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The energy between this hot daddy and his hungry slut boy burns up the screen. Jax Thirio has Tom Bentley screaming from the big dick pounding his ass, and Tom’s begging for more…

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One of the qualities that I look for in a steady cumdump relationship is that of silence and unflinching submission. That, and a smooth, tight body. It’s mainly why I thank the sex gods that ever since the night I met (and powerfucked) cute cumdump Ethan Tate, my sex life has never been better!

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Muscle-bottom Johnny Ford and fresh-faced twink Ethan Tate are quite familiar with each other… and by familiar, we mean Johnny has taken two of Ethan’s loads! When the chance to take in another comes along, all Johnny wants to know is where, and when…

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Jordan Starr really likes queer masculine men with tattoos; men like muscle bottom Andrew Delta! These fine, hard-bodied studs like to grind up on one another—and how could they not?

Once the jockstraps get ripped off, Jordan places Andrew face-down on the bed and fucks the slobbering dude’s face before breeding him senselessly.

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Good-looking stud Mike Edge is horny as fuck and is really jonesing for a blowjob. Turns out FTM hottie Declan Gray is horny as well and has got no problem with servicing Mike’s enormous cock.

Declan gives Mike’s throbbing boner all the attention it needs—and more. The FTM head-turner has got a seriously awesome knack for giving head and it isn’t long before Mike finds himself getting close. He quickly pulls his cock out and sends loads of warm, thick semen all over Declan’s cute face and hungry tongue.

This sizzling action has gotten Declan’s sensitive bonus hole moist and pulsating for attention. This sight makes Mike’s cock rock-hard again instantly. And to Declan’s pure joy and astonishment, Mike is quite the practiced licker!

The expert attention of Mike’s hyperactive tongue sends waves of pleasure throughout all of Declan’s sensitive sweet-spots. He gasps with impassioned delight when Mike pulls out a long, thick dildo and shows the FTM dream stud why his experienced touch is fiercely sought after.

The combination of Mike’s expert thrusts and Declan frantically fingering his dripping wet extra entrance causes the trans cutie to arch his back and moan. Mike can see the exciting finish is near so he picks up the pace with vigor. Declan cums harder and longer than he has in a very long time!

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Johnny had just been fucked and bred by cute, horny twink Ethan. But after a quick breath, they were back at it again! Ethan buried his tongue into Johnny’s hungry mouth. And before you knew it, Ethan’s tongue was now buried deep inside the perfect, beefy bottom of the sexy DILF.

The sexy jock daddy’s favorite part was the moment when Ethan lost all control and launched a massive, creamy load that went on and on!

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After his hole’s been used for three sweaty sessions in the darkness of their dungeon, Jax Thirio’s ready to turn the tables and top cute twink Tom Bentley.

He feeds Tom’s hungry mouth with his tasty meat—the twink slurping and gagging on it like he hasn’t eaten in days. Jax throws Tom into a leather sling to prepare himself for his own meal. He tastes the walls of Tom’s hole with the same ravenous appetite Tom had just moments ago with his own throbbing manmeat.

Done with the appetizer, Jax moves on to his main course. He pushes himself deep inside Tom. Tom’s eyes roll back as Jax inserts himself deeper and deeper with a force that could un-tether the swing holding his body in place…

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The screen sizzles from the second Ethan Tate and Jordan Starr appear.. Ethan’s quick to get down on his knees and swallow cock. Jordan’s happy to feed him—and happier, still, to get Ethan into a sling and dump a load into him.

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Muscle top Johnny Ford grabs Tom Bentley’s ass. He tastes the inside of the cum dump’s mouth, his sturdy hands exploring the skin exposed from the tight black jockstrap.

The cum dump moans in ecstasy as Johnny lubes his asshole with tongue. He spits on Tom’s hole so he can take his long cock for a ride. Tom’s hole takes every inch of Johnny’s big cock with pleasure as the top pumps hard in and out of him until his hot load bursts. While he breeds the cum dump’s hole, he’s already thinking about the next load he’ll be pumping into Tom…

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One session wasn’t enough—Mike Edge needed more of cum dumpster Ethan Tate’s sweet tight hole.

To prepare his cum dump for a second load, Mike gets down to fucking Ethan’s warm throat with his long stiff cock. The way this handsome, dark-haired top shoves his long dick into Ethan Tate is even more merciless than the first time.

After fucking the cum-dump’s throat and lubing up Ethan’s hole with his warm tongue, Mike Edge blasts a huge, hot load all over his cumdump’s back. He stains his black jock with his thick white load, and uses his seed as an inventive lube to fuck his cock back into Ethan! Mike kisses his bottom’s back while dreaming up new ways to shove another load into Ethan’s used hole…

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Tall and dominant Jordan Starr expects great head from new fuckbuddy cumdumpster Andrew Delta—and boy, does he get it!

After a long, sloppy blowjob, Jordan takes charge and instructs Andrew to get on the sex swing. Andrew does so immediately and exposes his hungry, tight little pink hole for Jordan to pummel and pound to his pulsating, steel-hard cock’s content!

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The RawFuckBoys stable of boys has a hot new member. Fresh-face Max has strawberry blond hair and alabaster-like skin. And Max has been paired up with Mike and they’re getting down and dirty within seconds.

After minutes of major league making out, Max pushes Mike’s well-fitting jock down and pulls out his rock solid member, eagerly sinking to his knees to get every inch of it into his hungry mouth. It instantly makes him gag and cough-up long strings of slippery saliva, but pleasing Mike is way too important to be derailed by a choking fit!

