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Joey has a big dick and Brandon loves to suck cock. He licks and sucks that hard pole – swallowing it to the base and gagging on it’s length.

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Lying on his back with legs through a dark curtain, Spencer opens himself up to whoever’s around to claim his hot ass. Alpha stud Logan Carter steps in to pump his load into his submissive bottom, rock hard by the idea of fucking him without him knowing!

Logan shoves his raw cock in Spencer’s tight hole, feeling his sphincter tighten around his shaft from the rough, hard penetration!

Logan is a natural dom top, loving his powerful role and feeling his bottom submit to him without question!

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Drew is a total exhibitionist and flirt. He’s worked hard on his body and loves to give guys a look at what he’s got. His lean, toned body is punctuated by a perfect, round ass, rock hard abs, and a big, stiff cock.

He’s built up a bit of energy from his evening workout and is feeling a bit frisky for the camera. Jason gives him a huge dildo and lets him play with himself, showing how his tight hole stretches for a big dick.

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Having left his seed in many, Brogan is a connoisseur of tight, raw holes! The smooth, handsome stud can barely keep his fingers out of newcomer Drake’s ass as he gets ready to size it up, give it a taste, and feel his cock slide inside skin to skin. Drake is a beautiful, blonde bottom who loves a passionate connection, kissing and cuddling and making out before he deep throats Brogan’s hard cock. After warming his bottom up with his skilled tongue, Brogan barebacks Drake’s smooth ass, fucking him like a champ before shooting his load on his perfect backside.

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Zane’s asshole tingles as Cade’s tongue dances around his hole. As erotic as that was – when Cade’s raw cock enters Zane’s ass his eyes roll back in his head with extreme pleasure. Cade fucks Zane’s hole hard and fast until Zane blows his load with that fine cock still deep inside him.

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Ethan Lane loves the feeling of Cade’s lips on his mouth. The stud’s soft lips stand out against his hard, toned body, making him the perfect model adonis. Ethan’s hands move to his crotch, grabbing at his hard cock in his tight briefs, eager to get his monster meat in his mouth. Once he does, it’s almost more than he can handle!

The impressively hung muscle man has a thick shaft that forces Ethan to open his mouth wide to take. And as Cade thrusts his hips, the young cocksuckers works hard to withstand the ferocious force.

Cade rewards his efforts by lapping at his tight hole, getting it ready for a deep, raw drilling he’ll never forget. The young boy is nervous at first, but once he mounts on top of Cade’s cock, he rides it like a champ!

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Spencer can’t get enough cock! He loves being on set and getting fucked, no matter by who or where. The horny blonde has even had a long-time fantasy of being fucked and bred by an anonymous stranger!

Joining Jason’s exclusive sex club, he gets his wish by agreeing to submit to whichever of the members wants to fuck his perfect, round ass!

Collared up, stripped down, and hooded, he waits patiently as dom top Logan makes good use of his hungry mouth. The muscle man’s cock goes deep into his throat, making him work hard to stay in place and take it down!

Spencer’s imagination goes wild as his dick gets harder, wondering who it is that’s face fucking him!

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Big dicked Drew fills Brogan’s mouth with his fat cock. He then fills his ass with his tongue. Then Brogan cops the full effect of that fat cock slamming into his wet hole. What a satisfying fuck.

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Logan slides his cock in Spencer’s hole, feeling it wrap around his raw veiny cock down to the base. The muscle master feels a primal calling to fuck and breed seeing his submissive bottom positioned perfected to take his load.

Spencer’s cock is rock hard in his jockstrap as his hole is used by the anonymous stranger, knowing that the only clue he may ever have is the DNA left in his tight ass.

With his hands on Spencer’s hips, Logan is able to mount him hard and deep, fucking out a hot load all over his smooth, milky cheeks before plunging his cock back inside to leave him a little treat for later!

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Jason swallows down Gunnar’s lengthy cock at his fuckpad in Atlanta. The blonde, bearded stud watches as the muscle daddy takes him down to his nuts. Jason loves the way his piece tastes, eager to get it primed and ready for his hungry hole. Gunnar makes a meal of Jason’s smooth round ass before plunging his raw cock deep inside, pounding deep into his insides to push out the beefy bottom’s load.

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Landon loves to see someone polishing off his big cock. The dark haired twink top bites down on his lower lip as Ethan sucks him off, getting him hard and wet for his tight hole. The smooth boys love feeling each other’s body, sparking up the passion for a good, hard fuck. Landon mounts Ethan from behind, sliding his long cock deep in his bottom’s tight hole. Landon pounds away on Ethan’s prostate, bringing the two of them closer to bursting!