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Hunky Titus Snow hooks up with new cummer Alex Knight in his very first scene. During the interview we learn that Alex is a power bottom and Titus is most definitely a top. Titus looks at Alex and says, “I think I’m going to like this!” and he leans over and kisses Alex before shoving his tongue deep into his mouth. They strip off each other’s shirts as they continue kissing and Titus’ hand discovers a growing bulge in Alex’s jeans as he’s groping around. Alex slides his jeans down to his ankles. His thick, uncut cock springs straight up and Titus goes down on it immediately. After mutual blowjobs, Alex bends over the bed indicating he desires what he came for, Titus’ thick cock up his ass. Titus obliges, shoves his cock deep into Alex’s hole and an intense ass-pounding ensues. Don’t forget, Alex said he likes it rough when it comes to his ass and please note, his cock stays rock-hard the entire time he’s getting fucked. Titus lays back on the sofa, Alex mounts him and sits down on his dick. Alex is soon riding and Titus is thrusting from below, driving his cock as deep into Alex as possible. Alex rolls over on the sofa, throws his legs back and Titus moves in from behind filling Alex’s hole once again. Alex grabs his cock and begins jerking it, Titus starts pounding harder and faster and in no time at all Alex squirts his load all over himself. Titus pulls out, grabs his own cock and immediately squirts thick streams of jizz coating Alex’s chest, abs, cock and balls.

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Hot young stud Ryan Kroger drove up from San Diego, ran into our producer and could not resist the urge to stop by Anthony’s place and rub one out for you guys. He stands and pulls off his shirt, showing off the many tattoos etched onto his lean, muscular body. The huge bulge in his underwear is quite the indication that Ryan is just a little horny. He frees his big, thick cock from his shorts and immediately starts stroking, slowly at first; but soon he’s really getting into it. Ryan bends over the chair and spreads his ass for the camera. He continues working his cock with one hand as he begins fingering his asshole with the other. He’s got himself so worked up that his cock is hard as a rock. Ryan settles back in the chair and continues giving his cock a fast and furious whack-job. His nuts quickly tighten up and his breathing rate increases just before he lets go of a thick load of jizz which coats his abs and crotch in white, creamy goo.

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We find Finn Daniels and William Crown all snuggled up on the bed dressed only in their underwear. Finn plays with the bulge growing in William’s shorts during the entire interview; but even that gets cut short. Finn can’t resist and he pulls Williams rock-hard cock from his shorts and immediately woofs down his thick piece of meat. The two strip out of their clothes and Finn lays back on the bed. William makes a beeline for Finn’s dick and begins working it and Finn’s balls with his tongue. William rolls Finn over on the bed, pulls his ass up and buries his face in Finn’s ass. He works his tongue deep into Finn’s hole, getting it nice and wet so he can slide his thick cock into Finn’s hot bubble-butt. William drives his cock straight in and Finn loves every inch. William pounds away at Finn’s hole and as he gets close to nutting, he pulls out spraying Finn and the bed in a sea of white jizz. William goes right back to sucking on Finn’s cock and soon Finn is dumping a nice, thick load into William’s mouth.

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Leo Forte and Jake Morgan finish an incredible interview before Leo effectively attacks Jake. These two beefy studs quickly strip off their clothes, both their cocks are rock hard and Leo spins Jake around telling him to bend over. Leo drops to his knees, buries his face in Jake’s ass and begins working his tongue in and out, priming Jake for his thick, uncut cock. Leo stands up, points his dick at Jake’s hole and slowly slides it in. It doesn’t take Jake long to get into it and Leo literally starts pounding away at Jake’s ass, pausing periodically when he bottoms out and he tries to drive his cock even deeper. Leo lays down on the floor and motions for Jake to sit down on his cock. Jake obliges and in no time at all he’s bouncing up and down with Leo thrusting from below. Leo grabs onto Jake and with his dick still up Jake’s ass they roll over so that Jake is on his back with his legs in the air. Leo goes back to pounding the hell out of Jake’s hole and Jake grabs his cock and starts jacking. Leo hits the right spot and has to pull out because he starts dumping jizz all over Jakes cock and hand. Leo’s cum gives Jake some extra lube and as Leo massages his balls and fingers Jake’s hole, Jake blows a thick load into Leo’s mouth. The cum that initially escapes Leo’s mouth gets licked up as these two hot and sweaty studs collapse onto each other.

