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Now with Peter butt naked on a pile of wheels the game isn’t over yet! Rodion decides to oil up this twink, and play in some erogenous areas, with special focus on his dick, which he doesn’t hesitate in giving an extra rub and even suck! Now with his legs secured in the air with the help of some tyres, Rodion pulls out some toys to enjoy a bit further his ass, to the point of using a horse sized dildo to open up his hole whilst being jerked off. Needless to say the humiliation is far from over as Rodion soon hops onto the table to give the boy a piss shower when he’s done.

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Some people fantasise about love and romance. In contrast, young Kaspar Hauser dreams about being abandoned in a remote location so that he can be used and abused by strangers. Fortunately for him, the MDF team are here to help young pups like him; and having being driven blind to God-knows-where, he’s picked up by two horny thugs, who immediately set the tone by forcing him onto his knees so that they can piss all over him. It’s not your usual kind of welcome, but Kaspar doesn’t mind. In fact, he’s over the moon when he’s then thrown back into a sling and fisted like some common slut. He’s then promptly spit-roasted, during the course of which he has to endure the ignominy of even more piss; before having his arsehole stretched open so that one of his horned-up assailants can wank off the contents of their balls directly into his guts. In short, it’s a totally immoral, outdoor escapade that will either appal or excite beyond measure; but given the satisfied look of the Kaspar throughout the very kinky ordeal, it’s clearly a dream-cum-true for the young pup. If only his folks back home could see him – no question about it, they would be so proud. Not!!

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The second part of the torment is purely motivating for Yoshi, clamps on his nipples and made to bite the chain, pulling on them with the lightest of movements. AJ doesn’t doubt to spank the boys balls making him move and squirm in pain before pulling them off, to replace them with weighted clamps. Because Yoshi is behaving just as AJ wants, he’s allowed breifly to suck AJ’s whilst begging to be fisted, now he’s pulled into the air with his rope bondage, where his hole is gradually opened by AJ’s fist.

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Mickey being pushed into the room isn’t an everyday sight, even less so if it’s by Spanish kinkster Yah-Jil, whose first order of the day is to secure down his slave for the torments he awaits. Once secured, and just to purely confuse Mickey, Yah-Jil gets down to suck him off before ferociously whipping the boy, who moans like there’s no tomorrow. But far from concluding, the torment continues, as pegs are placed on his body, to be later whipped off, and for more pain, the triple wartenberg wheel will be all over the boys body. Once the pain is over, Yah-Jil gets to try Mickey’s ass, with both a dildo and later an electro butt plug before letting the boy release his load.

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Encountering a Rubber gimp is, I’m sure, all we wish for, Ashton walks in on one and automatically starts showing him who’s in charge. On all fours, whilst being spanked and preparing the slaves ass with some dildos before letting the fuck machine abuse the slaves ass whilst keeping his mouth busy with Ashton’s cock. This is, of course, to prepare for the rough fuck the gimp is soon to receive, before ending in a facial.

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James is back, this time fully rubbered up, only showing his bare ass! That must mean he’s here to get opened. After tying his legs up, and some pasionate daddy/gimp kissing, all the fun begins, We all know by now that Dominique loves eating ass, so after prepping James’ hole he’s more than ready to take some dick… but let’s just say James doesn’t seem all that satisfied, so out comes the box! Toy after toy his hole keeps getting stretched, so much we’ll see Dominique jerking himself off inside the young lads ass.

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Adam Power is taken to the forest by the production team, stripped down and put in his coffin, ready for his fantasy to come true! After leaving him there for about 20 minutes, a van appears with two masked men who soon will be taking him away to the MDF warehouse, there he’s released form the coffin, where he’s soon sucking on the masked captives cocks. Shortly after he’ll be moaning in pleasure as he’s tied to the wall and his ass is abused with toys and their cocks. All this before both guys pumping their loads into the young lads ass.

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With a short recap of the last scene, Now Yoshi is placed in a sling there his hole is yet to be further abused, Yah-Jil knows how to make this boy moan, weather it’s of pleasure of pain, a lot of moaning is going to happen in this scene! With his gloves on, Yah-jil starts by fisting Yoshi, with fantastic displays of his rosebud. Yah-jil doesn’t hesitate neither to piss over this boys body and face, which is eagerly swallowed also! But of course, with such an ass in front of hm Yah-Jil doesn’t think twice about fucking it. And keep your eye out for the grand humilliation finalle!

