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Yum bring on the boys, and what more shapely, cummly lads could we ask for than Felix Chase and Koby Lewis, a rough ‘n’ ready, dirty blonde and a sexy, tanned, lithe brunette. They’re both strapping, muscular lads with big, uncircumcised dicks and a they’re both, totally versatile and luv a good, hard dicking, we make sure everyone leaves our sets, sated, satisfied and drained. Felix is first on his knees to suckle Koby’s burgeoning, bulging love muscle, he sucks that juicy meat joint to fun attention, as is own low slung balls, draw tight against his stiff rod. Koby’s getting it first and takes it down and doggy style, real fucking dirty, Felix can get right up in their to the deepest, tightest, hottest part of Koby’s hole, he’s so close to blowing a wad all over this hunks back, but not before we’ve got him on his back, with those long, hard, legs, as wide open as they’ll go, just look at this studs face as Koby slides ”bollocks deep” into his hot arse, they’re dicks are drooling pre cum. Now Pump!

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This is THE ONE!! we asked nathan Raider sexy, young whipper-snapper who he’d like to duo with for uknakedmen he immediately said ‘Issac Jones’, his wank fantasy come true, so here at the ‘porno-make-a-wish-club’ we made his wet dreams cum true. When Nathan catches sneaker fetishist – Issac stealing his well-worn gym shoes to sniff and beat-off over, he teaches the strapping tattooed stud a lesson. Nathan strips him off and gives his hard arse a few slaps, but far from punishment its just getting Issac revved up, Nathan’s uncut cock is rigid in seconds as Issac sinks to his knees and slides the big, fat, meat into his mouth. These boys are all over each other, snogging, eating arse, sniffing each others sweaty armpits before Issac bends over and offers up that rock hard rump for a pounding. Nathan might be new to porn but he’s no slouch when its comes to smashing a tight hole into a sodden, stretched wreck and Issac luvs the attention as his sphincter takes a right royal ramming. AND if theres any doubt about how much these guys are totally fucking into each other judge by the cum shots, both of them are astoundingly juicy and copious, Nathan in particular gives Issac a cum facial that squirts over, onto, past, above and below leaving him christened in the spunk thats been spilled over him in wank fantasy after wank fantasy. Hubba Hubba – unzip- enjoy!

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Hubba Hubba Hubba, you want ’em big, broad, hung, uncut and bareback? yep? well we deliver in the sexy, spunky shape of broad-as-a-barn-door Zack and his very willing, very sexy bottom boy Martin Dajnar, who’s now sporting a very handsome, very kissable beard, imagine that sweeping a tidy path around your arse hole, hmmm tickles! Martin’s feeling the ‘summer horn’ – just as well because he’s gonna have to be ready for a ploughing, pounding when he takes on Zack. Martin can’t wait to get on his knees and worship at the temple of uncut cock, he’s sucking on that joint like there’s no tomorrow, before Zack spins him around to measure up his target. Martin struggles at first, not just with the size of Zack’s cock but the sheer power and weight of being fucked by such a solid mass of muscle, but once that raw dick is well up there and Martin’s hole is good and sloppy Zack can fuck the cum out of and into sweet sexy Martin!

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These young bucks are a high-summer treat, with a flush of youth, two juicy uncut cocks and those burgeoning sexual appetites, that only a mid-twenties hunk possesses. Billy is a tall, slender hung Northener whilst Antonio is a dark, sexy, Italian lad, both of our oversexed show offs LUV uncut cocks. Billy needs no encouragement to sink to his knees and suck on Antonio’s dark meat, whilst Antonio can’t resist his buddy’s long, stretchy foreskin. Billy’s nervous he’s not very experienced but he really wants that stiff meat deep inside him. Antonio gently opens him up with fingers, and tongue, feeling the wet knot of Billy butt, blossom and open as he pushes the head of his cock to the warm yielding muscle!

