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A trip to the doctor can be an intimidating experience, particularly when your doctor is more than a foot-and-a-half taller than you!

Dr. Wolf has had young Danny in his office before – every which way! Both enjoyed themselves enormously and when the doctor saw that Danny had been booked in for a check-up, he canceled his following appointment. It’s important to be thorough, after all…

After weighing him and checking his height, the boy was stripped naked and given a series of examinations which some might describe as intrusive, but Danny found rather stimulating!

The doctor was then able to focus on the more exciting parts of the check-up. He pulled the boy to his feet and instantly started to examine his mouth. And what better way to do that than with your big, fat, daddy tongue? And, well, one thing led to another and they were soon making out…

Dr. Wolf encouraged Danny to get onto the bed again, at the same time switching on an ultrasound machine so he could watch his plus-sized dick penetrate Danny’s fun-sized body… on the inside!

Wolf held the ultrasound tool in place and lined his big dick up with the boy’s tight ass, encouraging him to look at the screen as he slowly pushed himself inside. Moments later, the doctor’s big dick appeared as a throbbing, grainy shape, rolling in and out of Danny’s insides.

The banging continued long after the ultrasound equipment was switched off. The boy gasped, moaned and jerked his dick as his insides were mercilessly rearranged in a variety of super-hot positions.

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Mountainous handyman Mr. Marko felt it was time for a break at the job site. He had been laboring in his client’s giant basement for many hours. He stretched his achy limbs and took a deep breath.

This breath turned into a small gasp as a gorgeous Latin mini-cupid named Milo Miles tip-toed around the corner. The little cutie was barely high enough to reach Mr.Marko’s belt-buckle, yet the petite darling was perfectly tall enough to have a direct view of the handyman’s sweaty jumpsuit and his bulging crotch. Milo was his coworker, and he and Mr. Marko had fooled around on site once before. Ever since then, these two became blushing fools when near each other. Now armed with experience and privacy of the basement, Mr. Marko’s young coworker knew just how to assist Mr. Marko with his dick-throbbing dilemma.

He beamed down at the cinnamon-sugar boy, his cinnamon-sugar boy. With a content smile, the gentle giant enjoyed the sight of his monstrously-sized gonads very nearly covering the boy’s hungry little face. And yet, the boy wanted more than to just smell: he wanted to taste, needed to taste. For hours, the lithe lusty twink had been waiting for his chance to finally suck off Mr. Marko. Hell, longer than that—ever since their last fling, it’s all he’s thought about…

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Marcus Rivers was downright sick of being called “little.” Sure, he was barely over five foot tall, but the reality was that the seemingly diminutive lad was tough as nails. However, the boy was so scrawny that he was always being underestimated and judged based on how he looked. So, Marcus decided to do something about it.

Marcus recalled an ad in the local paper featuring a former body-building champion named Mr. Steele, who could be hired to be a personal trainer. When Marcus saw the accompanying picture of Mr. Steele next to the ad, his jaw nearly hit the floor. The hulking heavyweight wasn’t just huge, Marcus thought. He was sexy as fuck!

Lucky for the little lad, Mr. Steele was more than happy to show Marcus the ropes on how to safely and effectively utilize gym equipment. As the mountainous DILF instructed the eager boy on how to properly do squats, he couldn’t help but notice how the boy wasn’t able to keep his hungry, salacious eyes off of the sizable bulge in his gym shorts.

After a shared and knowing glance, Mr. Steele and Marcus were all over each other. The trainer couldn’t believe his luck as the doll-sized boy leaned into him and allowed Mr. Steele’s enormous hands to explore every inch of him.

The darling boy would have absolutely let this sexy giant touch him all over, wherever and however and for as long as he wanted. But Marcus was aching to reciprocate all this tender attention back to Mr. Steele’s own shoulders, pecs, abs, and…elsewhere…

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When Dominic let Dr. Wolf into the house for their private appointment, the sheer size and height of the dashing MD was such that he was obligated to duck just slightly when passing through the front door. Dr. Wolf beamed down on the boy with a warm, yet concerned smile.

If Dominic were being completely honest, his self esteem was at an all-time low. He had reached the maximum height and size that he was ever going to be—as dictated by Mother Nature.

