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As Mr. Steele begins to take his tape measure to the boy’s body, Jonathan could feel his heart pounding in his chest. With his fair skin, he was sure the tall man could see him blushing.

He felt his body perspire through his shirt, making him nervous that he was embarrassing himself. But as Mr. Steele instructed him to remove his pants for an in-seam measurement, he felt a burst of bravery come over him.

Stepping back behind the privacy divider, he takes off his pants and shirt, ready to reveal himself to the handsome man. As he does, he can see Mr. Steele sporting a prominent bulge in his pants, clearly responding to what he was seeing!

The inseam measurement quickly takes a turn as the older man plays with the boy’s groin, stroking his cock through his undergarments, and seeing his mouth open with a slight moan. Jonathan was cute and lean, well-groomed and fit, he couldn’t resist enjoying the small boy’s body…

Jonathan wanted Mr. Steele badly, feeling his body through his fine clothes, able to feel every carved out muscle and line along his torso. He begged to see him naked, a request the good tailor could not deny!

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Austin takes a break from the strenuous drills of the tall army recruiter, finding some shade and quiet under a tarp cover. It’s hard for him to keep up with everyone else given his size. Just as he’s catching his breath, Mr. Adams comes over to him, seeing the boy all alone.

As he joins him, he can’t resist getting his hands on him. He feels his tight little body and remembers how perfectly it felt with his larger body wrapped around him. Austin, clearly overcome by the man’s authority, size, and good locks, immediately submits to him as Mr. Adams caresses his loins.

Mr. Adams loves feeling Austin’s cock. The way it grows so big and so fast is a marvel to see it on such a little guy! Mr. Adams quickly pulls it out as he leans down to kiss him, feeling it pulse in his hand. Mr. Adams feels his own cock begging to be let out of his shorts, leaking pre-cum into his underwear as Austin’s body trembles with pleasure.

The boy sees the rise in his shorts and does his part to help his handsome top. Lifting himself up, Austin pulls down Mr. Adams’ shorts, his eyes widening as his massive cock pops out.

Austin takes it into his mouth, enjoying the familiar taste of his recruiter on his tongue. He could suck it all afternoon, working it until it shot the tall man’s load down his throat like a quick afternoon protein shake. But Mr. Adams’ desire to breed is too strong to waste it in the boy’s stomach!

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Mr. Steele smiles as Marcus tries on his jacket, reveling in just how the boy gets swallowed up by his clothing.

Marcus stands firm as Steele runs his hands over his chest and arms, feeling for fit and ease while exciting the boy’s loins. Just as quickly as it comes on, Mr. Steele proceeds to take it off, giving himself access to the young man’s beautiful, fuckable body!

Marcus swallows Mr. Steele’s cock, gagging on it as it stretches out his tiny mouth and throat. The older man watches as Marcus gets his shaft drenched with saliva; getting it hard and ready to fuck his tight hole.

Mr. Steele grips onto Marcus’ hips, holding him in place as he puts the full force of his size into his thrusts, fucking his bottom deep and hard! Marcus shakes as he withstands Mr. Steele’s pounding, eager and hungry to feel his load fill him up.

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At his height, it’s easy for him to get in on the trick-or-treat fun by throwing on a pair of colorful PJs and going door-to-door. While others his size might be looking for small pieces of candy, Austin’s interests are a little bigger…

Dr. Wolf loves seeing Austin at the end of his day, especially seeing him dressed up in his cute, little boy costume. As he runs his hands over his body and checks out his onesie, he can’t help but notice Austin’s massive bulge popping out from the fabric. Peeking inside, he sees his special, spooky underwear; appropriate for the holiday fun!

Dr. Wolf can’t stop smiling as Austin dutifully services him, loving the special bond he has with his little guy. Bending him over, he gives him the ultimate treat — his raw cock up his tight, smooth hole! Austin curls up in a ball with his ass hanging over the end of the table, feeling Dr. Wolf push himself between his cheeks until they give way to penetration!

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There’s very little that Austin wants for at Christmas. He’s grateful for so many things and blessed to have wonderful, loving people in his life! He’s also very lucky to have a network of tall, handsome men who love to use his mouth and ass like he’s their personal plaything…

One such a giant is the lean, mean, tatted fuck machine, Dolf Dietrich. Sporting a Santa cap, the 6’6” Adonis is quick to grab Austin with his long, strong arms, and kissing him softly before lifting him up off the ground.

Little Austin is practically weightless in the big man’s embrace, feeling himself completely possessed by his handsome partner.

Austin pulls down Dolf’s pants, taking his massive cock in his mouth, trying his best to take it to the back of his throat with each savoring caress of his tongue.