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Oh just how cute is this coupling, cute as a button – Bastian Karim – offering up his sweet, sweet hole to big, burly bugger – Joel Vargas. Bastian is a hungry show off and a pushy bottom, as inexperienced as he may be this boy LUVS, like really luvs a good hard dicking. Joel is as handsome, tall and study as ever and as ways is revved up and ready for some boy-hole. Bastian’s from a strict family so this man-on-man action has the extra spice of ‘sin’ – just watch as Bastian surrenders completely to a hard, hard fucking. Joel lies back and lets the cute Arabic lad ‘go to work’ on his already throbbing, uncut dick and then the cute hunk lowers himself onto it, relishing the exquisite rippling stretch of his sphincter, stretching and accepting the foreign body. Its a fast and furious fuck with boys, getting their fill and squirting out copious amounts of steaming, salty jizz!

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WOW just like at the size of Viktor Adam, this stud is as broad and tall and wide and girthy…! plucky young Tim Law is an accomplished cocksman ( bareback- cum pig) but even he is struggling to get the length and breadth of this mighty meat into his hungry mouth. Tim gets straight down to ‘work’ on that tight, but juicy foreskin, no wonder its a snug fight with the size of the cock-head it contains. Its rock hard in little Tim’s mouth but plucky as he is Tim’s not taking this one lying down, he straddles the monster meat and slowly lowers his ripped, lithe body onto the glistening head, no condoms just raw bareback fucking. Its a squeeze but every rippling inch is a pleasure as Tim’s hole ripples and accepts the huge intrusion. But once its in this hottie can’t get enough and Viktor fucks his ripe, juicy arse up ways, down ways and like a dog until the brave and cute Tim can take now more!

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Long, lithe, lean and ripped – sexy Dany Romeo has been hitting the gym and his rock hard likeable abs are certainly paying off. Dominque Kenique is as horned up as usual – so we just open the cages and let the hunks out, the guys are bulging in their jeans and ready for some cock ‘n’ bum fun!. Big ripped Dany can’t wait to slip that shirt off and show off his ripped body, with that great, fat, uncut dick standing proud. Dominique is no slouch and is on his knees rubbing the bloated helmet of Dan’s dick over his lips and the stubble of his face, mmmm so sensitive its nearly painful. Dany is pretty damn hungry too and can’t resist sucking that juicy tool, hanging heavy between Dominique’s muscular legs. Dany bends his hottie over and places his rigid prick to Dominique’s quivering hole, and slowly, pushes inside, he’ll get that hole good ‘n’ ready before he unleashes the full whirlwind of fuck. But hunky Dominique is horny as hell and ready for anything. Bending over, on his back, (just luv watching their hard bodies collide as Dany’s dick thrusts into Dominique’s welcoming hole). All this nasty fuckery and Dominique’s obsession with hairy armpits and long foreskins, YUM!

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We’re serving it up ‘hung ‘n’ rough’, with the latest spunky studs to hit the blocks, toned, lithe and of course uncut lets have a warm hand for Charley Cole and Chris O’Neill. Chris is a very adept bottom making scorching debut at uknakedmen, whilst Charley is an extra large stud with a heavy, dangling dick and a very lickeable foreskin and tasty dick – and he’s brand spanking new too. We throw our lads onto the cock block and they get down to the nasty straight away. Two dirty blondes having a lot of fun, though I’m thinking this might not be natural hair colour here. Chris sucks cock like pro, he’s had lots of practice, he slurps on Charley’s XL meat as he sniffs his feet and stinky trainers before he’s sitting back pushing Charley’s head down onto his own throbbing, bulbous member. Out two lads are standing to full attention their swollen dicks swinging around like worship-worthy-totems. Chris is on his back, lifting up his firm, muscular legs, exposing his hot, juicy little hole to Charley’s eager fingers, tongue and rigid dick. This stud is gonna get fucked all over the place and we’ll be in there so close we can feel the heat, making sure we don’t miss one rippling twitch of those pulsating erogenous zones.

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Our super sexy, estate agent – Logan Moore – is back, filling his smart trousers in all the right places, – OH those buns – OH that packet! He’s showing around an uppity young yuppy – Alexis Belfort – who seems unimpressed with the size of the property, ( So its size he wants – aha!!) the gentleman wander out to the balcony and look out over Manchester, its going well, but just as Logan’s thinking he’s got the sale in the bag, he accidentally soaks his client in the shower and with no towels to dry him and his tie proving non too absorbent – there seems to be nothing else for it but to grease the wheels of this sale with some steaming, hairy, big-cock fucking. Logan sinks to his knees to nurse on that long, veiny, uncircumcised dick, its rock hard within seconds, Alexis eagerly returns to the favour before these two sexy, tanned, ripped guys head for the bedroom. Logan wants this handsome stud on his back so he can see his face as that oversized, uncut dick slides into Alexis’ juicy, budding knot of a bum hole…. unzip gents its furiously filthy!

