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Hubba Hubba, you can leave your socks on, there’s a lot of below the knee action for these strapping lads. The luscious – melts in your mouth – melts in your hand Jack Finix is back with Jeremy Robbins as his overly willing sub boy, and there’s a sock fetish going on, which has got these two rigid cocks standing to proud attention. The lads leave their calf hugging socks on and get down to some foot sniffing, toe licking, uncut cock worship, what a delicious combo. Jack gets down and nasty doing a total number on Jeremy’s sweet butt hole, that fuck-chute gets a right royal fucking, Jeremy straddles Jack’s throbbing, uncut dick and pushes back the foreskin with his tight sphincter as he accepts the hot meat right deep inside and rides the pole until Jack’s balls are clenching and he’s ready to burst!

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Its tall, dark and handsome of Lior Hood meets the brawny, muscle mountain of Vince Hill, just add socks and remove condoms and we’re all set. These sexy lads trip down, bit not completely, there’s a sock ‘thing’ going on. A little bit of a ‘hey ever tried wanking a cock with your feet’ its a little bit kinky and Lior’s dick is standing to rigid, pumping attention just waiting to get up i there deep into Vince’s tight, hot hole, not long to wait. The guys, snog, suck, wank and fuck with a little bit of feet and socks thrown in for good measure and judging by those splattery climaxes everyone’s got a little bit of a ‘foot-thing’!

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Good to see a man who likes his work and sexy Dave London is having a ball, (a couple of balls and a hot length of uncircumcised, bareback dick – actually). YUM. Its all served up piping hot by Alan Davis, scorchingly sexy stud and total exhibitionist. Unzip gents its a HOTTIE! It’s those eyes – they’re the thing with Mr Davis, quite apart from the ripped body, oversized dick and handsome face – it’s those pale eyes. So handsome. These lads fuck and suck all over the place with Dave eagerly chowing down on that pulsating member making sure it’s standing to eager attention, then his legs are up, allowing full access to his juicy hole and hunky Alan doesn’t need asking twice he’s right in there, fucking that bareback fuck-chute for all he’s worth!

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Hot Tamale where do I start with a sizzling foursome of such fine sexy young men. These lads were stripped down and chomping down on each others hot dicks – so fast – we had to break them up and dress them again, just to make sure we were ready with the cameras. Which would you pick? Talk drink of water Billy, big-dicked Anders, delicious Mathew – I think my favourite is Rock. But hubba-hey watching four such oversexed young studs going at it is a glorious sight and all that foreskin for you to play with! And so much splattering, steamy jizz!

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BOY CRUSH alert/Okay so i’m already jazzed because we’ve got ‘the-eyes-have-it Alan Davis, what a handsome guy, pardon my poetry but just look at those limpid pools of eyes! And now we’ve coupled him with Alan Best, a warm hand for this spunky newcomer. Its a super sexy conflagration as Simon drops to his knees to celebrate and worship Alan’s very worthy, girthy dick – ‘ suck on that joint boy!’ and he does. These stunning lads are bare ass naked and what arses! hubbahubba, BUT not quite naked – naked, lets just leave those socks on and have a little fun! Simon couldn’t wait to straddle that sweet-spot-seeking missile and lower himself gingerly onto its throbbing, hot, bareback rigidity, then as the muscles in his tight-hole expand and accept this foreign but very welcome body. This is one boy who’s gonna be sitting in a wet patch on the way on home on the bus!

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Donnie Marco is back, and he’s HORNY, and as Christmas is coming w let him indulge on of his personal fantasies, sneaker-sex. Donnie luvs to inhale the pungent, utterly masculine smell of s man’s feet, the riper the better. Ted Glen’s a keen gym goer so the sneakers wrapped around Donnie’s face are good ‘n’ strongly scented. Donnie’s big, uncut dick is raging hard and we all know where its headed – into every orifice Donnie can find, and young Ted is more than eager to oblige. Donnie mercilessly ploughs Ted’s ripe, sweet fuck-hole, bareback, uncircumcised all the hot stuff you gents like, and we’re in their for every steaming drop of jizz!

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Well Ted Glen’s just gorgeous, beautiful body, and physique, that goes without saying but Finn Harper, brand spanking new kid on the bloke, well Scudda Hoo Scudda Hey, boom thud, that’s me falling in lust, that cute face, kissable lips, big uncut dick, smooth ripped body, dark, smouldering good looks. If you’re not tenting your pants sir – you’re already dead. This ripped rookie is hot of the blocks and straight into Ted’s hungry, hot talented mouth, lucky, plucky, spunk Ted can’t wait to spread those hot cheeks and take a length of raw, pulsating Finn right up his fuck-chute. Slow down boy’s too nice a jump to rush!

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Big bad Adam Stahl is cruising the gents when he cuts across, quite literally ( eventually) Donnie Marco, our favourite, skin-head, mean mutha fucker. He’s strapping piece of very sexy man, and he LURVES licking arse, sniffing armpits and general reprehensible piggy behaviour. Donnie is very appreciative of his talented tongue. BUT big burly bastard Adam is also a very keen power bottom and he’s spreading those beef cheeks in the blink of an eye, allowing Donnie full access to his wet, tight fuck-hole. Its a bareback festival of uncut cocks and spunky pleasures as the boys fuck all over the place, standing up, with Adam squatting on Donnie’s fat uncut dick, this man-whore is getting it always, until that tight hole is a wet mess!