Dolf’s cock gets even harder seeing his little cocksucker work so hard to satisfy him, thinking ahead to all the ways he can fuck him. With someone as portable and eager Austin, he knows he can pound and breed his young lover in ways he could never do with anyone else!

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Dallas can’t get enough of his little friend, Marcus. The older man can’t help but smile at seeing how bold and proud the boyish bottom stands despite his stature. Marcus is enamored with the muscle giant’s physique, impressed by his size and strength.

Taking him out of the tailor’s shop, Dallas offers to give Marcus some special training sessions. Dallas wouldn’t change a thing about his little buddy, but he’ll do anything if it means getting him alone and seeing him sweat!

Their playful exchanges get more sexual as Marcus sees Dallas’ cock growing hard in his tight, red, coach’s shorts. They try their best to focus on exercises, but it’s not long before the two want to strip off their clothes and fuck!

Marcus pulls out Dallas’ cock, filling his tiny mouth with the big tool, and taking it to the back of his throat, while the muscle daddy stands tall above him.

Dallas moves to have Marcus practice his push ups, cleverly getting on top of him and teasing his hole with his cock!

The horny boy works Dallas’ shaft with this tight hole until the big man slides himself fully inside, giving Marcus a good stretch and insisting he keep up his drills. Marcus lifts himself up and down, working his muscles as his body massages Dallas’ cock.

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When Mark hurts himself playing soccer one weekend, his friends suggested that he should make an appointment to get it checked out. One friend in particular thought Dr. Wolf would be just the man for him, but didn’t say why…

When Dr. Wolf came through the door, Mark’s eyes went wide with excitement. The tall man stood almost as high as the door frame itself! He had a broad chest and classic, handsome features that made him sprout an erection right there.

Mark was grateful for the attention, but every time the doctor’s knuckles grazed against his balls or shaft, a rush of pleasure overcame his entire body. He even found himself letting out slight breaths.

His exhales were silent at first, but before long, he was gripping the side of the table. He tried to hold in the sounds of excitement, until one, telling moan escaped his mouth…

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Dr. Wolf hears the water running in the kitchen, curious to know who else is up and about. He sees just who the good worker is — and to his amusement, he finds him wearing nothing but an apron!

The tall man walks up to Austin, feeling aroused and adventurous given their unique situation. Dr. Wolf loves the idea of fulfilling a longstanding fantasy of his; having a tiny house boy service his cock while cleaning his house!

He lifts up the boy’s apron, feeling his tiny butt and tight hole, eager to bend him over the sink and fuck him right there! As Austin continues to clean, he can feel Dr. Wolf stroke his hard cock up against him, preparing to penetrate his little body.

Dr. Wolf towers over Austin as his cock grows hard against the boy’s back. Austin reaches behind him, stroking and caressing it as it swells to its full power. Unable to restrain himself further, Dr. Wolf pushes in deeper, sliding his cock between the boy’s cheeks, and breaking through the seal of his tight little hole!

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The doctor daddy and his young partner stripped down, taking off their clothes while kissing and showing off their toned, lean bodies. As Tom pulled out Dr. Wolf’s cock, Dr. Wolf couldn’t get enough of the young man’s ass, seeing it pour out of his jock and into the palms of his hands.

He kissed him gently as he played with his hole, feeling his package grow harder as he thought about slipping his raw cock inside.

Tom took the big guy’s cock into his hand, feeling its warmth and size fill his grip before taking it into his mouth. He worked hard to take it down, gagging on it as he inched his way closer to his low-hanging balls.

He worshipped his shaft and wanted to feel it as deep inside as he could. With it good and wet, he turned around, cozying up to a giant teddy bear for support as Dr. Wolf pushed his meat past his tight sphincter!

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After having spent time with his doctor and army recruiter, Austin has a wild idea; why not let these tall men use him all at once? It doesn’t take much convincing to get on board, excited to see other big guys fuck a tiny bottom like Austin. They giant tops can hardly wait to get their little play thing stripped down and mounted on their big cocks!

Austin fills his mouth with his army buddy Cole’s cock. The huge member stretches his mouth wide, making it easier to take Dr. Wolf’s manhood in a single swallow. Austin feels the man’s heavy nuts graze his chin, swinging back and forth as he fucks the boy’s mouth. Austin turns his head to the recruiter, Brian, lapping at his giant piece — all while his hole gets slapped and fingered by the other tops!

It’s a dream come true to be in the center, primed to be gangbanged raw and hard. As soon as Austin feels Cole’s raw cock slide inside, he gets overwhelmed with excitement, feeling himself immediately on the edge of orgasm! He knew he had to pace himself, however… The evening had only just started and there were still two more cocks to take!