To make matters even more challenging, his sexual orientation and desires strongly pulled towards big and tall older men. However, this demographic tended to steer well clear of potential underage companions—which Dominic certainly was not, despite his looks.

As Dominic stared up at Dr. Wolf, timid and essentially speechless, the thoughtful doctor took the young man by the chin, bent over and kissed him. Dominic was left astonished and feeling…desired. As he gazed up at the sexy giant he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and returned the kiss.

Doctor and patient were lost to lust and heated desire. Clearly no longer strictly business acquaintances, Dr. Wolf still had the natural professional instinct to conduct a hands-on physical examination. Except on this particular housecall, the examination was going to include lips, tongue, and his massive cock.

Dr. Wolf couldn’t wait to begin…

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Dr. Wolf has known Tom for more than a year now. Before they became lovers, this pint-sized stunner was one of the doctor’s patients. They have a heck of a lot of fun together exploring the endless kinky possibilities which are fueled by the immense difference in their heights.

Dr. Wolf wants to experiment with ultrasound equipment and encourages Tom to visit him in his office one evening. Within seconds of the door closing, the two guys are making out enthusiastically.

Tom sits himself down on the bed and the doctor guides the boy’s shapely feet into metal stirrups which force his legs wide apart and ensure he’s truly ready for intense penetration.

Dr. Wolf prepares the ultrasound equipment, holding the probe underneath Tom’s belly button and displaying the mysterious dark mass of the boy’s bladder on the screen. Tom is still utterly engrossed in the image when he feels the doctor pushing his giant dick into him.

Moments later, the shadow of Dr. Wolf’s member appears on the screen, uncompromisingly sweeping the boy’s bladder to one side as it inches its way into his guts.

Wolf picks up the speed of his thrusts. Tom stares at the screen with a mixture of fascination, disbelief, and extreme horniness.

Tom jerks himself as his body enters an erotic trance. Dr. Wolf seems intent on literally banging the boy’s spunk out of him. He pounds harder and faster. The entire bed shakes. Tom gasps helplessly.

Dr. Wolf explodes inside Tom, firing off load after load of semen into the diminutive boy’s heaving stomach.

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“You can stay… if you want,” the young man said as he slunk onto the bed.

No one tells you that, when you become a plumber, just how thankful your clients are for your work. Some of them, at least, are willing to do anything to show you their appreciation.

Mr. Marko was particularly good at his job. He knew what was wrong or right within a building. If there were leaks, he could find them. He could tell where water pipes ran through walls. If there was no hot water, he had a working list of exact reasons that could cause it, and how to fix each symptom.

This young man, though… Damien. Damien’s plumbing needed particular care. Not the plumbing in the walls, either, but his body. Damien made as much clear with the tilt of his head, and the wry smile on his face as he eyed Mr. Marko’s huge body up and down.

This huge bear of a man knew when someone was undressing him with their eyes. The utility coveralls of the plumbing profession were not the most glamorous or exciting, so if this young man—barely a man, judging by his boyish frame—was glazing his eyes over his daddy build like this, Marko knew that Damien was already excited by what was underneath.

“Yeah?” Cain approached the bed. When Damien rose to meet him, his small body pressing into Cain’s thick stomach, they both knew—there was no more ambiguity to conquer.

Cain ripped himself out of his coveralls, revealing his furry, stocky body. Damien, likewise, slid out of his shorts to reveal tighty-whities and a half-hard bulge, one grown just from the sight of Cain at work. The young man, with practiced hunger, slid his body stomach-first onto the bed and seized Mr. Marko’s manhood.

The size difference between Marko’s member, thick like a soda can, and Damien’s small mouth was astounding. Cain wasn’t even sure Damien’s jaw could open wide enough to take it all in, but Damien, with wide, happy eyes, slurped it right up and proved that, when you’re determined and horny enough, anything’s possible.

And if I taste that good in Damien’s mouth, how good does he taste in mine? That was what the plumber thought as he repositioned the boy’s hips. Cain brought his face, beard and all, between Damien’s cheeks. The bear consumed the boy’s hole, lapping hungrily at this entrance. Damien moaned, arched his back, and felt his knees spread, opening himself wider for Cain’s tongue. When Cain pulled away, in a trance from the boy’s scent, he saw that Damien’s little pink hole was still waiting for him, puckered up and ready for any attention Cain was willing to give it.

