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Aaron Blanco was grinning ear to ear as he admitted to having a crush on Cesar Xes for almost a year before they finally met. During the course of the interview their hands never left each other’s underwear-clad crotches. At the end of the interview, our producer Anthony calls attention to the huge bulges in their respective shorts. The guys immediately drop their underwear, their cocks were hard as rock and standing straight up. Aaron makes a move for Cesar’s thick, uncut cock where he passionately worships his manhood. Cesar’s eyes roll back in his head each time he feels his cock hit the back of Aaron’s throat. Of course, Aaron’s thick-ass cock was rock-hard the entire time he’s sucking Cesar’s dick. Cesar picked up on this, pushed Aaron back on the bed and proceeded to tongue and mouth worship Aaron’s hot Latino cock. Cesar winds up on all four with Aaron driving his tongue deep into Cesar’s hole; priming it for what it’s about to receive. Aaron kneels up behind Cesar and drives his cock, full force, all the way into Cesar’s ass. Cesar moans with pleasure when Aaron hits bottom and then the intense fucking ensues. Cesar goes from riding this pony to lying on his back where Aaron is fucking him like there’s no tomorrow. Cesar’s jacking his cock while Aaron fucks him even harder. His body tightens and his breathing rate increases as he blows a thick, messy load all over himself. Aaron pulls out and coats Cesar’s cock and balls with his sweet jizz.

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Casper Ivarsson returns from the gym needing a massage and Peter Uman is happy to oblige. Casper pulls his shirt off, lays down face first on the bed and Peter begins rubbing his back. Peter slides off Casper’s pants, rolls him over and begins massaging his chest and abs. Working his way down he spies a large bulge in Casper’s underwear so he slips them off as well. Peter grabs Casper’s uncut cock and begins jacking it as the two kiss. Casper’s cock springs to full-mast as Peter’s mouth sucks up every last inch. It’s not long before Peter slips out of his jeans and underwear, his cock is standing straight up and Casper moves in attempting to swallow the entire thing. Our two young studs quickly turn each other on and Casper moves to sit down on Peter’s thick, uncut cock. Peter begins thrusting from below and with each thrust Casper’s dick gets harder and starts flopping up and down. Casper kneels on the bed, Peter comes in behind him, shoves his cock back into Casper’s hole and the ass-fucking continues. Finally, laying on their side with Casper’s leg in the air, he starts jacking his cock as Peter continues to fuck his hole. Peter drives his cock deeper and that is all it takes for Casper. His nuts tighten up and he blows a thick, creamy load of jizz all over the bed. Peter pulls out and with just the slightest touch of his hand on his cock he squirts his own load all over his abs and crotch.

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Robbie Caruso returns with Argentinian stud Ian Frost. The interview portion begins with Ian’s rock-hard uncut cock in Robbie’s hand and Robbie is stroking it as the two of them talk to producer Anthony. Robbie leans over to kiss Ian’s neck and that distraction leads to the interview getting cut short and Robbie going down on Ian’s large piece of meat. They quickly strip out of their clothes. Both of their dicks are standing straight up and Ian makes a bee-line for Robbie’s cock, swallowing it whole. Ian wets his fingers and begins teasing Robbie’s hole as they kiss. Robbie gets more and more turned on as Ian’s fingers probe deeper and deeper. Robbie kneels onto the sofa, bends over and Ian buries his face in Robbie’s ass, shoving his tongue as deep as possible into Robbie’s hole. With Robbie’s hole properly lubed, Ian pushes his cock straight in, burying it to the hilt and all the while, Robbie is moaning with pleasure. After an intense ass-pounding Ian sits back on the sofa, Robbie climbs on top and takes control. He slides onto Ian’s thick cock and starts riding up and down, driving Ian’s cock as deep as it will go. Robbie flips over on the sofa, throws his legs back and Ian starts fucking way more intently and from the look on Robbie’s face he’s literally enjoying every inch. Ian is ready to burst. He pulls out of Robbie’s ass and squirts a thick juicy load all over Robbie’s nuts and cock. When he’s finished, he pushes his still-hard cock back into Robbie’s hole. He continues fucking Robbie until Robbie blows a geyser of jizz all over himself, Ian and the surrounding furnishings. Truly a HOT ending to a very hot scene!

