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This week we are happy to bring you the full photoset from newcomer Bruce Querelle. We liked these images so much that we made Bruce’s ‘first look’ selection for Freshmen from this session.
Bruce is a stunning lad on many levels, his great body, his dick, his classical good looks and his piercing blue eyes all contribute to his overall appeal.
Combine this with a charming and easy going personality and you have perfect boyfriend material. Any takers?

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Kyle is a beautiful man, smooth in all the right places and dominant where it counts. He’s 5’8 181lbs of sexy. Kyle is a nutritionist who spends most of his waking life at the gym refining his muscular body. He played just about every sport possible in High School yet he wasn’t as fit as he is now but he loves the way he looks and we are sure you will as well. Kyle came into this world in the backseat of a car just minutes away from the local hospital. He’s soft spoken extremely kind hearted and wants to help people live a better life. He’s on his way to being an RN but first he is exploring the world and all it has to offer. In the bedroom he is very controlling and will dominate the situation but make you think you are the one in charge. It turns him on that people will be watching him slowly stroke his cock till completion. He slowly takes his shirt off to reveal his sculpted body. His hands explore his smooth chest while they wander down to his zipper to let loose his hard cock. He begins to slowly stroke his smooth sexy cock pulling harder and harder as his dick throbs in his hand. There is almost too much sexy happening but once his thick load erupts from within you can finally let loose your built up load with him. Enjoy!

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Jason Lucius is aged 23 and he lives in Nitra, Slovakia. He is a soccer player who enjoys all sports. what a very handsome guy he is, with a rugged, masculine face. As he starts to strip off we see that Jason also has a great body. The muscle definition is very good indeed. Lowering his pants some, and turning around, Jason gives a great tease of his hot, hairy ass. Then he gives us some more poses, flexing his biceps, before laying on his side and really showing off that sexy ass. With a hand spreading the cheeks we can see his hair-lined crack and the beautiful pucker hole. Jason then removes the rest of his clothes and stands to let our eyes wash over his hot body and down to his cock. He pulls on the foreskin, stretching it out a bit. Then he shows his ass again, kneeling on the table, and pushing his ass towards the camera. What a beautiful ass it is too. Jason stands again, this time with his cock rock hard, and pointing skywards. His balls are tight around the shaft as the cock stands pround, his cock head shining like a beacon. Then Jason gives us a series of beautiful poses, showing that body off so well, to end a lovely shoot. His erotic video is sure to be great too.

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This sexy little scamp is a bit younger than we’d normally go for at 23 years old, but when he slips down his pants ( thats a real nine uncut inches of throbbing dick) and when he cums ( shooting his spunk over his own head) you’ll agree this sexy, toned, overly-hung exhibitionist is a real doozy, YUM! Dan luvs to show off and he’s very proud of that nine, girthy inches, which looks even bigger on his small frame, but at five foot 7 inches, with size ten feet and big hands it was a sexy, size match mad in heaven. We take a tour of this cute lad, from sparkling blue eyes to hairy armpits, big, smooth feet, untrimmed pubic hair and very receptive, appreciative fuck hole and as he wanks that monster meat he sniffs a sweaty sneaker he brought from the gym, mmmm all this a sneaker fetish too, this boys gonna be fun! And when he’s finished hammering that flesh pole as his big, swollen balls jiggle he shoots a thick, sticky load right over his own head, Oh to be that young and full of cum again! This boys an adult adventure playground, there’s a hell of lot of wood in Dan Forest!

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Zay Hardy is straight from Colombia and he’s smuggled in the good stuff. Hard working in life, in the gym, and in the bedroom, Zay is happy to show you the fruits of his labor as he showers down in his first film debut. After cleansing from the day, he sets out to begin his night the right way, and he invites you to watch as he pleases himself and shows off his perfect body in the process. Massaging himself, he gets rock hard and ready to burst as he wags his cock all around, finally bursting his healthy load. With a wink into the camera, it’s obvious that this is only the beginning for Zay. Enjoy!

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Tyson’s debut was a huge hit and the good comments he got encouraged him to come back for an encore. This time I wanted him to show me how he fucks. It’s always really exciting to see those hot dudes in action. Simply watching how intense he got with our prop, almost destroying it, you can tell that he likes hard sex. He delivered a huge cumshot then played with it. This guy is so unique and open-minded. Who knows what he’ll do next!

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Our fresh new recruit is ready to kick things off and he’s excited to show off the goods. He slowly takes his clothes off revealing his smooth slim body and at first his limp cock. He lubes up for battle and begins stroking that dick and as it awakens to the slide of his hand we get to see just how thick and hard it really is. Johnny Stacks grips his cock hard as he strokes it using one hand and at times two. His dick looks heavy and it is extremly thick and you can tell his balls are full from not blowing his load in a few days. The veins in his cock look amazing and I’m sure would feel great in a nice warm mouth as it pulsates. He takes his time showing off all that he as to offer. He makes slight moans as he builds up to his climax. Johnny goes from standing to laying down on the bed so we can see his sexy body and his cock. Johnny moves into his finale position which is on the bed and he grabs his big thick throbbing cock with both hands and slowly strokes his load out all over himself. His thick warm cum looks amazing as it rests on his cock and chest.

