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Matt Wingman has a sexy voice with a very heavy northern accent and he really likes talking about porn. All the talk gets him excited so he starts rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts about halfway thru the interview. By the end of said interview, Matt’s cock is rock hard and making quite the impression in his shorts. He pulls down his shorts and out plops this long, thick one-eyed monster with the biggest balls I’ve seen in quite a while. He starts stroking and his thick, veiny cock gets longer and harder. Matt settles back on the bench, lubes up his cock and focuses on the feeling of his hand working his dick. As he gets close to nutting, he sits up on the edge of the bench, legs spread and his big ole’ balls bouncing up and down. Matt starts moaning, his balls almost disappear and his cock begins squirting load after load of creamy jizz all over the floor, his cock and hand.

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This is 20-year-old Jaden Polo’s very first adult video scene ever. The first thing we are taken with during his interview is Jaden’s smile and his bubbly attitude. After the interview Jaden quickly strips down to his skivvies where he lays back and begins rubbing his growing bulge. He pulls his thick, uncut cock from his shorts and the next thing we notice is that his dick is growing longer the more he strokes. Jaden grabs his nuts, pulling them very tight as he works his cock. He’s soon up on his knees, bent over the sofa and he’s intently shoving his fingers up his ass while he’s jerking off. Jaden finger-fucks his ass, enjoying the probing he is giving himself. He begins pumping his cock again causing his nuts to bounce up and down with his stroking rhythm. In short order Jaden’s balls tighten and his breathing quickens. He’s soon shooting a healthy stream of jizz all over his smooth tummy. As he finishes, Jaden scoops up some of the cum and licks it from his hand.

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James Huck pulls Richard Hicks in from the cold balcony and begins to warm things up. The two begin kissing and groping at each other the moment the door shuts behind them. In short order Richard is on his knees with James’ thick, uncut cock in his mouth. Richard’s expert tongue has James’ dick rock-hard in no time at all. The pair head over to the sofa where James returns some of that oral stimulation as he swallows up every inch of Richard’s dick. Richard moves to the floor, and lifts his leg to offer his tight hole to James. James pushes slowly at first; but when Richard’s hole is loose enough James begins to fuck him even harder. The faces Richard makes and his hard-untouched cock tells me he’s really enjoying getting his ass pounded by James. Richard ultimately winds up on top of James riding his cock and finally, he touches his own cock. He starts jacking his dick and James starts fucking faster. Richard loses it and blows thick loads of jizz all over the place. He slides back as James pulls his cock out. James grabs his dick and finishes himself off by coating Richard’s cock and balls with a load of his cum.

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We learn during his interview that our 30-year-old, southern stud Zario Travezz is gay; but, first had sex with two separate women. He said he knew something wasn’t right and after he had his first sexual experience with a man, he’s been gay ever since. Zario stands at the end of his interview and strips his shirt off over his head. His body is tight and lean. His muscles are absolutely perfect due to him going to the gym five days a week. One thing stands out as he pulls off his pants. Zario’s thick dick is already rock-hard and is doing its best to poke out of the top of his underwear. He frees his cock from his shorts and starts stroking it. As he works his dick, Zario kneels over the sofa and his fingers start probing his hole. Zario locates a sex toy, lubes up his cock and slides his dick into the cock-jacking device. He starts working his cock deep into the toy, like he was fucking his dream date. His balls tighten up next to his body as each stroke brings him closer to exploding. Zario switches back to his hand and as he strokes his cock slower and longer his breathing gets louder. As his entire body tightens Zario lets loose and coats his hot abs with a good helping of his thick, creamy jizz.

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Dmitry Osten finishes the interview and literally attacks Frankie Quinn’s mouth with his tongue. The two are kissing almost as intensely as a good fuck session. Their clothes are quickly shed and Dmitry is on his knees sucking up every last inch of Frankie’s uncut cock. Frankie soon has Dmitry on the sofa, legs spread and he goes at Dmitry’s dick quite voraciously. Dmitry gets Frankie worked up in short order. Frankie climbs on top of Dmitry and slides right down on his cock. Dmitry wastes no time and he is soon pounding away at Frankie’s ass. Frankie rolls off and kneels on the sofa with his ass in the air. Dmitry willingly fills Frankie’s empty hole again and continues the royal fucking he was dolling out. In the end, Frankie is on his back, heels in the air with Dmitry still pounding away at his ass. Frankie jerks his cock faster and harder. Dmitry begins thrusting harder and deeper. Frankie loses it and blows his load all over himself. Dmitry pulls out and explodes copious amounts of jizz all over Frankie’s chest, abs and cock.

