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At Brutaltops, two domineering schoolboy Masters, Lucas and Edward, return to discover the pathetic young sub squirming on the ground completely nude.

With contempt in their eyes, the snarling tops eat and drink and cover the sub with half-chewed food and filthy liquids. This excites the Masters who bark orders at the sub and blow smoke into his worthless face. Both subs then flop their sizable dicks out to piss in the worm’s mouth and scream at him to lick clean their cocks. The defeated runt ends up on his knees licking clean his Masters’ shoes.

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Introducing brand-new horny Master Leonard, a snarling Italian psycho who enjoys nothing more than bringing terror to humiliated, feeble sexual subs.

He discovers his naked sub squirming on the floor, with a dog collar shackled to his neck. Barking orders at the runt, the Master has his clothes removed to reveal a muscular body which the sub has to lick clean. Tiring of this, the top orders the sub to lie on his back on the floor where he is trampled all over by the belt-wielding Master.

Finally, the Master kicks the sub in the dick and balls and humiliates him by laughing at his pain and power.

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Vicious Master Derek is sat on the toilet smoking a fag when he discovers his feeble sub peter alone and naked in the corner of the toilet. The sneering top orders the sub to lick clean his armpits before having his trousers and underpants pulled down. Now he orders the sub to lick clean his sweaty arsehole. Peter is mistreated and barked at and has to really get his tongue deep up the Master’s smelly hole in order to keep him happy.

Being deeply rimmed excites the top who soon gets a huge erection which he pounds into the back of the mouth of the weak runt.

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Snarling young Master Ross arrives to discover this pathetic runt of a sub completely nude and awaiting the damage to be dished out. The Master orders the runt to lick clean his armpits and then he has to rub his tongue all over the body of the psychotic Master. This excites the Master who then throws the sub to the floor before trampling all over him, causing him considerable pain and discomfort.

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At Brutaltops, hot young Masters Ross and Will return to humiliate and dominate pathetic sub elliott. The two snarling tops are wearing football kits and find the sub completely naked and awaiting their arrival. They order him to lick clean their sweaty armpits before thrashing him with a belt and taking it in turns to ram their dicks deep into his complaining mouth.

This excites the psycho tops who bend over to reveal their asses so that the quivering sub can get full access to their stinking holes. The sub has to lick clean their rears as the two masters watch and smirk with sexual satisfaction. Finally, the tops light up cigarettes as they are getting deeply licked out and flick ash into the open worthless mouth of the worm-like sub.

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At Brutaltops, alone and defeated, feeble sub elliott waits for the arrival of the two snarling Masters Derek and Jack. They arrive wearing work clothes and proceed to smear vehicle grease all over the defeated sub’s face. After a busy day, the two Masters are sweaty and smelly so they strip off their clothes to reveal fine bodies which the runt has to lick clean. This excites the tops who pull off more clothes and order the sub to lick clean their cocks as well.

Soon Master Derek has another idea and he smears grease all over the ass of his fellow Master and gets Jack to bend over to reveal his stinking asshole. Elliott has to nuzzle his nose into the Master’s stinking crack and rim his hole. This arouses Master Derek who also wants to get some of this attention so he spreads open his legs and orders the sub to deeply rim both of the Masters’ holes until they are clean. They finish off by ordering the sub to blow them both and he collapses at the end covered in grease, sweat and shame!

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At Brutaltops, stripped to the waist, masculine Master Jurgis appears along with psychotic schoolboy Lucas to continue mistreating pathetic sub peter. The two Masters order the sub to lick clean their stinking armpits and this he does obediently by lapping up every bead of sweat.

The Masters strip and their rapidly hardening cocks are pounded into the back of peter’s mouth before they can be held back no longer and the nude sub is ordered to bend over so that snarling Jurgis can pound his meaty dick deep into his arse. The groaning sub is powerless to prevent the Masters from spit-roasting him and treating him like a worthless spunk whore. Lucas demands to get full access to the worm’s hole so the Masters spin the runt around and he ploughs in his huge dick.

All the time, the sub is complaining about the treatment he is receiving but to no avail – the Masters continue relentlessly with their harsh fucking.

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Brutaltops dominant cop Master Nick’s raging hardon needs taking care of so Toby demands the sub squats over his police colleagues cock, pushing the submissive man down by the shoulders until all of Nick’s erection is buried deep in it’s gut. The girth of the copper’s penis causes obvious distress to the slutty sub.

