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Horny young Masters Maurice and Dave dominate and then fuck this worthless sub in a very visible, public space. The sub is humiliated as the passers-by watch on as he his mistreated by the snarling tops.

Hot top Maurce then fucks the living daylights out of the sub as Dave rams his dick deep into his mouth. Then Maurice spreads open his arse cheeks and the sub is ordered to lick clean the top’s sweaty hole.

BrutalTops – gay slave outdoor

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Horny Master Terry returns and uses his feeble sub as a human toilet. After ordering the runt to worship his shapely arse, the top demands that he swallows whatever drops from his hole directly into the sub’s open mouth.

This is one of Brutal Top’s most extreme ever sessions!

BrutalTops – gay slave waxing

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These handsome young Masters return to cause more damage to this feeble sub. The find him strapped to a bench and proceed to gob in his mouth, abuse him, spank him with a cane and piss in his mouth. The worm has to swallow down the stinky urine before sucking clean his Masters’ dicks.

Finally, Master Aaron pours red-hot candle wax over the thrashed arse cheeks of the defeated runt!

BrutalTops – gay slave licking armpits

At Brutaltops, snarling vicious Master Jack returns to order his naked feeble sub to suck his dick and lick his feet.

In a stinking toilet the humiliated fag can do nothing to prevent the Master from taking advantage of him. He is wrestled around the room on the filthy floor as the top beats him with a cane and rams his long, fat cock deep into his quietly grumbling mouth.

The thrusting straight guy’s big cock soon gets rock-hard solid as he makes the worm ream from sucking so much. The handsome Master doesn’t give a fuck about the worthless sub and treats him like shit

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At Brutaltops, horny Master Lucas and Tom return to viciously mistreat pathetic faggot elliot.

The two workmen Masters find the completely nude worm alone in a changing room. They order him to lick clean their sweaty, smelly bodies as they slowly strip off their clothes. Using a piece of plastic glass and a desk, the two psychotic tops take it in turn to trample on the sub’s shitty little cock and crush it and his balls until he is screaming in pain.

Master Lucas then decides to piss and can’t be bothered to find a toilet so uses the runt as a human urinal. The complaining sub has to swallow down the hot stinking liquid as it spurts from the top’s huge cock. After licking the tops’ armpits and boots the two Masters thrash the fag and make his arse cheeks red raw before he has to suck their rapidly hardening dicks. This excites Lucas who bears open his arsehole and orders the sub to lick clean his filthy ring-piece. Top Tom holds elliott’s head in place and won’t let go until he can hear his fellow Master groaning with sexual pleasure. Finally, the sub has to lick the other top’s arse clean as Lucas tramples on his battered body.

BrutalTops – gay slave humiliation

At Brutaltops, this pathetic sub is discovered completely nude by these two snarling Masters. Already excited, Master Joseph rams his massive dick deep into the runt’s mouth and pounds it hard to the back of his throat.

Master Kirk joins in and the sub is harshly pushed onto his knees so that the tops can get easy access to his arsehole. Taking it in turns to pound into the sub, the vicious Masters snarl abuse at the worthless sub and stretch his hole to the limit by fucking him hard. After pumping into him mercilessly, the Masters shoot their spunk into the sub’s mouth and rub it into his mouth – he is completely powerless to prevent this considerable mistreatment!

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Horny fuckers Master Dale and Master Jurgis reappear to continue their humiliating mistreatment of this pathetic sub. The sweaty snarling Masters order the crawling sub to lick clean their stinky armpits before stripping off and pounding their dicks into his mouth.

This is followed by the worm being ordered to lick clean both of the Masters’ arseholes. He can’t stop until they are both totally clean and his tongue is covered with sweat and filth.

BrutalTops – gay slave spanking

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Handsome builder Master Edward returns from the building site and discovers his pathetic sub completely naked all alone on the floor.

