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Who would have known that Ron has a dominant side? Well we for sure are going to enjoy watching what he does with Daniel, in a straight-jacket. The first order of business without doubt is a good cock sucking from the boy whilst he helps him by moving his head, and making the boy do it just how he wants it. But no slave is complete if not all of his holes are filled, so he makes the boy take some rubber on the fuck machine whilst he facefucks the boy. And later tries the boys ready opened hole all the way in, Ron also takes the oportunity to remove the boys straight jacket, and the boy is made to go back down on his knees to suck Ron’s cock once again. To later go in again for the final assault and covering the boy in cum!

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With Peter tied to the cross, Silas gives the boy a light whipping to warm up the pale bodied twink, before adding some pegs to the sides of his body which he’ll flick and play with wilst massaging and sucking his dick. After deneying him to cum, Silas pours hot wax over his legs, feet, chest, arms and even over his dick before going back to his dick to let him cum! If thats not all, now he covers the lad in piss before leaving him tied to the cross, used and covered in piss.

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AJ has quite a soft side for the newbies, but don’t be fooled, he’s still in control. After instructing the bound boy to come out of the cage and prepare himself for a merciless facefuck, he momentarily gets to enjoy AJ’s cock up his boy hole also. Of ocurse this is still just the beggining as ofer the next half hour he’ll be put through his pases as he’s spanked, clamped, fucked and made to make AJ cum in his mouth.

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Did you think that Silas had finished with his slave American? Well, this has just started! This time Silas chains him to the Saint Andrews cross and doesn’t doubt to whip hard his naked body, specially his ringed cock. Among the whips and the hard-tratement, the master blows his cock making him moan. Once Silas thinks it’s enough, he places American on a stool and fucks hard his daddy’s ass. But this master seems that he’s never satisfied, because he bends American over and fists his abused ass whilst he jerks himself off. Once the slave cums, his master puts him a mask for the last humiliation.

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Silas has gone back out so pick up where he left his slave the other day, somewhere in the mountains next to a river, with a few quick whips to make the boy feel some warmth, the sensation changes over to some pain as some nipple clamps are applied and his body is ran over by a pinwheel. the torture however doesn’t end there, as within moments his balls are tied with a innovative metal grip and wheights are applied, and the whipping continues for this publicly exposed boy. The best part odf the scene is the rough and humilliating fuck that this Pup will get by Silas!

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Noah seems to have gotten himself into a bad place, where he’s moved around by half naked men wearing masks! Needless to say that this cocksucker doesn’t seem to care, and goes along quite easily with whatever these masked captors want to do with the boy, as seen in the first part of the scene when as soon as the master (Titus) pulls down his pants he’s eager to get his mouth around his masters cock. With his eyes covered, it’s time for his master to give him a light spanking and a fun ass filled time! first with his cock, and then with some of the masters favourite toys before going back to using his cock to blow his load all over the boy.

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With Liam off the pedestal, he’s now moved to a medical styled bed where the torment continues! Yah-Jil sucks Liam’s cock to get him hard before putting him in a ball crusher, where of course his balls will be crushed! But not everything will be pain for this twink, as after having his cock sucked, he has the ball crusher removed, and a dildo goes in to his tight hole to aid with the jerking until he changes position to have an anal hook put in and tied to the newly placed ball gag where Yah-Jil milks the boys cock making him cum on a plate!

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With a short reminder of what happend last time, now noah puts on his leather shorts and takes Rodion inside to his torment area, where he has everything layed out ready for the punishment he’s going to give his cute slave-boy. With some wrist restraints now on, which are clamped to a ball stretcher, and if that wasn’t enough Rodion now has Noah running a pinwheel over the souls of his feet! But Rodions torment is far from over as soon he’ll have hot wax poured over almost all of his body, needless to say that this boy will be a mess when they’re done!