Cain gripped the boy’s shoulders and held him steady as he positioned himself. He eased his girthy dick slowly inside, until he felt his hilt hit against Damien’s ass. Then he stopped, just for a second, to savor the sensation of being completely buried in this adorable, tiny gay bottom. Just a moment later, though, he was moving again, fucking the boy’s tight hole with slow, measured thrusts of his big cock.

Damien gasped and rocked in rhythm with the bear, his voice cracking with pleasure.

Mr. Marko knew plumbing, and he knew how much attention pipes need. He fucked Damien in every position their twisting bodies naturally felt into; the boy fitting around his daddy cock like a sleeve. Damien’s trembling hands clutched the sheets beneath him. Marko folded him up effortlessly and pounded the boy till his breath ran ragged. When Cain finally shot, his customer’s ass squeezed the shaft, milking him dry.

They collapsed on the sheets, trading a flurry of kisses. Cain’s bearded stubble ground into Damien’s smooth, smiling lips. At some point, between an undetermined amount of time and tongue twirling, Damien mentioned that there was a leak in the basement that needed looking at. Mr. Marko wasn’t totally certain if that was accurate, but for Damien, he’d investigate anything, for any amount of time…

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Mr. Stone was used to clients having natural, spontaneous erections during a massage. This was normal, and the experienced masseur would never draw attention to it, as most times a client’s erection faded as they got used to his touch.

However, during their first encounter, Mr. Stone couldn’t ignore that Marcus was erect for the entire session. The coy little guy even made hard eye contact with him at several intervals during the appointment.

As Mr. Stone began the second, more intensive deep tissue massage, he silently thrilled at the sound of the petite twink’s soft sighs.He observed that Marcus had already closed his eyes in deep relaxation.

Marcus was in heaven, but still cognizant of something quite different about Mr. Stone’s approach this time around. The boy had his eyes mostly closed, but he could tell that the beefy masseur wasn’t wearing pants. Just a skimpy pair of boxer briefs and a thin, white tank top. And the older gentleman was sporting an enormous hard on!

Mr. Stone directed young Marcus to remove the towel and flip over onto his back. The tiny twink did so in an instant. Unsurprisingly, the boy was rock hard and drooling precum. Mr. Stone wanted nothing more than to lick Marcus’s dick clean, but there were still so many other parts of the boy’s anatomy for the masseur to tend to, first…

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Eric had only been soaking in the rays for a few minutes when a shadow fell over his closed eyelids. He looked up and saw that his neighbor, Dolf, was the culprit. Eric wasn’t too put off, though; his neighbor was not only extremely tall and completely ripped, but hung like a thoroughbred as well. Eric had always loved seeing him from afar. And today, up close, Dolf was wearing little more than a skimpy speedo, a huge grin, and a huge hard-on nearly bursting through the fabric of his bulge.

As Eric gaped at Dolf’s incredible physique and perfect musculature, the older gentleman grinned and pulled his speedo off. At this point, why not? If anyone came around, he could easily just pull a towel over himself.

Dolf laid back and swung his huge horse cock around. Eric was transfixed and speechless, but in a lustful daze, he found himself on his knees and somehow, miraculously, able to take the giant man’s cock almost all the way into his mouth in one hungry swallow.

Dolf yanked Eric’s tiny swimming suit off and massaged his perfect bubble butt with his huge dinner plate sized hands. This time it was Eric’s turn to moan, as he was quickly turned around and before he could say anything, Dolf’s long, thick, juicy tongue was buried deep inside his tight, pink hole…

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Dr. Wolf was tall by anyone’s definition. But in comparison to small Max, he was a skyscraper! The doctor was also handsome, and swayed with a sense of ease around the office. As he took Max’s measurements, checked his heart beat, and removed the young man’s shirt, every action, no matter how clinical in nature, took on a magical quality. It was as if each mundane thing the Doctor did cast a spell, all woven directly in front of Max’s face.