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Scott Riley is a 24-year-old hot stud who got into porn about 3 years ago because he likes to travel. When he’s not doing porn, you may run into him bartending in Ft. Lauderdale or PTown. Scott is currently single and having fun; but, can be bedded by someone with a dominant personality and if you have a beard your chances of scoring just increased. Scott enjoys public sex and admits that he would like to tie up a dominant guy and edge him. All the talk of jerking off has Scott horny. He stands up and strips off his shirt. Standing there only in his black shorts we get to enjoy Scott’s ripped torso, muscular legs and arms. He strips off his shorts, his cock is rock-hard and he reaches for the lube. He grabs his lubed-up cock and starts jacking it with one hand and pulling on his balls with the other. Scott turns and bends over in front of the camera. His fingers immediately start probing his asshole while he continues jerking his cock. Between the finger-fucking of his ass and the constant whacking of his dick, Scott is soon breathing really loudly and his cock starts squirting jizz all over his abs.

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Nico Wilson and Zach Miro quickly find the bed. They are soon kissing and ripping off each other’s clothes. Nico is the first nuzzling at Zach’s crotch; waiting for his thick, uncut cock to pop out of his underwear. He swallows Zach’s entire length and works it expertly with his tongue. Zach pushes Nico back on the bed, strips off his underwear and goes to work on Nico’s rock-hard dick. Nico lifts his leg and Zach takes advantage by burying his tongue deep into Nico’s tight butt-hole. With Nico’s hole nice and wet, Zach mounts him and slowly pushes his cock into Nico’s waiting hole. Nico takes it quite easily and Zach is soon pounding away with Nico’s hard dick swinging between his legs. They take a break from the fucking for Nico to turn around and begin giving Zach another blowjob. With Zach’s cock standing straight up, Nico straddles it, sits down and then starts riding Zach’s cock faster and more furiously. Nico grabs his cock and starts jacking it in rhythm with Zach’s thrusts. He starts squirting cum with it landing all the way up on his shoulder and covering his torso. Zach pulls out and dumps an even more impressively thick, messy load literally all over Nico.

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Lior Hod is lying in bed scoping out the hook-up apps on his phone for someone to play with. Rico Fatale just happens to be in the neighborhood and responds with some nude images. Lior is totally turned on by what he sees and invites Rico to stop by. They both go straight for the bed and are soon shoving their tongues down each other’s throats as they strip each other naked. Rico drops to his knees and begins servicing Lior’s rock-hard cock. They move to the bed where they give each other’s cocks a tongue bath; but Rico is soon on his knees with Lior positioned directly behind him. Lior slowly pushes his cock into Rico’s tight hole and is quickly pounding away, working Rico’s ass fast and furiously. Rico takes control and pushes Lior over on the bed. He sits down on Lior’s cock and is literally bouncing up and down on Lior’s dick as fast as he possibly can. Ultimately Rico winds up on his back, legs spread with Lior pumping hard. Rico grabs his cock and blows a thick load of jizz all over his stomach. Lior pulls out of Rico’s ass and walks up by Rico’s face. Lior starts jerking his cock and is shortly gushing stream after stream of his creamy white cum onto Rico’s chest.