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Oh Handsome, long-tall, drink of water – Billy Rock is getting it always from oversexed, overly-hung – Jayden Middleton. Luckily sexy Billy can take it as hard and horny as Jaydon can dish it out. Billy’s down on his knees to suckle on that big, dark, uncircumcised dick, and Jaydon appreciates his expertise. Our sexy top, cups and feel the weight of Billy’s hefty package through his Andrew Christian underwear. Then he’s pushing Billy back, hooking his long, lean legs up over his shoulder and slowly entering his pert, puckered butt hole, pushing that stiff, steaming meat relentlessly on until every last inch is swallowed up in Billy’s warm, welcoming hole and when he’s watched the look of bliss pass over Billy’s handsome face….its time to really go to work on that fuck-hole and smash it to a pleasured, sopping pulp!

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Dan Johnson is a sexy, rugged bi-guy, he’s got a ‘thing’ ( and thats quite some ‘thing’) for cute, young boys, and not just because they’re a damn sight easier than girls, when we offered him sexy, so-cute-he’s-almost-pretty, young Michael Wyatt even Dan Johnson couldn’t resist nailing this hot, tanned hard-bodied honey. We put them on a circular bed, took the muzzles off and let ’em rip. Michael might be fresh faced and a little bit new, but he knows what he wants and he wants meat – uncut, throbbing hot meat in his mouth, down his throat and deep inside his hot, tight guts. This eager beaver gets it every which way, riding, legs up and down on all fours – giving well-hung Dan maximum thrust – which sends that torpedo of a cock right up to Dan’s groaning bollocks in Michael’s hot hole!

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Their co-workers are out to lunch and Micke Stallone needs a big… pen. Oh yeah, sure Micke. We’re onto your game and so is Jake Steeven. Jake is tired of playing the flirting game with his office partner. So Jake coyly offers Micke his big… penis instead. Jake whips out his big cock and strokes it while Micke watches. Jake’s boldness and girthy dick get Micke so hot and bothered that he pulls out his cock and joins in on the fun. And before you know it, Jake has Micke bent over the desk and fucks the living hell out of him. They’d better hurry before everyone comes back from lunch!

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When burly meets yummy. We pitted dirty blonde, bearded, ripped hunk – Brick Moorewood against stunning, dark and lean – Erik Spector, and its a spunky, squelchy and very steamy session as Erik really could not get enough of Handsome Brick’s big, uncut and very raw dick up his arse. There’s something super sexy about Brick, he’s a great swaggering, hunk-a-spunk, broad shoulders, big, hard thighs, there’s just nothing small here and Erik is very appreciative of that masculine weight and the thunderous thrusting his hot hole is getting. Erik sucks the meat to full, stiff attention and then he’s bent over by Brick’s big paws and fucked like a dog, Brick’s pretty much straight, he’ll suck a dick but he’s really only interested in getting his rocks off and handsome Erik is just a selection of holes to this guy! kinda demeaning but kinda sexy? Erik luvs the hot, bareback fuck and can’t wait to feel that cock burst with cum and splash his guts with spunk!


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With a big box of toys, two horny, uncut lads, lots of cum and no condoms – you know where this is going. Sexy Spaniard – Aitor VS delicious Italian – Gaston, in this spunky humdinger. The dildos are huge but you know what competitive men are like, ‘who can take the biggest?’ – it gets competitive – (and of course we’re right in there to watch those puckered, stretching, gaping arse holes and throbbing uncircumcised cocks). Gaston ploughs Aitors juicy, wet hole, that Guapo is getting it every which way, with that dark, veiny, trunk of slithering, raw cock slamming relentlessly in and out of his fuck-hole. Then Gaston’s begging for raw dick too, but where else could we have these boys cum – with such handsome faces!? Its a cum facial each for these copious, creamy cummers. The cream of Euro cum lovers just for you!