Something about that size disparity set Max ablaze, and removed the last of his inhabitations. He pulled down the doctor’s trousers and revealed his desired goal, which was practically bursting out of the white underwear, was impossibly large compared to the young man’s. Long and girthy, the doctor’s cock rivaled the size of Max’s forearm! It was as intimidating as it was exciting; once Max was back on the hospital bed with Dr. Wolf’s mushroom tip swirling around his twink tongue, he found it less so the former and far, far, far more the latter.

They turned and twisted into various positions along the hospital bed, its hinges creaking in rhythm with their thrusts. Max’s face flushed red and his breath ran ragged under this huge doctor. Dr. Wolf’s strong arms wrapped around the slender twink, and Max held onto him like a lifeline. The suddenness of the doctor’s advances, the carnality of the office visit, and the sheer size of the man… it was so much for Max to take in all at once.

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“What are you doing here this early?” Mr. Knight asked. Was it strange that his heart was beating just a little faster? It wasn’t just his heart rate that rose, either. The sight of Milo, hardly reaching his boss’s chest in terms of height, gave him an unexpected thrill.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Milo said with a twist of a smile.

That was all Mr. Knight needed to hear. He smiled broadly and wrapped his arm around young Milo. The boss led the pint-sized twink to the woodshed, where they could be alone and undisturbed—at least until the rest of the crew arrived. Both knew this and began undressing each other just as quickly as they could!

Mr. Knight was impressed with how well-endowed and big around Milo’s throbbing erection was- particularly in contrast to miniature size of the rest of his body. However, it was Milo’s wide-eyed reaction to the sight of Mr. Knight’s mammoth cock that got the biggest thrill out of them both!

Mr. Knight adored the way that Milo sank to his knees and used his wet mouth and tongue to pleasure him. After just a few minutes of this electric attention, Mr. Knight felt primal lust begin to take over. He pulled Milo back to his feet, spun him around and sank to his own knees. He drove his hungry tongue deep into Milo’s tight sphincter. Milo grabbed onto the nearest support within arm’s reach and cried out in astonishment.

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As Mr. Marko checked his new client/fuckbuddy Damien’s basement for an apparent “leak”, he fantasized about the hot twink’s tight little body and ass. The pocket-sized latin beauty was clearly into bigger dudes because the moment he walked through the door into his client’s house, he was flirting with Mr. Marko.

It wasn’t much longer after that, they found themselves forgetting about the plumbing issue and instead, sucking and fucking each other’s brains out!

Mr. Marko almost couldn’t believe how quickly he had recovered from their last encounter less than two hours ago. Ever since they fucked in the boy’s room, Mr. Marko’s mind was clouded by lust with Damien’s perfect bubble-butt. He wanted nothing more than to massage that ass with his huge hands and bury his tongue as far into the smooth, tight fuck-tunnel as it would go.

Damien’s long slender fingers nimbly unbuttoned Mr. Marko’s coveralls and his hands roamed freely all over the giant handyman’s furry, barn-sized chest. This caress instantly caused Mr. Marko’s cock to ache with familiar lust. Damien sensed this; he dropped to his knees and kissed the precum-soaked underwear.

For his part, Damien could not get enough of Mr. Marko’s mountainous body. The way that the beefy plumber towered over him riled the twink’s excitement. Damien’s cock stiffened immediately when Mr. Marko gave his ass a squeeze with those giant hands. Within seconds, their underwear were thrown off to the side…

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The three of them sat in Mr. Steele’s bed, excited at the proposition of the threesome. Adrian and Marcus, with the silver daddy’s muscular, tattooed arms wrapped tight around their shoulders, removed his silky briefs. They each sat on either side of their tailor — tonight, they were serving him.

Their tongues swirled in a three-way kiss, hands running over one another. When Mr. Steele turned his head, his tongue ran along the underside of Adrian’s lean neck, while his other hand forced Marcus down towards his nether-region.

The boy opened wide to accommodate his tailor’s considerable size. His head bobbed up and down, and then after an eventual tug at his hair, or a tap on the shoulder, he’d take himself off the shaft and gulp for air. Adrian broke the kiss with Mr. Steele and, with a simple glance of instruction, took Marcus’s place in swallowing the silver-fox’s cock.

These two alternated the duties of servicing the DILF with great pleasure. In response, Mr. Steele’s big hands, the very definition of power and precision, trailed down their flanks and hooked under the bands of each of the boys’ underwear. Steele’s boys got the signal, and peeled themselves out of their last remaining clothes.