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Jonas Jackson and Austin Sugar know each other, so they already have great chemistry. They are both incredibly cute. Austin has a bit of a 70’s porn mustache going on; but with his "high and tight" haircut, it totally works for him. Jonas has a perfectly clipped beard, which works for him as well. After a quick chat to introduce themselves, our studs start out with some passionate kissing. They both admit to being very sensitive to touch (to the point of being ticklish, in Austin’s case), and they start exploring each other with their hands. The shirts come off, and we get a quick glimpse of the growing bulge in Jonas’ shorts. Austin removes his shorts, and we get to see that something has been growing in his underwear as well. Jonas kisses his way down Austin’s chest to the bulge below, and removes Austin’s briefs. Austin is already rock-hard, and Jonas immediately goes to work sucking on his beautiful uncut cock. Austin then stands up, and finally removes his own shorts… revealing another beautiful uncut piece of meat. Austin goes down on his knees, and gives Jonas a slow and sensual blowjob. Jonas is really getting into it, but he’s got more in mind. He positions Austin up on the couch, facing away from him on all fours, with his ass in the air and spread open wide for full access. Jonas goes to work, rimming and lubricating Austin’s tight hole. After the prep work is complete, Jonas stands up, enters Austin from behind, and slowly starts fucking him. Austin alternates between moaning with pleasure, and giggling… Jonas knows how ticklish he is, and is toying with him a little bit. It’s really very cute. They switch positions, with Jonas reclining back on the couch and Austin sitting on his cock, riding him from above. You can tell that Austin likes this position; he stays hard with his cock pointing straight up while being fucked from underneath by Jonas. Jonas then places Austin on his back with his legs in the air, and resumes the pounding. They fuck like this for a while, getting closer and closer. Finally, Jonas can’t take any more, and he quickly pulls out and sprays a huge load of jizz all over Austin’s body. This puts Austin over the edge, and after a few more strokes he lets loose his own load. Drained, but still hard, our two studs kiss… and contemplate what to do with the rest of their day. Maybe a quick shower, and another round…

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Max Trey is hanging out on the sofa when Gerasim Spartak gets home from work and Gerasim is all horned up. Max drops to his knees, Gerasim’s pants drop to his ankles and Max swallows Gerasim’s rock-hard, uncut cock. His head is soon bobbing up and down on Gerasim’s manhood. Max strips out of his clothes, sits back on the sofa and Gerasim gets his turn at Max’s cock and balls. After some mutual face-fucking Max turns over on all fours and Gerasim wastes no time filling Max’s ass with his dick. Gerasim works his cock deep into Max’s ass and then begins pounding feverishly. Gerasim goes over and sits on the sofa and Max sits down on his dick. Max’s begins riding up and down enjoying each time he bottoms out on Gerasim’s cock. In the final moments Gerasim is intently fucking Max from the rear. He pulls out, rolls over and as he jacks himself off, Max is there to lick up the creamy white jizz that Gerasim sprays all over himself. Max goes to work jacking his own dick. It only takes a moment; but, when he blows, he lets loose of a huge load which coats Gerasim and manages to hit the pillow on the sofa behind his arm.

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Dom Ully is lying in bed watching some adult videos when he starts playing with the bulge growing in his underwear. He’s just getting into some very serious stroking when Nick Vargas barges thru the door. Dom and Nick are both taken by surprise, but Nick quickly turns the situation positive by jumping into bed, stripping Dom out of his clothes, and sucking up every last inch of Dom’s long, uncut cock. Dom reaches over, unzips Nick’s pants and soon both studs are naked with Dom blowing Nick’s cock while Nick stands on the bed. Dom bends over and sticks his ass in the air. Nick bends down beside him and begins spitting into Dom’s ass and lubing that tight ass with his tongue. Nick soon mounts Dom and slowly pushes his thick cock deep into Dom’s ass. Nick starts pounding, and Dom begins jacking his dick. They go at it hot and heavy, making use of the bed’s extensive real-estate. In the end, Dom is on his back with legs in the air jacking fast and furious as Nick fucks the hell out of him. Nick takes over jacking Dom’s cock causing Dom to start squirting jizz all over himself. Nick fucks Dom’s hole even faster. Just as Nick is about to lose it, he pulls out and dumps his thick, creamy load of cum, coating Dom’s cock and balls.

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Evan Ryker is hanging out in bed yanking his long, thick, uncut cock. Mitchell Jones bursts thru the door totally unannounced catching Evan in the act. Even though Evan tries to hide it Mitchell still knows what was happening and he pulls Evan’s pants back down, swallowing Evan’s dick. They both quickly strip out of their clothes. Mitchell focuses on giving Evan a very hot blowjob while Evan strokes Mitchell’s rock-hard cock from below. Even gets his turn at Mitchell’s thick piece of meat before Mitchell rolls over and makes his ass available to Evan’s cock. Evan pushes his dick in slowly at first but, it does not take Mitchell long to get used to Evan’s size and Evan starts fucking harder and faster. With each stroke Mitchell’s stiff cock bounces back and forth. Evan lies down behind Mitchell and pulls his leg back. He slides his cock back into Mitchell’s hole and the ass pounding continues with Evan jacking Mitchell’s cock at the same time. Mitchell grabs his own cock and jacks it harder. Evan pulls out and blows his load of jizz all over Mitchell’s face and chest. Mitchell continues jerking as he sucks the last of the cum from Mitchell’s cock. Mitchell is soon squirting his own load of creamy goodness onto his six-pack abs as Evan looks on while stroking his still-hard cock.