Master Toby spurts an impressive load of cum across the sub’s mouth, Nick dumping a thick sackful of spunk on it’s face. None of their precious nectar is to be wasted, the submissive must slurp up every last drop from each of their cocks.

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At Brutaltops, mean Master Kirk appears wearing sportswear and brandishing an evil-looking belt with which to threaten the feeble submissive elliott, who is waiting completely naked for the mistreatment to begin.

Covered in sweat as he’s fresh out of the gym, the violent new Master orders the sub to lick his filthy armpits clean. The stink is soon removed as the cringing lad rubs his tongue all over the Master’s body. This excites the top who nuzzles his bulge into the sub’s face before pulling off his shorts and reversing into elliott’s snout. Kirk’s stinking arsehole is spread wide open and elliott has to lick clean the sweaty arsecrack and the shit he finds up there as well. Kirk grinds his hips as he is licked and rimmed clean.

To make him to get better access, Kirk order the sub to lie on his back and then sits on his face. He gets his arse ultimately licked clean as the sub’s nose and tongue are pushed deep up his hole. He looks down with excitement and contempt at this defeated worm below him.

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At Brutaltops, scally lads Nick and Lukas are working on their car by a rough council estate. A dopey sub asks for directions and instead of helping the loser our 2 villainous tops strip the cunt naked, throw him in the dirt and then spray copious amounts of gob and piss on the motor which now must be cleaned…

Having once again emptied their bladders onto the bottom the tops demand that their cheesy cocks are cleaned which is best done with a bottom’s mouth. While the sub is sucking on Nick’s enormous tool Lukas stubs out his cigarette on the sub’s naked back. The sadistic fun turns on the tops so much that the bottom now finds that he has to service two gigantic hardons.

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At Brutaltops soccer hooligans Derek and Toby are in their element. Marching a rival supporter back to the Tops lair, hand gagged and in an arm lock, this dirty cunt is under their complete control…

Tied to chair, the Masters first use it’s mouth for some beer-spitting target practice before moving on to getting their sweaty armpits and dirty arse cracks cleaned by it’s slutty mouth and tongue…

Given a boner by his Master it’s now ben’s turn to get them hard. Even with some encouragement he does a shit job and receives a good caning. Derek puts the useless cunt’s tiny flaccid penis into a chastity cage as punishment.

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Master Nick and Master Lukas at Brutaltops are experts in using submissive men for their own greedy and insatiable sexual needs. Dressed as doctors at the end of a long shift they immobilize their new “patient” a pathetic sub making him sniff their fragrant masculine armpits which are radiating pheromones. The tops trample the naked man so he has to stare up longingly at their perfect muscular bodies while they crush him beneath them powerful feet. He’s made to worship those feet and Master Lukas’ anus. The tops get their sadistic pleasure inserting a hook into his anus which is attached to his nose so they can watch him writhe and squirm while they laugh over him displaying their ultimate superiority.

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Go-Go bully boys Billy and Terry have balls full of cum and rampart hard cocks which need satisfying at BrutalTops. They open their sub’s willing mouth and ass to work fucking the life out of him, stretching his hole with Terry’s full girth and choking him shoving their stiff dicks down his throat. The dominant men roast the sub and deposit two loads of creamy sperm into the submissive man’s mouth.BrutalTops!

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New at BrutalTops horny Master Bobby enters and finds that his humiliated sub is completely naked and on his knees. Bobby kicks the fawning wimp to the grounds and tramples over him, pushing his dirty boxing trainers into the sub’s mouth. This excites the top who then sits on the sub’s face, whilst kicking the sub and rubbing the bottom’s cock with his booted feet.

Bobby then finds a toilet seat on a frame which he dumps over the head of the moaning sub. Bobby takes off his shorts and sits comfortably on the seat, showing the sub (and us) a great view of his asshole. Bobby takes a douche and fills his own ass with water which he then evacuates out of his bowels onto the sub’s face. The sub is covered with fetid ass water and Bobby shouts at him, demanding that he swallows it. The powerless bottom has no alternative but to comply with this totally humiliating order.

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Vicious northern Master Kyle appears to cause more damage to pathetic sub peter.

Kyle discovers that the runt is lashed to a door frame and he takes advantage of the worm’s powerlessness and thrashes him hard with his lash. The sadistic top enjoys dishing out this mistreatment and causes deep red welts on peter’s skin.

The excited top then pumps water up his arsehole with a douche and pumps it hard into the sub’s mouth – ordering him to swallow down the shitty, smelly liquid. The runt can do nothing to stop this extreme and relentless abuse.