Adrian took Marcus to his hairy pit and forced him to bathe in the scent before bending the twink over. Overwhelmed by desire, Adrian inserted himself in and pounded Marcus’ fun-size mercilessly, as if trying to break him in half. The twink, for his part, whimpered and begged for more.

Seeing Marcus folded up like that was exactly the inspiration Mr. Steele needed. After Adrian pulled out, Steele fed his own big cock into the boy’s tiny hole. Each thrust from the older man across the walls of Marcus’s prostate shot light into the corner of the small boy’s eyes and lit his synapses on fire. He cried out in ecstasy, but release was not yet his.

Not until Mr. Steele was done.

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Caleb is one of those boys that you could literally fit into your pocket. He’s been hanging out with Dr. Wolf for some time now and has become a regular at the doctor’s country house.

Doctor Wolf loves to massage and fondle the boy’s skinny body, before pulling down his shorts and revealing his peachy little butt. He gets off on the difference in their sizes and the fact that he has to treat the boy like a fragile object.

Caleb likes to kneel in front of the doctor and slowly pull down his shorts. He loves to suck the doctor, his minuscule mouth barely able to take Wolf’s massive member. He always persists bravely, however, and never ceases to thrill every fiber of the doctor’s being.

Dr. Wolf usually rocks Caleb onto his back and pushes his legs up to expose the boy’s tight hole. He likes to rub his immense manhood all over Caleb’s sweet butt before lubing himself up and very gently making his way inside. Caleb usually feels like he’s being torn in two; his entire body is often engulfed by alternate waves of pain and pleasure.

The doctor loves to pull Caleb onto his lap, allowing the teeny twink to cling onto him like a koala bear while his insides are entirely re-arranged. The boy yelps in shock, unable to comprehend the intensity and enormity of what’s happening to him. The doctor will often change positions, his dick always remaining inside the boy.

Wolf will pound harder, faster and deeper until his balls start to clench and the semen starts to rise uncontrollably along the length of his shaft. A few more thrusts and it will start to burst out of him, gushing into the boy’s abdomen with a huge, fiery force.

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It was a hot spring day when Max visited Mr. Stone for a deep-tissue massage. His small body was rife with tension, which he hoped would get alleviated. Mr. Stone’s massage parlor, and his expert touch, had a particular reputation among local young men as the place to go when they were tight and sore.

When Max arrived he was greeted by the owner himself. Mr. Stone smiled the instant he saw the young man, and guided him to the massage bench. The DILFy masseur was dressed in a white tank and gray shorts that distorted around his visible package. His silver hair was trimmed and the lines of his face were sharp with experience and rugged vigor.

Mr. Stone stepped behind Max and began massaging the boy’s shoulders. The hunky masseur had coated his hands with a warm oil, which he rubbed firmly first into his client’s backside and then worked his way down along the spine. Max closed his eyes and let out a long-held breath as Mr. Stone worked his fingers in circles across the muscles in his neck and shoulder blades.

The sensation was electric and the sweet smell of his sweat charged the air. Mr. Stone could feel the tense muscles underneath his palms as they slowly yielded to his controlled strength.

When Mr. Stone reached the small white briefs that covered Max’s rump, he asked in the natural rumbling bass of his baritone, “Would you like me to take these off? Is that alright?”

These massages often resulted in erections for the small guys like Max. Max was not immune to the effects of Mr. Stone, a fact that both he and his masseur were immediately aware of when Max’s response was a whimpering moan that took the vague shape of “yeah…”

Mr. Stone continued to work his way lower. His hands slid under the waistband of Max’s underwear and caressed his ass cheeks. After the heavy coating of oil, the boy’s rump became quite pliable between his fingers. The DILF worked the oil into every crevice of his client’s back, then flipped him over to reveal the erection already there.

Max felt a glimmer of anticipation run through him, uncertain how his masseur might react. But as Mr. Stone rubbed his palms across the boy’s stomach, pecs, and nipples, he also placed his sizable package next to Max’s face. Max felt the heat of the man’s manhood through the cloth, and in Max’s eyes, the professional masseur morphed into a DILF-fantasy instantly.