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Oh sweet lordy lord, these lads are HOT. Lets have a very warm hand for two gentlemen I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more; of steaming sexy bottom and rampant well-hung top Lex Moore. Oi, these men! Alex is a very, very sexy, masculine bottom. He knows how to please a top and Lex is very impressed judging by his stiff, dark, uncut dick. Alex can’t wait to bend and spread for this beaut. Alex gets its every which way, and makes damn sure his muscular legs are up and spread, giving full access to his juicy raw fuck-hole. This sexy lad just lurves taking a load and can’t wait for Lex to inload deep in his guts. But sexy Lex has other ideas…

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Oi Gever! These guys are smoking hot, Stunning new cummers Den Fitness and gorgeous, melts in your mouth, melts in your hand – Ivan Kolos are lifting weights, its getting sweaty and both our gents are getting turned on. But spot the bottom? These beefy lads are so macho we didn’t know who was gonna get his legs up for some bareback dick downing. Den, bristly, burly Den is a total cock hog, he couldn’t wait to duck on Ivan’s juicy uncut joint and take it deep inside his raw hole. Hot, rampant Den did a number on his arse, smash fucking that hole, really fucking the cum out of sexy Den, then pulling his stiff dick out of that sopping ruin and squirting a daddy load all over the freshly smashed fuck-pipe. YUM

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Hubba Hubba, he’s a back and there’s a very good reason they call him Simon Best, this studly hunk is da bomb, and this time we’ve coupled him with brand spanking ( Oh I’d like to) Filip Kucera. This’ll heat you up on a cold February evening or morning or whenever it is you decide to knock one out – open 24 hours for your viewing pleasure! Simon Best, tenting his pants, is as ripped and delicious as ever whilst stunning newcummer – Filip is a dark, lithe beauty with a delicious dick and buns I would quite happily eat my dinner off. Simon sucks his subby fuck-toy to rigid attention, lots of slurping at that luscious foreskin, then he’s in there, spreading Filip’s sweet cheeks to bury his length of hot, bareback cock, balls deep in that achingly sweet hole. YUM, these puppies fuck up a spunk storm!

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AND HERE WE GO, daring to place a hesitant foot into 2021, it’d better be good, it sure as hell better be better than 2020. This steamy, foot, sneakers and sock fetish special is a sure fire way to start a year of steamy sex as Jonathan Miranda takes Kevin Lauren in hand, and Kevin returns the favour by taking Jonathan in hand, mouth, and ass. There’s a lot of toe sucking, sock sniffing and of course a sphincter rippling bareback fuck. Kevin gets himself juiced up for action, thats one hell of a thick raw dick he’ll be taking, he’s so slender and toned its amazing it’ll fit, as, but fit it does indeed, right up to the balls in Kevin’s hot, tight willing hole. These lithe, tanned studs grapple, suck fuck and slam their way to steamy jizz splattered ejaculations. Bring it on 2021, we’re ready!

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Hot diddley Damn, is there anything better than a hot, raw dick up your arse? YES – TWO and this lucky plucky lad is getting it always. Alex Morgan is our very willing and very able bottom, taking on Alan Davis and Florian Mraz as they use every hole the can fit, flinging him on the fuck bench to expose mouth, arse and sexy lil Alex is LUVIN’ it luvin’ it. The guys take it in turns sliding their hot poles into his eager mouth, right down his hot, wet throat, then when they’re good and spit lubed, OOOOOH daddy! Its hard to choose an end, every holes a goal and he’s pushing back for every hot bareback inch as Alex and Florian take their pleasures, slam–dunka fucking this hottie. And such handsome strapping, overly hung guys, he’ll be sitting on a rubber ing tonight!

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Hubba Hubba its a smoking hot coupling today as skin-headed, tattooed, ( tatted scalp – thats’ gone hurt) – Jason Domino takes on the unshaven, melts-in-your-mouth not in your hand – Josh Jared, these hunks are delicious. Jason is our rampant big dick top, Josh is the lucky plucky bottom boy, they’re both WAY over endowed, big old flag poles waving around just asking, demanding to be sucked, who are we to argue. These studs fuck all over the place with Jason serving up uncut cock in a dozen positions as Josh pushes back for every rigid uncut inch, Take it like a man ( and just wait for Jason’s cum shot, all over that pretty face and then he snogs it off! Rude!)

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Socks socks sock and just cop an eyeful of who’s wearing them, the very sexy Florian Mraz ( our hung, uncut top) and Wayne Baker ( our stunning and very eager new bottom) These boys wants bum fun – we can supply. This little kink started on the request of a punter, the socks that is, but I’m starting to see the appeal, Those hot, hard calfs hugged and accentuated by the long, thick socks, kinky, i like it. Wayne can’t wait to get down and please his top bloke, sucking on that juicy joint like a starving man. Florian sits back and lavishes in the skill, enthusiasm and just general hot mouth and throat Wayne is supplying. And when the thick, long, uncircumcised dick is good and ready Wayne presents his rump, stretching the cheeks wide to show off his tight, dick milking butt hole as Florian places the bloated head of his rigid dick to the tight muscle and pushes inside…