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Jackson Reed’s personality shines again as he returns for some solo action after his recent and very hot action scene with Zario Travezz. With the interview complete Jackson stands and strips off his shirt. His torso and arms are perfectly sculpted and he stops to educate us about his three tattoos. Jackson continues by pulling off his shorts and underwear. His cock is standing straight up and he is ready to give it some attention. He begins playing with himself, rubbing his rock-hard cock and massaging his balls. Turning around on the sofa Jackson points his ass to the camera and begins fingering his hole. He surprises us, by reaching into a bag and pulling out a huge dildo. Jackson lays back, spreads his legs and slowly, ever so slowly, pushes the thick, silicone cock up his ass. He grabs his cock and starts jacking as the dildo hits his g-spot. As Jackson goes over the edge, his entire body appears to convulse and then the jizz goes flying all over the place. With a sigh of relief, a wink of the eye and a taste of his own cum from his hand, the camera fades to black.

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Hot Italian stud Rico Fatale returns with new-comer Jaymie Young and they barely make it into the interview when they get distracted, want to get naked and down to business. Jaymie is soon on his knees pulling down Rico’s pants and underwear. Jaymie woofs down Rico’s thick, uncut cock and as his tongue works its magic Rico’s dick gets longer and harder. Rico spies Jaymie’s cock, rock-hard and still confined to his underwear. Rico helps Jaymie out of his underwear and proceeds to deep throat his long, thick piece of meat. Jaymie sits down on the sofa and offers Rico his cock to sit on. Rico mounts Jaymie and sits straight down on his cock. Jaymie begins thrusting from below, pounding away at Rico’s hole. As these two go at it, Rico is soon on all fours with Jaymie fucking the hell out of his ass. Jaymie pulls out before he loses it and manages to coat Rico’s back in a nice thick layer of jizz. Rico licks Jaymie’s cock clean before rolling over to finish jerking his own cock. Sperm is soon squirting all the way up to his chest and Jaymie leans over to lick up the remaining jizz from Rico’s cock.

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Jaden Polo turns to see the very sexy Xavier Sibley standing behind him. He walks over and the two immediately start deep kissing, full-on groping and ripping off each other’s clothes. In short order Xavier has Jaden naked on the bed, his cock is rock-hard and Xavier swallows the whole thing. Jaden spins around and focuses on Xavier’s thick, uncut cock. He starts blowing it and does not quit until Xavier’s dick is rock-hard and ready for some anal action. Xavier rolls over on the bed, Jaden climbs on top and slowly sits down on Xavier’s long piece of meat. Xavier begins thrusting from below and as Jaden’s hole loosens, Xavier begins pounding harder. Jaden’s really getting into it as he in turn begins bouncing up and down on Xavier’s cock. The two roll over putting Jaden on bottom and Xavier goes back to fucking the hell out of him. Jaden begins jacking his cock with very quick strokes. Xavier pushes his cock in deeper causing Jaden to blow a load of jizz all over his tummy while Xavier continues thrusting in and out. Xavier immediately pulls his cock out of Jaden’s ass and begins stroking it. In mere seconds Xavier is squirting his love juice all over Jaden’s cock and balls.

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Gerasim Spartak is relaxing in bed when boyfriend Casper Ivarsson gets home from work and Gerasim makes it obvious that he’s missed Casper. Casper slides onto the bed next to Gerasim and the two begin kissing quite passionately. Their hands explore each other’s bodies. Gerasim pulls up his shirt exposing his tight torso and chest. Casper goes right for his abs and kisses his way up to Gerasim’s perky nipples. Casper rips off Gerasim’s pants to find a very stiff cock waiting to be blown, and blow it he does. Casper all but gags trying to get Gerasim’s dick as far down his throat as possible. Gerasim reaches over and feels Casper’s rock-hard cock in his underwear. Pushing Casper back on the bed, Gerasim pulls off Casper’s shorts and swallows down every inch of Casper’s dick. Casper is soon on his knees with Gerasim aiming his cock at Casper’s ass. Gerasim pushes his cock in slowly as Casper gets used to his size. Gerasim gives Casper quite the ass-pounding until both studs are ready to blow. He pulls his cock out and coats Casper’s nutsack with a load of his thick, creamy jizz. Casper kneels next to Gerasim and finishes himself off spraying his cum all over Gerasim’s chest.

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29-year-old Jeremy Spreadums finishes his interview, stands up and immediately strips his shirt off over his head. He pulls his pants off leaving him standing there only in his jockstrap. Jeremy’s body is rock-solid and it’s quite apparent that he works out on a regular basis. Jeremy lays back on the bench and begins rubbing the growing bulge in his jock. His cock grows harder and longer with each rub and tug of his hand. As he pulls off his jockstrap a glisten of pre-cum can be seen dripping from his piss slit. He wipes some with his finger, puts it to his lips and tastes the saltiness. His cock is now standing at full mast. The plethora of pre-cum is just enough lube and Jeremy starts pounding away at his cock. It does not take this hot stud long at all. As he lays back on the bench Jeremy’s nuts tighten up and he’s soon shooting a thick load of cum all over his perfectly sculpted abs.