Mr. Stone caught sight of the curl of Max’s toes. The masseur was enjoying this, and wanted more than anything to have this young man’s lips wrapped around his cock. Max clearly did too, as he kissed at the stretching spandex near his face.

The DILF stripped himself of his tank-top and shorts; first down to a jockstrap and then down to nothing at all. Each moment a piece of cloth was removed, Max knew more of what he wanted. The new tension that needed release from his body was different than the one he arrived with, but suddenly much more immediate and important.

By simply grasping his strong hands under the young man’s pits, Mr. Stone lifted Max into the air. The boy’s legs wrapped around the DILF’s torso for support and balance. Max was shocked and aroused beyond measure by this demonstration of Mr. Stone’s raw strength and the size difference between them. His face flushed with excitement — he felt, at once, cared for and lusted for, small but protected in the grip that held him in the air.

When Mr. Stone carried him like this, he didn’t just carry the boy’s body; he lifted his whole spirit and squeezed it between his strong arms. The DILF had been right about Max’s need for release—the boy’s erection pulsed hard and fast against his belly, and he could feel the constant stream of precum leaking from his tip.

Now that Max was little more than horny putty in his grips, Mr. Stone set the moaning boy back down on the bench. He spread the boy’s legs wide and prepped his quivering hole with a gob of spit, then began to test its limits with his fingers.

Mr. Stone stroked the length of his shaft until it was wet and slick, teased the tight-yet-relenting ring of the boy’s hole, then slowly pushed in. Max’s back arched off the table. The masseur’s giant cock plunged deep into him, and found a rhythm that suited both of their tastes. The masseur moved his hips, sliding in and out of the young man’s body with steady power.

Max moaned, and pressed his tongue into the corner of his mouth, trying to quiet the wails he felt compelled to make. He loved the feeling of Mr. Stone’s thick meat filling his tight hole, pushing its way inside him. He wanted this to last forever.

Mr. Stone took Max’s little body on a guided tour of sex positions. He fucked the tiny twink on his back, on his knees, and even lifted him back into the same embrace that melted the boy’s mind earlier, thrusting into the tiny gay bottom all the while. Each piston of Mr. Stone’s thick cock melted away the tension in his body, and heightened the pleasure that came from having his prostate pounded.

Realizing their session was soon at an end—and that his orgasm would soon spill—Mr. Stone climbed onto the bench with Max. He folded the boy’s legs over his head and mounted him, ravaging the boy’s hole with his powerful thrusts. His ass felt full and stretched, and the sensation of Mr. Stone’s balls slapping against his cheeks sent a surge of electricity through him, filling his vision with bursts of light.

The salt-and-pepper-haired DILF buried his head into the side of the boy’s smooth neck, kissing the nape as he shot rope after rope of semen inside the twink. As the last drops of seed left his cock, Mr. Stone pulled out. In the afterglow of his orgasm, Mr. Stone watched his seed spill out of Max’s hole and dribble down his client’s taint…

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Dr. Wolf and Joshua snuggle on the couch, watching TV when the brawny doctor begins comparing the size of his own hand against the much smaller man’s. The two of them get turned on as they continue to compare other appendages and end up in an intense make-out session.

They continue to kiss and compare as articles of clothing are coming off. Joshua ends up naked first, with the doctor following close behind. Dr. Wolf notes that the man has considerable heft in his dick, though his own is still quite larger as the shorter stud can barely fit his hand around it.

Dr. Wolf sits on the couch and motions for Joshua to come take a seat. The shorter man points his hungry hole at the man’s rock hard cock and works it inside himself. Joshua impales himself on the man’s cock and has the entire length and girth inside of his hungry hole. He and the doctor go back and forth between Joshua riding the doctor, and Dr. Wolf pumping in and out of him.

The two of them kiss and moan ecstatically between the riding and pumping. Joshua soon gets on all fours and Dr. Wolf pounds him doggystyle. Dr. Wolf soon leans over the bottom and wraps his arm around Joshua as he picks up speed in thrusting deep inside and out of the shorter man’s hole as orgasm begins to well up.

With his balls now slapping Joshua’s cheeks with every deep and swift thrust, the large doctor explodes inside him, flooding his guts into a creamy finish.