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Jason swallows down Gunnar’s lengthy cock at his fuckpad in Atlanta. The blonde, bearded stud watches as the muscle daddy takes him down to his nuts. Jason loves the way his piece tastes, eager to get it primed and ready for his hungry hole. Gunnar makes a meal of Jason’s smooth round ass before plunging his raw cock deep inside, pounding deep into his insides to push out the beefy bottom’s load.

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Vegas. The city of sin is the perfect place for an anonymous encounter. I just want to fuck you – I don’t want to know your name – I don’t want to see you again – I just want your cock inside me – fucking my hole til it’s raw and satisfied. Then I want to suck the cum right out of that cock that’s been deep inside my ass. Fuck me – whoever the fuck you are.

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Landon’s big cock is looking for a mouth and an ass that can take its enormity. Blake manages to deep throat the thick beast without a problem and after Landon lubes up his ass with spit and his tongue – Blake gets every inch of it deep inside. Landon may look like a sweet guy but he pounds Blake’s ass mercilessly until his huge cock blows.

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