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Aaron is a hot, horny Spanish twink with a very dirty fantasy. He wants to be locked in a room with a bunch of equally horny bastards, who will quite literally fuck the life out of him and douse him with oodles of spunk and piss. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, of course; but the short interview at the start of the scene is surely enough to convince anyone watching that this is a boy who knows what he wants and who won’t be happy until he gets it. So it’s a veritable pleasure for the MDF team to blindfold the young pup, take him to a warehouse in the middle of fuck-knows-where, and present him to a gang of six equally dirty-minded fuckers for the service of a lifetime! Being new to the porn scene, however, we thought it would probably be best to make the introductions in stages; first one fellow, then the next, then the next. You don’t need to be too much of an expert, however, to realise that this young beauty is very much a natural when it comes to serving cock with his mouth, and for taking load after heavy load of pent-up piss all over his pretty little body. It all serves as the truly perfect warm-up session to the hardcore fucking that is just around the corner!

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Dani Robles is a handsome, bearded “daddy”, who has a bit of a fetish for young twinks. Fortunately for him, there’s plenty of lads who are more than happy to enjoy time with a more experienced guy; including this pale-skinned, tattooed pup, who literally can’t wait to get out of his kegs and into his older pal’s pants! And you can fucking bet that Dani ain’t about to stop him! Cue a fabulous cock-sucking display, that only concludes when the older guy decides that the young lad needs shaving. Needless to say, it’s not the hairs on the boy’s chin that are bothering him. Instead, Dani gives the fellow a very close shave of his intimate quarters, leaving the fellow quote literally as smooth as a baby’s bum! Only at that point does Dani seem ready to give the lad the fucking both guys clearly want and deserve, signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that will have you yanking off like crazy. Position after position ensues, until Dani has his pup just where he wants him – down on the floor, legs astride in the air! Little wonder that he can barely hold off a moment longer, creaming his young lover’s hungry slit with a heavy load of cum; before the twink concludes with his own hot blast!

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It would seem Dominique spends most of his time in the gym, that clearly means that he likes to train his muscles, needless to say that some get more training than others. When there is a new twink, he’s the first to go and make him feel welcome in the gooiest ways. This is without doubt something you shouldn’t do at your local gym! After getting Adam naked with the excuse that he’ll be able to train better, Dominique just seems to keep getting hornier. But the young lad must keep training, throughout this scene you’ll see some blowjobs and rimming in the most uncommon positions you’d ever imagine. Who wouldn’t like to have a go at this in their gym?

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The rules are simple! Spin and that is the command, the boy is aware of the rules, and gives the wheel the first spin, Toys is his first lucky experience, so Titus pulls out the bucket of toys and starts opening his ass with a small dildo and gradually ups the sizes and even uses some glass butt plugs to open the boys hole. When the round of anal abuse is over, Titus gives the wheel another spin, this time around it’s the turn of the fuck machine to continue the butt stretching, in the meantime Titus sits in front of the boys face and has Peter suck his dick. It’d seem that Titus gets a bit carried away, and beleives he is the fuck machine as soon after he had Peter bent over on the cage where he gives Peter a merciless fuck till he cums all over the slave boys face!

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It’s hard to imagine that the thought of sex at the gym hasn’t passed through someones mind at some point, but these two take it to the next level. Titus, the alpha male of the two, sits on the bench with Rodion on the floor, and has the boy kiss his feet before playing with his dick. Titus, however isn’t one for sitting and having everything done for him, as we soon see as he has Rodion lay down on the bench and Titus ties him down with some sexy red tape. Now the boys secure, Titus starts to adore the boy’s body, kissing and rubbing every inch. And soon with some baby oil added the tied boy has an extra shine! This is what makes Titus throw himself direct to his cock for some teasing, and some well performed cock polishing!

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With his ass still lubed up, young Casper is placed into a sling, jumping up and in like the submissive slut he is, we’re sure he’s been in one of these before. Alexis, merciless as ever lubes up his hole a bit more and the hand goes straight in. Once Alexis is satisfied with the fisting anal destruction which he is performing he plugs Caspar’s ass with a tunnel, to keep his ass open, whilst massaging his cock and balls, we can guarantee it doesn’t take him long to spurt a nice rich load all over himself.

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Dragged out of his holding cell to the dungeon American FF is bent over by Silas, who doesn’t waste time in whipping his naked ass, before to ordering him to go down to suck his cock and be face-fucked. When Silas is hard enough, he takes his slave to a cage where he starts rimming him to prepare his ass for the wild fuck that comes next. But Silas’ dick is not the only part of him that will be inside AmericanFF, cause quickly the master fists his slave hairy’s hole in different hot positions. Soon Silas can’t resist to continue fucking that abused ass until he finishes in a cum oozing facial.

