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Master Derek and Master Guy are spotting each other pumping iron in the rugby club gym, a really important grudge game is coming up and they want to make sure their perfect bodies are in top physical shape. The athletic tops use a sub to work out their testosterone-fuelled energy smothering his face with their pungent armpits, sweaty ass cracks and shoving their hard dicks in his mouth and ass.

Brutaltops – gay bondage

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The hard muscular construction workers at Brutal Tops are incredibly skillful at roping up pathetic subs for their deviant sexual pleasure. Master Nick restrains the sub binding his neck to his ankles so the slightest pull on his legs strangles the bound cunt. The laughing dominant perverts attach a weight and clips to his balls and smack his ass so every time he kicks out in pain he strangles himself and his genitals are painfully yanked. These sadistic men are incredibly knowledgeable in restraint and torture for their own sadistic pleasure. Once he’s fully bound Master Lee whips out his large hard cocks for the sub to suck.

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Sporty Masters Nick and Mike enter the locker room after a sweaty hard matches and feel like releasing some of their pent-up sexual energy on a lowly sub. They roughly handle the lad throwing him down onto a mattress, truss him up, relentlessly punish his cock and balls, gob in his mouth and violate his asshole with a cricket bat. These hard skillful masters demand full service and are in control every second.

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The hard criminal lads at the young male correctional facility regularly practice enforced exercise. Today they use a lowly sub to undergo a strenuous routine of pushups and situps under the firm command of Master Terry. This includes doing squats where he has to kiss Toby’s dick and get his face pressed in John’s hairy ass. After humiliating and insulting the sub the cruel dominant lads feel like unloading their balls. Circling around the exhausted man they stroke their massive hard cocks till they spray cum all over his face.

Brutaltops orgy

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The angry boxing lads at the Young Male Correctional facility have cornered a sub lad and are aggressively sexually tormenting and using him. Perpetually horny Master Toby’s dick is hard and he wants it sucked on now. The hard demanding lads ram the sub’s face down on the cock so Toby’s stick dick is rammed right into the back of his throat. Flipped over whimpering on his hands and knees, dominant Toby shoves his fist deep into the sub’s ass. Spurred on by his cries of pain, Toby cackles in delight fucking the sub’s ass while Master Chris shoves his dick in the sub’s mouth. The tough men smack him around and hurl insults at him as they aggressively take their sexual satisfaction from him leaving him a cum-covered mess.

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At this Brutaltops clip joint thuggish bouncer Master Terry uses sexy young Billy to lure in unsuspecting customers. Once they get a submissive guy through the door they milk him for all he’s worth emptying his wallet, making him drink strong Billy’s hot piss and use him as a human mattress. They use his tongue to clean Billy’s big thick cock and tight asshole. The Tops kiss and enjoy each other’s perfect body with the pathetic sub smothered beneath them.


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The three dominant masters at BrutalTops don’t take no for an answer. On his knees, the sub looks up to see the tall, muscular naked men sneering down at him. They shove their big hard cocks down his throat and push his face into their butt cheeks making him lick their assholes out. Choking on a handsome Master’s thick hard prick could be seen as a reward rather than a torment, so they gob into his mouth and two full snot rockets are delivered directly into the sub’s face and mouth.

Brutaltops – gay drinking piss

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At Brutal Tops Masters Mike and Nick demand to be serviced at every second. The slutty sub is made to ingest every part of the dominant men’s masculinity. He’s fed on a diet of piss, snot and gob while also being made to lick the big strong men’s sweaty armpits and assholes. The violent hard masters fuck him brutally and feed him their sperm for dessert.

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When a large muscular leather-clad biker comes towards you you better be ready to obey. At BrutalTops Master Mike drags a naked sub slut to Master Lee. He blinds the sub by covering his eyes with gaffer tape. With his sight blocked the smell of the biker’s boots and leather trousers is all the more intense as he worships them. The demanding tops shout out orders and grab the scruff of his neck to direct in sucking their cocks and licking out ass. The masters kindly fill a glass of steaming piss and order the sub to drink it all down while they torment him and order him to suck their dicks clean.

Brutaltops – extreme gay humiliations

Brutaltops Master Nick and Master Lee demand absolute submission. The confident fearsome men teach their new pony how to ride, sitting on his back, shouting orders at him and beating his naked ass every time he slows or collapses in the dirt. The sub is sweating and exhausted with the weight of the men on his back. The dominant masters kindly let him eat from the trough and add their own special ingredient, unleashing their thick cocks to piss in his oats and water. To be humiliated, abused and have your face ground into the mud by two confident muscular tops is a privilege for any lucky sub.


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The thought of being brutalized and used by a gang of sweaty, masculine construction workers must be high on the wish-list for most bottoms. In the new video at BrutalTops, sub ben is restrained in a Y head harness with a ball gag, hands rope tied behind his back and a leg spreader strapped to his ankles. He’s been left for the builders to discover, then use and abuse as they see fit.

Master Lee and Master Nick are tooled up and sweat from a day working on the construction site. They cruelly spank and use a paddle on the sub’s bare ass, finger his hole and shove a buttplug up him. They tease him and slap him around for growing an erection, then place a chastity device on him to remind him this is all about their pleasure. Master Lee fucks the sub angrily and Master Nick shoves his bare ass in the sub’s face. The dominant men piss over the naked tied sub while hurling insults at him. These tough tops really know how to get their cruel kinky fix after a hard day’s work.

Brutaltops boxers

The lads are having a hard boxing training session at the Young Male Correctional Facility at Brutaltops – Enter Here!

This sweaty training session only rouses the dominant men’s testosterone levels making them highly aggressive. Master Toby goes wild punching out a lowly sub who the guys try to rouse by planting their bare asses over his face and releasing farts. Once awake the guys strip and powerfully control the pathetic sub making him rim their asses and worship their strong naked bodies. They whip his ass till it’s raw and red while shouting commands and cruelly laughing at him. The dominant men have a passionate snog session while sitting atop their lowly sub and tease him with their bodies, arousing him but allowing him no release or pleasure.


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Vicious builder Edward appears to continue damaging this runty sub.

Stripping off his clothes, the top threatens sub peter with his belt and has him lick clean his stinking, sweaty body. Then the Master spreads open his arse cheeks and demands that the sub cleans his hole and deeply rims him. Snarling Master Edward sits on the pathetic sub’s face and the runt has no choice but to push his tongue as far as it will go up the top’s smelly arsehole – Edward laughs with sexual satisfaction.


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Master Toby isn’t as innocent as he looks. He may have the boyish face of a cherub, but this bad boy has always had a pervy dominant personality. Because of his entanglement with criminal activities he’s lived at the young male correctional facility for years and this time has given him ample opportunity to satiate his wicked desires and hone his abilities as a skilled fearful top. He grins menacingly when he muscles a pathetic sub to the ground, stomps on his nuts, pisses on him, shoves his bare ass in the sub’s face and rams his hard dick into the sub’s gob to blow his load. He’s an active participant in gangs that rove the halls of the facility looking for a victim who they can encircle and brutalize the fuck out of. Experience what it’s like to submit completely to this masterful dom at BrutalTops!