at 23 years old, but when he slips down his pants ( thats a real nine uncut inches of throbbing dick) and when he cums ( shooting his spunk over his own head) you’ll agree this sexy, toned, overly-hung exhibitionist is a real doozy, YUM! Dan luvs to show off and he’s very proud of that nine, girthy inches, which looks even bigger on his small frame, but at five foot 7 inches, with size ten feet and big hands it was a sexy, size match mad in heaven. We take a tour of this cute lad, from sparkling blue eyes to hairy armpits, big, smooth feet, untrimmed pubic hair and very receptive, appreciative fuck hole and as he wanks that monster meat he sniffs a sweaty sneaker he brought from the gym, mmmm all this a sneaker fetish too, this boys gonna be fun! And when he’s finished hammering that flesh pole as his big, swollen balls jiggle he shoots a thick, sticky load right over his own head, Oh to be that young and full of cum again! This boys an adult adventure playground, there’s a hell of lot of wood in Dan Forest!

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At just 18, James is our youngest jock, more of a Twock perhaps (twinky-jock) but what he lacks in years he more than makes up for in hot, filthy and passionate performance! This sexy boy has a cracking body for someone so young and a cheeky smirk, which tells the story of a horny boy and his ravenous sexual appetite. He may be strictly bottom but he certainly doesn’t disappoint in the package department either. Starting of with a shy and coy striptease he lets go and seriously gets into himself. Stuffing as many as four fingers up his tight arse before opting for a hard rubber toy to do the rest of the stretching, and boy does it! He vigorously hammers the dildo into his fuck hole, in his perfectly jock framed arse, squirming with pleasure as he does. If men only improve with age, we’re frightened for the future of mankind… no one will stand close to future stud Mr Lain!

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Bryce might be a straight laced boy keeping things in check, unlike a lot of the other guys who always get themselves in the shit, but he knows how to use his cock like the rest of them to get a hot load of jizz out for the guys. He works his meat like a pro and works up a warm wad of thick juice to spunk out.

Bryce Corbin is a straight boy who happens to be a little experimental when it comes to his body and his cock. Although he's never shared it with another boy, we get to see him stroking that straight boy cock and tasting his own cum load after pumping it out too! I'm hoping we can get him trying something with a couple of other boys soon too though!

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Next up in our new line-up is Ben Krane. You might have watched his hot, steamy cam shows, and now he is ready to show off as our latest hunk! Watch him flex his ripped abs and bulging pecs until he turns around and gives us a view of his ass which is beautifully smooth and welcoming. His monster balls shake as he bounces his muscle ass for us before flipping around and stroking his extra long cock. After blowing a huge load, we get a chance to ask Ben a few questions.