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We learn during his interview that our 30-year-old, southern stud Zario Travezz is gay; but, first had sex with two separate women. He said he knew something wasn’t right and after he had his first sexual experience with a man, he’s been gay ever since. Zario stands at the end of his interview and strips his shirt off over his head. His body is tight and lean. His muscles are absolutely perfect due to him going to the gym five days a week. One thing stands out as he pulls off his pants. Zario’s thick dick is already rock-hard and is doing its best to poke out of the top of his underwear. He frees his cock from his shorts and starts stroking it. As he works his dick, Zario kneels over the sofa and his fingers start probing his hole. Zario locates a sex toy, lubes up his cock and slides his dick into the cock-jacking device. He starts working his cock deep into the toy, like he was fucking his dream date. His balls tighten up next to his body as each stroke brings him closer to exploding. Zario switches back to his hand and as he strokes his cock slower and longer his breathing gets louder. As his entire body tightens Zario lets loose and coats his hot abs with a good helping of his thick, creamy jizz.

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With a body that has wowed people internationally, fitness model Austin Hunter makes his way from the Lone Star State for this very special solo shoot. Open-minded and curious, this full time body builder has the goods, and he’s ready to deliver them in his screen debut, as he soaks himself in the tub for you and shows you his assets. Now properly relaxed, he decides to have a little fun with himself for your enjoyment, showing off his nice hard cock as he strokes himself poolside. Flexing his physique as he drops his load, Austin shows he has the body and the personality to go far in this business, so savor his introduction so you can say you were there from the start. Enjoy!

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It’s amazing to think that in this day and age you can get two horse-hung and jacked straight dudes to basically do anything you want so long as you have the cash and psychology to make it happen. These two gay-for-payers are actually straight as far as I can tell, and I am pretty fucking intuitive on this subject by now. And let me clarify; their cocks and buttholes are bisexual but their brains and girlfriends would say that they’re straight, lol. Honestly, who fucking cares anymore; hot is hot and I’m sure you’ll see that clearly demonstrated in this delicious fuck vid.

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Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store. We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body. After a few minutes of negociation, he agreed as long as he wore the mask. So they went to our storage garage nearby and started taking pictures. The old concierge was a few meters away, painting the outside of the garage, which added to the excitement. Marty started stripping and his cock got stiffer and stiffer as our cameraman was taking pictures from every possible angles. We think the old concierge took a peek during our recording but we’re not totally sure. One thing is certain, Marty is a very promising pornstar. Hope you’ll like him as much as we did!

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Luca joins the hunks this week in his debut solo scene. As a dancer, Luca has learned some fine moves and we can see that it hasn’t hurt his beautiful muscles, either. Every inch of Luca is explored while he feels his ripped body and monster cock. He even shakes his ass for us. After showing off, Luca blows a load that covers his gorgeous muscle.

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Sexy, sexy Shane hails from the US of A, brining with him swagger, cockiness and a cheeky and playful approach to sex. There is nothing we don’t like about this guy! He’s tanned, tatted and a tonne of fun to shoot. The boy in blue starts by stripping down in the locker room and getting himself in the mood. He slips off his shiny shorts and skin-tight compression top revealing a sexy white jock, showing off all his best assets. It’s too cramped in this tiny locker room to unleash the beast, so he moves to a quiet bathroom to do the deed. He relaxes, leaning up against a sink and slips off his underwear letting his big semi had cock flop out. He beats it slowly and determined before grabbing hold of a Fleshjack to play with, he spits on his cock, gets it wet and plunges in, thrusting hard and steady. Building up the pace he furiously beats his dick into it, watching himself in a mirror opposite, mentally spurring himself on. He pulls out and sprays the floor with a hot load, walking away and leaving for the cleaners. We love a dirty boy!

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This Behind-the-scene is very precious to me. Not only this scene was one of my favorite reality style shooting I did, but I also captured a conversation I had with Brad about one of his friend Zack Lemec. So this BTS was asked by many of our members and it starts with that discussion, when I’m asking Brad if his friend would do a scene for me. After that we get down to business and make sexy Brad try my penis pump then cum in a condom so I can taste his sperm.

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Rex Tanner is a golden haired, sun-kissed Florida stud with a naturally great body and a sudden curiosity to show it off. A bit shy, this young hottie nevertheless bares all in his debut video, as he unwinds and undresses on the sofa, stretching his limbs and his limits as he pleasures himself for your enjoyment. Slowly peeling off his jeans, he lets his cock fly free as he works his nut up on the sofa, launching it all over his stomach as he climaxes in front of the camera for the first time (but hopefully not the last). Enjoy!