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Zario Travezz and Jackson Reed are finishing up their interview laying on the bed. Both hot studs are dressed only in their underwear. Zario has on a pair of underwear made out of mesh and his huge, thick cock is already straining to get out. Jackson leans over, frees Zario’s dick and swallows it whole. While Jackson is worshiping Zario’s cock, Zario slides his hand down Jackson’s underwear and begins probing Jackson’s hole with his fingers. They are soon kneeling on the bed kissing and stripping off their underwear. Jackson bends over, offers his ass to Zario and Zario dives in, tongue first. He drives his tongue as deep into Jackson’s ass as he can, priming his hole with his saliva. Zario points his cock at Jackson’s ass and slowly pushes it into his tight hole. Jackson starts slowly gyrating, pushing against Zario’s cock and before long Zario is pounding mercilessly at Jackson’s ass. Never losing his erection, Jackson straddles Zario, sits down on his cock and begins riding it like he’s riding a horse. Flipping Jackson over on his back and with heels in the air, Zario drives his cock home one more time. He thrusts hard into Jackson and Jackson moans with every push. Jackson’s working his cock hard and fast, his balls have almost disappeared inside him. Zario is close to cumming and Jackson wants his load. He lies on the bed just as Zario squirts a thick load of cum all over Jackson’s face and mouth. Jackson starts licking the jizz off of Zario’s cock and he immediately loses it. He blows his load all over himself as the two passionately kiss.

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22-year-old Titus Snow comes out of his shell during his interview and not long after he is standing in front of us wearing only his underwear. He spins around and pulls down his shorts showing off his tight bubble-butt. He turns back to the camera and not surprisingly, his cock is rock-hard. He grabs his thick, uncut dick and immediately starts jerking it. Titus lays back on the edge of the sofa, jacking his cock and fingering his hole. As Titus gets into the feeling of his hand masturbating his cock, his head falls back and a deep moan escapes his mouth. He kneels onto the sofa with his ass pointed at the camera. His fingers probe deeper into his hole and the sensations in his nutsack tell us he is getting close. As his breathing deepens his fingers slide deeper into his ass and his hand jacks his cock even faster. With a loud moan Titus begins squirting jizz all over his stomach and crotch. As he wipes the cum off his cock, he puts his fingers to his mouth for a little taste of his own sweet jizz.

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Legendary JJ Knight joins new-comer Cameron Hardy in a hot action scene where Cameron is introduced to JJ’s thick, long cock. JJ is from Memphis, TN and while he does not admit to being “good” he does admit to being a “southern boy.” Cameron begins stroking JJ’s cock which is already hard as a rock in his underwear. Cameron is obviously distracted from the discussion and has to pull JJ’s cock out of his shorts. He wastes no time at all swallowing as much of JJ’s cock as would go down his throat. JJ reaches around and pulls down Cameron’s underwear exposing his ass to JJ’s fingers. Cameron flips over on the bed, his nude ass exposed for JJ’s tongue. JJ’s moves in and begins tongue-fucking Cameron’s hole. After he gets it nice and wet, JJ slowly pushes his huge cock all the way up Cameron’s ass. Just like JJ predicted, Cameron eases into it very quickly and JJ is soon pounding away. These two studs go at it all over the bed with Cameron ending up on his back and JJ fucking him harder than ever. As JJ get close he pulls out, grabs his dick and shoots a thick, messy load coating Cameron’s chest, abs, cock, and balls.

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Hugo Diaz hits it off with Dennis Deep right from the very beginning. The two of them quickly end the interview and start shoving their tongues down each other’s throats. The clothes come off quickly and Deep is sucking down every last inch of Hugo’s thick, Spanish cock. Hugo begins playing with Deep’s ass while Deep is blowing his cock. Hugo licks his fingers, slowly inserts them and teases Deep’s hole. Deep rolls over on the bed and Hugo wastes no time shoving Deep’s cock in his mouth. Deep’s legs go higher in the air as Hugo slides down further and shoves his tongue as far into Deep’s hole as he possibly can. Deep’s ass is soon slick and wet. Hugo moves into position and slides his cock straight in. Deep moans as Hugo’s thick piece of meat fills his ass. Hugo gives Deep quite the pounding; but, soon feels the pressure building in his balls. He pulls out of Deep’s ass and covers Deep’s cock and stomach in a layer of his thick white cum. Deep follows right behind, exploding jizz all over himself as his body writhes in pleasure.