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Alex Morgan slid closer to Donnie Marco as their hands explored each other’s bodies. They embrace and begin kissing deeply and passionately. Stripped out of their shirts Alex’s hand makes its way down Donnie’s furry chest where he finds a bulge growing in Donnie’s jeans. Alex jumps up and pulls off Donnie’s pants. Donnie’s thick, uncut cock springs straight up and Alex drops to his knees in front of it, swallowing every inch. After an intense blowjob Donnie pulls Alex over to the sofa and has him lie down. He starts licking and kissing his way down Alex’s abs to his shorts, which Alex quickly sheds. Donnie goes to work on Alex’s dick, enjoying every single inch as it tickles the back of his throat. Alex motions for Donnie to join him on the bed. He bends over, sticks his ass up in the air and offers it to Donnie. Donnie wastes no time in filling Alex’s hole and before long he’s pounding the hell out of it. The two of them roll over on the bed and Donnie continues fucking Alex harder and faster. It does not take long before Donnie is ready to blow. He pulls out of Alex’s ass and coats Alex’s balls with a thick load of jizz. Donnie shoves his cock back into Alex’s ass and the ass-fucking continues. Alex grabs his cock and jerks in rhythm with Donnie’s pounding. Donnie hits that sweet spot deep inside Alex causing Alex to lose it and spooge all over himself. Donnie leans up and gives Alex another deep kiss as the camera fades to black.

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Connor Maguire returns to Badpuppy and boy has he bulked up. It’s been 8 years since he last visited and Connor has put on about 75 pounds of hot muscle mass. It’s about the moment in the interview when Connor is describing his favorite orgies and how they turned him on where he reaches for his cock. He massages it thru his shorts until it finally pokes out from below. Connor stands and pulls his shirt off over his head. His chest and abs are perfectly sculpted and covered in a thin layer of ginger fur. He pulls down his shorts and his rock-hard, uncut dick springs straight up. Connor grabs his cock and starts jacking. He turns and bends over the bench, spreading his tight bubble-butt for the camera before giving us a little show. Lying back on the bench, Connor closes his eyes and focuses on stroking his meat and making himself feel good. As his jacking rate increases so does his breathing. His nuts tighten and soon Connor is squirting a thick load of cum all over himself.

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Martin Hovor is sleeping when Zach Miro enters Martin’s bedroom. He climbs up on the bed with Martin and begins unzipping Martin’s zipper. Zach finds that Martin has a hard-on in his sleep so he pulls it from Martin’s underwear and starts sucking on his thick, uncut shaft. Martin is soon fully awake with his pants on the floor and Zach busy polishing his knob. Zach leans forward and starts kissing Martin. As they kiss, they begin removing their clothes. Both of their bodies are lean and tight and their cocks ready for action. Zach bends over in front of Martin. Martin points his thick, hard cock at Zach’s ass and pushes it in ever so slowly. Zach gets used to Martin’s girth quite quickly and Martin is soon pounding away at Zach’s hole. Martin rolls over on the bed allowing Zach to mount his cock and ride it like a pony. Zach’s thick cock bounces up and down as he rides Martin’s dick. Ready to burst, Zach lies down next to Martin. Martin slides his cock in and starts fucking Zach again and this time Zach is jerking his cock. Martin hits just that right spot in Zach’s ass sending Zach over the edge. Zach sprays a thick load of jizz completely covering his cock, balls and legs. Martin pulls out and coats Zach’s nuts and ass with an even more impressive load of cum.

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Jason Smith spent the day in the gym which obviously has him all horned up. He barely makes it thru the door before he starts stripping off his clothes in the middle of the kitchen. He’s soon tweaking his nipples with one hand and the other hand is rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans. Jason leans against the table, pulls down his underwear and his thick, uncut cock is standing straight up. Ready to give it some attention, he takes his cock in hand and begins jacking. Jason lies back on the table and pulls his legs back. He begins fingering his asshole, probing deeper as he continues jerking his dick and pulling at his nuts. Jason’s got himself all worked up so he stands beside the table and focuses on the feeling in his cock and balls. It does not take this hot, young stud long to make a mess. His nuts practically disappear as his body tightens and with a low moan, Jason squirts his thick, juicy load of cum all over the table.

