At, now that Nathan has been rendered stark naked and harnessed it’s time for his first physical challenge. The towering muscular man is only competing against himself on this so all the attention is focused on him making it a more nerve wracking experience than any of his fellow competitors have gone through. The eyes of every female judge are on him! pics

At, the women savour their absolute power over Michael. There’s no sexier sight than a big tough stud like this being naked at their feet, pleading for attention and ready to serve them in any way they desire. They take such satisfaction using him as a group, overwhelming him and demanding he worship them all at once! presents:

At, Cassy is really getting into her role as the mysterious Miss Wilkes. She is so convincing that Mr Bagshaw completely believes she is the Headmistress! The sense of power thrills the schoolgirl but she has to remain composed or risk blowing her cover. There is much at stake and it’s important she get the businessman completely under her power in order for the plan to work…

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At, Andre has tried futilely to protect his modesty – pulling his chef’s shirt down to cover his backside when crawling around on the floor – but it’s all been for nothing. The time has come to for him to get fully naked. He stands there in fear as Kate Stone grabs a pair of kitchen scissors and attacks his last vestiges of clothing.

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At, despite all of his posing and bravado, Obinna quickly falls behind finding it more of a strain than he expected. Whereas Lukas has shot to the front driven by a craving need to prove himself after his initial insecurity. The women revel in watching these men sweating and working so hard to impress them. It’s such a rush seeing them in the heat of battle.

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At, the differences between fit men Lukas and Obinna couldn’t be more striking. Lukas is a nervous lad whose not used to being around such sexually aggressive ladies. In contrast, Obinna is a confident prankster who likes to make women laugh and charm them. Lukas’ body is hairy and natural. Obinna’s body is pumped up with muscles and smooth as marble. The women are revelling in enjoying both types of men!

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At, formidable competitor Paddy and feisty hotshot Richard will have to muster all their strength because this first test is a tough one! It’s the pony race challenge where each lad must carry a female jockey around the course as many times as possible during the allotted time. It takes a lot of power and stamina, but also psychological willpower because this is a thoroughly degrading exercise! Office Scene

At, Alexander’s career adviser could never have prepared the innocent young lad for an interview of this intensity. He’s been pressured into stripping fully naked in the middle of the office while he’s teased, spanked and paddled. They’ve provoked him to get an erection which he can’t hide as he’s marched around the office and ordered to present himself to all his colleagues. News

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At, the women feel a malicious glee and powerfully aroused seizing control of this arrogant man’s arse! They won’t put up with any whining or resistance. He belongs to them now and they are set on training him to be their submissive plaything. Any objections he makes will be completely ignored!