Max moves to a sling and keenly jumps into it, spreading his legs and tilting his groin upwards. Mike squats down and instantly gets his twitching tongue teasing the gasping ginger boy’s trembling hole. Mike’s technique is first class. Max’s entire body ripples and flickers with almost desperate desire.

Mike stands and lines his dick up with Max’ hole. Max is momentarily nervous. If he couldn’t deep throat this big dick without choking, how the heck is it gonna feel when it starts pulsating inside his ass?

It turns out, it feels pretty intense!

Max gasps, then lets out a series of helpless grunts and whimpers, staring up at Mike, feeling utterly vulnerable yet desperate for more.

Mike obliges, spearing and skewering his prey with increasing speed and intensity. Max’ eyes widened. He can’t get his head around what’s happening. He can feel Mike’s dick deep in his belly, gushing with pre-cum, pushing aside anything in its way and ruthlessly plundering his innocence.

Mike explodes inside Max, squirting bolt after bolt of precious semen into the boy’s beautiful body.

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Hot otter, Jeremy George, and porcelain-skinned twink boy, Troye Jacobs, are back together for yet another sensational hook-up in Atlanta. And yet again they seem intent on proving the age-old adage that opposites attract!

We find them naked but for their well-fitting jock straps, locked in a passionate embrace, tenderly kissing one another. Jeremy seductively runs his hands over the soft, smooth skin of Troye’s back, inching his probing fingers towards the young boy’s expectant crack.

Troye excitedly kneels on a bench, presenting his hole for detailed oral inspection. Jeremy gets straight to business, allowing his prehensile tongue to flicker and dance between Troye’s tight ass cheeks. The boy’s hole twitches. He feels a sudden, overwhelming desire to be penetrated…

…But he needs to taste Jeremy’s big dick first.

He pushes the older guy down onto the bench, squats between his legs and allows his beautiful rosy lips to glide up and down his master’s thick, meaty shaft. Jeremy’s dick instantly stands to attention, and within seconds is a weapon of considerable power!

Both men are now naked. Troye lies on his back, legs in the air. Moments later, Jeremy starts to slide his throbbing, veiny meat into the boy. Troye winces, suddenly feeling vulnerable. He needs Jeremy to be gentle with him today.

But once inside, Jeremy’s dick takes on a mind of its own. Troye’s ass is so tight and so welcoming that the older man is helpless to do anything but bang hard. Fortunately, Troye soon relaxes into the rhythm of the top man’s domineering strokes. His body ripples with waves of pure physical pleasure.

Jeremy delivers a near-perfect masterclass in the art of banging. Precum pours from Troye’s rock hard dick as his insides are energetically pounded. Jeremy unloads deep inside the boy, filling his tender hole with thick, creamy juices.

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These two cute boys could almost be brothers. They’re both lean, smooth, and brown-haired with a similar frame and height. It’s hot to see them making out wearing nothing but tight-fitting jockstraps. And judging by the way that they’re seductively caressing each other, it’s clear that they’re heavily into each other.

Liam sinks to his knees and starts to suck Tyler’s mushroom-headed dick, allowing his soft, rosy lips to glide up and down its throbbing, thick shaft. Tyler grabs the back of Liam’s head, guiding the boy’s mouth into all the right places and gasping in pure ecstasy when he hits the bullseye on the back of his throat!

Tyler pulls Liam to his feet and leads him across to the dungeon’s sling, encouraging him to climb inside and spread his legs wide apart by the stirrups. Tyler squats and uses his slippery tongue to probe Liam’s tight ass, slowly but surely opening it up and preparing it for deep penetration.

Tyler stands and immediately pushes his veiny meat into Liam’s tight hole. It slides in like a hot knife into butter and Tyler is soon aggressively thrusting in and out of Liam like a dog in heat. Liam groans, totally immersed in the moment, waves of complete pleasure cascading over his beautiful body.

The tempo increases as Tyler’s dick gets nearer and nearer to exploding. He engages his hips and pounds with great force as the semen starts to tingle in his balls. Unable to hold off any longer, Tyler cums with great force, straight into Liam’s pulsating ass.

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Tom Bentley and Jax Thirio have proven themselves on countless occasions to be a winning combination. They’re one of those charismatic pairings who exude sensual chemistry. They like each other. They get each other. They want each other.

They make out eagerly, muttering lustfully to each other, dicks hard as concrete in their jockstraps. Tom is clearly angling for the top bunk in today’s encounter and Jax is soon on all fours on a bench, deep-throating and periodically choking on the younger boy’s huge dick.

Tom gets his wet tongue lodged firmly between the solid, muscular cheeks of Jax’ tasty ass. Tom is planning to give his sexy, beefy companion the ride of his life, so Jax’ throbbing hole will need to be as loose and wet as possible.

Tom stands behind Jax and slowly sinks his beautiful meat into the handsome older man. Jax moans and whimpers like a hungry slut as Tom starts to thrust and grind. He picks up the pace and begins to slam his raw, greased-up dick into Jax’ guts with near-relentless force.

This boy may well spend most of his screen life on the end of various older dudes’ dicks, but he sure knows how to dominate! This is text book long-dicking and Jax’ head is spinning in pure ecstasy.

Tom bangs faster and harder until he’s ready to explode. He feels the cum rising in his balls, then shooting up his shaft before bursting like a rocket deep into Jax’ belly.