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Eddie Danger has been in the industry for about 10 years and admits that when he gets really horny, he contacts his producers all horned up and ready for some on-screen action. When he’s not working in porn, he roller-skates go-go dances at a club in Washington DC. Eddie admits at the end of his interview that all the talk had his dick chubbed up. He stands up, pulls down his shorts, exposing a hard, long and quite thick cock. Eddie grabs his manhood and starts jacking – his big, heavy balls bouncing with his stroking motion. He lubes up his cock and gets down to the business at hand. He turns for the camera and as he continues jacking his dick he bends over and spreads manhole for the camera. Eddie settles back in the chair and focuses on the feeling between his hand and his cock as he continues to work his thick piece of meat. In no time at all, his balls go from bouncy to very tight and as his body tightens, his moaning gets louder and Eddie squirts a thick, messy load of creamy jizz. He takes his finger, scoops up some of his jizz and with a wink of his eye he sticks his cum-covered finger in his mouth and licks it clean.

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Mike Lobo returns to Badpuppy with sexy Latino stud Angel Ventura and it is apparent from the beginning that these two are really into each other. They stand and start kissing as the interview concludes. Mike starts pulling down both of their shorts as his hands explore Angel’s lightly, furry chest. Mike’s rock-hard, uncut cock pops straight up the moment it’s free of his underwear. Angel drops to his knees, swallows Mike’s thick piece of meat and starts working it feverishly with his tongue and throat. Mike almost loses his load while Angel is blowing his cock. Mike pulls Angel to his feet, rips off Angel’s underwear and goes to work on Angel’s cock as intently as Angel was working his. Mike motions for Angel to turn around and bend over. Mike buries his face in Angel’s ass and drives his tongue as deep into Angel’s hole as he can force it. Mike’s tongue gets Angel nice and wet. He stands up, pushes his long, thick cock into Angel’s hole and begins pounding hard and fast. The intense fucking continues until Angel turns around and tells Mike that he wants to fuck him. Mike lays back on the bench and Angel slowly pushes his cock into Mike’s hole. Mike gets used to Angel’s size and as Angel begins fucking harder and faster Mike follows the rhythm while jerking his cock. As Angel pushes deeper and faster, Mike’s nuts almost disappear as his cock erupts squirting a thick load of cum all over himself. Angel pulls out, starts jacking his cock and almost immediately blows his load onto Mike’s chest. The two of them look totally exhausted at the end; but there is a certain “satisfied” look in their eyes.

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21-year-old cutie Aaron Perez is a self-proclaimed health nut who is into yoga, dance classes and cooking. He is very much into eating healthy and taking care of his body. Aaron identifies as gay and says he is into a man with a hot upper body. He says he likes chiseled muscles, incredible definition and nice nipples. Aaron got into the business when he was 19. One of the main reasons he loves it so much is the accessibility to all the hot guys. After the interview Aaron stands up next to the bed and begins stripping off his clothes. His nipples are perky and his dick appears to be rock-hard; but, still confined to his shorts. He pulls them down freeing his thick piece of meat and he begins massaging his cock and balls. Aaron lays back on the bed, lubes up his cock and he begins stroking. He rolls over and kneels on the bed with his ass pointed at the camera. Reaching for his ass, he begins probing his hole, working his fingers deep. Aaron gives his ass a good ol’ finger-fucking and soon all he wants to do is blow. He shoots a thick juicy load of cum all over himself before scooping up a taste of his own jizz.

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Hunky Jason Smith is relaxing on the sofa when Bastian Karim walks in and sits down beside him. Jason’s already hard cock was quite visible in his jeans. Bastian grabs it and starts rubbing it, feeling it grow stiffer in his hand. Jason’s clothes are soon on the floor and Bastian is working Jason’s thick, uncut cock in his mouth. Jason gets his turn at sucking Bastian’s cock while fondling his balls and caressing his thigh. Bastian spins around on the sofa, throws his legs in the air and Jason climbs in from behind. He slowly pushes his thick dick deep into Bastian’s hole. Bastian jacks his cock as Jason fucks his hole harder and faster. Three positions later these two studs are still going at it fast and furious. Jason is literally pounding Bastian’s ass when Bastian loses it. He starts shooting his load as Jason continues fucking his hole. Watching Bastian cum sends Jason over the edge. He can’t hold back any longer so he pulls out and sprays Bastian with a heavy load of his creamy jizz.