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At, Jason likes to project a macho image to his legions of adoring female fans. But if they could see him now – on his hands and knees with his ass being penetrated – he’d never live it down. Even without the chemicals clouding his mind he realises that news of his debasement must never be made public. Which puts Melody and her friends in a very dominant position as they take advantage of his body. new gallery

At, rugby player Brian Sturgeon is used to the rough and tumble of the game. He’s not fazed when huge men charge at him to tackle him. But stark naked and surrounded by women he’s been reduced to a quivering wreck! Having no choice but to obey he must endure whatever they demand of him – no matter how painful or humiliating.

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At, Edward is staring to regret ticking the ‘hard’ option on the consent form. At the time his excitement overcame his sensibilities. He’s realising that Mistress Kim and Mistress Mel really do intend to test his limits. Now here he is, crawling around on his hands and knees with his testicles being electrocuted by the confident woman on his back. And with the bit in his mouth there’s no way to protest no matter what they do… sex gallery

At, Darius is confused, frustrated, scared and angry all at once. And he’s stark naked! He simply cannot understand what is going on – but the women are so insistent that he simply does whatever they say. His anus hurts from being repeatedly penetrated and he finds the casual way he is treated demeaning. Yet his desperation keeps him in the immigration office as he faces the formidable Patty Loversbow.

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At, it’s been a harrowing evening for both Jack Cheshire and the dumb pizza delivery boy. Karen and Siobhan are reveling in the power they have over the two naked men. Having stripped them off, humiliated them and compared them to each other they have now demanded even more. They want to see them cum! And they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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Martin Tildesley is used to dishing out punishment to naughty schoolchildren – but being on the receiving end is a new and unpleasant experience for him. Having caught him peeking through the keyhole, and now with a series of compromising photos, Ms Gloria has him right where she wants him. The headmaster is quickly learning that he is no longer in charge.


At, Lionel is unaware of the women’s plan – but he certainly understands the difficult position he’s in. Much as he’d like to tell the women to fuck off, he knows that they have the power to get him dismissed from his job. So he must put up with bending over to have his asshole fingered and being drained of sperm.

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At, Paulo is used to wrapping women around his little finger. All it normally takes is a few compliments and some cheap flowers. But Betty and Farrah aren’t at all impressed by his act, and now they’ve convinced their boss he’s a lowlife crook. Mrs Barcliff is not a woman to be crossed and she plans a revenge that he’ll never forget. porn gallery

At, Tarquin has been changed by his experiences in Mrs Barcliff’s office. Previously he thought the world owed him a living and that he could behave just as he pleased. But having been made to strip stark naked and submit to an intimate examination, his entire personality has changed. Now a sniveling shadow of his former self he can do nothing but accept his fate at the hands of the stern bank manager. Free Gallery

At, naked, on his hands and knees and with a group of women clustered around his arse, bodybuilder Enrico is experiencing a pain like none he’s ever known. As Sandra rams her fingers in and out of his rectum it feels like he is being split in two! He had no idea women could be so vicious. But this is the only way he can repay his debt – so he must keep himself under control no matter what indignities he has to endure. pictures

At, Nick would rather be anywhere else than in the school hall in front of all the cameras. Fear of what the headmistress would do if he showed the school up has kept him in place. But the consequences of not checking what Embarrassing Boys was all about will haunt him forever. For Janet however it’s completely different – an unexpected chance to get revenge on the boy who broke her heart.

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At, Yuris only has himself to blame for his current predicament. But that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the women’s demands and the contemptuous way they treat him. Inside he’s furious – but he must hide it and follow their instructions – something that he’s finding increasingly hard to do.

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At, Hassan still doesn’t quite know how he got himself into this mess. But he’s all too well aware that he’s totally under the women’s control. If that wasn’t bad enough, it now seems like the photos and videos they’ve been taking of his naked, helpless body, aren’t just for personal use… teens

At, Tom’s backside throbs painfully from being penetrated – first by Kelly’s fingers, then by a giant glass dildo. But the girls are determined to heap further indignities upon the rugby player. And now the teacher has played right into their hands by suggesting that they should cause him to ejaculate! XXX

At, sporty Evan isn’t terribly bright and cannot figure out how he’s ended up in this situation. He knows he never flashed his willy at either girl – yet Ms Robenshaw seems to think he has. Nicole and Ashley have easily outwitted him and now intend to inflict a painful lesson that he’ll never forget!