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If Angel Lopez thinks that his fantasy has been fulfilled then he’s most definitely in for a very rude surprise. Having been allowed to rest up on the sofa for just a few minutes, one of the handsome, tattooed studs that has been buggering him to high heaven now bundles him over a dining table so that he can thrust his dick down his throat! What’s more, it’s a move that clearly inspires the other hot lads to join in, because before you know it Lopez is surrounded once again by all four buddies, each jostling for a taste of the action. Cue a deep-throating suck-fest, that sees the young slut taking every inch of hard cock in his mouth; and which culminates in the one fellow blasting all over his face! That leaves the three other mates the opportunity to take things even further with Lopez, as they once again proceed to plough into Lopez’s hungry ass for all they’re worth! Of course, if you’ve even seen this dirty cock-pig in action before you’ll know that he thrives on hard dick – and he doesn’t disappoint here, taking thrust after thrust like a pro, and not resting until he’s jerked out a very generous wad of goo all over his belly, and all three mates have spunked all over his cute face!

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It’s a well-known fact that some men are born to be masters and some are born to be underlings – and if you’ve any doubt about this fact then get ready to see it in action as Taylor Blaze (still wearing a blindfold) is introduced to a young, fair-headed dom and his dark-haired sub. The threesome that ensues centres totally around the master’s needs and compulsions – as, of course, it always should – and Taylor makes the perfect accompaniment to their energetic fuck-session. Indeed, if you’re hoping for extended foreplay between this trio then prepare to be disappointed. The horned-up dom is clearly in no mood for pillow-talk; as he promptly rims the newcomer’s arsehole, and then fucks him with all his might. The boy’s deflowerment achieved, the blond master then proceeds to get both his charges side-by-side on the bed; and fucks the living daylights out of his usual partner, whilst Taylor listens to the action at close quarter. Finally, with both subs bundled on top of one another, the master christens the scene with a tremendous blast of pent-up jizz; before his dark-haired buddy is allowed to yank off, leaving Taylor’s belly coated in a much-deserved spray of hot goo!

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Having been subjected to some of the most extreme anal action ever captured on camera, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the young submissive pairing of James Oakleigh and David Luca would be ready to hit the shower and head home; but whether they want to or not, their horny, tattooed master has other ideas. Indeed, he’s very much far from finished; as he proceeds to unleash the kind of no-holds-barred onslaught that would have most lads crying out for their mothers! No such reaction from James and David, however – although the fact that they’ve both got ball-gags in their mouths might explain that one! All the same, the look on their faces is such that you can tell they’re enjoying every fucking second of nipple torture, electro-play, butt-stretching and hot waxing that the fiendishly wicked dom throws at them. One thing’s for sure – what you get to see here ain’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. But for those with a more extreme taste, this is a truly exquisite display of one human being pushing his charges to their limits – and beyond! All fabulously topped off by the sight of the two guys taking it in turns to unleash a volley of jizz as a satisfying “thank you”!

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David Sky is a well known porn star, usualling shooting with other twinks like himself, but after seeing what happened with Liam & Rodney he was eager to come back and see what else his trainers had in store for him. A bit of punching the bags, with assistance from Rodney, the young lad is soon stripped to how his mother brought him to the world, as we all know if you’re training without a t-shirt or shoes, it sure is easy to strip down! After all the sucking and body worshiping that goes on, we get to see a sight we wouldn’t have expected, Rodney riding this young boys rock hard dick. He enjoys it so much he spurts all over himself and has David give him a nice younger cum facial.

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Who would have known that Ron has a dominant side? Well we for sure are going to enjoy watching what he does with Daniel, in a straight-jacket. The first order of business without doubt is a good cock sucking from the boy whilst he helps him by moving his head, and making the boy do it just how he wants it. But no slave is complete if not all of his holes are filled, so he makes the boy take some rubber on the fuck machine whilst he facefucks the boy. And later tries the boys ready opened hole all the way in, Ron also takes the oportunity to remove the boys straight jacket, and the boy is made to go back down on his knees to suck Ron’s cock once again. To later go in again for the final assault and covering the boy in cum!

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With Peter tied to the cross, Silas gives the boy a light whipping to warm up the pale bodied twink, before adding some pegs to the sides of his body which he’ll flick and play with wilst massaging and sucking his dick. After deneying him to cum, Silas pours hot wax over his legs, feet, chest, arms and even over his dick before going back to his dick to let him cum! If thats not all, now he covers the lad in piss before leaving him tied to the cross, used and covered in piss.

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AJ has quite a soft side for the newbies, but don’t be fooled, he’s still in control. After instructing the bound boy to come out of the cage and prepare himself for a merciless facefuck, he momentarily gets to enjoy AJ’s cock up his boy hole also. Of ocurse this is still just the beggining as ofer the next half hour he’ll be put through his pases as he’s spanked, clamped, fucked and made to make AJ cum in his mouth.

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Did you think that Silas had finished with his slave American? Well, this has just started! This time Silas chains him to the Saint Andrews cross and doesn’t doubt to whip hard his naked body, specially his ringed cock. Among the whips and the hard-tratement, the master blows his cock making him moan. Once Silas thinks it’s enough, he places American on a stool and fucks hard his daddy’s ass. But this master seems that he’s never satisfied, because he bends American over and fists his abused ass whilst he jerks himself off. Once the slave cums, his master puts him a mask for the last humiliation.