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David Swanson looks like the innocent guy who’s never broken a glass in his life, that mixed with AJ’s experience and attitude, is sure going to be a fun one. Swanson is soon put into his inferior place, following AJ’s instructions the young lad sucks his rock hard cock, before getting in place to give AJ a footjob, before making the lad ride his cock like the true slut he is. Soon AJ Face-fucks the young slut before cumming in his mouth.

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As the title suggests, this is the perverted summer house where the boys get together to enjoy their respective roles. Silas goes to visit the boys outside who are chilling, and decides he too needs to chill by making the boys suck his dick whilst standing and watching, kissing and having his nipples sucked on by the respective slave boys. This is until he has enough and moves the boys over, where he ties their hands to the patio ceiling, grabs a whip, and starts whipping the boys torsos and backs. It goes without saying that Silas is trying to be nice to the boys, but pain pig Peter complains that he can hardly feel the whip, so Silas just has to whip him harder! Of course that with a rock hard cock and helpless boys, all Silas can do is fuck them both and make them beg for cum!

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When we say Kaspar is a good sub, we mean it! With wax still on his balls he’s moved over to the Saint Andrew’s cross, tied up, and nipples clamped with some weights. It’s funny watching this young pup jump in dispair hoping not to rip a clamp off whilst his balls are being spanked. But obvously Alexis has more & more painful tricks up his sleave. Obviously nobody likes a cock covered in wax, so let’s whip it off! Same goes for the pegs! And for those that are resisting the whip, oh boy, you’re going to love the sound Kaspar makes when Alexis Removes them!

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Master Aaron isn’t satisfied yet and continues abusing poor Adam’s ass. This time the master brings his slave, who is still in a straitjacket, to the lounger and ties him to it with his legs up and his ass wide open. Aaron starts introducing a long red dildo inside Adam’s butt while he passes a pin wheel around his cock and balls. Now it’s time to make way for the humiliation and the master, helped with a anal clamp, he opens & pisses inside his slave’s ass. Finally, Master Aaron brings his captive to a torture chair where keeping abusing his balls and cock with the pinwheel again. But it seems that Adam is enjoying this treatment because finally cums in his masters hands.

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After leaving Ron tied to the ceiling, and almost sat on a chair, there is no escape for this boy! Now with a red blindfold on, Titus goes down to his cock to start sucking it off and oil up the boys body. Now with a pull of a rope, he’s made to stand, where Titus continues the sucking and jerking of his slaves cock. Of course that before letting the boy release his cum, there will be some torment – but we won’t give any spoilers!

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With Casper now on the torture bench, Titus gets his whip out to start whipping the young lad’s ass, stroking it harder every time. With his ass now warmed up, it’s now time for the big toys, in this case a thick blue dildo, which goes in rather easily with the minimum amount of lube possible! As if this wasn’t enough, Titus now gets a bigger ribbed dildo to start wrecking his boy hole even further. But if this ass fucking toy-fest wasn’t enough, now Titus gets out the fuck-machine which wrecks his hole till he eventually cums! Keep your eye out for a humiliating finale.

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Ollie Blue is a young twink with literally no limits, as demonstrated here when he’s chained to a table – his cock and balls tied up with rope! – and is subjected to another wild round of mindless abuse courtesy of a pair of black and white studs. What’s more these two “minders” are clearly in the mood for an even more extreme ceremony here, as they proceed to tip hot wax all over the young lad’s pale-skinned body. Anyone else being treated like this would quite literally scream the house down. Not Ollie though – he’s actually gasping for more as the wax burns into his skin! Not content with the fun they’re having, the studs then enjoy electro-abusing the poor lad’s nipples and genitals – an act that only seems to get the twink even more excited. Given the level of abuse that Ollie’s cock and balls are now receiving, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that they’re soon the darkest colour of crimson you can fucking imagine; but this dirty little cunt won’t be satisfied until the entire contents of his nads have been spewed. Fortunately, his two wicked-minded mates are more than happy to give a hand; before casting a few last drops of hot wax onto his spent body to call it a wrap!