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Ever get the munchies? Imagine that as a cumdump and that is pretty much what I was. Couldn’t get enough! I had a line of guys behind me and was still on the apps looking for more. Don’t know what it was, just woke up craving every load in town. If I ever make it back to college, maybe I could write a paper on living strictly on fresh loads. I got so many I didn’t even need to eat! What do you think? Did I get every guy in town or close to it?

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We’re some talented cumdumps or just very hungry sluts, but we do have a code. If we’re passed out and still whoring, we keep a housemate close by to keep the tops coming through the door. This is my kinda nap! I must’ve woken up with more than a dozen loads. Definitely helps save on lube for the guys coming by tonight.

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I was at the Sketchy Sex suite pounding away on a bottoms ass. I was in a top only kind of mood but get this – some dude in a ski mask walks in all authoritative and shit and just like that, I needed his dick in me so bad. So me and the bottom are bent over the couch and he unloads big thick spurts of cum into both of us bareback. Got me so fuckin turned on that I bent the bottom beside me over and pounded him some more.

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We always make sure that there is at least one of us home in case some guys need to unload. It’s how we keep the line of tops coming through. No matter what time of day or night, you know there is a cum hungry slut just waiting to be fucked. Don’t knock, don’t worry about missing your chance. We’re always here to work out as many loads as you can shoot. 

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Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continuation of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary responsibilities and concerns, such as work.

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Remember that competition I told you guys about. Who can get the most loads from any one tops? Yesterday was our new housemate’s turn and damn could you hear the cum swirling in his mouth all night. He was more cum than slut by the time the line cleared from the house, lucky bitch. Never seen such a sloppy mouth, might as well throw out the lube he made such a mess.

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Every so often one of our housemates moves on to a new pad or city and so, we have to start looking for a new cumdump to join in. Our selection process is a bit different and super rigorous. We don’t really care what you make or your credit, we care if you can keep the dicks in the door and share the loads. Got this new guy in for a roomie interview with our favorite breeders, and it looks like he’ll fit right in. What do you guys think? Should he be one of the house cumdumps?

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We usually only want total tops dropping by and busting nuts in our holes. This beefy dude came by with his bf or bro? Who gives a fuck, they were hot. At some point the beefy hung guy wants to flip and he was taking loads from around the room. It was a fuckin’ hot surprise. Maybe it is good to get a flip fuck around the house, keeps this place interesting…beyond all the strangers popping by to bust.

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This time of year is the best. We get a bunch of new dick coming through town plus our regulars bring their visiting buds. Even old housemates drop in to get some of the action, which is good because theres always a lot more cocks than holes. These guys were rowdy, can tell its been a while since they got to breed cumsluts deep or use raw is law holes. Think we’ll have to keep the house open a few days nonstop to keep the line from getting past the front door.

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Some housemates have shit like tree decoration parties or gift-giving crap, we got Dick All Day stories. Every year we get a bunch of visiting dicks a chance to breed out their holiday stress and we are all home for that cum fest. It’s open door from dawn to dawn the next day, just trying to bring some holiday cheer to the breeders who need it and get some loads that don’t live in the area of course.

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We like real dicks but mixing in some toys to get our asses gaping, getting us teased only makes us more cock hungry. It’s like mixing tops on top of tops and prepping for more. Nothing beats the real thing after getting some of the fake shit. You can see how much more we’re craving raw dick and big loads after these guys got a few toys in our asses. Sometimes we worry that dick will get boring till we get plastic dick in our ass… then the real cocks slide in and it’s like we’re fresh to being raw is law cumdumps again.

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We got a housemate that is super into being a bitch, manhandled and fucked like a fleshlight. It was his turn to stay in while the rest of us when out, in case any dick needed to breed. We can’t lose our rep as a 24/7 cumdump. Anyways, this couple that are both dom tops come in and fuck our raw roomie like a whore. The cherry on top is a guy walking by heard him and popped in on the action. This is why we keep our rep, you never know when a man needs to shoot a nut.

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Word got around that we’re the cumdump house in the neighborhood pretty fast and we could barely keep up with all the horned tops popping by. It was group after group of dudes. Few of the housemates had to tap out eventually and get some sleep. They missed out on the crew of younger studs that popped by between classes. Whatever, more for me!

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This housemate has gotten us in so much trouble at a few pads we rented. He is relentless and such a loud dump, which is hot, but it gets exhausting moving. He brings the hottest alpha tops though, so we’ve just learned to pack light. Just enough to eat off of something and get bred on something. We’ve never had a cumwhore like him before, treated like a slutty piece of trash is what he loves and we’re not about to kick him out because our neighbors are too jealous of the kinda dick we get all day and night.

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Sometimes the night just works out. I can’t remember the last time we had a fuck fest like this. Usually it’s tops popping by to bust a nut, rarely we get a full on orgy with loads blowing everywhere but on the furniture. I think we all left with a few loads and being a house of bottoms, we never thought we’d get a train going. You gotta see this miracle of fuck.