The sub’s weakness excites the top who proceeds to mistreat peter with some harsh dog training. With a dog collar fastened around the sub’s neck, the top pull the sub around, rams a dog tail up his arsehole and screams at him to chase after and return dog toys. Most viciously, Edward pushes a funnel up the sub’s loose arsehole and pisses into the sub’s gaping hole. Peter is powerless to prevent any of this shocking mistreatment.

BrutalTops – gay slave drinks pee

At Brutaltops, horny straight Master Jaime returns to humiliate a brand-new faggy sub who the top finds squirming completely naked on the floor of a toilet. The sub is already chained to a urinal and the sneering, muscular Master thrashes him with a cane and orders him to lick his filthy shoes.

This excites the handsome top who finds a huge dildo and orders the fag to lick it clean before ramming it up his loose asshole. The top proceeds to pound it hard into the sub’s rear and causes severe damage to the compliant worm.

Jaime needs to piss so pulls out his sizable cock and showers stinking urine into the face of the sub and orders him to swallow the fetid liquid. Watching the runt so uncomfortable really excites the top who begins to ram his rock-hard meat deep into the sub’s mouth. The feeble faggot groans as the long dick is pumped in and out of his mouth.

BrutalTops – gay electro bondage

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Snarling Master Lionel returns to further humiliate his worthless worm.

The vicious top discovers his sub alone and naked. To stop hearing the sub’s feeble whimpers the Master shackles the sub’s mouth shut and proceeds to electronically shock his naked rear. Then the Master rides the sub around like a donkey before ordering him to wank himself off. The Master then tramples on the lonely sub before ordering him to lick clean his boots.

BrutalTops – extreme gay bdsm gallery

Brutaltops Master Dave doesn’t fancy using the shower and decides that his pathetic sub should tongue bathe him. Dave is covered in sweat from his training session and this sweat must be lapped off – the sniveling bottom quietly mutters his complaints as he carries out his duties. The Master enjoys humiliating the sub more and more and uses the sub’s tongue all over his stinking body, including his dick and filthy asshole. Being turned into a piece of toilet paper causes the sub to hesitate a little and this poor work is punished by a nasty lick of Dave’s belt. Snarling Dave handcuffs the humiliated guy to make things more difficult for him to resist and he has to thoroughly suck Dave’s cock as it’s rammed deep into his mumbling mouth. With the sub on his knees, his slutty mouth wraps around the Dave’s dick and toby reams on it.

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At Brutaltops, hot young Master Charlie returns to continue his humiliating treatment of pathetic sub elliott and this time he wants to fuck the living daylights out of the feeble worm.

Before this, he orders the squirming sub to suck his massive, rock-hard cock which soon has elliott reaming as it bashes against the back of his throat. This gets the Master very excited so he quickly orders the sub to turn around and bare open his arsehole. The top pounds into the sub harshly and ignores the sub’s whimpering complaints.

Throwing the sub onto his back, the Master soon rams his cock into the sub so powerfully that he needs to shoot his spunk. The sub compliantly offers his face for the spunk to be squirted all over it and licks down every drop of the Master’s jizz.

BrutalTops – gay bdsm outdoor

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Brutal Top’s hottest Masters Dave and Maurice team up again to humiliate this feeble nameless sub in a public park. Confused people walk past the horny threesome as the cute lad is abducted by the snarling duo.

The stripped guy is humiliated as the Masters forcibly explore his arsehole with their fingers and a dildo. Then snarling Master Dave attaches pegs to his pubes and bark in the runt’s face to humiliate him even more. Bewildered members of the public watch as the sub parades around revealing his pert arse and stripped body, fully exposed.

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Handsome Master Lionel makes a welcome return to continue his vicious mistreatment of this pathetic sub. The top dominates the runt by lashing a dog collar to his neck and pulling him around.

All the while threatening him with a severe beating using his mean belt. The naked sub has to swallow Lionel’s spit before licking his boots and having his own dick harshly trampled on.