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Adorable Matthew came back for another round of tickling. The incentive for this tickle table torment shoot came out of Matthew stating that getting tickled by another guy would be much worse than getting tickled by a woman. How about two men though?! Yep, Dev and I weren’t going to let the opportunity of driving gorgeous Matthew right around the bend with some bound, tickle torture. We tormented every part of his body from his armpits, to his ribs and down to his size 10 feet. Matthew is SO damn ticklish!

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As the winner of the auction, it was Master Knox’s duty to see River bred, having him claimed and inseminated as part of the transfer of ownership. Knowing the rules of the organization as he does, he knows it’s not necessary to be the breeder, just as long as River leaves with a fresh load inside.

He wanted to fuck River, of course, but something about seeing him so expertly used by another man turned Master Knox on far more. His devious voyeuristic desires needed to be sated, and this was the perfect chance to see River fucked in front of others. Executing his authority on his new property, he told colleague Master Legrand that he wanted to see him fuck River.

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At TheCastingRoom, fit, masculine Joe arrives as a fan of our websites so he knows exactly what to expect and throughout the audition there’s a sexy anticipation about the videos he might make with us in the future. When he’s not at the gym building up his muscular body he’s on the hunt for dirty fun with other lads who like it hard and rough. He’s got an intimidating stare and an aggressive up for it attitude so it’ll be very hot to see him in full action.

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After a short confession of how Tyler likes rimming, he and Luce are on a bed, kissing each other and their bodies, till the point where they’re both naked and Luce is liking Tyler’s tight hole. But of course, Luce also wants some, deep rimming and fingering, in multiple positions, the perfect combination for Tyler. Tyler is enjoying it so much, that halfway through he can’t help but put his dick inside to get a deeper taste of Luce’s perfect hole, although that doesn’t last too long as both boys adopt a 69 position to further explore each others bodies before going to the final assault, where all the pounding will make Luce burst in no time!

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What’s waiting to combust in the California desert? A drifter on his way to help a friend. A student unable to control his urges. A coach who crosses the line. Feel the heat during a Stopover in Bonds Corner, where legendary director Joe Gage continues his blue collar chronicle with TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Dallas Steele.

Hitchhiker Dallas Steele gets a lift from Mitch Vaughn—who wants something in return back at his shop, where they both end up taking a long, hard ride.

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Coach David Anthony has a parent conference with father Bruce Beckham, whose son is causing trouble. The father wants—and gets—a demonstration of his son’s bad behavior.

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When a hot, pumped-up new guy shows up at Caleb King and Osiris Blade’s gym, there’s a bit of a stir. Damian Flexxx has been conditionally hired as the newest trainer at their downtown facility and the boys can’t wait to get trained. As Damian helps Osiris do a chest workout with dumbbells, Damian’s crotch goes right into Osiris’s face. Caleb notices and realizes it couldn’t have been a mistake. Using just the right subtlety, Osiris and Caleb coax Damian out of his yoga tights and Caleb has the immense pleasure of being the first guy at the gym to suck the new trainer’s cock! And Osiris jumps right in to get a piece of Caleb’s soft, skilled mouth. Damian really likes the vibe so he decides to see if Caleb would be willing to eat his ass. Caleb, being the dick and ass fiend he is, happily has a taste of Damian’s hole. As he enjoys Damian’s ass, Osiris gives Caleb a sensuous blowjob. It’s not long before Damian decides he wants to try out Osiris’s mouth as well. They switch things up and Caleb buries his face in Osiris’s ass while Osiris slurps deep on Damian’s hard cock. Once the boys are warmed up, Damian cranks things up to the next level, sliding his throbbing erection into Osiris’s tight ass. Caleb assists in the drill by fucking Osiris’s mouth at the same time. They take turns on Osiris’s sweet bottom, before Caleb takes a turn getting pounded by each dude. Wow, Damian heard the clientele was eager to sweat, but this is ridiculous!!! Enjoy!

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I’ve been given full military training about the harshest discipline to inflict upon POWs and bastinado is one of the most agonizing ways to punish prisoners. Whipping the sensitive sole of a bare foot causes instantaneous blistering pain! I demonstrate this technique with this sniveling useless fucker who is my captor and I’m going to DESTORY this cunt just for my amusement!

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This bitch went cock crazy on us. Taking turns riding our dicks like it was an elevator. Couldn’t get enough. We just laid back, got our dick sucked. Then threw his ass on the ground. My bro covered his mouth so we couldn’t hear his bitch ass scream. Drilled this dudes hole. It was epic!

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Prisoners who have commited crimes against the person are of particular interest to the officers. These men have no sense of shame about interfering with another person physically to get their own way. In a way it really is the only language they understand. They have abandoned any notion that you can get what you want any other way. Well 2 can play that game, and in truth they really have brought this on themselves.

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