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Florian Mraz calls across the room for Mathew Dark to put down the coffee and come over to the bed. Mathew obliges, the two start kissing, and Mathew slowly pulls Florian’s shirt over his head. Mathew removes his shirt as he pushes Florian back onto the bed. Florian flips Mathew over, pulls down his jeans and swallows Mathew’s thick, engorged cock. As the two take off their jeans, Florian’s dick is standing straight up and is absolutely rock-hard. Mathew goes down on Florian’s cock while Florian pushes Mathew’s head back and forth on his uncut dick. Florian’s cock is lubed now and Mathew flips over on the bed, sticking his ass in the air. Florian fills Mathew’s hole with his cock and begins pounding away at his tight hot ass. Still going at it hard and fast, Florian slides in behind Mathew and starts fucking even harder. Mathew begins jacking his cock faster as the pounding continues. His body tightens and he starts squirting a thick load of jizz onto the sheets. Florian pulls his cock out and coats Mathew’s nuts and ass with a thick load of his hot cum.

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Scott Demarco has been in the industry for about 3 years, maybe a little more. Scott likes to make people laugh and has an incredible sense of humor. Shy at first, once Scott warms up to you, he admits that he can talk your ear off. Scott goes to the gym quite regularly and loves to work out. His hunky physique is quite evident towards the end of the interview when Scott kneels up on the bed and begins playing with his cock which is growing stiff in his shorts. He pulls his thick cock from his shorts and starts stroking while one hand gently rubs his tight, slightly furry pecs. Scott strips out of his shorts, grabs the bottle of lube and rubs the lube into his stiffening cock. He lays back on the bed jerking his big cock as he pulls on his balls. Scott rolls over and turns his ass to the camera. His hand explores his tight ass as he shows off his furry hole. Rolling back over on the bed Scott grabs his rock-hard dick and heads for the finish line. His breathing deepens, his balls almost entirely disappear as he blows a thick wad of jizz all over his washboard abs.

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Manuel Scalco bumps into Stephan Raw at the gym and the attraction was immediate. After completing a workout together Manuel invites Stephan back to his place. No sooner does the front door shut than these two studs are all over each other; kissing, groping and ripping off each other’s clothes. Manuel pulls his cock from his shorts and Stephan drops to his knees. He sucks down every inch of Manuel’s thick, uncut cock. Manuel starts rocking back and forth; face-fucking Stephan’s mouth. He pulls Stephan over to the sofa and immediately goes to work servicing Stephan’s rock-hard dick. Stephan is soon face-first in the sofa, ass in the air with Manuel using his tongue to get Stephan’s hole primed for a good fucking. He slides his cock deep into Stephan’s ass and the pounding ensues. Stephan goes from riding Manuel’s cock to lying back on the floor, legs spread with Manuel fucking the hell out of him. Manuel stops fucking just as Stephan is ready to bust his nut and he starts sucking on Stephan’s cock. This is where Stephan loses it and blows his load, filling Manuel’s mouth. The creamy jizz runs out of his mouth and down Stephan’s shaft. Stephan enjoys the blowjob so much he returns the favor when he pushes Manuel back on the sofa and goes about finishing him off. His tongue works expertly and in just a few seconds Manuel fills Stephan’s mouth with his hot, juicy load.

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Cameron Hardy is one hot stud who is currently in school studying law enforcement and as we discover, lost his virginity to a TV Remote. He strips off his shirt exposing his tight, lean physique. Cameron turns his backside to the camera, slips down his shorts and gives us a little peek at his ass. When he turns back around and he drops his shorts his cock is raging rock-hard. He licks the palm of his hand and starts rubbing his thick, long dick. In short order, Cameron is bent over the chair, legs spread wide and his fingers are making their way in and out of his tight, furry hole. He settles back into the chair and focuses on working his cock. One hand grabs at his nuts as the other hand pleasures his thick piece of meat. Cameron’s cock suddenly seems to get really long and really hard. His balls almost disappear and then this stud starts squirting hot sticky jizz all over himself. He puts his cum-soaked hand up to his lips and tastes his own saltiness just as the camera fades out.