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Damian Boss asked to borrow one of Matthew Sommer’s shirts. When Damian turns around with his selection, Matthew notices that Damian has a hard-on in his jeans. Damian gladly plops out his huge, uncut cock, and Matthew is up on his knees asking to taste it. Damian strips off his clothes, and Matthew goes to work on Damian’s cock. Damian wants his turn at Matthew’s stiff piece of meat. He rolls Matthew back on the bed and begins sucking his cock while one hand starts fingering Matthew’s tight asshole. Damian rolls Matthew back on the bed pointing his ass to the sky, as he buries his face into Matthew’s ass and starts tongue-fucking Matthew hard and fast. Damian replaces his tongue with his finger and continues fucking Matthew with it while he jacks his rock-hard cock with the other hand. Matthew is almost begging to have Damian’s cock up his ass. Damian obliges by rolling over on the bed with his cock pointing straight up so that Matthew could sit straight down. That’s exactly what Matthew did and then he starts riding it fast, hard and quite feverishly. Damian pounds Matthew’s ass all over the bed. When he can’t hold it any longer, he pulls his dick out and dumps a thick load of cum all over Matthew’s balls and cock. Matthew rubs the cum into his own dick and starts jacking. After just a few intense strokes Matthew’s nuts tighten and he blows a load of jizz that coats from his abs to the top of his chest. One truly hot scene.

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26-year-old Jonah O’Pry is a former radio personality and currently works in the audio-visual part of the media industry. His dynamic personality really comes out during his interview. We find out that he is happy being single and is interested in playing the field right now. As he concludes the interview Jonah quickly strips out of his shirt and pants. He immediately starts rubbing the huge bulge in his underwear. His very thick dick is soon poking out of the top of his shorts. Jonah sits back on the sofa, spreads his legs and begins pleasuring himself. His big, tight balls bounce with each stroke of his hand. Jonah turns around on the sofa, licks his finger and begins playing with his ass. The farther he sticks his finger in, the louder he moans and the harder his cock gets. He’s soon finger-fucking himself like there’s no tomorrow and that really gets him excited. He rolls over on the sofa, grabs his big piece of meat and starts pounding as his fingers continue playing with his hole. Jonah quickly discovers that he can’t hold it back anymore and is soon squirting a thick load of cum all over himself.

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Hunky Titus Snow hooks up with new cummer Alex Knight in his very first scene. During the interview we learn that Alex is a power bottom and Titus is most definitely a top. Titus looks at Alex and says, “I think I’m going to like this!” and he leans over and kisses Alex before shoving his tongue deep into his mouth. They strip off each other’s shirts as they continue kissing and Titus’ hand discovers a growing bulge in Alex’s jeans as he’s groping around. Alex slides his jeans down to his ankles. His thick, uncut cock springs straight up and Titus goes down on it immediately. After mutual blowjobs, Alex bends over the bed indicating he desires what he came for, Titus’ thick cock up his ass. Titus obliges, shoves his cock deep into Alex’s hole and an intense ass-pounding ensues. Don’t forget, Alex said he likes it rough when it comes to his ass and please note, his cock stays rock-hard the entire time he’s getting fucked. Titus lays back on the sofa, Alex mounts him and sits down on his dick. Alex is soon riding and Titus is thrusting from below, driving his cock as deep into Alex as possible. Alex rolls over on the sofa, throws his legs back and Titus moves in from behind filling Alex’s hole once again. Alex grabs his cock and begins jerking it, Titus starts pounding harder and faster and in no time at all Alex squirts his load all over himself. Titus pulls out, grabs his own cock and immediately squirts thick streams of jizz coating Alex’s chest, abs, cock and balls.

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Hot young stud Ryan Kroger drove up from San Diego, ran into our producer and could not resist the urge to stop by Anthony’s place and rub one out for you guys. He stands and pulls off his shirt, showing off the many tattoos etched onto his lean, muscular body. The huge bulge in his underwear is quite the indication that Ryan is just a little horny. He frees his big, thick cock from his shorts and immediately starts stroking, slowly at first; but soon he’s really getting into it. Ryan bends over the chair and spreads his ass for the camera. He continues working his cock with one hand as he begins fingering his asshole with the other. He’s got himself so worked up that his cock is hard as a rock. Ryan settles back in the chair and continues giving his cock a fast and furious whack-job. His nuts quickly tighten up and his breathing rate increases just before he lets go of a thick load of jizz which coats his abs and crotch in white, creamy goo.

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We find Finn Daniels and William Crown all snuggled up on the bed dressed only in their underwear. Finn plays with the bulge growing in William’s shorts during the entire interview; but even that gets cut short. Finn can’t resist and he pulls Williams rock-hard cock from his shorts and immediately woofs down his thick piece of meat. The two strip out of their clothes and Finn lays back on the bed. William makes a beeline for Finn’s dick and begins working it and Finn’s balls with his tongue. William rolls Finn over on the bed, pulls his ass up and buries his face in Finn’s ass. He works his tongue deep into Finn’s hole, getting it nice and wet so he can slide his thick cock into Finn’s hot bubble-butt. William drives his cock straight in and Finn loves every inch. William pounds away at Finn’s hole and as he gets close to nutting, he pulls out spraying Finn and the bed in a sea of white jizz. William goes right back to sucking on Finn’s cock and soon Finn is dumping a nice, thick load into William’s mouth.