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Taylor Blaze is a cute, blond Russian webcam model, who has a craving for a little kinkiness in his life. Fortunately for him, we’re more than happy to turn all his fantasies into reality; as he’s dropped off at a secret location and made to wear a blindfold. He’s then led into a room, where none other than the gorgeous Jake Stark is sat on a sofa waiting to be pleasured. Of course, for the majority of people the sight of someone like Stark in a fabulous pair of briefs would be enough to get them creaming there and then; but here, with our main feature unable to see, it’s a much more sensuous encounter. Not that this lack of sense seems to hold Taylor back in any way, shape or form; as he very quickly gets Stark out of his underwear and proceeds to feast on the thick, meaty, uncut shaft that’s nestling inside. What ensues is almost a fellatio masterclass; as the young bud gobbles away for all he’s worth, bringing Stark to the edge of a very hot and sticky climax in no time at all. Cue a fabulous spray of gooey baby-brew from our stalwart, who literally coats himself in the process; before leaving our young dick-slut with a very satisfied smile and the prospect of more fun to cum!

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The mechanic Dominique finds the gimp on his work table and is turned on by this. At this point he starts touching and kissing the young lad whilst in his rubber clothing. James doesn’t try to fight him and lets the mechanic do whatever he wants with him. Now the boy is turned over with his ass up in the air, Dominique brings over to the table a fuck machine with a big yellow dildo which is soon to be inserted into the boy’s fuck hole. He is also breath controlled by Dominique sitting on his face, preventing him to breath, all whilst preparing his ass for what’s coming next. But the abuse is not yet over as now he puts his fist into James ass whilst having him jerk off and cum all over himself.

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It’s the second round for Manuel Scalco and Dyson Asbury. The master starts to piss him in his mouth whilst his slave is on his knees before taking him to a lounge. Once there, Manuel sucks his cock and touches his naked body making him moan. So horny now, the master sits on his slave’s face so he can suck his cock whilst he continues sucking Dyson’s dick. Soon Manuel sits on the lounger and places Dyson laid on his chest to jerk him off. After the hottest jerk we ever seen before, Dyson finally cums all over his master’s hands.

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James Oakleigh and David Luca are just your average young lads, who you’d literally pass in the street if you didn’t know that they were wannabe porn-stars. Their deepest, darkest fantasy is about to be explored, however; as they placed in collars and balaclavas, and subjected to a ritualised humiliation at the hands of a tattooed master. Of course, the very fact that both their cocks are firmly locked away in cages tells you everything you need to know about the situation – these boys are here to serve, and to gain satisfaction from that servitude. Cue a truly fantastic display of subjugation that involves both fellows being pissed upon, forced to deep-throat cock, and then fucked in turns whilst the other is imprisoned. But arguably the most humiliating aspect of this whole performance comes after the dom has banged them both; as he positions them both on a red leather sofa, then watches as they quite literally try to impale themselves on the biggest butt-plugs that you are ever likely to see in your life. How these buddies actually get anywhere near to stuffing these monsters into their guts is a marvel in itself; but the result is two gaping slits and some very satisfied looking faces!

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The second part of the torment is purely motivating for Yoshi, clamps on his nipples and made to bite the chain, pulling on them with the lightest of movements. AJ doesn’t doubt to spank the boys balls making him move and squirm in pain before pulling them off, to replace them with weighted clamps. Because Yoshi is behaving just as AJ wants, he’s allowed breifly to suck AJ’s whilst begging to be fisted, now he’s pulled into the air with his rope bondage, where his hole is gradually opened by AJ’s fist.

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Pushed into the room, sat and tied down to a chair bare naked is on today’s menu for Jasper. Once gagged, the torment for this young ginger twink begins, pinned by the 3 wheeled pin wheel, and balls clamped by a vice, Jasper is in for a painful day today! But in case you’re worried about Jasper being a bit cold in the warehouse, Master Aaron turns the flame throwing heater straight at him. Rest assured that’s not the only hot and sticky situation he’ll be in today, as shortly after he is mummified, tortured and milked whilst wearing a blacked-out Russian gas mask.

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If you agree with us that there’s something exquisitely beautiful about a glory-hole, where anonymous cocks get sucked to a very sticky and satisfying finish, then you’re in for a definite treat here; as blond-haired Caspar puts his all his oral skills to the test to satisfy four thick, uncut, monster shafts! Fortunately, it’s pretty obvious that this is a boy who isn’t unexperienced when it comes to pleasuring a man in the most intimate manner; and having endured a cascade of hot piss courtesy of one of the dicks, he’s soon wrapping his lips very tightly around each of the ramrods in turn. What’s more, he’s skilful enough to realise that it’s not just a mouth that can pleasure a man’s morning glory; as he gives simultaneous tight-fisted hand-jobs to those knobs he’s not able to fit into his mouth. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert to realise that all this manual and oral stimulation on four throbbing cocks is only going to have one result; and it comes as no surprise when the spunk starts to flow. Leaving our horned-up sucking hero with a plethora of jizz dripping from his chin and a look of tired satisfaction on his face. Definitely an occasion he’ll remember for a long time!