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Dr. Wolf is pleased when he sees Logan come into his office, but naturally concerned for the boy’s wellbeing. Logan explains how he hurt his knee and needs it checked out, prompting the friendly doctor to give a thorough exam.

Dr. Wolf checks the boy’s knee, testing it for swelling and pain before moving on to the surrounding areas. As he pokes, prods, and tests, the answer becomes clear; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Logan!

Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, stripping down to reveal his large, swollen cock. Dr. Wolf bends him over the exam table, sliding it between his cheeks and feeling the boy’s soft, smooth hole submit to his massive manhood! With a smooth, steady push, he slides himself inside the boy, making him moan with satisfied pleasure.

This is what Logan needed more than anything, and the doctor was going to make sure he got a proper dose of his cock and cum!

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As the two headed into Wolf’s bedroom, they kissed and caressed each other, pausing only to hold each other tightly. Mark loved pressing his head against Dr. Wolf’s chest, hearing his heart beating loudly into his ear. He felt protected and wanted as he felt Dr. Wolf’s hard cock pressing up against his belly.

The two stripped down, tearing off their clothes and giving in to their lusty desires. Dr. Wolf wanted to show the boy love and affection, starting with Mark’s tiny perfect butt. As his hands moved to Mark’s backside, teasing his hole and massaging his cheeks, Mark took his tall host’s massive cock into his mouth.

The boy’s tongue worked each impressive inch, taking it back into his throat until his lips grazed Dr. Wolf’s pubic hair. Mark could feel the giant top’s balls swing beneath his chin, filled with the doctor’s powerful seed.

He wanted to feel it in him, filling him and making him warm all over. Dr. Wolf could sense that desire in the way Mark swallowed him down, making him even harder in the small boy’s mouth…

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Cole is a beautiful, handsome young man that has taken a real liking to Austin. He sees him working just as hard and capably as everyone else, despite being almost a full foot shorter than some of the other guys! When the boys have some down time, they sneak off to a clearing in the woods for a little fun.

Cole has worked up a sweat and some adrenaline from exercising and training and needs to blow off a little steam. Luckily, Austin’s constant subtle looks always seemed to give him an invitation, quietly asking for more of the tall boy’s cock.

Unable to contain himself any longer, he slides himself inside, mounting the young bottom with ease. The thick cock of the tall top was substantial, but Austin’s training and desire made it slide in like a hot knife through butter.

Austin can feel his tiny body pressing hard into the ground with nothing but a thick cloth to keep him from sinking into the mud. Cole’s weight and powerful thrusts make the tiny bottom’s entire body shake, powerless and small in comparison. Austin worships and admires Cole, honored to be bred by such a capable young man!

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Ringing the doorbell of Dr. Wolf’s home, Logan’s heart raced. He thought that by seeing him open the door that it would give him some kind of calm, but it only made him even more nervous! Greeting his guest, Dr. Wolf could tell Logan was anxious and excited, but knew he’d be happy once he got his special surprise…

On the bed, Dr. Wolf had placed a large, soft, fluffy teddy bear. It was a gift for Logan to show his appreciation and affection, but deep down, he wanted to see how the boy’s height would be compared to the toy. Sure enough, as Logan picked it up and hugged it, he could see that it was almost as large as the boy.

The older man was pleased to see the boy happy, leaning in to give him a kiss. He had to bend down pretty low for his lips to meet Logan’s, something that made him rock hard inside his pants. He wanted Logan badly, and couldn’t wait any longer!

He ran his hands over Logan’s tiny body, feeling his toned muscles hidden beneath his t-shirt. Dr. Wolf continued to kiss and caress him, moving his hands beneath his waistband and grabbing onto his little boy cock.

Logan let out a breathy moan, aroused and overwhelmed with the man’s affection and touch. He felt himself turn into a pool of pleasure and desire, desperate to feel the doctor fuck him once more!

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Austin’s small for his age and is frequently picked on by the bigger boys. One afternoon, he quickly snuck into the janitor’s office. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew he would be safe inside. The bullies might be tough, but they’d never attempt to stir up trouble with Big Ryan. Luckily, Ryan has a special affinity toward small, short twinks.

Austin takes a breath and feels safe, knowing that no one is going to fight with him. And in that comfortable place, he can’t help but find Ryan incredibly attractive. Big Ryan comforts him by telling him it’s not so bad being small, making Austin chuckle.

The gesture compels Austin to touch him, reaching forward to feel his high up chest and open his uniform. Big Ryan loves seeing a little guy undress him, getting him fully hard as Austin comes across his massive, monster cock!